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Belle Burch and Alley Valkyrie knew I ran a newspaper for the arts. How about their attorneys? Who else? They knew I was a original hippie with ties to the Kesey family. There was an attempt to taker Ken Kesey Square -allegedly for the sake of the homeless. I doubted that because I was recognized the King of the Anarchists as one of their comrades. Take away the homeless, and, what do you got? You got usurpers trying to take over the fire if the Radical Left that I was at the core of. Valkyrie threatens me with homelessness, and theme my neighbors took up – when they terrorized me and two cats. Terrorists try to force you to change the way you normally live. This is the main goal of Terrorism. I knew this, and made a point to continue my life in a normal fashion – which included having Belle inspire me. She read the poem I wrote about her – and the Musical she inspired! I ignored the THREATS of a psychopath. All the Sane People of America are now afraid WE ALL may not be able to return to the way it used to be after the attack on The Dome. We considered this after we saw terrorists fly jets into the Trade Towers. Alley says she threatened me in order to DRAWM my attention away from Belle – knowing my late sister was a world famous artist. This creep is an aspiring artist – from New York – who has her film crew make an archive of her fucking with elected officials….as if they were trophies. An Offer of Peace and Cooperation
Posted on May 15, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press

An Offer of Peace and Cooperation

Yesterday I got an offer from a member of the Whiteaker Community Council to arbitrate the grievances that exist between Belle Burch, Alley Valkyrie, and myself. I hereby broadcast that offer. Let us get back on course. All three of us own a real love of helping the Homeless.

One idea is the found a Homeless Twelve Step Program. I used to attend an Arts Anonymous meeting inside the Red Barn. You see, I own a creative block I have been trying to put behind me. I own twenty-seven years of sobriety, but, there exist one major hurdle. Rendering works of art, was once the love of my life. It was my hope Belle could help me. She inspired me! I am still going to do her portrait from a photo.

“Unto thy own self, be true!

For several years I have been saying this to people I am close to;

“All’s well, that ends well.”

Here’s the ending, Belle, Alley, and I meet. We make amends and agree to work together in harmony. We found ‘Homeless Anonymous’ and work on the Steps and Traditions? We chose a sight, and open the doors!

It doesn’t get any better then this folks!
Jon Presco

We have had enough lessons on how homelessness works, or doesn’t work. We need to give lessons to the homeless on how society works, and, sometimes in favor of everyone, including the homeless. Hollis had worked for Agra-pac for 18 years. When it closed, he lost his only family. He was devastated. He became homeless. I knew H when he had a home. He was my happy neighbor who paid rent and had a job. When I started helping him, the biggest struggle WE had was his bitter attitude and resentment. He had a Us vs. Them attitude. Every time he employed that tude around me, I jumped on his case, told him that will never get him from under the bridge where he was dying of a terrible cough that out was pitiful to hear. I believe this Us vs. Them tude sabotaged any hope of Belle Burch and I becoming good friends for the rest of my life. This also applies to Alley. IF Belle, Alley, and I are willing to meet and enter arbitration, then I will gladly take everything off my blog that IS injurious to a Common Cause WE should go forth with. The real Community wants this. The homeless community wants this. I have had an offer from someone to be the arbitrator. Mose homeless people ran away from parents that fought. I am my three siblings had our friends parents who gave us shelter when Mr. and Mrs. Presco went at it. I helped Hollis with society lessons he had forgotten. I suggest we study how societal lessons be brought to the homeless, given in the streets. With the help of the New Hope Program at Serenity Lane, was I able to see I was raised in a criminal closed family system where loyalty checks were common. Speak out, and you will get it – eventually! I suspect half the human beings on the street broke the family code and are being punished.

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Greg Presco Alley Valkyrie, I implore your to convince Belle Burch that arbitration is the way to go. Send me a FB message if you and her agree

Rosamond Press



Alley Valkyrie has a persecution complex, and has taught Belle Burch how to get one. I got a response. The queen of street justice is using me to send messages to everyone who gets in her way.

Jon Presco

“There will be no arbitration. You will take the posts off your blog if you want to keep a roof over your head. And on that topic, you better learn up on homelessness. A judgment against you in Circuit Court for libel will leave you homeless as well.”

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