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Boris Kachka unfriended me yesterday, the day Sony caved to the demands of a Kwazy Dictator. Did Boris fear he might be the next victim of North Korean cyber-terrorists, and distanced himself from me? I am sure he found out my ex-wife, Mary Ann Tharaldsen, was married to Thomas Pynchon from this FREE blog – after he did some googling. His friends, Charles Shields, had unfriended me, as did Krysta Albert, and two Eugene sites. But, this is all in my script, the movie that a power Greater Than Us All is dictating to me. https://rosamondpress.com/?s=godzilla

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When I received a letter from my muse, I was in big-idea-war with the author Charles L. Shields who un-friended me on facebook. Charles wrote ‘And So It Goes’ the biography of Kurt Vonnegut, my only hero. Charle’s friend, Boris Kachka, wrote an article for the New York Magazine about my ex-wife who was married to the author Thomas Pynchon. Mary Ann Tharaldsen was the sister-in-law of Christine Rosamond Benton, whose muse was my muse. To realize my muse, Rena Easton, became jealous of me moments after she first lay eyes on me, and may have helped Christine become a world famous artist in my place, is right out of a Vonnegut novel. If Kurt was alive he would be reading this blog.

Here is a article that Boris wrote about Oscar bloggers:

Not able to contain myself after Rena challenged me to treat “Red-necks” like human beings, I…

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