I Could Have Been The Rouge Baron

Here is Bijan. He was under some kind of agreement with Red Baron publishing to do Rosamond knock-offs, the same way Stacey Pierrot hired a ghost writer to replace Christine Rosamond’s autobiography, and my own. Stacey and Bijan want to wear The Rosamond Mask that was sold by the millions all over the world. It was ‘The Feel Good About Yourself Currency’. My daughter’s mother hung a Rosamond over our daughter’s crib, and as she grew up, she told her her destiny would be fulfilled when she found her aunt – and not her father. I told my daughter to get behind our story, and, we can generate another generation of Rosamond Women with the help of a computer employing family photographs. Heather wanted her mother to play a much bigger role, and thus she was disappeared from life in hope she could get in Snyder’s rival biography.

“Q: Are Sara Moon and Christine Rosamond the same person?
No. The late Christine Rosamond was an excellent artist in her own right and her website can be found here

I told my daughter she is the heir to Royal Rosamond Press, that can be revamped into a Arts & Fashion Magazine. I wanted my offspring in the driver’s seat. There exist not one printed word from Christine’s daughters, Drew and Shannon which would have generated sales, because, Rosamond’s Fans wanted to know…….Life goes on! We are talking about Real Imposters who have taken control of The Mask……..and destroyed Rosamond!

Here is yet another Golden Connection I just made – for free! Steven Silverstein did a shoot of Deneuve for Elle. She starred in the ‘Umbrella’s of Cherbourg’ which is seen as the inspiration for ‘La La Land’. Steven did a shoot of Marilyn, who went to Paris to learn how to be a Fashion Designer, thus, Marilyn is a Rosamond Woman Archetype. For doing this for her, I will be reviled and punished. Why? Answer: I am not allowed to wear The Rosamond Mask. Everyone, but me! If I were to get just one dime, the dam would break, and down upon my head would pour the Glamorous Money.

I have always been a genius at making these connections that families traditionally make that are money in the bank in the Branding Game! These are Seals of Authenticity.

“Oh my, she has grandma’s eyes, and grandpa’s ears!”

Steven Silverstein photographer, Catherine Deneuve, Elle France cover, December 1984, December 24 1984, red gloves, red bow


A year after my sister became a big success, Rosemary told me Ira Cohen wanted to promote my artwork, too. He owned Ira Roberts Gallery on LA Cienega in LA LA LAND. Ira has a stable of artists. I was tempted. Then Christine sued Ira for putting her images on pillows and what not. He had developed her style. In 1982, Marilyn took some of my work in the Robert’s gallery, including a watercolor of Rena. He wanted more soft-work, like Rosamond and Sara Moon, who turned out to be a old man from Iran, named Bijan. Until his true identity was known, his fans thought I was him, because I claimed I was Rosamond’s brother, and, the work was very similar. Bijan imitated Rosamond. His Rosy women look like my mother, born, Rosemary Rosamond, who grandparents were a Rose and a Rosamond. Rosemary dated Errol Flynn, and almost married George, an actor.

Mark’s son was a model when he was eight and nine. Here is Cian at two. Rosemary went with her grandson to all his shoots. We had a Family Brand. Then, a greed and vain outsider bought that Brand, and destroyed us. We were nothing but money to Stacey Pierrot. I wish she had found her version of Bijan………to exploit!

In 1976, Christine took me for a ride in her new Cadillac to the top of a mountain, and offered to teach me her style so I could be rich and famous too. She gave me credit for her success, saying I taught her all she knew about art. All three artists were having a severe identity crisis. I turned that offer down because we were already too enmeshed.

Two years ago I started my chapter on Marilyn. I put much of it on her facebook. I suspect two of her friends wanted MY INFORMATION in order to promote a production company with my first flame. They wanted Rosamond and her women in their pile, and, Steven Silverstein in their stable. They did not want me. I was a nobody. I had to be a nobody. Steven took those photos of Marilyn on a rock in Malibu – before he was famous! Malibu is the Jewel in the Crown of La La Land.


When Bryan MacLean was dating Christine, we three would do the Art Walk on LaCienega. I would show off my knowledge of art and do critiques in the galleries. I had just turned seventeen. Folks would look at me and wonder. I was too shy to approach any owners with photographs of my work, or, I am sure I would have made it. Christine hung on my every word and believed I would be famous one day.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017


Steven SILVERSTEIN has gained a significant reputation photographing fashion and beauty for over thirty years and began shooting abstract fine art in 2013. Known throughout his career for conceptual work, lighting and a graphic simplicity that allow for an instant read, his images – whether fashion or fine art – often draw the viewer in for a closer look.
Born in Los Angeles, SILVERSTEIN began his accomplished fashion photography career with help from photographer Sarah Moon and her husband, publisher Robert Delpire, who introduced his work to Peter Knapp, the legendary art director at French Elle in the 1970s. Based primarily in Paris, he went on to work with other major fashion magazines, advertisers and designers. In addition to shooting portraits of Catherine Deneuve, Carol Bouquet, Charlotte Rampling, Isabelle Adjani, Thierry Mugler, Christian Lacroix and many other luminaries, he has created over 50 covers and nearly a thousand editorial fashion pages for international publications such as Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar.
SILVERSTEIN has also shot campaigns for some of the most prominent brands in the world including Yves St. Laurent, Givenchy, Ungaro, Carolina Herrera, Helena Rubenstein, Lancome, L’Oreal, among many others. His fashion photography has been in group exhibitions including Living the Bon Chic Life (BCBG) in Los Angeles (2014) and Moda in Italia, 150 Anni Di Eleganza (Vogue Italia) at the Venaria Reale in Turin, Italy (exhibition catalog, 2011), as well as published in numerous books including Elle Mode: 600 covers de 1945 à nos jours (Lagardère/Glénat, 2011), Style Elle: Nos Années 80 (Filipacchi, 2003) and Style Elle: Nos Années 70 (Filipacchi, 2002). One of his portraits was chosen in the top 200 from 200,000 images in People Magazine’s history for People: Favorite Pictures (Time Inc., 2000). In addition, SILVERSTEIN has been featured in NPA Pro Spotlight video (2011), Nikon World Magazine (2009) and PhotoArt – Hong Kong (1985), as well as garnering press in other art, design and mainstream media outlets.


Bijan was born in Tehran in 1939. From early childhood it was clear that he had inherited the artistic blood of his ancestors, who even included official court poets to the Shahs of Persia.

But, even though Bijan’s talent for art was recognized early, his father had other plans for his son’s future. He wanted Bijan to follow in his own footsteps and his grandfather before him, to become a doctor. Bijan reluctantly bowed to these wishes and travelled to Germany to study medicine, but it wasn’t long before his passion for art became the stronger.

In 1964 he signed himself into the College of Fine Arts in Saarbrücken, to study Textile Design, and, after successfully obtaining a degree and whilst still studying, gained diverse practical experience with various German companies. He then returned to Iran with his degree in his pocket and a beautiful German wife by his side.

In his homeland he found work as a designer in the Iranian textile industry and soon received a call from the Iranian Ministry of Economics where he worked as an expert in Textile Art and Craftsmanship, developing many textiles and fabric designs for Persian royalty and rulers. He also ran a private studio and gallery (atelier) where he taught students to draw.

But Germany had captured his heart and the call was strong. So it was that in 1974 he returned to live there once more and adopted the country as his home. He tried hard to find employment as an industrial textile designer, but was unable to find a place that could utilize the depth of his experience and talents and provide a satisfying job. So he gave up the search and instead helped his wife to establish a hairdressing salon. This satisfied only his organizational and management skills, but not the artist in him. And so, after the successful completion of this self-imposed task, he decided to break away and returned to his art and crafts.

After the extensive study of models, fashions and trends, and after producing many sketches and drawings, he was approached by what was to become Red Baron Publishing of LA, to created what is today known worldwide as the style of ‘Sara Moon’. A professional pseudonym was decided upon given that many a viewer may struggle to understand the ‘Djamalzadeh’ signature, and the name ‘Sara Moon’ just seemed to suit his work so well.

The artworks of contemporary young women and animal portraits that followed with their precision in detail and the delicacy of brush strokes and colour, fascinated viewers all over the world.

Four years, and sixteen paintings later, Bijan parted company with Red Baron and nothing by his hand was released again until the Swedish publisher, Verkerke began to distribute new painting in 1981.

Unfortunately, during those two years, Red Baron Publishing tried to claim the name ‘Sara Moon’ as their own and continued to satisfy world-wide demand for new Sara Moon artworks by commissioning the artist Christian to paint and sign images as ‘Sara Moon’. You can see Christian’s work here. This led to works by both artists being released as ‘Sara Moon’ art during the years 1980-82, after which Bijan won the sole right to the name.

Bijan still owns most of his original artworks, but it is feared that many of the early pieces were lost when Red Baron Publishing was consumed by fire in the early 1980s, at which time the company ceased trading. But in 2010, two of those 16 missing painting surfaced, and though sadly showing signs of much neglect, ‘Jennifer’ and ‘Catherine’ are now in safe hands once more, leaving fourteen that could still be out there somewhere. You can see the missing painting along with Jennifer and Catherine in the first section of sixteen painting the gallery depicting Sara Moon Art by Date, here.

(NOTE: If you think you have seen one – or own one of these missing paintings – PLEASE get in touch, we would just love to know that they are still around!)

With the battle for the right to the name over, Bijan continued to paint as Sara Moon for Verkerke until the early 1990’s when he retired from public life. For over 15 years he was totally oblivious to the ‘Where are you, Sara?’ calls that echoed around the world from the multitude of devoted fans he had unwittingly left behind.

With Red Baron Publishing gone, and Bijan’s quiet ‘disappearance’ into retirement, and given the varied signatures on the artworks, there was much speculation over the years that followed. Did ‘Sara Moon’ ever exist at all? If so, where was this reclusive artist now? Was ‘Sara Moon’ a collection of different artists signing under the same name? Rumours that the artists was actually a Rumanian male hiding away in a small German town, turned out to be quite accurate – though Bijan wasn’t actually hiding – he just didn’t have a publishing contract any longer and didn’t want one, nor did he have, or want, a computer. As such his world became a quiet place to relax and teach – and paint – for his own pleasure.

Then, during 2005, Bijan heard through a relative, about the Sara Moon web site that I had built to showcase his art and about the activities of the many-hundred-strong Sara Moon Yahoo Group. With that he took a tiny step forward, back into the world of his fans again, by asking the relative to email me to say, ‘Hello and Thank You’ for helping keep his art alive.

I had waited nearly five years for that contact and when it came, I was very pleased to be sitting down! Imagine then my joy when in February 2006, I was invited to Bijan’s home and studio to meet with him and to view many of his creations old and new. For the story of a day I shall never forget and the beginning of a remarkable friendship, not to mention the beginning of a whole new era in the Sara Moon story—with many personal and studio photos as you go, please click here.

Since then, Bijan has been persuaded to take further steps toward a future that has included the chance for us to see new and previously unpublished works and even the opportunity to purchase his long-held archive prints – now all personally signed. He has offered many originals for sale too, all kept in beautiful condition, away from all light for over two decades. You can find what’s on offer in signed archive prints here. and the original artworks for sale here. A book of works is also available in two different sizes, here.

Taking Beauty Hostage

bicycle2 bicycle5 bicycle6 bicycle7 bicycle12 marilync4 marilynstCaptureB21


“I watched the Eiffel Tower go dark an hour ago. “Freedom of expression!” is the battle cry of every Parisian! Belle Burch speaks French very well.

Briggette Bardot was arrested for saying negative things about Muslims, ten years ago. My musical ‘My Beautiful Blue Bicycle’ is based upon the blue Schwin I gave Belle in exchange of”

These were the words I wrote two days ago. I was going to talk about the musical Belle inspired ‘My Beautiful Blue Bicycle’. I was going to show how much Belle looks like Marilyn who went to live in France with her radical sister in 1963. Belle was born in 1992?

This musical revolves around the blue bicycle that Bardotte rode in a movie as Frances Sex Symbol. Al Queda attacked Western Sex Symbols on 911. Islam is a shame-based cult built around the conquering Arab penis that made war against goddess worship in the Levant, and against Hellenism.

What I a going to put forth are ideas  that make it a right for western peoples to promote and defend FEELINGS that have arisen from Grail Legends, and Secular Bohemianism. Feeling terrified, is destroying this cosmology that France developed over the years. Honoring Feminine Feelings are vital to the make-up French Culture.

Alley Valkyrie bid me to blog her “threat”. She admits she has threatened me. This, creep, has brought ugly feelings to Eugene.

Alley Valkerie on facebook message.

“Please, go ahead and blog my threat.

You have no fucking idea what you’re getting yourself into

You also have no idea how many people are already on to you, and how many people have my back

We also have six other mutual friends who are going to learn about your behavior ASAP

And just so you know as well: if you write anything about me that could be construed as defamatory, you will be hearing from my lawyers ASAP.”

Reply of Jon Presco

“I am a old man, without a gang. You and your gang are going to lose much face in this town, and state, and with homeless vets, for launching this attack on me. Keep it up, and you will be rendered powerless.

On Saturday, April 19, 2014 9:34 PM, Belle Burch wrote:
Hey Jon,
It’s Belle. Still wondering if you’re real. Thank you again for the bike. Let’s set up a time for me to do some modeling. Thurs and Fri are possibilities for me.”

The famous fashion photographer, Stephen Silverstein, captured his friend Marilyn on a rock in Malibu. He also captured the ex-First Lady of France, Carla Sarkozy.


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