I Am Heir To Edgar Rice Burroughs

I will carry on the Legend of Tarzan.


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Tyler Rosamond Rice

Posted on October 18, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Here is an amazing post I made. Vincent saves a small painting I did that he found on the floor of my mother’s garage. He got it framed and showed it to me. I won Artist of the Week at McChesney Junior High, and my teachers asked me to do a larger work – just for him! I identify an angel as showing me the Rice coat of arms. I believe this is a Futurian.

When Vincent died, I am sure he grieved at not having an heir, a son who would carry on his memory. The same can be said for June Rice who nursed me for a couple of months when I had whooping cough, that almost killed me. Uncle Vinnie wrote a sports column for the Los Angeles Times. He took me to an Angel’s game just after they were formed. I worked in his warehouse and got to drive a forklift. I was seventeen. I told him and his partner I wanted to make a submarine out of a discarded factory piece. They smiled. I was very eccentric.

Vincent had to think to himself….I get the consolation son. Mark didn’t want anything to do with him. In the photograph above you will see a cast on my hand. I broke it after hitting a wall at Kathy’s appartment. Marilyn had moved in and was screwing a German Jet setter. Kathy was dating the guy who MCed ABC Golf. I caught Arnold Palmer eyeing my sixteen year old girlfriend’s ass. Kathy was Mayor Yorty’s ex-girl Friday who he fired for not sleeping with his political enemies to get something on them. This is a very Fast Crowd! Vincent was a avid golfer and owned a home on a range. I have placed his name next to Arnold Palmer, Sean Connery, and Ian Fleming. Vinnie saw Marilyn on a beach in a bikini. Did my uncle brag on me to his golf buddies, he embellishing my attributes? I have placed Vincent next to Black Mask Authors and Edgar Rice Burroughs who I am convinced is his cousin.

Perhaps if his wife, June, was not such a prude, Vinnie would have become a Crime Reporter. I believe Vincent talked Rosemary into not abandoning her four children after she fled to LA. She got busted making naughty movies for Big Bone’s Remmer. Was June spared the truth? She warned me not to go into The Sawtelle. I didn’t listen. I got involved in The Beatnik Murder Case when I fell in love with Melinda Frank who got thrown out of the Rice abode when she showed up for Thanksgiving not wearing any shoes. She refused to go home and put a pair on. Her father and uncles were…..The Last of the Purple Gang. 

I’m going to author a story about ‘My Square Uncle Vinnie’. Put Edgar’s hat on my uncle. We will be Golf Detectives. Folks in the Golf World will hire this Uncle and Nephew team. We will go into the Sawtelle to solve a murder mystery.  I am sure I will find Vinny in a Rice Family Tree.

John Vincent Rice

Copyright 2021

President: Royal Rosamond Writers and Illustrators

I just created a .com and email. A lineage from one of the daughters of Royal and Mary Magdalene Rosamond, is born, and will be sustained by me and my offspring.


Arhtur K. Barnes and John K. Butler | Rosamond Press

Kate Hepburn: We all knew she had a great swing! (foregals.com) 

Edmund Rice (c. 1594 – 3 May 1663), was an early immigrant to Massachusetts Bay Colony born in Suffolk, England. He lived in Stanstead, Suffolk and Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire before sailing with his family to America. He landed in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in summer or fall of 1638, thought to be first living in the town of Watertown, Massachusetts. Shortly thereafter he was a founder of Sudbury in 1638, and later in life was one of the thirteen petitioners for the founding of Marlborough in 1656. He was a deacon in the Puritan Church, and served in town politics as a selectman and judge. He also served five years as a member of the Great and General Court, the combined colonial legislature and judicial court of Massachusetts.[3][4]

Rice is a surname that is frequently of Welsh origin, but also can be IrishEnglish, or even German. In Wales it is a patronymic surname, an Anglicized transliteration of Rhys, as are Reese and Reece. The German name Reiss has also been transliterated as Rice in the United States.[1]

Edmund Rice (colonist) – Wikipedia

June and Vincent Rice | Rosamond Press


Vincent Earl Rice (1915–2009) • FamilySearch

June Elizabeth Rosamond (1913–1997) • FamilySearch

Rosamond Press

Last night my angel kept showing me the Rice Coat of Arms – and an image of my grandson, Tyler Hunt, who was going to be named ‘Lily-Rose’ after my mother Rosemary, and her sister, Lillian. June Rice could not born a child, so Tyler’s grandfather and his siblings were surrogate children. Ten minutes ago it occurred to me my grandson has no middle name. There is no marriage certificate. The four Rosamond sisters were born from the womb of Mary Magdalene Rosamond.

If Tyler so chooses, he is welcome to take the surname of Rice, and the middle name of Rosamond, that is also the name of the writer, Royal Rosamond. I would like to see Mr. Rice take up writing as did his namesake. June and Vincent. Both were writers! I am sure they thought about adopting, but, they had us four Presco children.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Today is Thanksgiving. I dedicate my novel ‘A Rose Amongst The Woodwose to my aunt and uncle, June and Vincent Rice, and our kin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. My adopted father, Vinnie, descends from Edmond Rice, who may have known John Wilson.


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