Capturing Beauty – The Secret Weapon

I found her, huddled in a dark doorway, at 3:00 A.M. in the morning. She is – my Beautiful Foundling. Irene Victoria Christensen was sent to watch over me – from a distance. She replaced my grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond (Rose of the World) who I lived with when I was seven. Rena was sent to live with her grandmother to keep her from suffering more abuse.

Jean Cocteau was an alleged Grand Master of the Priory de Sion. He made the first movie about Beauty and The Beast.

Two hours ago I took my old man nap and found myself surrounded by these beautiful women artists who were working on their paintings. We were at picnic tables in a forest. I went around and admired their amazing work.

My brother and my sister captured my art and made prisoners of beautiful women. Today they are set free. All Beauty is accessible to me – now! Yulia Rose is a manifestation of my Angel of the Rock. She is my bodyguard who has saved my life on several occasions. When I was young, I wondered if I was the reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci, or, Giovani of Assisi. Giovani means……JOHN.


Mikhail Markelov, a journalist and former politician, agreed with Skabeeva and reportedly described Gamble as a “secret weapon.”

Other commentators criticized the interview and made misogynistic claims about Gamble’s appearance or attire.

The Daily Beast reported that radio host Vladimir Soloviev referred to Gamble as “that American broad from the Middle East” and claimed she was trying to distract Putin with her “sex appeal.”

CNBC Reporter Smeared as Anti-Putin ‘Special Ops’ Temptress (

Rosa Cruz – The New Zion

Posted on December 27, 2011 by Royal Rosamond Press

Six years ago an Angel of the Lord bid me to place the Shekinah on the Channel Islands that will be recognized as the New Zion as God’s Children move into cyberspace.

Jon the Nazarite

The Shekinah of Rose and Cross

Posted on November 18, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press


I posted this 2009. I had a real vision of things to come. This vision lost me my family and friends. The news tonight showed the peril of the Syrian refugees fleeing to the island of Lesbos while Red State leaders of the Selfish Jesus, tear down the Statue of Liberty, after snuffing out her light. They do not care if the world saw them do this, because they believe their Savior just came for them. But, I send to all, the Compassionate Shekinah!

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

“who, at the beginning of the Israelites’ settlement in the land of Canaan, was often referred to as Yahweh’s Consort.

The literature also calls her the “Holy Spirit” which, in Hebrew, is also a feminine form. The feminine nature of the Shekhina is so easy to establish in Hebrew, because the gender of the subject plays an important role in the sentence structure.

In English, you can say “The Glorious Shekhina returned to bless us” without mentioning gender.

In Hebrew, both verbs and adjectives have a male or female forms, and many names suggest gender to anyone who understands the language. The simple sentence above indicates three times that the Shekhina is female, and the fact sinks easily into the consciousness of the reader.

From the first covenant, Yahweh presented an image of a harsh, daunting God. His character almost demanded the birth of an entity like Shekhina. Also, He could not be seen by human eyes, and only a few prophets heard His voice. Yet almost every religion shows that human nature seeks intimacy with a deity.

The manifestation of a loving maternal entity, ready to defend her people even from God Himself, brings a feeling of comfort that a paternal, invisible entity like Yahweh cannot bestow upon His worshipers.

Shekhina represented compassion in its purest form, and despite being, officially, the female side of God, she was visible and audible as a feminine entity in her own right.”





Posted on Christine Rosamond’s yahoogroup in 2009

Song of Songs 2:2 refers to Our Lady and her Immaculate Conception and the following verse to her Son the Beloved (dodi) who is the Messiah. The Zohar asks “Who is Shoshanah (Roza)?” The answer is Kneset Israel or the Woman of Israel. “For there is a rose and then there is Rosa Mystica.” Daniel Matt states: “A rose blossom can have thirteen petals in its second tier.” The Zohar states : “Just as a rose has thirteen petals, so Kneset Yisrael (Our Lady) has thirteen qualities of mercy surrounding Her on every side.” It is this Celestial Mother that fully understands the concept of God as `Elohim’ (God). She does this through her spousal relationship with the Holy Spirit of Understanding (Binah). This Holy Spirit is called `Ruach Elohim’ in Genesis 1.

304The Eternal Voice of the Angel of Freedom

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    The Eternal Voice of the Angel of Freedom Panahi said that Neda’s last words before she slipped into unconsciousness were: “I’m burning! I’m burning!”

China Tells U.S. to Stay Out of South China Sea After Submarine Accident (

China has seized upon the U.S. Navy‘s recent submarine accident in the South China Sea to call for an end to American military operations in the contested waters, with an official on Tuesday accusing the United States of lacking transparency and creating anxiety among regional countries.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson Tan Kefei said Washington, D.C. had taken a “covert approach” to its handling of the incident involving USS Connecticut—one of three Seawolf-class nuclear-powered boats operated by the U.S. Navy—which collided with a mysterious underwater object on October 2.

The U.S. Pacific Fleet confirmed the incident via a statement six days later, saying no sailors were seriously injured and that the ship was headed for repairs in Guam. Tan called the notice “brief and ambitious,” and requiring further clarification.

“The United States military has frequently dispatched advanced weapons platforms such as aircraft carriers, strategic bombers and nuclear submarines to flex its muscles and stir up trouble in the South China Sea under the pretext of freedom of navigation and overflight,” Tan said in the statement carried by the ministry’s website.

“This is the root cause of this incident,” he added. “The aforementioned actions by the United States are bound to affect navigational safety, causing serious concern and disquiet among South China Sea littoral states.”

The official said: “The United States should stop its close-in reconnaissance in the seas and skies near China’s islands and reefs in the South China Sea, end its military deployments against China as well as so-called ‘freedom of navigation operations’ in the South China Sea.”

Russian fighters escort US bombers over Black Sea (

Russian fighter jets escorted two U.S. bombers over the Black Sea on Tuesday, according to a statement from Russia’s defense ministry.

In a statement posted to Facebook, the ministry said that it sent two Su-30 fighter jets to detect air targets that were approaching the border over neutral waters of the Black Sea.

“Russian fighter crews identified the air targets as two B-1B supersonic strategic bombers accompanied by two KC-135 tanker aircraft of the US Air Force and escorted them over the Black Sea,” the defense ministry said. “After the turn of foreign military aircraft from the State Border of the Russian Federation, the Russian fighter jet returned safely to its home airfield.”

Kremlin denies Putin selected a ‘very engaging’ interpreter for 2019 Trump meeting – News Chant USA

Jean Cocteau, alleged Grandmaster of the Priory of Sion (

The Official Website of Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince (

The Cave and Cleft of God

Posted on June 23, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

The Cave and Cleft of God

A Study For a Painting of God


John Presco

Copyright 2019

God had conversations with Man. Has anyone compiled His Words? In compiling photographs of McClure’s Beach for my Painting of God, my Angel said;

“God dwells here. This is the Home of God! God liveth in this cave. He will never dwell in Jerusalem again.”

Talk like this will get me killed. By whom? I will be called insane, some more. By whom? Here is where I died, on this sand. My friend had taken me into the water to wash the deep cut in my hand, and a wave caught us. There was too much sand in the water so we went out to our knees. I was completely wet, and went into shock. I looked up and saw an angel hovering over me. I pointed her out to my friend who looked down on me in a tunnel.

I left my body and walked through this cleft in the rock that a photographer calls a “crevice”.  I sat down and beheld God sitting on a rock, that does not exist, unless it is just out of sight in the lower right. You can see the two rocks on either side of the opening. They are like pillars. That is Elephant Rock. My friends built a large fire next to me to dry me. I believe it was the pain of my steaming blue-jeans that brought me back. It was the first thing I saw. I was curled up in the fetus position. The Cave of God is to the left, down the beach a seventy yards. This is His view. Quite a improvement over the Men who love to argue and fight. I am done with that! I was done with that – back then!

As the touched down on the horizon, I was in a Great Battle. Tanks and landing craft came ashore. In every wave advance knights on horseback with lances and many flags. I did not survive this battle. I heard dying American soldiers in Vietnam. We died.

God came here, and looked te thousand miles across the Pacific. He was not happy that America had forsake…………THE TRUTH! He showed me……….THE TRUTH! This is the home of………THE TRUTH!

The waterfall is seasonal. It falls about fifty yards from the cave and looks like the wings of a great angel. I will paint my angel again. This time with wings. Elephant Seal Rock. A great beast comes out of the sea.

Above: A point Just south of McClures beach. I walked through a crevice in the rocks to get here. I believe this the area known as Elephant Rock.

I did a painting of my angel from memory in 1975. I died in 1967. It was the second woman I had done. My skills were not up to par. I had not painted in years. Note the cleft at the top of the rock that goes to another kingdom. I am going to do more religious work.

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Pope and Head of Roza Mira

Posted on August 25, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

What is that head that looms over the stage of the globe of the world? Is it ‘The Rose of the World’? My vision came true. That is the continent of Africa, with black dancers. Very eerie! This is Big Sister. She is watching you – without blinking! My prophecy came true!

John Presco 007


In the part of Derry in which I grew up, loyalists would daub the walls with “Fuck the Pope” and “No Pope Here”. The Reverend Ian Paisley ranted about popery. He called the pope “old Red Socks” and ladies tittered. I was on the run from Protestant sectarianism and the Troubles when I moved across the border. I soon realised that the Catholic church in the republic was a lethally oppressive force, even though it had officially lost its “special position” in the constitution in 1973. In 1979, I got involved as a volunteer in the newly opened Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. It was denounced by religious zealots as “a front for abortion”. They boasted they’d blocked its meagre funding.

The Zulu Nazarites

Posted on August 24, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

Why isn’t Giuliani and Jeff sessions demanding Putin hand over the twelve Russian Army offers who issued warrants. Instead Mr. 911 threatens Americans with a revolt from armed Nazi-like Militias for the Killer Jesus. Giuliani is a TERRORIST.

At the same time, his Mafia-like Boss Man directs attention away from himself and his real legal problems, to South Africa, in order to stir up his Christian Nazi base, and offer them fresh targets to go into their deluded and murderous minds.

The Time of Roza Mira – Has Arrived

Posted on March 2, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press


Jeff Sessions just Recused himself from the investigation into Russian interference with our Democratic process. The wife of Calexit founder, is a Russian native and is running a spiritual program I can not find info about. Sessions just said he was in Russia with a Christian group in 1991, and he told the Russian Ambassador that he was a Christian, and, he was not. He titled their meeting “testy”. Bullshit! Putin is a devout Christian who has restored the Orthodox church. I suspect Putin has talked Trump into going on a massive Holy Crusade against Radical Islam. This is a trap that Turkey and Syria will close on our armed forces, while Putin invades the Ukraine. This will be the start of World War 3.

All this was foretold by ‘The Rose of the World’ prophecy written in prison. I suspect I am the walk-on of Danill Andrev.

“His plans include a resource center that will educate Russian locals on Californian history and culture, foster trade relations, and encourage tourism. Marinelli clarified that the embassy will not conduct diplomatic affairs, but rather, serve as a promotional front for Yes California.

Marinelli envisions a network of Yes California hubs around the world someday.

“We want to establish connections with the people of these countries so that when the time comes, we have the ability to reach out and say, ‘Californians just double-opted into independence. Will you now recognize that and therefore recognize our independence from the United States as a country?’” Marinelli said.

The Yes California campaign aims to put a measure on a 2018 ballot that, if passed, would bring California one step closer to legally seceding from the union.”

Jon Presco

“And need I mention that a work of art will not necessarily have to be an example of transparent realism for people who have embraced the Rose of the World’s spirit to be able to enjoy and delight in it? They will delight in everything that has the mark of talent and at least one of the following features: a sense of beauty, broad scope, profundity of thought, sharpness of insight, purity of heart, or a joyful spirit.
There will come a time when the moral and aesthetic level of society, and of artists themselves, will be such that the need for restrictions of any kind will disappear, and freedom of artistic, literary, philosophical, and scientific forms of expression will be absolute. But it will not be until several decades after the Rose of the World has assumed moral supervision over the states that the era of that ideal moral level arrives. It is not through wisdom but youthful naivete that one could arrive at the idea that society has already reached those heights of maturity when absolute freedom will not give rise to critical, irreparable abuses.

Roza Mira of the Arts

Posted on January 13, 2012by Royal Rosamond Press

There is a new world religion sweeping Russia, the land of the Rus/Ros who were river Mermaids.

Jon Presco

In large part, Roza Mira is a spiritual cosmography, a description of the domains human souls occupy after death or between incarnations—domains resembling, to greater or lesser degrees, the heavens, hells, purgatories, and netherworlds of various religions and mythological systems. As such, it can be compared to works like the Bardo Thodol or Tibetan Book of the Dead, and the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri (as well as modern expressions of the same visionary tradition,

Roza Mira (full title in Russian: Роза Мира. Метафилософия истории, literally The Rose of the World. The Metaphilosophy of History) is the title of the main book by Russian mystic Daniil Andreev. It is also the name of the predicted new universal religion, to emerge and unite all people of the world before the advent of the Antichrist, described by Andreev in his book. This new interreligion, as he calls it, should unite the existing religions “like a flower unites its petals”, Andreev wrote. According to Roza Mira, there are no contradictions between different religions, because they tell about different aspects of spiritual reality, or about the same things in different words.

I have endeavored to provide a glimpse of the Rose of the World’s perspective on the scientific and Scientific modes of inquiry, on individuals’ rights and obligations, on human creativity and labor, and on the two basic types of spiritual paths: the Wide and the Narrow. In order to complete this overview of its perspective on culture, it would be sensible to dwell on the Rose of the World’s views on art, in the broader sense of the word. But that subject is so important and touches on so many different levels, and is so close to my heart personally, that I have decided to devote a series of chapters to it in one of the later parts of the book. Therefore, before moving on to the question of the Rose of the World’s perspective on other religions, I will jot down just a few words about art in the approaching era.
What features might distinguish the art to be created by people who have embraced the spirit of the Rose of the World in the near future, when the sun of the golden age will have only Just begun to illumine the clouds on the horizon?
It would be naive to try to predict or summarize the variety of artistic trends, genres, schools, and styles with which that sphere of culture will scintillate toward the end of this century. But a certain dominant style will, I think, emerge. Of course, it will not exhaust all the different artistic movements (under the conditions of maximum freedom that would be impossible as well as unnecessary for the same reason). This style is destined to become the mainstream in art and literature in the last third of this century. The perception of reality intrinsic to the Rose of the World— transparent perception, which distinguishes variomaterial or spiritual planes through the physical plane—will find expression in that style. Such a perception of reality will be a far cry from a studied optimism that is afraid to shatter its own peace of mind in heeding the dark and tragic sides of existence. Creators of that style will not seek to ignore the distressing and frightening underside of the world. They will consider it cowardly to desire to forget about the bloody path of history; about the reality of the dreadful infraphysical planes of Shadanakar; about their merciless laws, which bind untold hosts of unfortunates in chains of inhuman torments; and about the ghastly fall that is being readied for the human spirit by the forces of the Antigod and that will almost certainly take place when the golden age has run its course. But a higher level of awareness will not tarnish their love for the world, it will not lessen the joy they receive from nature, culture, creative work, public service, love, and friendship. In fact, quite the contrary! Could the awareness of hidden dangers threatening the one you love ever extinguish the flame of that love? There will be wondrous, life-affirming works of unprecedented purity and joyfulness. There will appear in all the artistic genres—both those that already exist and those that will arise later—works that will sparkle like splashes of water on sunlit ponds, works by artists of the future about a love that is much more capacious than ours, works about youth, about the joys of family life and public service, about the broadening of human consciousness and the expansion of the frontiers of our perception, about friendship between people and elementals, about the daily proximity of the friends of our heart who are as yet unseen, as well as much more that will concern the people of those times and that we are incapable of imagining.
It seems to me that such a style—masculine in its fearlessness and feminine in its lovingness, a profound combination of joy and affection for people and the world, yet with a keen awareness of the world’s darker depths—could be called either transparent realism or metarealism. And need I mention that a work of art will not necessarily have to be an example of transparent realism for people who have embraced the Rose of the World’s spirit to be able to enjoy and delight in it? They will delight in everything that has the mark of talent and at least one of the following features: a sense of beauty, broad scope, profundity of thought, sharpness of insight, purity of heart, or a joyful spirit.
There will come a time when the moral and aesthetic level of society, and of artists themselves, will be such that the need for restrictions of any kind will disappear, and freedom of artistic, literary, philosophical, and scientific forms of expression will be absolute. But it will not be until several decades after the Rose of the World has assumed moral supervision over the states that the era of that ideal moral level arrives. It is not through wisdom but youthful naivete that one could arrive at the idea that society has already reached those heights of maturity when absolute freedom will not give rise to critical, irreparable abuses.
At first it will be necessary to assign to local branches of the Global Artistic Council, besides more pleasant duties, that single checkpoint through which an artistic work will have to pass before its public unveiling. That will be, if you will, the censor’s swan song. In the beginning, when national antagonisms and racial-prejudice will have not yet been eliminated, and powerhungry organizations will continue to play on those prejudices, a ban will have to be laid on any form of hate propaganda against any segment of the populace. Censorship will be maintained longer over books and texts that popularize scientific and philosophical ideas that give inadequate, superficial, or distorted treatment to objective facts and thus lead uninformed readers astray. Censorship will persist over works of fiction, requiring from them, it seems to me, a minimum of artistic merit in order to protect the literary market from a flood of tasteless, aesthetically ignorant trash. Finally, an unconditional ban on pornography will likely be in place longest of all. With the removal of each of these restrictions another measure will take its place: the Global Artistic Council or the Global Scientific Council will, after the release of a work of poor quality, print an authoritative review of it. That will suffice.
Clearly, it will not be easy to devise a system to determine who will sit on such councils, a system that will ensure that people with party or conceptual biases, intolerant supporters of particular movements or philosophical schools, or champions of the creative interests of some single group, nation, or generation not interfere in any sphere of culture. I would think, however, that in the psychological atmosphere of the Rose of the World a system like that could be devised.
If, for the moment, we avoid entering into fine distinctions between the concepts of culture and civilization, we may say that culture is nothing other than the sum total of humanity’s creative work. If creative work is the highest, most precious, and sanctified of human gifts, an expression of the human soul’s divine prerogative, then there is not, nor can there be, anything more precious or sanctified than culture. Further, the more spiritual a given cultural level, a given cultural sphere, or a given creative work might be, the more valuable it is as well.
The culture of a united humanity is only now emerging. Until now the only cultures to reach individual maturity have been those of individual suprapeoples, a suprapeople being a group of nations that are bound by a distinct, jointly created culture. But none of these cultures is confined to that aspect that exists and evolves within our three-dimensional space. Those who participated in the building of that culture here continue their creative work in the afterlife as well, though the work is, of course, altered in accordance with the conditions of that world or those worlds through which the soul of the human creator is passing at the time. An awareness is growing of million-strong communities of such souls, of heavenly lands and cities above each of the world’s suprapeoples, and of Arimoya, the emerging heavenly land of the culture of a united humanity. A perspective on culture based on such principles is new and startling. We would be right in even noting that with further crystallization and deepening it will grow to become a vast mythology, if in using the word “myth” we disaccustom ourselves from thinking of something that has no basis in reality. Here we are dealing with just the opposite: a colossal reality that is reflected hazily and superficially, but reflected all the same, in mythology.
The atmosphere established by the Rose of the World and its teachings will give rise to conditions necessary for that cultural mythology to be grasped by every mind. Even if only a limited number of minds are able to comprehend it in all its esoteric complexity, the spirit of the worldview, and not its letter, will gradually become accessible to almost everyone. And if we contemplate the prospect of instilling that worldview in the general populace, then devising a system of measures to safeguard all spheres of culture from interference by people who have no inner right to manage those spheres will cease to appear a hopeless task.

The Royal Drum Circle

Posted on July 27, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor

Chapter Three

When Victoria told Starfish they were going to Eugene Oregon to track down what became of the Rose Division amongst the Habsburgs, she let out a spine-altering scrrrrrreeeee! She then shook all over, began to sweat profusely, and went into a trance. Victoria retreated, and Sharena got out from behind her desk, just in case she had to make a bee-line for the exit as Starfish made super rapid foot movements with quck turns in different directions. She would later tell the folks at BAD that this was the Lek black grouse dance she learned in South Africa where she and her father fled to get away from Vladimir Putin when he became Premiere of Russia.

“I’m going to bring my drum! This is a dream come true. My mother was born in Eugene. I’ve never been there! Screeeeeee!”

“You own a drum? Why isn’t this in the report? By any chance have you heard of John von Bond?”

“Nope! But, have you heard of the Oregon Country Fair! My Kabalak Klock is telling me this is a Kosmic Konnection made in another dimension. What great timing! We are going to enter the Royal Drum Vortex. I am forbidden to ever step foot in Eugene, but, I don’t give a shit! This is it! You’re going to see – the real me! I want you to promise you will get me back to BAD!”

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