The Cave and Cleft of God

The Cave and Cleft of God

A Study For a Painting of God


John Presco

Copyright 2019

God had conversations with Man. Has anyone compiled His Words? In compiling photographs of McClure’s Beach for my Painting of God, my Angel said;

“God dwells here. This is the Home of God! God liveth in this cave. He will never dwell in Jerusalem again.”

Talk like this will get me killed. By whom? I will be called insane, some more. By whom? Here is where I died, on this sand. My friend had taken me into the water to wash the deep cut in my hand, and a wave caught us. There was too much sand in the water so we went out to our knees. I was completely wet, and went into shock. I looked up and saw an angel hovering over me. I pointed her out to my friend who looked down on me in a tunnel.

I left my body and walked through this cleft in the rock that a photographer calls a “crevice”.  I sat down and beheld God sitting on a rock, that does not exist, unless it is just out of sight in the lower right. You can see the two rocks on either side of the opening. They are like pillars. That is Elephant Rock. My friends built a large fire next to me to dry me. I believe it was the pain of my steaming blue-jeans that brought me back. It was the first thing I saw. I was curled up in the fetus position. The Cave of God is to the left, down the beach a seventy yards. This is His view. Quite a improvement over the Men who love to argue and fight. I am done with that! I was done with that – back then!

As the touched down on the horizon, I was in a Great Battle. Tanks and landing craft came ashore. In every wave advance knights on horseback with lances and many flags. I did not survive this battle. I heard dying American soldiers in Vietnam. We died.

God came here, and looked te thousand miles across the Pacific. He was not happy that America had forsake…………THE TRUTH! He showed me……….THE TRUTH! This is the home of………THE TRUTH!

The waterfall is seasonal. It falls about fifty yards from the cave and looks like the wings of a great angel. I will paint my angel again. This time with wings. Elephant Seal Rock. A great beast comes out of the sea.

Above: A point Just south of McClures beach. I walked through a crevice in the rocks to get here. I believe this the area known as Elephant Rock.

I did a painting of my angel from memory in 1975. I died in 1967. It was the second woman I had done. My skills were not up to par. I had not painted in years. Note the cleft at the top of the rock that goes to another kingdom. I am going to do more religious work.;aggregationId=&albumid=&filter=2&ff=202424662

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    The Angel Grave has been opened. Consider the Seven Seals.

    He said the area was immediately sealed off and would be opened in the presence of forensic experts July 20.

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