The Hammer Asteroid of God

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Everything is lining up! Nixon wanted Mark Hatfield to run as his VP. If that had happened, Mark would be the First President from Oregon. No citizen ever cast a vote for Gerald Ford for president or vice president. Coe – was right there! Is he the inspiration for the tune Trump plays at his rellies?

Seer John

How much did those set you back. Is BAD paying you enough?”

Hatfield was on Nixon’s short list of running mates at the subsequent Republican convention. Evangelist Billy Graham, close to both men, went to bat for Hatfield. But Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina was adamant he didn’t want the liberal Oregonian. Nixon hinted in his memoirs that he never seriously considered Hatfield.

Throughout his long Senate career, Hatfield repeatedly opposed defense spending and urged the country to focus on combating world hunger, poverty and illness. As a well-known Christian evangelical who often spoke to religious groups, Hatfield was a beacon for many who believed their faith called them to oppose war and to care for those in need.

Hatfield cut short his graduate education and returned to Oregon to teach at


, where he eventually became dean of men. While at Willamette, Hatfield said he turned from what had been a religion of habit into a true Christian. Hatfield said he was inspired by the faith of a student, Doug Coe, who became the leader of The Fellowship, a behind-the-scenes Christian group in Washington, D.C., that runs the National Prayer Breakfast and seeks to influence world leaders. Hatfield later became an important figure in the Fellowship.

When the late Doug Coe – Burleigh’s father-in-law and a long-time friend of Sen. Mark Hatfield – was the subtle, driving force at The Fellowship, Coe rarely granted interviews, believing publicity didn’t serve the Washington, D.C.-based ministry.

Burleigh first went to the former Soviet Union in 1965 on a national defense foreign language fellowship. He has returned time and again, starting Young Life in the Soviet Union, organizing “Jesus Conferences” in all 15 nations of that former republic and National Prayer Breakfasts in both Russia and Ukraine.

The Fellowship is often criticized because Coe, who grew up in Salem, and Burleigh would meet with tyrants and dictators like Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir, Somalia’s Siad Barre and Indonesia’s Suharto, often hosting them at The Cedars, a seven-acre estate in Arlington, Va. Burleigh was interviewed by the FBI about Maria Butina, who was convicted of being a Russian agent in the United States, and Alexander Torshin, both of whom attended the National Prayer Breakfast in 2017, a month after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The Hammer and The Hand


We just missed being hit by an astroid that I saw coming, and began a prophetic novel. I posted this two years ago. You will find the sign of the double eagle before it appeared behind POTUS. It does not make any difference if you nobodies call me a “lunatic”. They, and all the same people on the planet – will die at once – in the Terrible Day of the Lord!

Rosamond Press

partial view of Earth at the bottom with rock impacting at the top

An artist’s depiction of a large asteroid hitting Earth.(Image credit: SCIEPRO/via Getty Images)

When NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) slams into the tiny asteroid Dimorphos, it will be our first attempt to demonstrate our ability to deflect dangerous incoming asteroids.

The End of Days and Human History is upon us! Putin has sabotaged a pipeline in the Baltic – which is an act of war that will involve NATO. We are a member of NATO. He prepared for this strike by threatening to use nuclear weapons. I foretold all this in my Bond book ‘The Royal Janitor’ and in this blog. Herbert Armstrong also prophesized against Russia.

I would not have known about the Willamette Comet and the Rose Center if my newsfeed had not shown me the Renaming of Lane County. The last entry of my novel has Starfish running a race at Hayward Field where she…

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