Colorful Love Dance – With Killer Asteroid

“With the assistance of the US military, Loeb and his team have narrowed down the meteorite’s likely impact zone to an area less than half a square mile in the ocean off the coast of Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island.”

My name is John Gregory Presco, and Iam a Republican Candidate for President of the United States.

Tonight I will be going to downtown Eugene to attend a Holi Bollywood dance and color festival – even though I may be going to meet my Doom as the embodiment of John the Baptist, who did not prepare the way for Jesus (who he never met) but prepare for a new heaven and earth – with new promised land. He was a Apocalyptical Prophet who was murdered in order to prevent his prophecy from coming true.

A Harvard scientist is leading an expedition to find a crashed alien spacecraft. Satan Trump is holding a apocalyptical happening on the anniversary of Waco. I warned you this day was coming. God is authoring and directing the show. Why not a Grand Bollywood Movie?

Fifteen years ago I had a vision for a musical with the music of Love, and Bollywood dancers. I posted videos of dancers with Love songs. Turn off the sound of the Bollywood number above, and leave the Love song. I will let your imagination do the rest. This is it…..The Grand Finale! If I do not live, feed my cat, Classy!

John Presco

The Royal Janitor


John Presco

Chapter: The Holi Color Fest

Having missed the Oregon Country Fair, Starfish looked for other events she insisted she and Victoria had to attend.

Eugene HOLI: All Ages Festival of Colors | Bollywood Party with DJ Prashant | Event in Eugene |

Eugene HOLI: All Ages Festival of Colors | Bollywood Party with DJ Prashant

Come dressed in white and play with colors at our family-friendly Bollywood party, outdoors with your favorite DJ: Prashant.

Trump rally falls on dark Waco anniversary

Duration: 06:53 12 hrs ago

Former President Trump kicks off his first campaign rally in Waco, Texas on Saturday. It falls on the 30th anniversary of the deadly Waco siege. Historian Jon Meacham talks about the power of place, especially as Trump amplifies calls for violence.

The word apocryphal (ἀπόκρυφος) was first applied to writings which were kept secret[8] because they were the vehicles of esoteric knowledge considered too profound or too sacred to be disclosed to anyone other than the initiated. For example, the disciples of the Gnostic Prodicus boasted that they possessed the secret (ἀπόκρυφα) books of Zoroaster. The term in general enjoyed high consideration among the Gnostics (see Acts of Thomas, pp. 10, 27, 44).[9]



apoc·​a·​lyp·​tic ə-ˌpä-kə-ˈlip-tik 

variants or less commonly apocalyptical 


Synonyms of apocalyptic


of, relating to, or resembling an apocalypse

apocalyptic events


forecasting the ultimate destiny of the world PROPHETIC

apocalyptic warnings


foreboding imminent disaster or final doom TERRIBLE

apocalyptic signs of the coming end-times

Large asteroid to zoom between Earth and Moon

by Daniel Lawler

Small asteroids fly past Earth daily, but one this size coming so close only happens once a decade (artist's impression)
Small asteroids fly past Earth daily, but one this size coming so close only happens once a decade (artist’s impression).

A large asteroid will safely zoom between Earth and the Moon on Saturday, a once-in-a-decade event that will be used as a training exercise for planetary defense efforts, according to the European Space Agency.

The asteroid, named 2023 DZ2, is estimated to be 40 to 70 meters (130 to 230 feet) wide, roughly the size of the Parthenon, and big enough to wipe out a large city if it hit our planet.

At 19:49 GMT on Saturday it will come within a third of the distance from the Earth to the Moon, said Richard Moissl, the head of the ESA’s planetary defense office.

Though that is “very close”, there is nothing to worry about, he told AFP.

Small asteroids fly past every day, but one of this size coming so close to Earth only happens around once every 10 years, he added.

The asteroid will pass 175,000 kilometers (109,000 miles) from Earth at a speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour (17,400 miles per hour). The moon is roughly 385,000 kilometers away.

An observatory in La Palma, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, first spotted the asteroid on February 27.

Harvard physicist Avi Loeb
Harvard physicist Avi Loeb has planned a $1.5 million expedition to Papua New Guinea to find fragments from a meteorite he thinks might be an alien probe.

With the assistance of the US military, Loeb and his team have narrowed down the meteorite’s likely impact zone to an area less than half a square mile in the ocean off the coast of Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island.

He said they may discover tiny fragments that could turn out to be “technological,” meaning manufactured, thus providing solid evidence of the existence of aliens.

If not, the remnants may be found to be made of some kind of never-before-seen super-strong material such as a metal forged from a neutron star, the collapsed core of a supergiant star.

“We have a boat. We have a dream team, including some of the most experienced and qualified professionals in ocean expeditions,” Loeb wrote on Medium in late January.

“We have complete design and manufacturing plans for the required sled, magnets, collection nets and mass spectrometer. And most importantly, today we received the green light to go ahead,” he added, referring to the approval by Papua New Guinea.

The Hammer

Posted on October 25, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Chapter One

‘The Hammer and the Hand’


John Presco

Copyright 2020

John Ambrose could not believe his good fortune. On his way to Safeway in his vintage 1972 Ford Truck, he noticed the gate to the grounds of KORE radio was open. Pulling over, he entered what he considered hallowed ground. It was his dream to own this radio station that had been for sale over a year. His heart began to pound when he saw workman hauling boxes out of Armstrong’s old radio station that was just sold. To John’s dismay, it was being torn down. Taking shaky steps towards the dumpster, John knew he must act. He could not stop himself from climbing the built-in ladder. Looking inside, his eyes instantly spotted the handle of an old suitcase. Before he grabbed it, he knew what this suitcase looked like. Getting a firm grip, John gave a mighty tug, and, there was debris and papers flying about him, when he heard a voice!

“Hey! What are you doing! Get out of there!”

John pretended he did not hear the command. With shaking hands, he clicked the clasps, and lifted the lid of the suitcase.

“Holy shit! John said, as he beheld the title of the manuscript………

“The Last Russian Prophecy of Herbert Armstrong.”

Cometh – The Hand of God!

Posted on June 29, 2017by Royal Rosamond Press

Cometh – The Hand of God

The Prophecy of John Ambrose

Copyright 2017

My name is John Ambrose, and this is the prophecy from God that was given unto me in Springfield Oregon. Because the Core Soul of America is being ripped out by False Christian Haters, my hand, and my mouth – is  being forced! Because I love people and animals so much, it grieves me to say the Day of God’s Wrath, is at hand.

In the photograph above, you see me standing in front of KORE radio station that was founded by Herbert Armstrong. Note the atenae coming out the top of my head, and, the dish next to my ear. I am hearing God’s Vocie – directly at times! I am bid to broadcast to you…………..The Truth!

When I was in Saint Vincent de Paul’s on Q Street, I beheld the hat I am wearing. I stared at it for the longest time. Then, I heard the voice of an angel.

“Don the Humble Hat of God, and speak to the People of the Red, White, and Blue!”

Because my Rosamond ancestors were True Patriots, and because the Lord de Rougemont funded Vincent’s mission, I am forced to admit I am a Prophet of God. The first thing God wants you to know, He and Armstrong missed the mark in not foreseeing the fall of the Soviet Empire. God has always admitted His mistakes, so He can make corrections.

Because I am a genealogist of renown, I discovered Donald Trump descends from Catherine the Great, who was a Prussian Princess descended from the oligarchs of Babylon. The Empress of Russia, owned TEN CROWNS. I also descend from Catherine. The question is, does Putin know the hidden pedigree of the President the United States? Is Putin a Svengali, a puppet master, moving Trump towards the Prussian Crown?

I, John Ambrose, suspect President Trump, serves TWO EAGLES. And, in his pocket is one of Catherine the Great’s coins. Other’s are carrying this coin. Mitch McConnell is one coin carrier. I am bid to discover the identity of THE THIRTEEN.

His will, will be done!


  1. (archaic) third-person singular simple present indicative form of comeThe apocalypse cometh.

John ‘Shembe Nazarite Prophet’

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – John Ambrose raised the flag Monday to remember his friend, Hollis Williams.

Presco hopes in the next few months he can raise enough money that Williams’ death will not have been in vain.

“He doesn’t have a home right now. He’s homeless in a morgue and I’m entering my anger stage on that,” said a downcast Presco.
It’s anger that he’s working out with a hammer. Ambrose mounted a new U.S. flag this Monday, raising Old Glory for the friend he lost Friday morning.

Ambrose said he found the 58-year-old Williams dead in his apartment Friday – an apartment Williams had moved into only 2 months ago.
According to other vets, Williams was well known in the homeless community who was often at a nearby Safeway store, collecting cans.
Now, a makeshift altar is set up in a vacant Laura Street building that Ambrose says was briefly used to hand out clothes to the homeless.
Presco wants the memory of his best friend to live on. His dream is for a veterans “stand-down” center that bears the name of Hollis Williams.
Ambrose said he wants to copy “stand-downs” held in Lane, Douglas and surrounding counties, to connect vets with mental health services, haircuts, job training and more.
“We got to let our veterans know that they haven’t fought in vain and that we care for them,” Ambrose said.
He said he doesn’t know where he’ll find the support or how long it will take – but to remember his longtime friend, he won’t give up easily.
“I suffered some homelessness and abandonment and stuff like that,” Presco said, “so I’m not going to abandon my friend.”
The property and house on Laura Street is being sold, so locating a center there is unlikely. Presco said that’s the kind of layout he’s looking for.
Services for Hollis Williams will be next Sunday 1:30 p.m. at Campbell Senior Center in Eugene

On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn of both people and animals, and I will bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt. I am the Lord. 13 The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt.

Exodus 13:3

Moses said to the people, “Remember this day in which you went out from Egypt, from the house of slavery; for by a powerful hand the LORD brought you out from this place And nothing leavened shall be eaten.

Exodus 3:19-20

“But I know that the king of Egypt will not permit you to go, except under compulsion. “So I will stretch out My hand and strike Egypt with all My miracles which I shall do in the midst of it; and after that he will let you go.

Exodus 13:9

The Hammer Asteroid of God

Posted on November 4, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

See the source image

Everything is lining up! Nixon wanted Mark Hatfield to run as his VP. If that had happened, Mark would be the First President from Oregon. No citizen ever cast a vote for Gerald Ford for president or vice president. Coe – was right there! Is he the inspiration for the tune Trump plays at his rellies?

Seer John

“How much did those set you back. Is BAD paying you enough?”

Hatfield was on Nixon’s short list of running mates at the subsequent Republican convention. Evangelist Billy Graham, close to both men, went to bat for Hatfield. But Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina was adamant he didn’t want the liberal Oregonian. Nixon hinted in his memoirs that he never seriously considered Hatfield.

Throughout his long Senate career, Hatfield repeatedly opposed defense spending and urged the country to focus on combating world hunger, poverty and illness. As a well-known Christian evangelical who often spoke to religious groups, Hatfield was a beacon for many who believed their faith called them to oppose war and to care for those in need.

Hatfield cut short his graduate education and returned to Oregon to teach at

Willamette University

, where he eventually became dean of men. While at Willamette, Hatfield said he turned from what had been a religion of habit into a true Christian. Hatfield said he was inspired by the faith of a student, Doug Coe, who became the leader of The Fellowship, a behind-the-scenes Christian group in Washington, D.C., that runs the National Prayer Breakfast and seeks to influence world leaders. Hatfield later became an important figure in the Fellowship.

When the late Doug Coe – Burleigh’s father-in-law and a long-time friend of Sen. Mark Hatfield – was the subtle, driving force at The Fellowship, Coe rarely granted interviews, believing publicity didn’t serve the Washington, D.C.-based ministry.

Burleigh first went to the former Soviet Union in 1965 on a national defense foreign language fellowship. He has returned time and again, starting Young Life in the Soviet Union, organizing “Jesus Conferences” in all 15 nations of that former republic and National Prayer Breakfasts in both Russia and Ukraine.

The Fellowship is often criticized because Coe, who grew up in Salem, and Burleigh would meet with tyrants and dictators like Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir, Somalia’s Siad Barre and Indonesia’s Suharto, often hosting them at The Cedars, a seven-acre estate in Arlington, Va. Burleigh was interviewed by the FBI about Maria Butina, who was convicted of being a Russian agent in the United States, and Alexander Torshin, both of whom attended the National Prayer Breakfast in 2017, a month after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The Hammer and The Hand

Posted onJuly 27, 2019byRoyal Rosamond Press

We just missed being hit by an astroid that I saw coming, and began a prophetic novel. I posted this two years ago. You will find the sign of the double eagle before it appeared behind POTUS. It does not make any difference if you nobodies call me a “lunatic”. They, and all the same people on the planet – will die at once – in the Terrible Day of the Lord!

Rosamond Press

partial view of Earth at the bottom with rock impacting at the top

An artist’s depiction of a large asteroid hitting Earth.(Image credit: SCIEPRO/via Getty Images)

When NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) slams into the tiny asteroid Dimorphos, it will be our first attempt to demonstrate our ability to deflect dangerous incoming asteroids.

The End of Days and Human History is upon us! Putin has sabotaged a pipeline in the Baltic – which is an act of war that will involve NATO. We are a member of NATO. He prepared for this strike by threatening to use nuclear weapons. I foretold all this in my Bond book ‘The Royal Janitor’ and in this blog. Herbert Armstrong also prophesized against Russia.

I would not have known about the Willamette Comet and the Rose Center if my newsfeed had not shown me the Renaming of Lane County. The last entry of my novel has Starfish running a race at Hayward Field where she…

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International Godzilla Run

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I is too late to stage the first International Godzilla Run? Is there going to be a opening ceremony – with parade? On the first day they are going to have a hammer toss. How about the Bum’s Rush Toss, where bouncers from all over the world toss drunks out the door? How about the Hundred Yard Bum’s Rush, where panhandlers from all over the world chase folks with money?

Check out the shifty-eyed dude in the video above. Has he been oppressing the free press like I have been – oppressed?

John Presco


Oregon22 Timetable | WCH 22 | World Athletics

John Madden and Godzilla Run

Posted on January 9, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

I want the spirit of John Madden to be the Hovering Spirit Head at the first – Godzilla and ZARDOZ Run For The Roses.

John Madden, Jim Bailey and a race through Eugene (

Wow, I sign this post made in 2016, Vincent Rice – five years before I discovered my uncle is kin to Edgar Rice Burroughs! I’m going to talk with Niel about opening a Tarzan Museum in Springfield.

Vincent Rosemond Rice


P.S. There will be The Ugly Evil Penis Costume Contest, with a All Girl Chase in order to bring back those Good Ol Frat Boy Days! I want Jim Belushi to be the MC.

P.S.S. Someone just informed me John Madden wrote ZARDOZ after Elfish Wood Saviors took him on a sacred Mushroom Hunt! Wow! Was John doing psychedelics – years before Kesey? Is it possible John lead the way – and turned Ken on to shrooms? Wow! This investigator reporter – is hot on the trail – of The Lost Truth! No wonder why he was able to outrun Bailey!

The Godzilla Run

Posted on September 2, 2016 by Royal Rosamond Press


THE BIG bad boy is back!

Yes, that’s right true believers, the King of the Monsters returns to the silver screen to again trample Tokyo into dust in “Godzilla Resurgence.”

Read more:

“Alley Valkyrie

May 9 near Portland, OR

Well, I just picked a fight with quite the unstable psychopath. May not have been the most sensible thing to do, but it should definitely get interesting…

I am now going to author a book, with a movie in mind titled………..


It’s about a small town that listens to a Mad Man who suggests they stage a Godzilla Run to boost the Arts and General Culture of a very hip town in Oregon, named Aliceland after Lewis Carrol who camped on the town site with The Poet of the Sierras, Joaquin Miller. They had met at the home of Dante Gabriel Rossette, the Pre-Raphaelite.

My Godzilla Run takes place in Alton Baker Park. We purchase a giant float of Godzilla, and place giant speakers along the run. When the wee people hear his roar, and see him coming above the trees, they start running for their lives – with glee! I found the top photo in the news this morning. This image is perfect! This Visionary thanks you – Great Muse!


George Miller platted Aliceland, an experimental city that made its grand entry into the ‘City Beautiful Movement’. It was considered the most progressive city on the West Coast, until a board was formed to plan The Godzilla Run – event. To everyone’s surprise, Marilyn Reed, the president of the Little Old Lady Gospel Choir wielded most of the power in Aliceland, and, she was on a – MISSION FROM GOD – ZILLA!


What emerges, is Aliceland is a haven for bigoted racists of all color, who own really backward ideas, and, if anyone gets in their way, they are going to receive a death threat. The State of Oregon is shocked. These politically correct folks look like old hippies, young anarchists, and cool Jazz Men, but, in their heart they own much hatred for New Ideas especially when they are GREAT IDEAS.

“We only want small, puny ideas in our town! We want things to fail. That’s why we gave the Homeless Hoard of Whoville carte blanch to hold a faux Art-In at Ken Kesey Square, every Friday. That’ll keep out the real Artists – darn damn it!

You see, the alleged Bohemians of Aliceland have been waging  covert cultural warfare with one another for twenty-five years. There are only so many Music Gigs, and Art in the Park events – to go around. Aliceland has it Hatfields and McCoys. If you are not a member of an Extended Family, you are going to find yourself sitting on a pole outside city limits, all tar and feathered.  The real hip folks are quietly moving to Springtucky the neighboring town once famous for Redneck Loggers that are now gone.

“Please! Do not tell the others you are here! Can we buy you some empty canvases?”

Mad John finds himself on a collision course with Marilyn Reed, who found Jesus again, and is wanting to replicate the Religious Bliss she experienced when she was sixteen. Her mother took her to three Billy Graham meeting at the Los Aneles Coliseum – with her boyfriend, John. Mother and Daughter expected John to go down and be saved. After he excused himself to go to the bathroom, he never returned! When she called his home the next day, his sister told Marilyn John has joined the Peace Corp and is in the Land of Zulus helping them build a reservoir. Not believing a word Christine Rosamond said, she went to John’s house, and knocked. When the door opened, Rosemary thrust a bloody crucifix in Marilyns’ face, and hissed;

“This is a Catholic household. Go away – and stay away – you brazen Baptist hussy!”

John really did go to the Land of the Zulu to work for his uncle Vinnie who sold construction supplies. He dropped out of high school, but his uncle had a plan to get his nephew a honorary diploma, and, a scholarship to UCLA – as a anthropologist. Together they wrote reports on the Shembe Zulu Nazarites. They published;

‘Notes of a New Nazarite – Life Amongst Zulu Prophets’


Vincent Rice, and, John Presco

University High School received a copy, and John was sent his diploma. However, John dropped out of UCLA, and moved to San Francisco to live with his childhood friend, Nancy, the first girl he ever kiss. They were good friends of Stanley Augustus Owsley. John forgot who he was for fifty years. Marilyn had put John ‘The Betrayer of God’ out of her mind.

One day she is driving past Ken Kesey Square and spots a dirty old white bearded, creep, putting the make on a young pretty homeless girl, name Belle Burch. She was about to stop the car, and come to her rescue, but, then she sticks her tongue out at the pervert, and they laugh. Marilyn’s heart breaks, for she knows that laugh. It is the Mad Laugh of her old boyfriend who disappeared in the Land of the Zulu… long ago! A Star is born!


This, is Mad John, who lost all credibility when he reported seeing giant moth eggs in in the Drackenberg mountains when he went back to his beloved Zulu People to be ordained a True Prophet because he has been spreading the teaching of Shembe – all over the world!  He was taken to a giant nest by Japanese twins, who are like pixies. It was later ruled John was Pixielated – and quite insane. He couldn’t get his mind off these little girls. Where did they come from? Thank heavens they are in the good hands of the Zulu, and not chained in the bedroom of some porn movie maker.

When John shared his idea for The Godzilla Run with Kathy Vrzak, where he wanted members of his tribe to come to America and do a Zulu Dance, Kathy became jealous and began working on her own African Culture show.

John picks up the Zulu Warriors at the airport in an old hippie bus. His beloved Zulu have a message for John from their chief prophet.

“Come home, John. There are cracks in the egg. Whatever is inside, is about to hatch.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2016

“Glenn Combs: John Presco(e) has a long history of harassing young women in this area. The police seem impotent to do anything about it, though. I believe he comes from money and could be lawyered up quite well if he needed it. Whatever, it is time to take this “man” down.

Whatever, it is time to take this “man” down.
Whatever, it is time to take this “man” down.
Whatever, it is time to take this “man” down.”

Play all three videos at the same time.

Our Mission Statement is as follows, and We as a Non Profit Organization stand by our Mission Statement 100%. We strive to bring about unity among various racial and ethnic constituents of our community through the performance of African – American Gospel Music, sharing a message of Faith, Hope, and Charity.We present Gospel Music as a fine arts project. Inspirational Sounds Gospel Chior bringing the good news of Love and Grace to the World. We are a Community Choir of all religious backgrounds and ethnicity that comes together via Music Arts. We appreciate the work you have done for our choir thru photography and videos, but we DO NOT apprciate nor support you using us for your own personal agenda. Therefore, we ask the you cease and desist using our information and photos without our written permission. IT IS OUR RIGHT TO PROTECT OUR MEMBERS AND FRIENDS FROM BEING INVOLVED IN THIS KIND OF PUBLIC CONTROVERSY. THIS KIND OF THING GOES AGAINST OUR MISSION AND WE WILL PROTECT OUR MISSION STATEMENT BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY.

November 22, 2014 12:11 pm

Krista, it is only fair that I make you aware of a very edgy situation because you asked not to be involved in controversy. I notice Anand Hotham-Keathly is on the planning committee. There son’s girlfriend approached me over a year ago, and took my number. She called me ten days later, the rest is a novel in itself. Belle offered to edit my biography for a fee and model for me in exchange for a bicycle I gave her. In the two hour get to know each other chat, she did not tell me she had got arrested four days earlier. I am a creative being. I do not want you to be in the middle of this. I have offered to arbitrate, but Belle and Alley did not want that. I am still open to this and rewriting history. For now, I think I will go it alone and push for my own celebration ‘The Godzilla Festival’. that wlll not compete with you. Eugene can handle two festivals. I can say this on the post you just made about me. I will wait for your response before I do.

Hi greg… quite frankly im sure qhat you are tellin me. Anands daughters’ arrest is of no consequence to me and I cant imagine how it matters to you…

I’m guessing…. she was arrested for solicitation before and then again with you?

About an hour ago, Krysta said I was unfit to be in her group. She states;

” You are literally an UN-medicated individual with ideas of grandeur.”

That sounds familiar! Where did I hear this?

Message I left on Kathy Vrzak’s FB.

Thanks! I am just in shock right how. I got to downsize my whole life.

JUL 23RD, 4:33PM I talked to Marilyn yesterday about the choir taking the next step. Then, the Kryista news broke. Niel Laudati asked for more of my ideas. I see a Willammete River Festival managed by the choir, and, Eric Richardson. Willamalane collects its own taxes.I got them over a barrel because this abuser site was used against me at a event. I see Eric being Activites Manager for Civic Events. The Choir has performed at several celebrations. You own tradition and integrity that is sorely needed. I an my newspaper is a threat. I want to be in YOUR parade as The Wild & Crazy Big Ideas Guy’ in a cage, and brought down from the mountain every year. Only the Choir could capture & tame me.

Krysta Albert & John Monroe – Racists! Here is what John Monroe posted on facebook. I showed this to Krysta. “His desire to demonstrate his superior masculinity is linked to obvious male socialization patterns. Cf. Oregon Duck rap…

JUL 25TH, 9:59AM

“Back in December, after Natriana Shorter, who is African-American, won the crown for Miss Oregon, Albert commented on a KEZI news story that, “I know this is going to sound racist and it’s not my intention. But I can’t help but think it’s awfully strange that a woman of color would represent [the] state of Oregon. The state that has one of the smallest amount of minorities of any race compared to other states. And yes, she is very beautiful.”

The Godzilla Festival

Posted on December 17, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press



“Are you aware there is a website listing you as sexual offender?”

This was the message I got from Krysta Albert the organizer of the Eugene Festifal, that replaced the Eugene Celebration run by members of the Ken Kesey family. Krysta had asked me to be on her board, and let me inside. When I saw Anan Holtham-Keathly ‘The Queen Mother of Eugene’ was on the board, I felt obligated to inform Krysta of the trouble I had had with Belle Burch and her anarchist friends. Her lover at the time was Ambrose Holtham-Keathly who appear in a leather jacket in this video. Belle approached me, took my number, called me, and arranged a meeting where she concealed her identity, the truth she was arrested with Ambrose and his friends. Belle told me I was forbidden to write about all the Holtham-Keathleys who love to appear in all our cities media. How to deal with the Homeless is like trying to figure out what to do with Godzilla who is shitting all over your downtown.

“As long as they do not cause any damage or promote any hostility to me or my family, then I really don’t mind if someone is camping in the field across the way,” says neighborhood resident Michael Erickson.”

You can’t make this shit up! As I type CNN is talking about the U.S. going to war with North Korea over their cyber-hacking and terrorist threats to folks who go see the movie ‘The Interview’. My novel ‘The Gideon Computer’ may end in a nuclear showdown! May Hollywood folks have failed to back Sony lest they get targeted!

I had made the comment that the Kesey family could stand the competition, and Krysta told me she does not want to upset the Keseys, or get into any drama – that could hurt her business! I decided to spare her, and told her about Belle. At first she told me Anand Holtham-Keathley did not know me. I told Krysta to run Jon by her instead of Greg. That’s when Krysta was shown the preditor site by Anand. This is Cyber Stalking!

So, I go to the site that Krysta is speaking of, and I am reading the exact same words that Alley Valkerie posted on Mayor Kitty Piercy’s Facebook – that were taken down. She must have gone to this Eugene City site that says you must have permission of the victim to make a report. Did Belle Burch give Alley permission, or, are we looking at the kind of shit the invisible hackers are doing to Sony? If you do not do what they say, they will embarrass you, make your life impossible, and even scary for you! Does this apply to those who continue to associate with you?

All of a sudden, I can not access the Festival board site, am unfriended by Krysta Albert, and the Eugene City page where I posted my ideas of the Godzilla Festival, that if Godzilla willing, will be held at the end of my movie ‘Capturing Beauty’.

I have been banned and shutdown in Eugene, a town known for being a refuge for old hippies and Bohemians. Krysta expressed concern her business may be hurt. Movie theater owners are not going to show Sony’s movie on Christmas Day the day the Crucified One – was born! Consider the cock crowing thrice, and Saint Peter denying he knows Jesus. Alley and Belle tried to get the Whiteaker Council to denounce me and label me a sex fiend. Anand had served on the council.

My idea was to have a giant rope tug-of-war, a Dragon Boat Festival, and a Runaway from Godzilla, run, like the running of the bulls, with big Japanese drums pounding away! This would all take place near, and on the Mill Race down by the Cuthbert Amphitheater. Now, my creative vision, is toast, just like Alley Valkerie promised. The power she owns over our elected officials has just grown more powerful!

In my movie ‘Capturing Beauty’ I am inside a big blown up balloon made in the image of Godzilla. Before me are screaming children running for their lives – with glee – from the monster of Eugene! Suddenly, Belle and her anarchists dressed as the boys from the movie ‘Lord of the Flies’ rush at me with sharpened sticks, and poke me repeatedly. Alas, they burst my bubble, and there I stand, defeated, shamed, and looking like the inner Darth Vader, the impotent white worm of a man.

I look at my beautiful Muse, and say this with tears in my eyes;

“It was beauty that killed the beast!”

As I walk away the anarchists wonder what I am talking about, they glad now that the old fart can no longer challenge them, their claim they have all the answers, and if we do not go along with them, they will scare you, destroy you.

After Alley Valkerie delivered her evil message that forbid to write in my blog about them, Belle called me on the phone, and insisted I do what they say. I told them I can not do that because Rosamond Press is a registered newspaper in Lane County, and I owe it to my peers not to cave to threats and blackmail. I told her my newspaper was founded “for the protection of the arts”. I just heard the Commander in Chief is calling for a decisive response. Homeland Security has been alerted. I might send them a letter.

WE ARTISTS are under attack by a monster we never had to deal with on this level, before. I knew this monster when it just hatched, it laid out the ass of Ms. Alley. Then Belle came and sat on it while her anarchist klan whooped and danced around her.

In this scene from the movie ‘The Muse’ we are tickled that a Muse is not who we expect her to be. She has made several writers famous. Like Genies, you have to be careful of what you wish for. What the grand muse may have delivered is a Korean version of the Wizard of Oz, where inside the Godzilla suit is a rolly-polly dictator that looks like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Never before in history has a dictator taken over a creative endeavor in a democracy. Belle and Alley have helped create a real monster!

I suggest Sony release ‘The Interview’ on the internet, on Christmas Day, for free! There will be an intermission where viewers are bid to give to the poor, the hungry, and the disenfranchised. A image of our Nation’s Muse will be shown……giving Korea ‘The Bird’.

Time to take Kim’s monster – down!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

Alley Valkyrie is cyberbulling me with the help of her radical facebook friends. She has been arrested several times for breaking the laws in my community.

“Alley Valkyrie

May 9 near Portland, OR

Well, I just picked a fight with quite the unstable psychopath. May not have been the most sensible thing to do, but it should definitely get interesting…

Glenn Combs: John Presco(e) has a long history of harassing young women in this area. The police seem impotent to do anything about it, though. I believe he comes from money and could be lawyered up quite well if he needed it. Whatever, it is time to take this “man” down.

Whatever, it is time to take this “man” down.
Whatever, it is time to take this “man” down.
Whatever, it is time to take this “man” down.”

I never knew or heard of Alley until she sent me this personal message. She then posted on Kitty Piecy’s FB an obscene slander.

“Facebook message from Alley Valkerie

“I’m going to make this very simple for you. I don’t know if you know who I am, but I sure as hell know who you are, and when you fuck with my friends, you fuck with me. Stop writing about Belle or I am going to make your life very difficult. I mean it. If I see one more word about her on your blog, your FB, or anywhere else, I will make sure that you experience all the fear and discomfort that she is experiencing right now. And no, this isn’t a physical threat, so don’t try to play victim. Frankly, I encourage you to contact EPD, as they already know all about you. I will not do anything illegal, but mark my word you will regret it if you write one more word about her. I will make sure that the entire community knows exactly how much of a sick fuck you are. Your picture, your name, and “samples” of your writing will be posted on every bulletin board in town. There will not be a single person in the Eugene/Springfield area who won’t know that you’re a sick stalker who won’t leave a stalker who won’t leave a young girl alone. Cut it out. Now. This is your first, last, and only warning.”

Alley Valkerie on facebook message.

“Please, go ahead and blog my threat.
You have no fucking idea what you’re getting yourself into
You also have no idea how many people are already on to you, and how many people have my back. We also have six other mutual friends who are going to learn about your behavior ASAP
And just so you know as well: if you write anything about me that could be construed as defamatory, you will be hearing from my lawyers ASAP.”

Alley Valkyrie posted to ‎Kitty Piercy

This man’s name is John Gregory Presco, DOB 10/8/1946. He lives in Springfield, Oregon.

He frequents Eugene, especially the Whiteaker neighborhood, and regularly shows up at activist events. He is a stalker, a harasser, and an obsessed de…lusional sicko.

If you need a concrete example of his behavior and why I am posting this, his delusional writings can be found at

If you see him in your neighborhood, on the street, or anywhere, call him out. Expose him. Make it known that you will not accept and tolerate someone who harasses and obsesses over young women in our community. This man is a very sick individual. Anyone who deliberately makes women feel unsafe should not be tolerated in this or any community.”


WASHINGTON — American intelligence officials have concluded that the North Korean government was “centrally involved” in the recent attacks on Sony Pictures’s computers, a determination reached just as Sony on Wednesday canceled its release of the comedy, which is based on a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader.

Senior administration officials, who would not speak on the record about the intelligence findings, said the White House was still debating whether to publicly accuse North Koreaof what amounts to a cyberterrorism campaign. Sony’s decision to cancel release of “The Interview” amounted to a capitulation to the threats sent out by hackers this week that they would launch attacks, perhaps on theaters themselves, if the movie was released.

The Green Comet

Posted on January 24, 2023 by Royal Rosamond Press

Green Comet to swing by Earth after 50,000 years - Telangana Today

The Royal Janitor


John Presco

Copyright 2023

Chapter: The Green Comet

Professor John von Bond took Victoria and Miriam to his mountain home up the McKenzie River, and through his telescope, looked at the green comet. It was coming their way – and was much larger than expected! It was putting on quite show.

“The Germans really owe us!” Johann von Bundhorst said, he alas revealing his true identity, and sharing images of the family estate in Germany.

“I knew you were a Kraut!” Starfish shouted for joy, she pleased as punch her intution was working – regardless of how much smoke Mr. Bund blew up her ass!

“Who do you mean by “we”?” Victoria inquired.

“Sit down. I have put together a slideshow! Have you heard of The Jay Treaty””

“I heard my parents talk about it before they got blown up by our butane tank!” offered Starfish. “It’s why we started wearing Native American apparel.”

“O.K. Now we are getting somewhere. Did you hear them talk about the comet?”

“Yes! They talked about it and The Coming American Messiah – who might be a Native American – or a half-breed! He – or she – appeared when the Willamette Meteorite was first seen/ Or, at least the linage.’

“Are – you a candidate for the American Messiah?” Professor Bundhorst asked, and Victoria watched her wife – blush!

“Answer the question”. John Bund demanded, he seeing an opening in the mind game he and Starfish have been playing – since they met!

“Yes! My mother is Scot-Irish. She claimed she was ca cousin of Princess Diana, who the Windsors accused of going Native on them. Now they accuse Prince Harry of the same thing! It makes me mad. She and my father followed the Royal Stuart Line – that was broken when William and Mary failed to have Issue. They had theory – they did born a child – who was whisked away to America, the Willamette Valley, to be exact! They said…..”The Willamette War, will never be over!”

Victoria’s eyes dug deep into her wife, who lowered her eyes. It was clear she had held back the core of her being, and was having a melt-down. then there are those missing hours when she went to the Knight Library. Did she meet someone?

“What did you mean by “The Germans owe us?”

“I mean, the Germans have controlled the West ever since the reign of the House of Hanover, and when William of Orange became King of England. The United States fought the German Royals in two world wars. They are holding back their Leopard Tanks to see if the Neo-Confederates in the Republican party – take total control – and sign a peace treaty with Russia. Did you know Czar Alexander signed a treat with Lincoln. Have you heard of The Swan Brethren?”


On September 22, 2022 I another historic-fiction novel titled ‘The Second Coming of Aunt Gooby’.Gooby is inspired by Betsy Johnson who was a candidate for Governor – and was backed by Phil Knight who got involved in a anti-Semitic myth that has appeared in several books that mention the Knight Templars. Along with Christine Drazen, these female candidates were doing a ‘Mayberry RFD’ revival that gave the impression there were Good White Roots in Oregon that we all should get back to.

I declared myself the Sheriff of Brownsville that is in my story of The Green Comet. Brownsville is ground zero for a nuclear attack my China, Russia, and Little Rocket Man. These three want to put the hurt on The Heart of America where the Silent Majority – and The Family – really matters. Kurt Vonnegut is my hero. Kurt understood the Demoralizing Cold War – THAT IS BACK!

There is MUCH FICTION that led to THE RESTURN OF NUCLEAR TERROR! Both parties are want to declare the other – DOMESTIC TERRORIST – while Putin targets civilians and destroys cities in Ukraine. This is – INSANITY!

A History Professor on Facebook asked me what Royal Rosamond – is? I suspect he is in favor of Two Oregons to go with the Two Republican Parties? For twenty years, I have been looking for a way to get young people interested in REAL history, verses, fake history. With the refusal of the Republican party, co-funded by my kin, John Fremont, – to sanction George Santos – anything goes!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

The use of a MacGuffin as a plot device predates the name MacGuffin. The Holy Grail of Arthurian legend has been cited as an early example of a MacGuffin. The Holy Grail is the desired object that is essential to initiate and advance the plot. The final disposition of the Grail is never revealed, suggesting that the object is not of significance in itself.[8]

The Mystery of the Maltese Falcon, One of the Most Valuable Movie Prop | Vanity Fair

The “Maltese Falcon” statuette from the film of the same name

The World War I-era actress Pearl White used the term “weenie” to identify whatever object (a roll of film, a rare coin, expensive diamonds, etc.) impelled the heroes, and often the villains as well, to pursue each other through the convoluted plots of The Perils of Pauline and the other silent film serials in which she starred.[9] In the 1930 detective novel The Maltese Falcon, a small statuette provides both the book’s title and its motive for intrigue.

The name MacGuffin was coined by the British screenwriter Angus MacPhail.[10] It has been posited that “‘guff’, as a word for anything trivial or worthless, may lie at the root”.[11]

brownsville 049
brownsville 054

The mushroom cloud from Ivy Mike (codename given to the test) rises above the Pacific Ocean over the Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands on November 1, 1952 at 7:15 am (local time). It was the world’s first test of a full-scale thermonuclear device, in which part of the explosive yield comes from nuclear fusion.© Los Alamos National Laboratory, AP

It’s a reset of what has come to be known as the Doomsday Clock, a decades-long  project of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists featuring a clock face where midnight represents Armageddon.

The Williamite War in Ireland (1688–1691; IrishCogadh an Dá Rí, “war of the two kings”),[4][5] was a conflict between Jacobite supporters of deposed monarch James II and Williamite supporters of his successor, William III. It is also called the Jacobite War in IrelandWilliamite Conquest of Ireland, or the Williamite–Jacobite War in Ireland.

The immediate cause of the war was the Glorious Revolution of 1688, in which James, a Catholic, was overthrown as king of EnglandIreland and Scotland and replaced by his Protestant daughter Mary and nephew and son-in-law William, ruling as joint monarchs. James’s supporters initially retained control of Ireland, which he hoped to use as a base for a campaign to reclaim all three kingdoms. The conflict in Ireland also involved long-standing domestic issues of land ownership, religion and civic rights; most Irish Catholics supported James in the hope he would address their grievances. A small number of English and Scottish Catholics, and Protestants of the Anglican established Church in Ireland, also fought on the Jacobite side,[6][7] while most Irish Protestants supported or actively fought for William’s regime.

The Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation, Between His Britannic Majesty and the United States of America, commonly known as the Jay Treaty, and also as Jay’s Treaty, was a 1794 treaty between the United States and Great Britain that averted war, resolved issues remaining since the Treaty of Paris of 1783 (which ended the American Revolutionary War),[1] and facilitated ten years of peaceful trade between the United States and Britain in the midst of the French Revolutionary Wars, which began in 1792.[2] The Treaty was designed by Alexander Hamilton and supported by President George Washington. It angered France and bitterly divided Americans. It inflamed the new growth of two opposing parties in every state, the pro-Treaty Federalists and the anti-Treaty Jeffersonian Republicans.

American Indian rights

Article III states, “It is agreed, that it shall at all times be free to His Majesty’s subjects, and to the citizens of the United States, and also to the Indians dwelling on either side of the said boundary line, freely to pass and repass, by land or inland navigation into the respective territories and countries of the two parties on the continent of America, (the country within the limits of the Hudson’s Bay Company only excepted) … and freely carry on trade and commerce with each other.” Article III of the Jay Treaty declared the right of Indians, American citizens, and Canadian subjects to trade and travel between the United States and Canada, which was then a territory of Great Britain.[25] Some legal experts dispute whether the treaty rights were abrogated by the War of 1812.[26] Nevertheless, the United States has codified this right in the provisions of Section 289 of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 and as amended in 1965. As a result of the Jay Treaty, “Native Indians born in Canada are therefore entitled to enter the United States for the purpose of employment, study, retirement, investing, and/or immigration” if they can prove that they have at least 50% blood quantum, and cannot be deported for any reason.[27][28] Article III of the Jay Treaty is the basis of most Indian claims.[29] Unlike other legal immigrants, Canadian-born Native Americans residing in the US are entitled to public benefits and domestic tuition fees on the same basis as citizens.[27]

Professor Johann Von Bundhorst – Candidate for Governor of Oregon.

or The Second Coming of Aunt Gooby

Posted on September 22, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

Betsy Johnson (Aaron Lee)

When I was in the Governor’s race I was inspired to author a script for a Netflix series called;

Aunt Gooby

It was the way Betsy Johnson – looked! I thought about a remake of Mayberry RFD, with The Dukes of Hazard thrown in for good measure. Springtucky is the alternate name for Springfield, where I live. I posted my idea on Betsy’s Facebook, and was not un-friended – until two months later!

The Second Coming of Aunt Gooby


John Presco

Copyright 2022

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