When 007 Becomes Real

Brittney Griner – Is Free!

Posted on December 8, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

Great news!



For two months Victoria Bond, and Miriam Christling have been stuck in midair on Flight 505. They wish Brittney Griner was on the plane with them. In spirit – she is!

They visited Griner is a Russian Prison. I CENSORED myself when I removed Starfish’s declaration she was going to smoke allot of pot when they land in Portland Oregon. This morning I saw a black Congress woman get cut-off when she began to lambasted the arrest, suggesting that was part of the agreement not to mention POT ARRESTS!

Governor Kotek should found a Pot Culture Symposium that would discuss how marijuana can defeat the enemies of THE FREE WORLD – and old idea! I own a theory that a hundred Oregonians Ginger’s on pot – can move mountains! Who would believe such a thing – the dude who stole Top Secret Information from the White House? How about Prince Heinrich?

John Presco



Conservatives Side With Killer Kirill Against Griner

Posted on August 5, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

01 GettyImages 594341896jpg

Brittney Griner has won three gold medals and compiled a 34-2 record in a USA Basketball jersey.

I told you so! Do a million evangelicals back Putin and Kirill? British Intelligence – wants to know!

It’s time to put Paul and Jesus on trail!

Seer John

Right-wing author Dinesh D’Souza used the conviction to defend Jan. 6 insurrectionists who tried to overthrow the U.S. government. “It seems like the Russians are doing to Griner what the Biden administration is doing to non-violent January 6 protesters,” D’Souza wrote. “Hard for us to feign indignation when the same thing is going on here!”

Liz Cheney pushes the DOJ to charge Trump, says passing on prosecution risks the US no longer being ‘a nation of laws’ (msn.com)


Putting Paul And Jesus On Trial | Rosamond Press

Starfish Flight 505

Posted on March 11, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press


Here’s the Palestinian version from the current Palestine Museum exhibit:

Russian plane leaves U.S. with expelled ‘spies’ – POLITICO

The Royal Janitor


John Presco

Copyright 2022

I composed this chapter in my head several days ago and posted on this process.

Chapter – Flight 505

Professor John von John did not want to be dragged into a international incident, but, Starfish made him an offer he could not refuse.

“Do you want to swim with my deep Russian fish? Pack an overnight bag! Pack and extra wig!”

“I don’t wear a wig!”

“Yeah -right!”

When the threesome landed in Washington they were driven to CIA headquarters at Langley where John was fitted with a European suit and a black patch over his left eye. John was happy when a straightjacket was strapped on Starfish, he upset with her that she had made him afraid, once again. When a doctor shot her full of methedrine……

“Don’t do that! She’s crazed enough!”

“Stand back Doctor. We know what we are doing!’

“He’s not a – real Doctor! He is a fraud!” spat Starfish, who was drooling saliva like a rabid dog. That’s when two huge agents grabbed Starfish, brusquely, and led her to the helicopter for Dullas airport. Everyone was getting in character. A guard was assigned to Victoria.

When the helicopter landed next to the Ilyushin Il-96, Starfish was the first on the tarmac. She was kicking and screaming. The Russian spies lined up to board, were, enthralled. When John von John emerged, shouting orders, they knew he was ‘The Evil One’ the super agent for M-16 they had heard so much about.

“That’s him! The guy with the eyepatch!”

A reporter for Russian television moved in for a close-up! The steel-blue madness in Starfish’s eyes- sent chills down your spine!”

“Long live mother Russia! ” Starfish shouted. And a chill overcame the leader of the Russian people.

On cue, John von John came up to Starfish – and slapped her hard across her face! Then, he hit her even harder! There was a gasp from the other spies when they saw a rivulet of blood flow from her mouth, and on to her loin cloth.

“Die – you Imperialist Dog! Die!” Starfish shouted – in Old Russian.

Starfish had full sympathy from her fellow spies. But, when she was lifted on the shoulder of the giant guards, and carried up the steps on their shoulder – like a cross – there was a collective gasp when her gold crucifix dangling from her neck, caught the setting sun!

“Martyr!” a Russian woman whispered. “Martyr!” the forty spies mumbled in concert. The fearless leader in Moscow, who was watching on T.V. said;

“Bring her to me when she arrives. Get her cleaned up. Put some clothes on her. Those bastards must have tortured her, kept her in a dungeon. All she’s wearing it a tattered…….pink loincloth.”

On the plane, the agents lined up to talk to Starfish ‘The Ros Martyr’. Victoria handled the overflow. She was wired knowing the agents couldn’t wait to talk about their TOP SECRET spy missions in the U.S.

Well, I was happy here at home
I got everything I need
Happy bein’ on my own
Just living the life I lead

Well, suddenly it dawned on me
That this was not my life
So I just phoned the airline girl
And said, “Get me on flight number 505
Get me on flight number 505″

The Royal Janitor


John Presco

Copyright 2022

In thirty minutes Victoria and Miriam would be landing in Eugene Oregon. Our intelligence agents for BAD (the British Anglian Directive) were in shock and had been ever since the Librarian at Wormsley had shown Victoria the ancient genealogy of Shakespeare and the Bard’s Will that left everything to his grandson, Hart.

“When we get to Eugene – I’M GOING TO SMOKE ALLOT OF POT…..ALLOT!”

They had just visited an American Gold Metal winner in prison, and Starfish wanted to show solidarity. Victoria – fumes!

“What? It’s legal to smoke grass in Oregon!” Starfish said, trying to quench the tiny flames of fury.

Victoria looked around the plane to see who heard – THE CONFESSION.

“No one cares. Most of the passengers are drunks’ and addicts – WHO WANTS SOME POT TOO!”

“That’s it!” Victoria shouted, and – flipped her lid. She want off on her wife -dressed her down!”

“What is it with you Ukranian-Russians? Is it a genetic defect? Your GRANDIOSITY is over the top! If it’s not ABOUT -YOU – you don’t give a shit! You are NARCISTIC – as all fuck!”

For the next forty minutes, Victoria denigrated the Russian Race which was like music to the ears of the Russian spies, who curled up and went to sleep. Their significant others had launched the exact same VERBAL ATTACK! It was true. It was all – TRUE!





‘Our Starfish’ Will Leave The World Behind

Posted on July 31, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor

Chapter New Cold War Heros


John Presco

Putin’ s men took Starfish and Victoria to a special prison, where a hologram of the Russian leader introduced our BAD agents to foreign prisoners. One was a giant of a woman that played basketball. Miriam told this forlorn woman that she was an athlete, an amazing hurdler – who has never competed!

“We ran in a grove of trees felled in a windstorm. Ivan competed at Hayward field in Eugene Oregon.”

One of the men behind the mirror got on Google and brought up Victoria Thachuk, a Ukrainian hurdler that will compete at Hayward field, while Russia is banned. Putin’s hologram was fed this information, and his image pointed to a screen. When a video of Viktoriya in a race was played, both our spies gasped.

“They are like sisters – twins! “

“I want a pair of sunglasses – just like that! I must have! I can beat her! She is so beautiful! I must have her! She is my double!”

“The Men Behind The Mirror – and Putin’s Hologram-Double – were shocked. All eyes fell on ‘Her Original Victoria’. to see her reaction. Having concluded a week earlier that Starfish was a Toxic Narcissist, she took it on the chin, with much aplomb. Smiling. our agent said;

“I must have her too. She reminds me of someone!”

Starfish gave her wife the most heart melting smile, and she came and put her arm around her waist. Putin’s hologram already confronted the happy couple with the videos taken in their hotel room.

“It is true. We are Lesbians!”

“But, we are married!”

“Don’t worry. Most of our spies are LGBTQ people. It comes with the territory. We can not be good family folks for the reason we travel allot, and, we have to keep many secrets from our Loved One. We have watched you two closely to see how you lie to one another. So far, one of you told a little white lie, while the other -TOLD A GIANT LIE!

Victoria had to do allot of quick assessing. She was grateful for the Wizard’s Crazy Test, that asks if she and Miriam peed on the stuffed Unicorn, and, wiped their ass on Babe Ruth’s baseball? She understood life was full of Guilt and Shame hurdles. She was not going to take her husband’s inventory – just because she was prompted to. Coming down on the right side of, things, was the international game. Everything else – was pretty obvious. The rules were very pedestrian. Analyzing The Guilt Trip people were on – was the real Job. The Bible has proven this is how – we really are!

“I can take her!”

Team Putin worked the deal where Starfish was the only entry from an Island off Siberia in the Pacific. On the plane for Oregon, Starfish blurted out.

“I’m going to smoke allot of pot at the Country Fair. Will you buy me a new set of drums?”

Victoria was studying the Russian community in Eugene. Her wife wondered if this was the community her parents established on Mount Shasta.

“I want to take some shrooms. I want to try Psilocybin!”

Starfishes wish list took up the whole flight. Viktoriya Tkachuk had activated her mates parallel universe, jag. The movie PI came up mid-Atlantic. Bored with the recitation of her wish-list for the other life, Victoria called her bluff. She was bored.

‘Enough! Let’s hear it. Recite the movie PI backwards!

The plane was full of spies and mikes that listened, in, to what sounded like a Christian talking in tongues.

“I have no way of telling if you are….doing a great and fantastic job! Stop, I want to nap!”

When they went to Hayward Field, our heroes looked down on the practice field. Looking up, our twins beheld each other for the first time.

to be continued

Remote Viewing and Russian Psychic Warriors

Posted on April 21, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Russian War Machine claims they have Psychic Soldiers. I discussed this recently in a faceook group that discusses the use of LSD. Within the next hour I am going to make a video advertising for a Woman Author to help me finish my autobiography. I need her to help push the women who have been attacking me – and members of my family – out of my space! They have a sick need to destroy my credibility – and abilities! My sobriety is under severe attack – as is my childhood! These are Dark Witches – for real! Why they have gathered around me will be written about by a woman who has some expertise. The Free World needs my Gifts right now. I spent all day yesterday in a semi-trance trying to see if Putin is going to invade anyone. I came close to calling it – but did not – and do not get THE SIGN!

The Buck Foundation should fund my Gifts that are of a religious nature. Longevity will not happen – if there is a nuclear war. Billions are being spent on War Games and Military Maneuvers – as I type! Give me a $100,000 dollars and I will start a Psychic Remote Viewing Program that will produce leads – if not direct results.

I suspect Jonah was given the Gift of Remote Viewing, and Noah had a Dove onboard the Ark that he bid to search for land.

I am trying to recruit Little Squirrel and other redheads, who have Gifts. She is from Odessa in the Ukraine and speaks Russian and English. When I get my team together we will meet for lunch at Burger King and have ice-cream.

John ‘The Dove’ a.k.a. John Von John

THE LITTLE SQUIRREL (@thelittlesquirrel) TikTok | Watch THE LITTLE SQUIRREL’s Newest TikTok Videos

“An article in an official army periodical is being ridiculed for claiming that the Russian military has psychic abilities and has used them in wartime. The article makes big claims but outside Russian critics claim it’s all nonsense and that the article should never have appeared in a Russian military publication.

The article, “Super-Soldier for the Future Wars,” was published in the February issue of the Russian Army’s Army Digest. The author, reservist Colonel Nikolai Poroskov, makes reference to “metacontact technology,” which is apparently a new word for what the rest of the world calls psychic technology. Even better, the Russian military learned the technology from dolphins, which are naturally psychic. As a result, according to Poroskov, a soldier trained in the metacontact arts can:

[See] (through) a captured enemy soldier: what kind of person he is, what his weak and strong points are, whether he will go to recruitment. The reliability of the interrogation is almost one hundred percent. From him it is impossible to “get out.” Technologies of counteraction to such interrogation train special forces soldiers in case of being taken prisoner, the highest persons of the country or the leaders of large industrial and banking structures – in order to preserve state or commercial secrets.

Poroskov claims the technology can also help Russian soldiers master foreign languages and locate ambushes, warehouses, and enemy weapons caches. But it’s not all reading minds, however: Metacontact technology also has a weaponized side. Poroskov claims Russian army psychics can crash computers, burn out the crystals in electrical generators, eavesdrop on conversations, and jam TV and radio (cable TV might be another matter.)

Another experiment involved so-called “remote viewing,” as it has come to be known among psychic researchers in the West, and involved successfully reading a document in a locked safe–even though it was in a foreign language. It can also be used to identify terrorists.

Russian scientists are not letting Poroskov off the hook. The chairman of the commission to combat pseudoscience at the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yevgeny Alexandrov, described the military’s alleged psychic abilities as an “invention” and essentially fake science. Alexandrov told RBC, “…all this is complete nonsense. No parapsychology exists at all, it’s a fairy tale. All the talk about the transfer of thought at a distance does not have a scientific basis, there is not a single such recorded case, it is simply impossible. This is a way to squeeze funds from the state budget.”

During the Cold War there were allegations that the Soviet Union was dabbling in psychic research as a means of espionage or warfare, but there is no evidence any of the research actually uncovered anything useful. Of course, once the U.S. military got wind of it the Pentagon had to fund a program of its own, which also went nowhere.

The three legs of the US nuclear triad are the silo-based ICBMs, ballistic-missile submarines, and bombers, all of which are overseen by STRATCOM. All are options, but only the submarines and the ICBMs are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Richard argued that the “basic design criteria in the triad is that you cannot allow a failure of any one leg of the triad to prevent you from being able to do everything the president has ordered you to do.”

“If you don’t have intercontinental ballistic missiles, we can’t meet that criteria,” the admiral said, adding, “You are completely dependent on the submarine leg, and I’ve already told the secretary of defense that under those conditions I would request to re-alert the bombers.”

Richard stressed Tuesday that without funding for programs like the GBSD – the research and development of which is expected to cost more than $85 billion, with a total life-cycle cost in the hundreds of billions – the US runs the risk of its ICBMs eventually “not working at all.” He said that he simply “cannot deter with the leftovers of the Cold War forever.”

Putting the strategic bomber force back on alert, meaning loaded and ready for an immediate nuclear strike should the order come, would be a return to practices that were common decades ago during the Cold War.

The idea of putting bombers back on alert has come up before, though not in the context of a potential loss of a leg of the nuclear triad.

In 2017, Defense One reported that the Air Force was preparing to put the nuclear bombers back on 24-hour alert. That change, however, was never actually made.

Journal Claims Russian Troops Have Psychic Powers (popularmechanics.com)

  • The head of STRATCOM said he would put bombers on alert if the ICBM leg of the triad goes away.
  • His comments come as some in Congress question the need for nuclear modernization spending.
  • The STRATCOM commander says he needs a modern ICBM force, not “leftovers of the Cold War.”
  • See more stories on Insider’s business page.

America’s top nuclear commander told lawmakers Tuesday that he would push to put US nuclear-capable bombers on alert if the military lost its intercontinental ballistic missiles.

As some lawmakers question the need to invest in nuclear modernization programs like the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent, a replacement for the aging Minuteman III ICBM force, the head of US Strategic Command is arguing in favor of moving forward with the modernization plans and against cutting the ICBM force.

STRATCOM commander Adm. Charles Richard has argued previously that a failure to modernize and replace what the US has now is essentially disarmament in the face of a growing threat. Russia has its own nuclear triad, and China is developing a functional triad.

Speaking before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, Richard said that if the ICBM leg of the US nuclear triad were to be abandoned, then the bomber force would have to take its place as an always-ready nuclear deterrent.

“What is not often recognized is that we don’t have a triad day-to-day,” Richard said. “The bombers are not available to us. We chose to take them off alert as a type of peace dividend after the Cold War. Day-to-day, what you have is basically a dyad.”

Top Navalny associates detained ahead of protests (msn.com)

Taiwan to Raise ‘Temple Militia’ of Holy Villagers to Fight off China Invasion (msn.com)

Taiwan plans to mobilize temple and church staff as part of the island’s reserve force in its latest reorganization centered on a future war effort amid escalating military intimidation by China.

During a hearing in Taiwan’s legislature on Monday, Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng told lawmakers that policy planners hope to expand the country’s reservists by integrating volunteers from local Buddhist and Taoist temples.

He made the comments while defending the government’s plan to establish a comprehensive new reserve mobilization agency, which will oversee the continued reform of Taiwan’s reserve force—often described as insufficient in number and inadequately trained.

A widening of the current call-up pool, which only includes volunteer police and firefighters, will require amendments to the country’s Civil Defense Act.

Chu Sen-tsuen, an official with the ministry’s mobilization office, explained that the latest plans were a response to “the increased enemy threat faced by Taiwan.”

Top nuclear commander says he will push to put bombers back on alert if US gets rid of its ICBMs (msn.com)

STRATCOM commander Adm. Charles Richard has argued previously that a failure to modernize and replace what the US has now is essentially disarmament in the face of a growing threat. Russia has its own nuclear triad, and China is developing a functional triad.

Speaking before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, Richard said that if the ICBM leg of the US nuclear triad were to be abandoned, then the bomber force would have to take its place as an always-ready nuclear deterrent.

“What is not often recognized is that we don’t have a triad day-to-day,” Richard said. “The bombers are not available to us. We chose to take them off alert as a type of peace dividend after the Cold War. Day-to-day, what you have is basically a dyad.”

An ex-Soviet Tu-141 variant in storage in Moscow in 2012. Alan Wilson photo

An ex-Soviet Tu-141 variant in storage in Moscow in 2012. Alan Wilson photo

Ukraine Pulled Ex-Soviet Recon Drones Out Of Storage, Added Bombs And Sent Them Hurtling Toward Russia

Story by David Axe, Forbes Staff • Yesterday 3:09 PM

The drones that Ukrainian forces used to strike two Russian bomber bases 300 miles inside Russia on Monday weren’t the satellite-controlled, missile-armed Bayraktar TB-2s that Ukraine acquired from Turkey.

An ex-Soviet Tu-141 variant in storage in Moscow in 2012. Alan Wilson photo© Provided by Forbes

No, they reportedly were Tupolev Tu-141s, ex-Soviet antiques that last saw front-line use in the 1980s, flying photo-reconnaissance missions for the Soviet air force.

As developments of the first-generation recon drones that the U.S. Air Force deployed in the Vietnam War, the jet-propelled Tu-141 wasn’t very sophisticated by 1980s standards. It’s even less sophisticated today.

But it’s simple, speedy and big enough to haul a warhead weighing hundreds of pounds, making it much more powerful than a TB-2 with its 49-pound missiles. The Tu-141 works. So it should come as no surprise that the Ukrainians are sending their Tu-141s on one-way missions to blow up Russian bombers.

Drones have been around since World War I. The first models were radio-controlled targets for gunnery practice. In the 1950s, the U.S. Air Force and California target-maker Ryan Aeronautical developed the Model 147, a 30-foot-long, jet-propelled drone with what was, for the time, a highly-sophisticated inertial navigation system and a nose full of expensive cameras.

Model 147s flew thousands of missions over Vietnam, shooting photos of targets for manned bombers later to strike. Armed versions were in development when the war ended and the Model 147 program came to an abrupt end.

The Soviet air force soon developed similar drones. The Tu-141 first flew in 1974. Tupolev built 142 copies of the 47-foot-long, ramp-launched drone at its factory in Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine. The type served until 1989.

Some Tu-141s and similar Tu-143s were in storage in Ukraine when Russian troops invaded the country in 2014. Ukrainian technicians began pulling the 30-year-old drones from warehouses and reconditioning them. Russian-backed separatists shot down at least two Tu-143s over eastern Ukraine in 2014.

The Ukrainian air force operates a handful of manned Sukhoi Su-24 bombers but can’t afford to lose them on a dangerous deep strike hundreds of miles inside Russian territory.

The Tu-141 is an obvious substitute. It’s fast—600 miles per hour—and, if it’s anything like the Model 147, can fly as high as 20,000 feet or as low as treetop height. Its inertial navigation system can keep it within a few miles of its planned course over a distance of more than a thousand miles. It recovers by cutting its engine and popping a parachute.

Remove the cameras and add explosives, and the Tu-141 becomes a cruise missile rather than a recon drone. It was apparent as early as March that the Ukrainian air force had modified some of its Tu-141s for one-way suicide missions. A Tu-141 that went off course and crashed in Croatia on March 10 reportedly had a bomb aboard.

The Ukrainians this summer sent at least two Tu-143s on raids in or near Kursk, in western Russia, 50 miles from Ukraine. Russian air-defenses shot down both drones. This morning, the drones finally got through.

It’s hard to say how many Tu-141s and Tu-143s Ukraine has left. If any remain, expect more deep strikes targeting Russian bomber bases or other strategic targets.

Nike verses The Russian Blues

Posted on November 3, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

A Russian Blue cat is seen sleeping. (Photo by Milada Vigerova from Unsplash)

A Russian Blue cat is seen sleeping. (Photo by Milada Vigerova from Unsplash)

See the source image

The Royal Janitor


John Presco

Copyright 2022

Chapter Eight

Starfish’s Russian Blue

Victoria tried not to be distracted, but Miriam’s TISKING grew louder and louder.

“O.K. What is it – this time?”

“I’m reading about Phil Knight and how he is working behind the scene to make sure Tina Kotek is not elected. My father met Phil and a track meet. He is kin to Mark Hatfield. It looks like he wants to leave a BIG HISTORIC MARK on Oregon, for the sake of his wife and kids. Tina is married to a woman. She is one with us.”

“Let’s get on the same page. Hmmm! Looks like he wants to teach the Bohemian Alternative Folks a BIG RICH AND POWERFUL LESSON, being, ONLY THE RICH OWN REAL POWER. Oh, well! There’s nothing – WE CAN DO! Time to get ready for our event at the Getty Estate.”

Five minutes later, Starfish is really ticking up a storm!

“Now what?”

Russian cats have been banned from shows – including the Russian Blues! I owned one as a child. The Ukrainians claim – they developed the breed! It’s been a point of contention for years.”


“I know what, let’s produce our own brand of tennis shoe and names them……BLUES! The Ukranian soldiers wear blue armbands. Our blue tennis shoes will be a protest against ALL THE OLIGACHS. Half the proceeds will go for helping Russian and Ukraine refugees! I’m going to call Viktoryia and see if she wants to model our blue shoes.”

“Oh! You have her number?”


Yesterday a workman saw my cat, Classy, and said she was a Russian Blue.





Will The Papal, Russian-American Taliban Murder Me?

Posted on August 1, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

LA Bond – Live And Let Live

Posted on June 28, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press



John Presco

It is rumored 007 influenced Arthur Lee to write two songs for Love’s ‘Forever Changes’.

Execute Gay People By Firing Squad

Posted on June 9, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

“Pastor Dillon Awes said that the “solution” to gay people is presented in the Bible: “They should be lined up against the wall and shot in the back of the head.”

Pastor Says ‘Solution’ to Gay People Is Executions: It’s in the Bible (newsweek.com)

Russian Sex Camps – The Nashi Love Power Movement

Posted on March 1, 2012 by Royal Rosamond Press

Russians are running out of newborn babies and the Soviet government is running sex and procreation camps.

Note in the Purity Ball video the father wishes his virginal daughter well – but hopes she will one day have FOUR children. This is because he knows his ilk are losing races to minorities – who are breeding at a much faster rate. Purity Princesses are Breeders for Jesus. How about Hitler and the Fatherland?

Sex for the motherland: Russian youths encouraged to procreate at camp By EDWARD LUCAS

For some time I have wondered if Putin would murder me if he got wind of this blog that pushes sexy amoral rebellions against Christendom – with drugs and wild bongo parties? I have not been Anti-War, as of late, thus I am not the Last Hippie Standing – who needs to be put in his place – some more! Ed Meese would not agree. My James Bond novels are full of Hippie Filth – and Lesbians! Often, I wonder if folks put distance between me – fearing a Moscow hit team is on it’s way. What happened to my – AMERICAN LOVE GENERATION?

Lately?……all the news is about putting RESTRICTIONS on OUR PENIS and VAGINA while we are on the brink of a World War, and – Ecological Disaster! Our lakes and rivers are drying up in the West while Pope Francise tells the world he is mulling over whether or not to allow Catholics to use a condom – after his Holy Womb Team got rid of Roe vs, Wade! This is like a murderer returning to the scene, or, leaving a powerful clue, because he wants to get caught, wants full credit.

“I feel……responsible. I will not leave your reproductive organs as orphans in the world!”

Why does the Vatican still have it’s holy hand on the – Sperm Spigot? Francis does not condemn Putin for invading Ukraine, he suggesting Putin was provoked – in a sexy kind of way?

(Head-shaking here!)

I will now finish my open letter to Sam Mendes who promises to exploit two actors in my family tree. Maybe he will produce ‘LA Bond’ that can be a Musical on Broadway?

“It’s about – Love – James. Never forget this!”

John Presco


Russian soldiers who refuse to fight in Ukraine are being held captive in ‘torture pits’, it has been claimed.

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    A Russian Blue cat is seen sleeping. (Photo by Milada Vigerova from Unsplash)

    A Russian Blue cat is seen sleeping. (Photo by Milada Vigerova from Unsplash)

    See the source image
    The Royal Janitor


    John Presco

    Copyright 2022

    Chapter Eight

    Starfish’s Russian Blue

    Victoria tried not to be distracted, but Miriam’s TISKING grew louder and louder.

    “O.K. What is it – this time?”

    “I’m reading about Phil Knight and how he is working behind the scene to make sure Tina Kotek is not elected. My father met Phil and a track meet. He is kin to Mark Hatfield. It looks like he wants to leave a BIG HISTORIC MARK on Oregon, for the sake of his wife and kids. Tina is married to a woman. She is one with us.”

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