I Am Heir To Edgar Rice Burroughs

Today is Thanksgiving. I dedicate my novel ‘A Rose Amongst The Woodwose to my aunt and uncle, June and Vincent Rice, and our kin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. My adopted father, Vinnie, descends from Edmond Rice, who may have known John Wilson.


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I will carry on the Legend of Tarzan.


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Tyler Rosamond Rice

Posted onOctober 18, 2021byRoyal Rosamond Press

Here is an amazing post I made. Vincent saves a small painting I did that he found on the floor of my mother’s garage. He got it framed and showed it to me. I won Artist of the Week at McChesney Junior High, and my teachers asked me to do a larger work – just for him! I identify an angel as showing me the Rice coat of arms. I believe this is a Futurian.

When Vincent died, I am sure he grieved at not having an heir, a son who would carry on his memory. The same can be said for June Rice who nursed me for a couple of months when I had whooping cough, that almost killed me. Uncle…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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