Rosa Cruz – The New Zion

Six years ago an Angel of the Lord bid me to place the Shekinah on the Channel Islands that will be recognized as the New Zion as God’s Children move into cyberspace.

Jon the Nazarite

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ROSACRUZ: The New Zion

(Images: Santa Rosa Island. Dr. Nardou. Map of Channel Islands.
Santa Cruz Island)…

Cyrus the Great ‘King of Persia’ was the only Gentile to be given
the title ‘Messiah’ for the reason he allowed the Jews to return to
the Promised Land and rebuild the second temple.

Dr. Max Nardau was an atheist who subscribed to Muscular Judaism and
supported the Israelitische Turnverein that would become the Maccabi
sports clubs. Nordau died in Paris in 1923 and was re-interred in
Tel Aviv in 1926. One could say he was the Moses of the Zionist
cause that needs to be redefined. Is Zion a muscle or a brain? Is it
a place or an ideal? Is it a Jewish Utopia, or another Ghetto?

One thing it is for sure, is, a World Problem that defies a
solution, a final solution. For the reason Zionist Israel was
founded by secular gymnasts who were Freethinkers, Atheist, and
Terrorists, Zion became a territorial objective that ignored
reasonable warnings that they were doomed to fail in their mission.

In the age of the computer all of humanity is moving into cyber
space, a virtual reality that comes across all the old borders and
unites us as one people. Islam on the other hand is a religious
movement that desires to unite all Muslims in the Middle East and
create one united territory that will be defined by lines on a map,
but more so by ones loyalty to Mohammed and Allah. It has become
clear Israel can not stand up to, or get in the way of this

Therefore, it is time for Israel and Zion to move into cyber space,
and establish a New Capitol in the New Land. I believe I have found
that New Land and Zion in the Channel Islands off the Coast of
California. There are two islands that would be ideal for the
foundation of a New Zion. One is Santa Rosa Island, and the other
Santa Cruz Island. Cruz means “cross” and was named after a staff
capped with a cross that was found by a Indian on the island, and
returned to the Spanish. How Mosaic.

Santa Cruz is a privately owned Island, and Santa Rosa was purchased
in 1980 by the United States Government and is a National Park. I am
not sure if the Channel Islands in the U.S. Territory. I suggest a
proposal be put before President Bush to turn it over the Nation of
Israel after it restructures its foundation, and adopts a less
adversarial view of it place in the world.

I suggest Santa Cruz Island be purchased for Israel by all the
nations of the world, including the President of Iran. With this
purchase will come a truce and a recognition that will never be
contested again.

Twenty six miles away is the city of Los Angeles which has one of
the largest Jewish populations outside Israel. The New Zion of
Rosacruz could be a Capital of a new direction that can move Zionism
into a inner spiritual space that will be surrounded by the Pacific
Ocean. I see a New Atlantis, and new Trade Members of the Pacific
Rim. I see a Capital for World Ecology and World Peace. And even
though we may be losing a pristine part of the world, we may be
saving the world billions of dollars, and much anguish and
destruction due to the never ending Crisis in the Middle East that
is consuming the world’s resources and surpluses that can be
redirected to the problems of global warming, and other sources of
fuel oil. Here is a new Eden that can research how to build new
habitats, invent new attitudes of how Mankind dwells in the Creation.

Jon Presco

“In the United States, too, the opposition grew apace.

The “Reform Advocate” in Chicago suggested editorially that the real
object of Herzl and Nordau was to possess themselves of the savings
of their poorer brethren. Isaac M. Wise, president of the Hebrew
Union College, thought that the Zionists were “traitors, hypocrites,
or fantastic fools whose thoughts, sentiments, and actions are in
constant contradiction to one another” (“Hebrew Union College
Journal,” Dec., 1899, p. 47); while Rabbi Samfield wrote in
the “Jewish Spectator” that “Zionism is an abnormal eruption of
perverted sentiment.” Prof. Louis Grossman held that the “Zionistic
agitation contradicts everything that is typical of Jews and
Judaism,” and that the “Zionistic movement is a mark of ingenuity,
and does not come out of the heart of Judaism, either ancient or
contemporary” (“Hebrew Union College Journal,” Dec., 1899, p. 72).

Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island is the largest privately owned island off the
Continental United States. The island encompasses 96 square miles or
about 62,000 acres and is approximately 22 miles long. For
comparison, it is over four times the size of Manhattan (22 square
miles) or Bermuda (19 square miles), and is larger that the District
of Columbia (61 square miles). It lies about 22-25 miles off the
adjacent mainland coast of Santa Barbara, California. . In 1987,
9/10ths of the island passed to The Nature Conservancy with the
death of its owner, Carey Stanton. The remaining 1/10th is owned by
the Gherini family, the great grandchildren of Justinian Caire. In
February 1997, the Gherini holdings will pass to the National Park
Service for inclusion in the Channel Islands National Park.

The first all Jewish gymnastic club was formed in 1895 known as the
Israelitische Turnverein Konstantinopel (Israelite Gymnastic
Association Constantinople), it was formed by German and Austrian
Jews residing in Constantinople (Istanbul – Kushta) who were
unwelcome at the German gymnastic societies with their “Aryan –
only” membership proclivities.Modeling themselves on the very German
organization which had barred them, they adopted the slogan of the
vigorous, devout, cheerful and free.

Another milestone in the formation of the Jewish sport movement
occurred at a meeting of the permanent committee of the Second
Zionist Congress held in Basel in 1898. Dr. Max Nordau made an
impassioned plea for a Muscular Judaism noting that “We Jews possess
an exceptional gift for physical activity. It may by that this will
appear paradoxical since we have been accustomed for generations to
view ourselves in the mirror which our enemies have held up to so,
and to discover any number of physical blemishes. It is true that
our muscles have been weakened and that our attitudes and postures
are not always satisfactory… but when Jews do engage in sport their
defects vanish, their postures improve, their muscles become strong
and their general health gets better”. Similarly, Herzl stressed
that the derisive term coined by the anti-Semites, Judenjungen (akin
to “Jewboy”), should be reversed in both form and content, and give
way to the meritorious appellation Junge Juden (Young Jew).Following
Herzl’s and Nordau’s call, many clubs were quickly organized.

This nascent movement received an immeasurable boost with the
appearance in 1900 of the first periodical dedicated entirely to
Jewish sport, Die Juedische Turanzeitung, which was the official
publication of the pre-eminent Jewish gymnastic club, Juedische
Turnverein Bar Kochba – Berlin. Bolstered by the newspaper’s daring
proclamation, the by now numerous Jewish gymnastic clubs banded
together in 1903 under the umbrella organization of Die Juedische
Turnerschaft (Jewish Gymnastic Association) with headquarters in
Berlin. The constitution of Die Juedische Turnerschaft permitted
membership to every Jewish gymnastic club that accepted that “the
aim of the society is to foster gymnastics as a medium to build up
physical fitness as part of the Jewish National Idea.”

Nordau, Max (born Simon Maximilian Suedfeld 1849-1923)

Co-founder of the World Zionist Organization, philosopher, writer,
orator and physician.
Nordau was born in Pest, Hungary, to an Orthodox family, but later
abandoned all religious observance and was even accused of being
anti-religious. He became a physician, settling in Paris in 1880 and
also pursued a career as a journalist, eventually becoming a
correspondent for leading newspapers in the western world. He
achieved fame as a thinker and social critic with the publication of
several works highly critical of society, religion, government, art
and literature. His works aroused much controversy and continued to
be studied and discussed many years after their first appearance.
Among his most famous publications are The Conventional Lies of Our
Civilization (1883); Paradoxes (1896); and Degeneration (1895).
Nordau became acquainted in 1895 with Theodor Herzl’s idea of a
Jewish state and immediately accepted it with enthusiasm. He served
as vice-president and then as president of several Zionist
Congresses. Nordau was a political Zionist and believed that large
numbers of Diaspora Jews should be transferred to Erez Israel. Once
they attained a majority in Palestine, he thought, Jewish political
independence would follow. This proposal, however, was rejected by
the Zionist leaders as unrealistic.

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