Wild & Crazy Big Idea Man

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Now that the Krusty Kueen of Foe Art has been disposed, pray tell I hear there is a quest afoot to find the Wild and Crazy Big Idea Man who is hiding out in a old gold mine in the hills of Blue River, or, so they say. The E Team has brought a cage just in case he does not want to come along – quietly.

Stay tuned! This newspaper will stay abreast of this quest. Below is some file footage of his blithering that was utterly ignored. The good citizens of Eugene and Springfield now realize he was on to something – REAL BIG!

I saw the future in this prophetic post! On June 6, 2015 I depicted Nurse Ratchet looking up to a larger than life Howard Roarke of The Fountainhead, who may be the figure Donald Trump emulates. On Janurary 7, there was a call for artists to come forth with ideas for a Kesey mural. The winning image, was a GIANT KEN! What day was this idea chosen?



“Springfield spokesman Niel Laudati said the city has wanted to do something to commemorate Kesey. Following the completion of the city’s new Simpsons mural, Springfield is putting together a call to artists.”


Wanna guess what his four first words will be?

What I proposed was a Godzilla Run, giant rope tug, and dragon boat races. I have tied Joaquin Miller in with Japanese Poets who may have been agents of the Emperor who wanted Japan to adopt western ways. What I suggest is the coming together of two mayors each year to celebrate ‘The Willamette River Festival’.  Extend a hands across the water to Japan. Hundred’s of thousands of dollars has been spent trying to make cultural peace with the downtown reprobates – who have no residence and pay no taxes! It’s time for tax payers to have fun!

I see a giant inflatable Godzilla – COMING! I hear his roar broadcast by giant speakers. I see children lined up and ready to – RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!

Their parents will be close behind with big happy grin on their face!

Jon Presco

About an hour ago, Krysta said I was unfit to be in her group. She states;

” You are literally an UN-medicated individual with ideas of grandeur.”

That sounds familiar! Where did I hear this?

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