June and Vincent Rice

Prescos 1951 Christine, June Rice, Greg & Mark on porch Prescos 1951 Greg, Christine, Mark, Vinnie & June Rice (rearPrescos 1964 Family Gathering 1 Rosamonds 1963 Family Gathering 1Rosamonds 1944 June 1 Rosamonds 1944 June 2

June and Vincent Rice had no children. Harold and Bob Kelly were June’s cousins that Mary Wieneke raised. Their murdered mother, Eutrophia Maude Wieneke/Kelley, was born in Fremont city, in Benton county, in Iowa. That Christine would marry into the Benton/Fremont family, is interesting.

Vincent Rice went to UCLA and authored a sports column for the Bruin newspaper. He went on to write a sports column for the Los Angeles Times. Vincent was always there for the Presco children, and left all his kindred a half million dollars in a Trust. We are due for another installment. He was a good man. Aunt June was like our second mother.

Take note that my sister Christine always stood near me in family photos.

Jon Presco

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    I just noticed something strange about the two photgraphs of June and Vicent Rice. Uncle Vinnie is in the top photo, but, in the bottom pic, there is just Aunt June, and the Presco Chrildren. What is going on? Is June looking at the real possibility Mark, Christine, and myself, might become – her children? Vic had pretty much abused – and used us up! Like weary abused animals, we were leary of him. I believe Rosemary was pregnent with Victoria Mary Presco, and by golly, Victor deserved a fresh start, another chance to get it right. With one child, it should be a piece of cake. Victor would have more money to get his bar flies good and drunk, and, there would be more money to pay for that damn mortgage. “Let’s name him after me. I know you will born me a loyal son, this time!” https://rosamondpress.com/2015/01/02/writing-a-recovery-book/

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