Tyler Rosamond Rice

Last night my angel kept showing me the Rice Coat of Arms – and an image of my grandson, Tyler Hunt, who was going to be named ‘Lily-Rose’ after my mother Rosemary, and her sister, Lillian. June Rice could not born a child, so Tyler’s grandfather and his siblings were surrogate children. Ten minutes ago it occurred to me my grandson has no middle name. There is no marriage certificate. The four Rosamond sisters were born from the womb of Mary Magdalene Rosamond.

If Tyler so chooses, he is welcome to take the surname of Rice, and the middle name of Rosamond, that is also the name of the writer, Royal Rosamond. I would like to see Mr. Rice take up writing as did his namesake. June and Vincent. Both were writers! I am sure they thought about adopting, but, they had us four Presco children.

Because Vincent left us a half-million dollars in the Rice Trust, I believe it just that he forever have a child affixed to his name. Such generosity is often rewarded. People will see Tyler Rosamond Rice is a man of ethics – and thus deserves dignity and respect. May you own this name – well!

In my claim I told Sydney Morris I owned the Literary Tradition in my family and that it was Copyrighted. Buck and Morris had no right to sell this history to outsiders, because Christine Rosamond Benton – was not a writer! There is no proof she wrote much. Snyder says as much in his biography that Tyler’s mother disappeared from my life for two years – to be in! Vincent showed me his coat of arms in 1962.

Christine would not approve of any of the books and scripts written about her. This can be proven in a court of law. She would be thrilled to know we are kin to Liz Taylor, a fact I hid for fear outsiders would come to own her history – too!

Vincent was my art patron. I gave him a seascape that he hung over his fireplace when I was sixteen. He go me a couple of commissions. He would know if Christine was painting then. she was not. I worked for Vinnie one summer, and after I left home he rescued a painting I did when I was twelve from the garage floor. I was chosen ‘Artist of The Week’ and my teacher wanted a larger version to put in his home. There was not competition between Christine and I. She was proud of me, and I was her role model when she took up art when she was twenty-four. This is the – sane truth! I wish my grandson, Tyler Hunt, all the best.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Copyright 2020

June and Vincent Rice | Rosamond Press

June Rosamond-Rice

Posted on January 6, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press

I just discovered my Aunt June was a writer. She was President of the Quill and Scroll at Ventura Community College. She was also on the yearbook committee. Was this what her husband, Vincent Rice, and Mary Magdalene Rosamond’s eldest daughter, had in common”

Today, six members of my family, including myself, received anther check from the Rice Trust. I thank my aunt and uncle who had no children, and were there for their nieces and nephews. They were like my parents.

Below is a diploma of sorts given to my mother who attended Ventura Community College, but, may have not graduated due to joining the Waves. She scored the second highest score in Wave history, and served her country spying on the Russians up in Seattle.

My grandmother did a fine job raising four beautiful daughters and her two nephews all by herself. Mary did not live long enough to see her granddaughter become famous. In this light, when all the outsiders are removed, along with their fantasies, we behold a Sober Family who have done well to overcome much adversity, and, walk with the Truth.

Below is a photo of Christine’s daughter, Shannon, sitting on June’s lap, while her mother looks on. We could have been more generous towards June. Children are so very precious. Rosemary’s children have much to be grateful for.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press ‘A Newspaper for the Arts’

Rosamonds 1969 Shannon, June & Mary
Rosemary 1943 in Navy Uniform

Ventura College was established as the first college in Ventura County in 1925, when a junior college department was added at Ventura Union High School. In 1929, the Ventura High School District adopted the four-four plan of secondary education, providing four years of junior high school (grades 7-10) and four years of high school/junior college (grades 11-14). The next year, Ventura Junior College, as the senior four-year school was then known, was moved to a new campus at Main and Catalina Streets in Ventura, the present location of Ventura High School.

QUILL AND SCROLL President June Rosamond Vice-President….. Wayne McDonald Secretary-Treasurer – Juanita Lowery Representing those students in Ventura Junior College who have done noteworthy work in the field of journalism, the Quill and Scroll. National BKT Honoray Society for High School Journalists, now claims 31 members, including alumni and present A active members. The purpose of the society is to arouse interest. June Rosamond – news Paper work. After a student has written for the school publications long enough to have a series of stories in print, the best of these are sent to be judged at the Quill and Scroll headquarters in Iowa. The desire for recognition results in carefully written news articles. From the journalism class of this term, nine students were taken in at a formal initiation and dance held at the Athene Clubhouse the evening of May 2.

After a short ceremony, each was presented with the Quill and Scroll emblem. KAPPA TAU BETA The Pirate Press received a further compliment this spring when its business manager and editor were elected to membership into another Honorary Society for the honored members. Quill and Scroll First row. E. Zander, W. McDonald, X. Ewing, W. Sharp. F. Orr, D. Burum. Second row: C. George, A. M. Reese, Miss Ethel McCandless, R. Jordan, S. Clark. Third rote: J. Lowry, L. Patmore Barrows, F. Scott, J. Rosamond, P. Everlv. L. Rockwell. 86

rank W Rosamond

United States Census, 1930

Name:Frank W Rosamond
Event Type:Census
Event Year:1930
Event Place:Ventura, Ventura, California, United States
Marital Status:Married
Race (Original):White
Relationship to Head of Household:Head
Relationship to Head of Household (Original):Head
Birth Year (Estimated):1882
Father’s Birthplace:United States
Mother’s Birthplace:United States
Frank W RosamondHeadM48Montana
Mary M RosamondWifeF48Iowa
June E RosamondDaughterF16California
Bertha M RosamondDaughterF14California
Rosemary RosamondDaughterF7California
Lillian J RosamondDaughterF6California
Harold J KellyNephewM17Iowa
John A KellyNephewM16Iowa

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    Here is a amazing post I made. Vincent save a small painting I did that he found on the floor of my mother’s garage. He got it framed and showed it to me. I won Artist of the Week at McChesney Junior High, and my teachers asked me to do a larger work – just for him! I identify an angel as showing me the Rice coat of arms. I believe this is a Futurian.

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