In God’s Name – Stop Shaming One Another!

The Alley Gang felt that shaming all governments would get their very special needs met. They fooled themselves into believing most everyone wants what they have. Deep inside they knew they were political and cultural extortionists – who now want to defund the police!

My complaint about Belle and her Gang is, they misrepresented themselves with the help of their attorney, Jean Stacey, who helped put on a fake Kesey Square Revival employing her beloved homeless people so they look like REAL BOHEMIAN CITIZENS! Jean waved her magic wand -and they are gone, the mentally ill, drug addicts and alcoholic PANHANDLERS – sprinkled with real radical anarchists! This is how the citizens of Portland lost their downtown, and how the Village in New York – is gone – according to my friend Christine.

“I don’t dare go to Washington Square anymore. The people who live around it are complaining about the all-night noise and screeching!”

It’s like the movie ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers! They are not artists, poets, and Bohemians. Stacey needs to be sued for IDENTITY THEFT! Here she is leading Belle to the slaughter, she having a arrest recorder thanks to her. This is why the Fake Bohemians tried to silence me. Only when they are in my published book, and Netflix series, will they be completely EXPOSED, stripped NAKED……..AND SHAMED IN PUBLIC!

In this video we see Belle’s ex-lover, Ambrose, dancing in front of the armed Three Percenters wearing pasties. His right of self-expression is not impeded because he is one of Stacey’s Children, he allowed to cup the breast of a Kesey statue – with no shirt on! This is defacing a public work of art, like QAnon did.

It’s coming out, that many Republicans knew what kind of dangerous sociopaths had surrounded Trump – and joined the Republican Party. I just had a long conversation with Christine about her and Peter’s history, which is the history of the American Hippie from the beginning. They, and I, are still dear friends. I was going to take Belle Burch to New York to meet Christine, and her boyfriend, Stefan Eins. I was not making Belle afraid in order to silence her. I was going to bring her on to a real stage of self-expression with – REAL BOHEMIANS!

Americans who feel, and came to believe THEY HAVE NO VOICE and are being oppressed and silenced, have come to see wearing a mask, as being GAGGGED AND SILENCED! This is not true. But, we see to what lengths many people will go, to believe what they know is a lie, just to get the attention of, and please a charismatic leader, which Alley Valkyrie – was! Armed guards were going to be put between me, and Belle? Belle became afraid when she read what I was reading on Alley’s facebook account – that should be shut down!

This psycho used me – and Belle – to express her true feelings in a public forum! Valkyrie – is an artist! This is – a first – a artist out to destroy another artist! We the People can not go back into the Public Places, because sick killers don’t want us to. They have to believe Trump – WON! No way did THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE…………….prevail.

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..Alley Valkyrie I hear that, but fear is what silences victims.


The Invasion of Eugene and Springfield | Rosamond Press

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Mary Broadhurst: pokin’ the bear sometimes not such a good thing. especially if you consider the bear to be unstable.

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..Alley Valkyrie I hear that, but fear is what silences victims.

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..Alley Valkyrie And I’m done with patriarchal abusive bullshit.

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..Jasun Plaedo Wellman Well at least you won’t be bored!

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..Ashley Hewes Alley keep me posted… I am willing to be a body guard and it would be legal [i have a DPSST cert] I am even willing to meet and hang out with ms Burch.

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..Ashley Hewes I know the laws pretty well and I am more than protected by the people I keep around myself.

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Alley Valkyrie Thank you, Ashley. You rock. I’ll let you know if I need you.

  1. Kesey Square Revival | Facebook

Clandestine Kesey Square Revival | Rosamond Press

Big Bad Sexy Commy Mommy | Rosamond Press

The Invasion of Eugene and Springfield
Posted on August 14, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

When I returned to Wayne Morse Square as the Antichirst, I did so to end the reign of the Springfield God Squad, and the, the Wiccan Family Tormentors, who had created private vortexes and cults. They did much damage to the Progressive Cities of Eugene and Springfield. They had become allies in order to send their Goon Squads against percieved enemies. These are paranoids, who have devil-tricksters roaming around in their brains that they insist on sharing with innocent people. GUILT is a big word with these shame-based bullies. Doing good, because good is good to do, is lost on these gutter-snipes who want a reward for their efforts. They want to – CONTROL YOU! They want to make you do their bidding – against your will!

The Warring Witches had powerful WOMEN attorneys egging them on, and giving them legal clout. The Righteous Women of King Jesus are given permission every Sunday, by fake men of God, to judge others outside the Evangelical Vortex, and make their lives miserable.

How did it come to be that Attorneys and Ministers took control the Emerald Valley – in place of the people?



These are THE KNOW NOTHING NAUGHTY CHILDREN who got a spanking from Mommy, and are wanting to get back at the world. They have come from THE CORN!

Listen to this Little Shitster recreate how he hit a woman, and, his Gun Buddie records it to go into their BIG WHITE VICTIM dossier that starts with Mommy kicking them out of her home because they refused to make their beds.

Rosamond Press

FILE-This July 10, 2012, file photo shows Occupy Eugene member Emily Semple, right, smiling as she is placed under arrest by Federal Police after she refused to leave the outdoor plaza at the Federal Courthouse in Eugene, Ore. (AP Photo/The Register-Guard, Chris Pietsch, File)


I made a huge mistake in confiding in Belle Burch and Kim Haffner about the rival biographers who are coming out with movie scripts – they claim were bought! In 1994, my mother told me our kin, Kerry Fisher, was hired to write a script because Christine was bi-polar, and suffered from mental illness. Kim read Snyder’s lying biography of Rosamond. He did not know Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is my cousin.

Rosamond Press

For several days now, I have been breaking out in tears that I can’t control. A young relative in Oakland told me her boyfriend’s father hit him in the head with a beer bottle. There was much blood streaming in rivulets down his face. It was hard to see. This father is an alcoholic, and his good son has done much all his life to solve the problem. He failed once again. Once again……….his father SHAMED him! Was this the first time he shamed his begotten son – who is a good son?

My father was a violent father. He went out of his way to invent new ways to shame his two sons, because, this is what he claims happened to him. He says he would have been a better father – and husband – if he wasn’t shamed. The thought that we would grow up un-shamed, and be…

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