The Holy Shroud of Ecology

For Our Eyes Only (Formerly: The Royal Janitor)


John Presco

Copyright 2019

Miriam Starfish Christling finished her report on The Eugene Vortext by suggesting Catherine Vandertuin had struggled against the idea that she was a Witch, and had created a vortex for witchy energy that caught the attention of real witches all over the world, even in Japan. Why Japan? Victoria’s intuition was saying Miriam had not come clean, and was holding something back. She caught a glimpse of it when her lover mentioned an incident in the microfish room at the UofO Library. Victoria was forced to get her hanging question mark out of sight, lest Miriam detects it. Changing the subject often works.

“Let’s see what’s on my plate?” Victoria thumbed in her password, and is staring at a young woman she had recently seen on the news. Miram looked over her lover’s shoulder.

‘Huh! The President has insulted her, and, he doesn’t even go to church.”

“What does that have to do with it?” Miriam asked, she more than happy to let her Christling handle all the Christina stuff.  Victoria had a higher power that she called “You”.

“It has everything to do with it. At church one is taught about the Great Tribulation and Rapture. It is a very dismal prophecy for non-believers, but the best thing that can happened to a Christian, who believe they are very optimistic people! The Presdient is not getting that message. He is mocking her. Not a good idea.”

Victoria and Miriam watched the news video they had not seen.

“Do you know her?” Victoria asked her bodyguard. There was a ten second delay.

“Yes!” Miriam replied and was lip-sinking Greta’s dramatic promise;

“We will be watching! How dare you!” Miriam knew Victoria was comparing her to Greta. There had to be a connection. Then the Dragon of the City of London appeared with this message;

“For your eyes only.”

Victoria looked at Miriam whose chin was on her bare shoulder. The TRUST word was dangling on a cliff. Victoria tapped on the Dragon and a video made by Clive De Rougemont, played.

“It’s on Victoria! We’re all up! It appears Greta is speaking for the rival Templars in Switzerland. Here are our files on Denis De Rougemont, Aga Khan, and his wife, Nina. Study them and come to The City tomorrow. Do not bring Ms. Starfish.”

Miriam knelt facing her best friend and lover. Her lips were quaking as they looked for the right words.

“I don’t want to be in this house without you! I don’t want to be, without you!”

Victoria did not dare tell Miriam that they were in deep trouble. The video of Clive was faked. That was a live two-way call. The Boys at BAD were analyzing what they saw. The saw they were in Queen Victoria’s bed. They heard Miriam say she knows Greta. If Miriam asked for details, then Miriam would feel she was put out in the cold, and her lover was working her. The DANGER was extreme. Victoria had to play her cards right.

“I’m only going to be gone for a couple of days. Why don’t you look for Queen Victoria’s’ personal library. I suspect there is a hidden room.”


Look away I know you’re leaving me
Your words sharp as daggers
Cut me free
Hollow inside
No feelings to hold me down
I’ll go where the wind goes
Nothing will tether me
I’ll go where the wind goes
Nothing can hold me
You are gone And I am wandering
Under the starry sky Silently
Hollow inside
No feelings to hold me down–denis-de-rougemont-and-ecology-first.htm

Prominent essayist since Love and the Western World published in 1939, European activist after the World War II, in 1970s-1980s Denis de Rougemont became a strong supporter of environmental causes. Today he is considered as a pioneer of ecology, as well as Bertrand de Jouvenel, Jaques Ellul, Bernard Charbonneau and Ivan Illich. While the federalist movements born after the war were fading away, Rougemont reinvested his commitment to a united Europe and to mobilize the younger generations by the way of the ecological struggle. Chairman of the association Ecoropa, founder member of the Groupe de Bellerive, Rougemont wanted to give prominence to a regional and federal European organisation beyond the Common Market. In his last major essay on political philosophy published in 1977, L’avenir est notre affaire, Rougemont detailed the parameters of the ecological crisis, creating an important part of the theoretical and ethical basis of the Green Movement in Switzerland and France. Our objective is to outline his major ideas and thoughts as well as the circumstances of his commitment.

The future is our business (1977)

Reflecting on the main lines of his thought, this testament book offers a true political and philosophical vision of today’s world. It presents itself both as a substantive examination of the global crisis of socio-political systems caused by the mismanagement of the Earth and as a lucid reflection on the fate of Western civilization. The author therefore proposes possible remedies to ward off the anxiety of becoming in our societies. The challenges of nature overcome, the man is confronted with another challenge, that of his passions and his sufferings. The twentieth century has developed a deadly dialectic for man, a dialectic between the myths of Progress and unbridled economic growth, between nuclear technology and the all-powerful myth of the Nation-State, a generator of wars and the root cause of imbalances. and the perils that result. At the forefront of these are centralization and bureaucratic inflation, the wait-and-see attitude of political opportunism, the passivity of citizens, the alignment of intelligences and behaviors, the loss of civic responsibility, the waste of resources. Given the inability of the nation-states to meet the challenges of the future, the author proposes the use of ecology, defined in the broadest sense of “system of exchanges and interactions between Nature, City, People” that is to say an eco-system that offers man the opportunity to coexist in diversity and to sustainably manage the resources of planet Earth. The very success of the civilizing effort of the West now forces man to freely choose his future. On the political level, a Federation of Regions is the only possible alternative to the power and dogma of the Nation-State? outdated and dangerous formula for the human race. The Region with variable geometry, defined as a space of civic participation, allows a rebalancing of competences, powers and resources of energy, the safeguarding of the environment, the reconstruction of a fabric of the social life and the community human. On a philosophical level, the rediscovery of man’s spiritual and personal dimensions, of his ethical responsibilities, is the only creative response to the fate of a destructive century. The future of our societies must no longer be linked only to technological imperatives or economic necessities, but to the whole of man. This choice is truly revolutionary, because it requires man to radically change the ends of society, and calls each citizen to take charge of his future to remedy the shortcomings of the States. It has become urgent for man to master Creation, to work with imagination, to intervene responsibly in restoring the ends of his actions and building a society based on the relationships of people, living communities and people. regions. In this personalistic prospective essay, at the service of man and not of States, giving meaning to the future is possible and achievable only in the accomplishment of the autonomous and united person of the community, and of his freedom. , last goal of society. Going beyond the concepts of prospective and futurible, Rougemont opposes the idea of ​​prophecy, which anticipates the distant consequences of human actions. Hence a call to a conversion, in the biblical sense of this term, founding a utopia: “to place in the center of the man the center of the society”. (Bruno Ackermann)

Environmental protection and advocacy[edit]

In 1977, Prince Sadruddin, together with Denis de Rougemont and a few other friends, established a Geneva-based think-tank, Groupe de Bellerive (named after Bellerive, the municipality where he lived in Geneva), and a non-profit organisation, the Bellerive Foundation. The foundation collaborated with international institutions, British and Scandinavian bilateral aid organizations, and other NGOs such as the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).[6] It became a leading grassroots action group promoting environmental protection, natural resource conservation and the safeguarding of life in all its forms.

Initially, Bellerive worked with UNICEF and the United Nations Children’s Fund in the struggle against deforestation. Prince Sadruddin was motivated in part by what he called “ecological refugees”, who were forced to leave regions that could no longer sustain them due to desertification and other environmental changes. The foundation worked with Swiss specialists to develop low-cost, energy-efficient cooking stoves that relied on renewable energy sources such as methane and biogas. It distributed these among needy rural populations, primarily in Africa. Other areas of concern for Bellerive included the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and the protection of threatened species.[6]

As a resident of Switzerland, Prince Sadruddin was concerned about the impact of insensitive tourist development and deforestation on the European Alps. At the World Economic Forum in 1990, he launched Alp Action to protect the mountain ecosystem and preserve the Alps’ cultural diversity and vitality. The Bellerive Foundation program encouraged eco-tourism, aiming to reduce the impact of outdoor adventure sports on the fragile alpine habitat. During its years of operation, Alp Action successfully launched over 140 projects in seven countries.[13] It found inspiration in the system of national parks of the Canadian Rockies.[7]

A long-standing trustee and former Vice-President of the World Wide Fund for Nature International, Prince Sadruddin led Bellerive’s support for threatened species. Bellerive was also amongst the first organisations to warn of the potential human health hazards of modern intensive farming methods.[7]

In May 2006, the activities of the Bellerive Foundation were merged into the Geneva-based Aga Khan Foundation (founded in 1967 by Prince Sadruddin’s nephew Karim Aga Khan IV) to form the Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan Fund for the Environment.[14] The US$10 million fund is dedicated to finding practical solutions to environmental problems. The fund concentrates its activities in six areas that were important to Prince Sadruddin: environmental education; natural resource management in fragile zones; nature parks and wildlife reserves; environmentally and culturally appropriate tourism infrastructure; environmental health; and research.[14]

Cowen says base case is House impeaches Trump – ’Bill Clinton…

One of Wall Street’s top brokerages on Tuesday announced that its base case for President Donald Trump is impeachment

‘You are failing us,’ teen activist Greta Thunberg tells world leaders at UN Climate Action Summit

Key Points
  • Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist, delivers a powerful message at the United Nations Climate Action Summit.
  • The teenage activist is visibly emotional when addressing the extreme impacts that climate change has had on younger generations.
  • “You are failing us. But the young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us, I say we will never forgive you,” she says.

See The Full Clip

Pres. Trump leaves UN climate summit, attends religious freedom summit, instead

Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist, delivered a powerful message at the United Nations Climate Action Summit on Monday.

Thunberg sailed across the Atlantic Ocean from Plymouth, England, to attend the 2019 summit in New York. She began her voyage on Aug. 14 in a yacht equipped with solar panels and underwater turbines. The trans-Atlantic trip served as a demonstration on reducing emissions.

“This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean,” Thunberg told world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly. “Yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.”

Claudine Rosamond

11 Nov 1961, Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, USA — Double Image. Bel Air, California: Natalie Wood displays the two portraits which visitors to her Bel Air, California, home assume were painted many years apart. Actually, they were painted at the same time in joint sessions with Margaret and Walter Keane, a man-and-wife artist team from San Francisco. Margaret transferred the actress to canvas as a pensive, sophisticated woman. Walter portrayed her as a wistful, wide-eyed waif. Natalie holds Rembrandt, the pooch she is holding in the gamin portrait. Even the dog has been “interpreted.” — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

I went and saw the movie Colette last night, and once more I feel liberated.

In 1974, Christine Rosamond offered to teach me her style so I could be rich and famous, too. An old Persian man began painting Fake Rosamonds, posing as a woman. He hid his identity. The coroner changed his report after I told him my sister and family were not “hikers on Highway 1”. A party at Rocky Point was concealed. Margaret talks about orgies in the swimming pool. Did Wagner catch Walken trying to get a nude Natalie into the sea?

A woman talks about making a dress from the Moon image that resembles my mother, Rosemary, who made most of her clothing. She sewed with her daughter. Note the painting of the woman with the rose next to fake wall of Berlin. Are those Dreamers on the other side?

I offered to teach my daughter The Family Style so she could take over the Rosamond gallery and legacy. She is – stupid – and called me a “parasite”.  I made the same offer to Belle Burch, and was going to ask Rena if I could use her old photographs to render Rosamond-like images. These beautiful women freaked out and – hurt me! Here I am showing Christine photos of the painting I did of Rena. Note the smiles of Jacci Belford and her best friend in High School, Stacey Pierrot, who ended up with it all.

Pierrot’s father is a bad artist. I have embroiled him in the mysterious death of two famous women. He should count his lucky stars – he amuses me! If he tries to get his attorneys on me,  my lawyer will read aloud in court the evil things his daughter’s ghost writer said about my sister and mother. I have done much to promote by late sister, for the sake of my nieces, as Morris directed.

My movie script will show the world the nature of the Bad Seed he sired that has done irreparable harm to the Rosamond Gallery, and Carmel Art Scene. Celebrity News is full of Good&Bad reports. If you want to be a real artist, you got to pay your dues. Ghost writer, Tom Snyder, suggests Rosamond is capable of murder. Outsider, Stacey Pierrot, hired three ghost writers to tell the lurid tale of Christine Rosamond Benton and her family.

Claudine and Rosamond were household names. Many women wanted a Rosamond print on their wall in order to accent their 70’s lifestyle. Christine may have created BoHo Fashion Prints and Posters. Colette produces a play ‘Vagabond’. Willy bids his help to burn Colette’s manuscripts. Christine autobiography is disappeared so my nieces will not realize profits from a movie made from Snyder’s bad bio that exploits two abused siblings that were artists.  Willy and Colette exploited the Bohemian scene of Paris. There were long court battles like the one the Rosamond legacy was put thru in order to get around me. The executor should have bid me to write my sister’s biography for the sake of my nieces. Sydney Morris and Stacey Pierrot destroyed the Rosamond Brand.

With the gift Marilyn gave me, it is time to save Rosamond’s Dream. After seeing Colette I am more determined than ever to create a Brand around Victoria Rosamond Bond who will be a modern day Claudine and Rosamond with ties to Augustus John and Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor the most Branded woman of all time. I still want to use Lara Roozemond as my muse for several ideas I have. I am thinking of employing google in a new media form, where mini-movies and vignettes tell a story in serial form. The legacies of Talitha Getty, Christine Rosamond, and Poppet, will go forth into the maze of feminine creativity. Am I about to make another name change?

Claudine Victoria Rosamond Bond

John Presco

Copyright 2018

Filling In Empty Spaces

The Claudine series consists of four early novels by the French author Colette, published 1900–1904.[1] Written in diary form, they describe the growth to maturity of a young girl, Claudine. Aged fifteen at the beginning of the first book, Claudine à l’école, the series describes her education and experiences as she grows up.[1] All the books are written in first-person with the first three having Claudine herself as the narrator. The last in the series, Claudine s’en va, introduces a new narrator, Annie.[1]

The novels were written in the late 19th century in collaboration with Colette’s first husband, the writer Henry Gauthier-Villars, better known by his nom-de-plume “Willy”. There has been much speculation over the degree of involvement of both Colette and Willy in the writing of the Claudine novels, particularly as Willy was known for often using ghostwriters. Consequently, although the novels were originally attributed to Willy only and published under his name alone, they were later published under both names. After the death of Willy, Colette went to court to challenge her former husband’s involvement in any of the writing, and subsequently had his name removed from the books. This decision however was overturned after her death, as Willy’s son from a prior relationship, Jacques Gauthier-Villars, successfully sued to have his father’s name restored.[1]

The Claudine novels are thought to be roughly autobiographical.[1] Whilst the stories were shocking in their time, this affectionate portrayal of a forthright and self-assured French girl who blossoms into a charismatic adult is nowadays more likely to be regarded as chastely sensual.

  • Claudine à l’école (1900) – Claudine at School
  • Claudine à Paris (1901) – Claudine in Paris
  • Claudine en ménage (1902) – Claudine Married
  • Claudine s’en va (1903) – Claudine and Annie

I Could Have Been The Rouge Baron

Capturing The Beautiful Bond Woman

The character for James Bond is based upon two people, Baron von Thyssen, and Robin Ian Evelyn Stuart Le Prince La-Lanne Mirrlees, who was the Rouge Serpent. Teresa Bond is also based on two women who were fashion models. Bond saves Nina Dyer, who committed suicide in real life. The Baron seduced her when she was 17. She owned a 1962 Jaguar E-Type and two black panthers. This Jaguar was lost – and now found!


I almost included a picture of Grey Cloud in the post where Victoria Theresa Bond enters the office of the head of the College of Arms. I wondered why I had her eyes closed. Today, they are fully open, for she is Sleeping Beauty who Grimm names ‘Rosamond;. This is truly extraordinary! Am I channeling Nina? Has she been contacting me from – beyond? That I employed my fashion model muse, Lara Roozemond, to go deeper into the Labyrinth, tells me there is some hidden truth to be discovered. What if Nina was the Baron’s mistress, and she became pregnant? Ian Flemming has Tracy’s child dying. What if Nina was murdered – while she was pregnant? Barron von Thyssen had married royal women, included a Habsburg, who would not want a pretender to any throne, especially if she converted to Islam.

Women Stalkers and Parasites

faulkner22 faulkner33

In 1997,  Stacey Pierrot came out with her Rosamond webpage, that employed a minor as a smokescreen to conceal her criminal attempt at Art Forgery. Indeed, she employs a children’s hospital, and Christine Rosamond Benton’s eleven year old daughter and heir, to prepare Rosamond’s loyal fans for massive Art Fraud. How many contacted Ms. Pierrot and asked if they could contribute to this fake charity? How many designers called and asked if Rosamond’s Dunkin could be put on their “tote bag” or, designer dress? How would you like to awaken in a bed full of toads?

“A poster of Rosamond’s creation “Dunkin the Frog” will be distributed to children in hospitals.”

Sandra Faulkner painted ‘Dunkin The Frog’ and I can prove it. Is it included in Lynche’s book?  The image of a Art Imposter going around to hospitals in the Monterey area, and handing out fake Rosamond’s to injured and dying children, is the most diabolical scheme in the history of art. Are these scammers – INSANE?

I told my sixteen year old daughter there were women not related to us trying to rest Rosamond’s estate from my niece, the adult Heir. I told my daughter the lies these women are telling, are everywhere! The only chance our family has, in I authoring a integral biography of Christine, before they do. I did not know Heather’s aunt and her attorney husband were lurking in the background looking for weaknesses, for ways to the the millions of dollars they thought  was there, in my daughter’s pocket. She disappeared and went over to the Stalkers and Parasites. I would not need Lara as muse, if my daughter was – more than my muse!

Below is house that Christine stayed in, and the deep crevas below that house carved out by the waves that came in that narrow opening, hit a wall, and shot fifty feet in the air. No way would Christine bring her eight year old daughter down there. Drew Benton knows I speak the truth, but, lied in order to protect her father, Garth Benton.

I am not writing about this for money. I could have put a book out a long time ago. I write because I love art, truth, and beauty. I have loved beautiful women – with a passion! Christine was witness to the beautiful relationships a young artist had with women. When she rendered beautiful women, and became famous, many people assumed Rosamond was a man. She grew weary of being asked if she was a Lesbian. Why then would she be reading a Lesbian novel, and hire the author to author her biography?

Judy Nelson was a Texas Beauty Queen, and is really into horses. Martina had to have her. She found an in via her daughter. Judy was happily married. I titled my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’ after Judy. If I had not written letters to the Judge and Executor, then my story, and Christine’s, would be shelved next to ‘Love Match’.

Then came Parasite, ‘July Lynch’ who wrote a movie script ‘Before the Wave’.  She worked a non-existence sibling rivalry employing a mythical kindergarten teacher. When I saw the movie ‘Big Eyes’ I saw there was a mutual agreement between the Keanes. The nightmare I have endured as the surviving family artist, was FORCED upon me by Executor, Sydney Morris, and Judge, Richard Silver. When I met with Belle Burch, I offered asked her if she would co-author ‘Capturing Beauty’ because I needed a woman’s point of view, because, I my portrait of some of the women around my late sister, are going to be real ugly. When I discovered she concealed who she was, I had to wonder about her motives. I had to write about her, and put her in the light. I was afraid she was trying to hijack my story. She offered her services as an editor. She was a English major.

“I’m very good with spelling and grammar!”

Her weak suit – is telling the truth!

Compare the two videos below. They reveal a predator in action.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018


bigsur12 bigsur14


Sandra Faulkner – Storyteller

faulkner3 faulkner34 faulkner36storyteller

a. One who tells or writes stories.

b. One who relates anecdotes.

2. Informal One who tells lies.

Big Eyes & Big Lies

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA carmelc3 carmelc4 carmelc5carmelc11 BIG EYES carmelc13

Phillip Boilleau and Christine Rosamond Benton

The artist, Philip Boileau, was the son Susan Taylor Virginia McDowell Benton, the sister of Jessie Benton, the daughter of Thomas Hart Benton, whose grandson was the famous artist of the same name, who was the cousin of Garth Benton, who married Christine Rosamond Presco, who is kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, according to Jimmy Rosamond, the Rosamond Family genealogists.

Philip Boileau was a Canadian-born Art Nouveau illustrator known for his watercolor and pastel drawings of Victorian-era women. His most famous piece, Peggy (1903), was modeled after his wife, the famed actress Emily Gilbert. Like the American artist Harrison Fisher, Boileau’s pieces appeared in magazines, on postcards, and porcelain. Born on June 7, 1863 in Quebec, Canada, he received most of his education in the United Kingdom as a young man, before moving to Baltimore, MD, in 1897. Having established himself as a portrait painter in both Baltimore and Philadelphia, Boileau moved to New York. His illustrations of dignified women became a part of popular culture and the moniker, “Boileau Girls”, became a colloquial term to describe women. The artist died at 53 on January 18, 1917 in Douglas Manor, NY.

Ian Fleming – Talitha Getty – Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor

I love doing Family Trees. I am a genealogist of renown, for in tracing the source of the Rosamond name to Rougemont, I have proven the Knight Templars owned the Shroud of Turin. Jean de Rougemont, is the Queen Mother of most of the Royal Habsburgs you see in the large canvas in back of me.

Twenty minutes ago I found the image of a Blue Knight on a Black Horse. It is a Frisian Horse. This horse and rider is the coat of arms of the city of Leeks in the Netherlands. This is where the artist, Willem Jilts Pol was born. That is Willem with his wife Arnoldine Adriana “Adine” Mees  below the photo of Elizabeth Taylor,  her son, Christopher Wilding, who married Aileen Getty. Now, add the artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, to this group, and you have a Art Dynasty, and the Bond Dynasty, created by Ian Fleming, who had no idea what an amazing seed he planted! That is the actor and artist, Michael Wilding, doing the portrait of a Rose. I am in love with art, poetry, and, history. I suppose I am the family historian, that can be quite the orphan. Pol’s portraits look like Liz! Connections!

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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