Free Up Huey – In The Love Zone

It occurs to me I am the only Radical Free Press in America – that is also a Book of Prophecy! How do I dot it? No one but Spooky Noodles – cares! What most people care about is, finding, then dwelling in The Dumb Duality Zone! Life’s Shelves are full of black vs. white, wrong vs right – choices! In my lifetime the Black Panthers offered something completely different. In the middle of The Summer of Love, they stood on the steps of the Alameda County Courthouse, and demanded the release of their leader, Huey Newton.

I was living in downtown Oakland – with long hair. I think I was living at the Will Rogers Hotel. I passed several black hookers. One said;

“You better get off the street. Their coming to free Huey tonight.”

They knew me. I was the white hippie man who brought love to the downtown while all the other lived in the Berkeley-Haight Vortex. I found where the real action was. When I saw the opening scene of the movie ‘Black Panther’ where the name “Oakland” flashed on the screen, I said;

“Here we go. Now we’re getting down to it!”……….NOT!

Now we get a REDO with live real people up in Seattle. A year ago I went to DOWNTOWN Eugene dressed as the anti-Christ. I took the bus.  I had found a glitch in the Christian Pantheon where the Antichrist is INSTALLED like a statue, being, the Evangelical Authors had given away THE GAME PLAN, and thus there was nothing stopping him from deviating from THE PLAN in order to thwart the second coming of Jesus – an idea that was applied to HUEY!

I found Belle Burch’s ex-lover, Ambrose, doing a naughty dance with pasties, while about five Three Percenters enjoyed the show. The Summer of Love never really died. Belle and I revived it.

As I walked to the Will Rogers hotel about midnight, there was this powerful energy in the air. It crackled with portence. I knew I was at the epicenter of The History Zone. It’s like history has a mind of its own, and is selective. It likes a good game of connect the dots.

John Presco

This week, the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle was overtaken by protesters who are calling the area a “no Cop Co-op.” They successfully forced the police out of their nearby precinct and have walled off the urban area and lined its borders with signs reading “You are now leaving the USA.”

The protesters, who violently clashed with police officers for a week prior to establishing their commune, have issued a list of 30 demands having to do with racial justice in the city.

Now the mayor of Seattle, Democrat Jenny Durkan, is saying she has no idea when the so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” or “CHAZ” for short, will be disbanded. During an appearance on CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s primetime show, she was asked by the host, “How long do you think Seattle and those few blocks looks like this?”

To which Durkan responded, “I don’t know. We could have a summer of love.”

Though the mayor’s comment was made in jest, neither she, nor Gov. Jay Inslee, a fellow Democrat, appear to have a plan to reclaim that area of the city, which includes a police precinct.

Earlier this week, President Trump criticized the mayor and governor for not exerting control over their territories, warning that if they were unable to gain control over the situation, he would step in.

Inslee also has been for saying earlier in the week that he was not aware of the disturbance in Capitol Hill.

He and the mayor have fired back at Trump’s criticisms, arguing the CHAZ is a “peaceful expression of our community’s collective grief and their desire to build a better world.”

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