Sanity Hearing On The Rosamond Express

While waiting to see my new therapist I read exerts from Mark’s, Garth’s, and Vicki’s evil biography of our late sister. Here are the words of Scott Hale, Christine’s live-in lover who takes credit for much of her success – at such a cost! (page 52)

“She had me cornered. I was trying to reason with her and get away before things got out of hand. She kept coming at me, and the bed was right there, so I finally whapped her. And it was like Bozo the clown. She bounced off the bed as if nothing had happened, and just kept right on coming. I was finally able to get around and out of the room, and years later I asked her if she remembered me slapping her during that episode. She had no memory of it whatever.”

I am now going to do a “Me Too!” for my late sister whose death scene is full of holes. Christine’s autobiography was disappeared. Vicki Presco told me our sister was accusing many males of inappropriate sexual contact with her daughter, Shannon. Snyder says Shannon Rosamond lost her virginity when she was ten. This ghost writer conducts a Sanity Hearing – and he has no degree! Snyder employs Scott Hale as his Star Witness as to how insane and violent the world famous artist ‘Rosamond’ was. Shannon was also subjected to this Vile Hearing. When I read this, I became alarmed. Crimes are being committed! Where are the police reports?

“I remember the hardest thing about splitting up with Christine…was Shannon. I really liked that little girl. Being an only child, I didn’t know a lot about kids. And Christine, when she was in her own world, usually when she was working a lot, was completely insulated. There just wasn’t any room in that world for anyone else. But, Shannon was very sweet and fun to be with. Afterwards, she was the one I missed most.”

I began conversing with Shannon’s father on facebook. I told him about Snyder’s book. He ordered a copy and kept telling me he had not got around to reading it. He lied. He told me he and Scott Hale were good friends. Scott depicts his old buddy and insane, dark, and dangerous. On Thanksgiving Larry told me he is going to leave behind his recollections. I think another vendetta is in the works.

“A lot seemed to be coming unraveled,” he says. Larry was very much into drugs and went over on the dark side. Infact, it was about then that I heard he had been shot in some deal around 1978 or so. Took two .38-calibur rounds.”

Snyder’s Sanity Hearing continues;

She did leave the Bob guy, but not before – in whatever her state of mind was – she pointed a revolver at him and pulled the trigger. No bullets were in the gun, but, if she had been drinking, I have no doubt that she could have nailed him.”

Is Scott Hale saying Christine Rosamond Benton – was capable of murder? This opinion might come in handy if in the future a self-defense plea arises. Bob was Mark’s buddy, he the son of a Mafia boss. I heard he was abusive. Was he messen around with Shannon – and got caught? What a dangerous question to ask!

Most murders have a motive. What Tom Snyder, and his good bud, Scott, are suggesting is, Their Star was un-predictable. One minute she is serenely working on another Beautiful Rosamond Woman, then, she steps from behind her easel – with guns blazing!

“Take that you dirty rat!”

Out of the waiting room, and in the little office of my therapist, I am reading the paper she wants me to sign. There are questions, one being if I fear for my safety from anyone. I tell her this is applicable.

This therapist is confused. Christine has been dead for twenty-three years. I tell her there is a screen play and a script for a HBO series in the works. She doesn’t get it, why Rosamond’s Threat – is still alive! She never encountered this word before “Limelight”

“How would you feel if your late sister was a famous artist, and, a movie was made about her, and, you go see it, and are shocked to see you are the Main Villain – who lost her mind – and did everything to destroy your famous sibling?”


My surviving siblings got to read Snyder’s Book of Lies before it was published. Mark and Vicki are not artists or writers, thus, they were happy Pierrot hired a ghost writer, a total stranger to write the story of Christine and I. They were pleased I was not in their book, but for a few choice digs aimed at destroying my reputation. They did not want me to USE my famous sister to promote my art – and book! Mark insisted I sign the non-disclosure statement Snyder sent me – after I told my ex-brother he threatened me with attorneys if I do not sign. He threw me out of his family! I will be turning him into the IRS today and make sure he has tons of legal problems.

‘When You Close Your Eyes’ is a bad business report, that exonerate all  The Great Business People Christine latched on to like a violent and crazy parasite. This is why she filed for Bankruptcy. Now that Rosamond is dead, these Business Victims make a case they should carry  on, and realize millions of dollars. They all believed that just because they are managing a DEAD ARTIST – that would give them NO MORE trouble – Rosamond’s Art would fly out the door! Then there is the sale of their book – and THEIR MOVIE DEAL! Real Parasites are experts at turning the table on their host.

“I will be taking the photograph above to my doctor’s today, along with the evil biography of my late sister that was promoted by a partner of Robert Brevoort Buck whose law firm established the Beryl Buck Oil Foundation valued at  $1,700,000,000 billion dollars. On Christmas Day a movie about the kidnapping of John Paul Getty will be broadcast on the silver screen.”

The movie ‘Big Eyes’ came out in 2014, and Snyder’s book came out in September of 2000. Vicki, Snyder, and Mark lured my seventeen year old minor child into their camp. I had no way to contact her. This is almost KIDNAPPING. When I read Scott and Snyder live within walking distance of my aunt Lillian, I wondered if these two were friends, and, Scott suggested Snyder write Rosamond’s biography.

I will be going to see ‘All The Money In The World’ and will take a note pad so I can scribble notes in the dark for my therapist. When you combine these three movies what you get is a Sanity Hearing. Larry Sidle is in my family tree along with Thomas Pynchon, whose Inherit Vice is Larry’s story. Larry used to surf right there, in the opening scene. My childhood friend was a good friend of Ken Kesey. Hercules, played by Kenneth Branach is my new hero. The story of the Getty Family is one long Sanity Hearing involving Art, Models, and Bohemians. What I realized this morning, is, that Vicki Presco was the head of the Rosamond sanity hearing, years before our sister drowned. We will now focus in on her, the only person Snyder declares – PERFECTLY SANE!

‘When You Close Your Eyes’ is the story of how all the people surrounding Rosamond grew to despised her, because they leant her money, and were enmeshed in her crass commercialism that sacrificed the identities of family and friends. She is drugged, and, one by one they enter the train car, and posthumously stab her in the back. One by one, the ghost writer allows members of my family to come title Rosamond – THE MONSTER!

Below is our family photo taken in 1962. See the real family artist distancing himself from his family. Christine always stood by me in family photos. She is not an artist at this time, unless you can say working on your beehive hairdo is an art. Take note who is in the center of the picture. That is Sweet Vicki – ‘The Family Torpedo – vying to be the center of attention, and, in the Family Limelight! Rosamond named Vicki her Executor. She is her Daddie’s Daughter. Vic made Rosemary out to be insane and dangerous. He saw Vicki as his only loyal child.

That is Shannon on Victor’s lap. My niece accused her grandfather of raping her. Vic admitted to me he wanted to have sex with Shannon – after she came on to him while they were drinking. Scott tells the art world he went with Christine to meet Vic, who was an only child. Did Vic convince Shannon that she was the only one who was loyal to him? Shannon told me my sister’s were jealous of her, and her relationship with Vic.

One by one, they came into Snyder’s book, and thrust a dagger in Dead Rosamond’s back. Then, to make sure she was good and dead, they stabbed the surviving artist in the back – and then they chased down the Adult Heir!

I got a lot of this in before my hour was up. My therapist looked like a deer caught in the headlight of a speeding train. Here mind was clamped shut. She knew nothing about art. To her art was the acme of innocence. The kindergarten student brings home a Crayola drawing, and shows it to her mother.

“Dearest Mommy! This is our happy home, you, and Bozo the clown.”

Mommy pins this first work to the refrigerator door with a magnet, and then begins to wonder how Bozo got in the picture. This is why there is the profession of therapist. This is why they get paid. My therapist admitted she did not have a clue about the art connection to crime,  and is referring me to a therapist with more experience. The Getty Family bought up half the world’s art, but, could not sell any of it to pay the ransom of their nutty offspring who became a crazy hippie – like me!

“I never saw a dime of  my sister’s success! That’s the theme of my autobiography get it….


My poor new therapist. When she saw me coming at her down the cramped isle, she saw Woden, she saw Santa, she saw……………GOD!

 I titled her ‘The Little Church Mouse’.  I didn’t get the BIG PICTURE until I opened my closed eyes this morning, and exclaimed……

My God, none of the Rosamond Witnesses asks about the fate of Shannon, the Adult Heir! Why isn’t she publishing her mother’s story and selling her art out of the Rosamond Gallery? The Rosamond Sanity hearing had been going on during the DIVORSE! People had taken sides. There was talk about Rosamond taking her own life. That would leave Crazy Shannon, Daughter of Crazy Larry behind the controls of Train Rosamond. But, more than that, I ‘The True Artist’ could jump inside the out of control runaway LOCO-MOTIVE and claim it all! There was a plan already in place to get Shannon out of the way. This is why WE were not invited to the meeting at Rosamond’s home, the day after she drowned. The cardinal rule about not discussing business before a funeral, was broken. This is Conspiracy to Defraud. Why didn’t Scott Hale take Shannon’s side, and, tell his friend, Tom Snyder………..This is all wrong. This does not feel good to me?

“Christine had Shannon get in touch with me about fifteen years ago (1985).” Scott recalls, “And I was struck by how pretty she’d become. She seemed a little odd, but, I didn’t know anything about what her life had been like. We went out to dinner, and even though other people mentioned that Shannon asked them for money, she never asked me for anything. Her father did, but never Shannon.”

Both Christine and Shannon are depicted as dangerous parasite. Larry told me his daughter accused him of molesting her thus they had not communicated in years. Larry showed me a stack of books he had to read before he got around to reading Snyder’s Sanity Hearing & Crime Report. He had told me he was a speed-reader. I now wonder about the accusation about he being a freeloader and mooch. Was he going to do something about it and doing legal work did not want me to see………..a motive.

Scott had STABBED his old friend in the back. He took his wife, and, went after his daughter. What a snake! I’m sure he thought he would be sitting in the front row at……….THE PREMIERE……next to TRICKY VICKI, and the Rosamond Twelve!

I would love to hear Vicki’s Scott Hale Stories – in a court of law  in front of a Real Jury of Twelve! Shannon was arrested for the sake of Lawrence Chazen, the right-hand man of Gordon Getty, and his partner in PlumpJack.  We are back in the mix. Dig those black balloons, Larry! For sure they will make Rosamond Great again – not!

Shannon told me she and Larry went on a few dates. Now, that is the right stuff for a movie, or, sitcom! ‘The Trouble With Larry’. Add to this Garth and Christine were being investigation by the IRS for TAX FRAUD&EVASION, then, you have a real concern Rosamond will turn over on Family&Friends – to save her own ass! Shannon had to know about this investigation. Did her Admirer, Scott Hale, help my sister pay her taxes when sales took off? How about Jacci Belford, the ex-manager of the gallery, who went to High School with Stacey Pierrot?

Then there is Ken Prather, Vicki’s second Psycho Husband who defrauded the IRS. Vicki ascended with the $60,000 dollars they hid away, and had to join the Navy in order to escape Ken’s hit-team. That money ended up in the hands of the Bentons after they formed a partnership with Vic and Vicki. ‘The Torpedo’ was livid that Christine gave her no monies!

Larry and I commutated on Thanksgiving. He was taken aback when I asked him if her knew any members of the Charlie Manson Family. Thomas Pynchon fixates on Charlie. Stacey Pierrot, who was sold my families’ creative legacy as a Secret Creditor, is fixated on the movie ‘Mommy Dearest’ that was altered to fit the life of Christine Rosamond in order to increase sales. Here is Stacey promoting Scott’s image and career – knowing he gave her Dead Boss – a good WHACK!  I am held responsible for Rosemary oppressing Rosamond’s Art – that did not exist!

Pierrot is pixelated!  Her ghost writer says Vic molested Christine when quite young. The mother always knows, and will take her angst out on her daughter. Why did Rosemary only want me to be in the “spotlight”? Scott has BIG EYES for Shannon, who claims she is an artist, too! She was the only one that ended up in jail! Her credibility is being taken away – by Garth Benton, and his good buddy, Lawrence Chazen, who fought Shannon to be Executor of her mother’s estate – after Vicki Presco dropped out. Why did she drop out? I know my surviving sister, and her ex-husband, did not pay their taxes, and hid the profits they made on silver in the commodities market.

“If Christine’s parents had embraced her talent, there might be existing works from her childhood, but this was not to be. Fearing that Christine would steal her brother’s spotlight as the family artist, Christine’s mother, Rosemary, forbade Christine to draw at home. The only time she could express herself was at school or in her closet, by flashlight, when everyone else was asleep. Though we don’t have images to prove it, Christine’s kindergarten teacher has said that, by age five, Christine was already drawing with adult skill. She can remember Christine’s pictures of animals having near perfect detail and perspective.

In addition to oppressing Christine artistically, Rosemary also dominated Christine with physical violence. Trying to support four children with only a high school education and little help from her alcoholic husband, Rosemary was often enraged. She took this rage out on Christine and Christine’s earliest known works reflect it. In Teenage Drawing II, her subject is reticent and withdrawn.  In Teenage Drawing III, the woman looks shocked and angry. OVERNIGHT SENSATION: Los Angeles, California . After a failed marriage and the birth of her daughter Shannon, Christine fell in love with Scott Hale, an ambitious and demanding lighting designer. Recognizing Christine’s talent, Scott invited her to move in with him so that she could concentrate on her art.  Feeling encouraged for the first time, Christine was able to paint with a bold new energy.  A year later, at Scott’s insistence, Christine showed a number of these portraits at the 1972 Westwood Art Fair.  Recognizing a fresh voice, art dealer Ira Kaplan bought out the collection and commissioned Christine to create an additional painting for him every week thereafter. ”

Consider this my Family Christmas Card, created to generate more interest in Christine’s Estate so her children can enjoy a profit. Special Executor, Sydney Morris, blessed the authoring of a book, and the making of a movie. Why not a blog? This is his card, too!

In the top photo our Dear Mother has posed who eldest children before the watercolor I did when I was twelve. It toured the world in a Red Cross show. This will open every episode of my Soap Opera where we hear a narrator delve into the deep resentment the world famous artist – to be – felt. Only my artwork could be exhibited in the Presco household!

“Why me?” Rosamond said, deep inside of her sorrowful artistic soul.

The title of my Cable Soap will be ‘ Dark Advantage’. In the Age of High and Mighty Sanity Hearings, this will be something for The Secular Bohemian Folk People who are synical about Jesus and Old Saint Nick. Feel free to pilfer my videos and turn them into YOUR Family tales told every X-Mas around the ol Yule Log.

I thought about dressing like Uncle Samaclaus and doing a fresh video, but that whacko in the White House – shoved all us Santas aside!

“I’m the real Santa Claus, not a fake Santa like the ones the Democrats got! LOCK HER UP! She’s a loooooooon-a-tic! A danger to herself and society!”

Here is a PR agency making Donald Trump – sane again!

Jon Presco

On page

Sanity Hearings Defense Attorney in Southern California

Sanity Hearings: Determining Factors

When it comes to the field of mental health, there are many extenuating circumstances that must be taken into consideration before bringing a case to court. Perhaps the biggest and most important of these factors is determining a person’s sanity (or insanity), and hence, t heir c apability to appear before a criminal court. Sanity hearings are used to legally determine whether or not the defendant accused of a crime embodies the mental competence to stand trial. Before any type of charge can be taken to the courts, the accused individual must be deemed mentally capable of being able to adequately handle themselves in a trial courtroom. Furthermore, they must display the mental capacity necessary to comprehend the legal situation in which they will soon find themselves.

Individuals deemed incompetent to stand trial will be sent to state run mental health facility until they have regained competency. Once competency has been restored criminal proceedings resume. An individual is considered incompetent if they cannot comprehend the nature of the proceedings against them and/or cannot assist in their own defense.


Members of Gavin Newsom’s wine, restaurant, bar, resort and real estate partnerships since 1991:

Kevin & Bronwyn Brunner, John Burton, Casey and Michelle Cadwell, Bob and Barbara Callan, Frank Caufield, Donna Chazen, Lawrence Chazen, Joe & Victoria Cotchett, Michael & Hilary Decesare, Philip DeLimur, Don Dianda, Gretchen Dianda, Edward Everett, Richard Freemon, James Fuller, Stanlee Gatti, Robert Gerry, Andrew Getty, Ann Getty, Anna Getty, Chris Getty, Gordon Getty, Mark Getty, Peter Getty, Ronald Getty, Tara Getty, William “Billy” Getty, Robert Goldberg, Florianne Gordon, Stu Gordon, Gordon Goletto, David Goodman, Arthur Groza, Richard & Martha Guggenhime, Tony and Anthony Guilfoyle, Shelly Guyer, James & Shea Halligan, Bob & Jill Hamer, Erin Howard, Thomas Huntington, Isolep Enterprises (Paul and Nancy Pelosi family personal investment company), Peter Jacobi, Gaye Jenkins, Jeffrey Kanbar, Chad Kawai, David Lamonde, John Larson, Rob Lavoie, Leavitt/Weaver interior designers, Marc Leland, Maryon Davies Lewis, Anne McCutcheon, Chris McCutcheon, Ross McGowan, Rich McNally, Robert & Carole McNeil, Paul Mohun, Robert Mohun, Jeff Morin, Sara Moughan, Terry Moughan, Brian Mueth, Bob Naify, Marshall Naify, John Nees, Barbara Newsom, Brennan Newsom, Catherine & David Newsom, Gavin Newsom, Patrick Newsom,

Tessa Newsom, William Newsom, John O’Hara, Jack Owsley, Pacific Design, Matt Pelosi, Robynne Piggott, James Samuel Powers, Elizabeth Rice, Jeremy Scherer, Paul Scherer, Gary Schnitzer, Steve & Theresa Selover, Steve Siino, Trevor Traina, Chris Vietor, Francesca Vietor, Kenneth Weeman, Nicki West, Justin & Aridne Williams, Kevin Williams, Thomas & Kiyoko Woodhouse.

While still working for Shorenstein, Newsom formed his first business partnership, PlumpJack Associates, to open a wine shop on Fillmore Street. His partner was Gordon Getty’s son, William or “Billy” as he’s called, whom Newsom had known since boyhood. He said Gordon Getty invested between $7,500 and $15, 000.

The wine shop opened in 1992. Other ventures followed. By last year, Newsom had created a network of limited partnerships and holding companies to own and operate businesses and investments in San Francisco, Napa Valley, Squaw Valley and Maui.

Most are part of the PlumpJack group, which in addition to the wine shop includes the upscale PlumpJack Cafe, also on Fillmore Street, the PlumpJack winery and an online wine outlet.

Other Newsom partnerships own two popular Cow Hollow night spots, the venerable Balboa Cafe and the MatrixFillmore bar, which features designer cocktails, a plasma screen video system and tables shaped as letters S, E and X. Other partnerships run the Squaw Valley Inn, or are associated with PlumpJack and Balboa cafes at the ski resort.

And while Newsom contended that Gordon Getty is only one financial backer of many, records show the billionaire is Newsom’s top outside investor, either individually or through his firms and family trusts.

Getty owns 49 percent of the concern that manages all the PlumpJack businesses; 96 percent of the winery; 96 percent of the partnership that runs the Squaw Valley Inn; and more than 80 percent of Newsom’s real estate development firm (recently, Getty and Judge Newsom bought him out, Newsom says). Getty has a smaller stake in the other businesses, but he’s still the lead outside investor in most.

Getty declined to be interviewed for this story. In response to written questions, he said he treats Newsom like a son and invested in Newsom’s first business because of that relationship. “After that,” he said, “the reason for my further investments was the success of the first.”

Getty’s son Billy also invested in five businesses, and other Gettys, including Gordon’s wife, Ann, own stakes in some.

Other investors represent a slice of upper-strata San Francisco: a firm associated with Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi; high-society plastic surgeon Jack Owsley; even TV newscaster Ross McGowan, whose morning news show has often showcased Newsom the politician.

Art collecting was a common practice among Getty’s wealthy peers like William Randolph Hearst and Norton Simon. And while Getty enjoyed the tax benefits that donating his art afforded him, he pursued collecting art with genuine passion. “My collecting over the years has been a labor of love,” he wrote in 1965.

Double Desk / Bernard II van Risenburgh

Double Desk, about 1750, Bernard II van Risenburgh. Oak, mahogany, and various woods; gilt-bronze mounts. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 70.DA.87

Getty’s taste developed over time and was influenced by his travels—he routinely visited museums and historic sites while on business trips—and by trusted advisers. He delighted in a bargain, but he was also deeply interested in the technical quality of artworks and their provenance: “Exploring their whys and wherefores is exciting—as exciting as collecting itself.” He “never liked to follow the crowd” and felt “annoyed by the importance given to paintings by the majority of people.” Perhaps owing to his enjoyment of house museums, he believed that paintings and sculpture “should be displayed in surroundings of equal quality.”

His esteem for classical traditions of beauty and royalty also informed his tastes. He sought out Old Master paintings and considered it a “happy triumph” when he secured the acquisition of Rembrandt’s St. Bartholomew. Trips to Italy initially spurred his interest in collecting bronze and marble sculptures from ancient Greece and Rome (his favorite was the Lansdowne Herakles, on view at the Getty Villa). An extended stay in a New York City penthouse furnished with 18th-century French furniture made him a passionate admirer of decorative arts. He explained:

Getty bought 64 acres of property in Malibu (now Pacific Palisades) in 1945, which included a ranch-style home. He converted that house into a two-story Spanish-style residence, including galleries to display his art collection. He used it for weekend getaways.

In 1954 the galleries of the Ranch House were opened to the public as the original J. Paul Getty Museum. Later, as his collection began to outgrow the Ranch House, he decided to build a major museum on his Malibu property, one that would be a replica of an ancient Roman villa. Primarily inspired by the Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum, Italy, the Villa’s design draws on elements from other ancient villas as well.

Getty was deeply involved with the development of the museum at the Ranch House and the larger site that became known as the Villa. For instance, he approved all museum acquisitions until his death in 1976. But he never set foot in the J. Paul Getty Museum as an institution open to the public. With his business interests centered in the Middle East, Getty stayed abroad and never returned to California after 1951. (He settled permanently in England, at an estate named Sutton Place, in 1959.) As he refused to fly—the result of enduring a harrowing flight from St. Louis to Tulsa in 1942—he was deterred from returning because of the length of time it took to travel from Europe to California by ship and rail.

As for the Getty Center, Getty was not directly involved in its establishment. Following his death, his will revealed that he’d left the bulk of his fortune to the J. Paul Getty Museum Trust, which had the broad mission to support “the diffusion of artistic and general knowledge.” The board of trustees and museum staff then faced the challenge of figuring out how to use the museum’s enormous endowment to serve that mission. Research and discussion with experts throughout the international art world helped them chart a direction for the renamed J. Paul Getty Trust, which created programs for supporting art exhibition, conservation, research, and education, and built the Getty Center in Brentwood.

Little-known fact: Before Getty commissioned a villa for his property in Malibu, he bought a couple in Italy: La Posta Vecchia at Palo, Ladispoli, and a villa on the island of Gaiola, just off the coast of Naples. In the process of rebuilding La Posta Vecchia, which was in ruins when Getty purchased it, ancient Roman ruins were found and Getty had a small museum built on-site to showcase them. Today the villa is a luxury hotel; the museum is open to registered guests and visitors by appointment.

Currently, you can see nearly a third—about 100 objects—of J. Paul Getty’s personal collection across the Getty Center and the Getty Villa.

Getty collected in specific areas of art, limiting his acquisitions to schools “that [he] liked best and interested [him] most,” and that satisfied his desire to “own a few choice pieces [rather] than amass an agglomeration of second-rate items.” These areas were: “Greek and Roman marbles and bronzes; Renaissance paintings; sixteenth-century Persian carpets; Savonnerie carpets and eighteenth-century French furniture and tapestries.”

The Getty Museum’s collection has since expanded to also include manuscripts, drawings, and photography. And the newer Getty Research Institute, founded in 1985, collects in a vast variety of areas including historic archives, artists’ books and letters, prints, rare books, and photographs. But Getty’s personal influence on the collection is still apparent in our galleries. Next time you’re at the Getty Center, check out a mobile tour that highlights 11 artworks from each of Getty’s favored collecting areas that he acquired during his life.

Getty really did have a payphone installed at Sutton Place, his home outside London—but not exactly for the reason you might think.

Getty is notorious for being cheap, likely largely because of this anecdote. In his autobiography, he recounts the story behind “the World’s Most Famous Coin-Box Telephone,” and offers the reason for it was fiscal responsibility rather than miserliness. (You can find Getty’s account on pages 316–318 of As I See It.)

Getty explains that he did not own Sutton Place; it was the property of Getty Oil and its stakeholders. The payphone was installed during the period of renovation of the mansion, after the estate manager discovered soaring telephone bills that appeared to be the result of long-distance and overseas calls made by the many people passing through the premises. A payphone was installed in “a smallish, but easily accessible, room on the ground floor of the house,” and—what is more—“special dial-locking devices were placed on each of the half-dozen or more regular telephone instruments located in various parts of the house.” The locks and payphone were removed after about 18 months.


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    After Mark told me our father raped our niece, I called him up and demanded the truth – or I would turn him in to the IRS. Vic was convicted of loan sharking in 1994. He was a crimminal. He blamed Shannon, told me they were drinking, and she came on to him. After the called, I gave the IRS a jungle. Vic was investigated and fined $12,000 dollars. He then turned Christine Rosamond into the IRS. They found much tax fraud. Folks were going to jail. The world famous artist was going to roll over on everyone. She had written a biography with the help of Faulkner, or, so they said. How to SILENCE Christine was very topicle in the Carmel Art Scene. Chazen and Sydney Morris live in Carmel. They had to know Garth Benton’s divorce attorney who had to know all about the trouble with the IRS – and the talk of incest. She went after the adult Heir – BIG TIME! She was living her mother’s house going through all her paperwork. The night of the funeral she demanded to know who had gone trough those papers. Is this why Chazen tried to become the executor – after Garth was dismissed? I have been given the SILENT TREATMENT in order to protect criminals and frauds. They went after my sixteen year old daughter, when it looked like I might be the head of THE NEW FAMILY. Vicki and Mark did not tell me Vic was dead, and my mother was dying. Robin Beare headed the cover-up. I am going to have her disbarred.

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