John Speaks Secret Name of God

God wants all people who believe in Him – to get vaccinated!

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John Speaks Name of God


John Presco ‘Nazarite Judge’

Copyright 2021

The priests that came to name John the Baptist were of the two priestly lines descended from two brothers, Moses and Aaron. Both lineages served in the Holy of Holies where on Yom Kippur the High Priest would whisper the SECRET NAME OF GOD. Zachariah was of Moses, and Elizabeth was a Daughter of Aaron. The parents of John were not discussing what name to give their son, but, what name their son – who was filled with the Holy Spirit – would utter, for John was destined to be a High Priest.

When I died and saw God, I said;

“I am!”

This is THE NAME God gave to Moses who met, and saw God, thus John would be a High Priest of Moses – which was good, because a false law said Cohens must be of…

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