Evil Eye of The Hangman

After launching her Taliban-like attack on me, after reading this blog, Alley Valkyrie made the remark to her facebook coven “I hate the patriarchy.” This is a real witch. Egging her coven on. she has launched a real Witch Hunt against someone who is a real Hippie and demonstrated against the war in Vietnam. These are the Children of Hippies who want to find their own pertinence. So, like ISIS and the Taliban, they go after objects and people that threaten their cosmology. They enhance it by forcing men to wear a Western Burka to conceal their lust, rather than have anarchist women wear Radical Burka Wear so as to not tempt MEN!

A writer for the New York Times suggests a blow against the patriarchy has been made – when he delivered a idea out of nowhere – against the subject matter the artist Titian chose! Is his wife or lover a Wiccan? The Alleygang used indifferent homeless people as human shields, and, as a fake body count. These are Flesh Peddlers! They are obsessed with sex, and, weaponizing sex. The world will see women whipped in public, verses, men being whipped in public for being too sexy. Titian is being accused of being too sexy.


Why I Moved To Springfield | Rosamond Press

Sexual Assault and Hope for the Future in Titian’s Rape of Europe. | Jill Burke’s Blog (wordpress.com)

Since Wolfthal’s bracingly furious analysis, other scholars  like Yael Even have agreed that Europa’s rape is sexually titillating in an ethically compromising way, some scholars arguing that the moral complication of evoking desire in a rape scene dispels any potential aesthetic enjoyment. Others have sought to excuse Titian of any so-called wrong-doing, as his careful rendering of Europa’s plight is sympathetic to women and allows them new social roles. She is ‘the epitome of the unchaste female body … a woman in the position of total abandon’. Others, still, continue to sidestep this debate by focusing on style. There’s been some fancy footwork in the National Gallery exhibition, I think, which is keen to emphasize Titian’s “sympathy” with the victims in these cases, and emphasising the painting as a complex mix of “ecstasy and violence but also distinct humour”

The people of Afghanistan prepare the change, when Religious Prigs – and that is what the Allyites are – are in power.

But people in Herat are also likely living in fear, and many would be hesitant to express criticism of the Taliban in such early days of its control.

In Kunduz, the first city to be taken, 31-year-old resident Atiqullah says people are adapting to the transition of power but remain fearful.

What the Taliban’s newly captured cities look like (msn.com)


Rosamond Press

Jeff Holiday suggested a gang of un-named goons waited for me to show up at the Whiteaker Community Council meeting. This is highly suggestive of violence – aimed at scaring me away from a civic meeting. When I got this threat, my life was altered – even more! I am going to post this on Holiday’s facebook – now!

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Belle Burch
To Me

Apr 19 at 9:41 PM

Hell yes I want to see a dance show on Broadway. I’ve always wanted to see a Broadway show. I’ve been in NYC twice but failed both times to get overpriced tickets to any Broadway shows enough in advance to make one. Why do you ask?

On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 6:59 PM, John Ambrose wrote:

Belle, my big project in Love Dance, a Broadway musical based upon the music of LOVE. Bryan was my…

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