Janke and Turner Abolitionists

Vice President Kamala Harris has been to India where her mother was born. I have been a Baba Lover since 1967. The Avatar of our age came to San Francisco and visited the Dunites. The only acknowledgement I existed is when Cynthia said I found and posted copyrighted material. What I want to know, had she had conversations with any elected official. I posted this post on the BHS. Freedom of Expression and Religion is what is at stake. There is such a thing as Fair Use. The VP’s religion is being scrutinized by OUR enemies. A armed man was at the VP house. Does Kamala practice Ancestor Veneration? Has she ever been before a shrine where she practiced this?

The Jankes and Stuttmeisters were exhumed from the Odd Fellow graveyard. A skeleton was used in a initiation ritual. I have talked to members about joining. Please help Ed Howard compile the histroy of Black Oakland before valued seniors pass on.

Ed Howard’s Oakland | Rosamond Press

Odd Fellows Have Skeletons in Their Closets–and Their Walls and Attics – Los Angeles Times (latimes.com)

Wayne Colegrove, a longtime Odd Fellow from New York, still remembers his initiation more than 50 years ago. He hesitates to reveal too much but speaks of passwords and a skeleton that “wasn’t to be seen by anybody until you take the degree.”

Belmont Historian Destroys Black History | Rosamond Press

The Oak of Meher Mont | Rosamond Press

Ancestor Worship – India Review – A Monthly Magazine on India

The ancient Hindu practise of ancestor worship over a period of 15 days observed once every year by Hindus is called the ‘Pitri-Paksha’ (‘fortnight of the ancestors’) during which ancestors are remembered, worshipped and seek their blessings.

Through this period of remembrance, Hindus throughout the world reflect upon the contributions and sacrifices made by their forefathers so we could live our present day lives better. Also, culture, traditions, values and the divine heritage set by them to make us flourish in our lives and be good individuals. Hindus invoke the presence of the souls which have passed away, they seek protection of the souls who have now departed and pray for the embodied souls to might peace and serenity.

This is based upon the deep-rooted concept of Vedic scriptures, which says that when an individual is born, he/she is born with three debts. First, a debt to God or the supreme power called ‘Dev-rin. Second, a debt to the saints called ‘Rishi-rin’ and a third debt to one’s own parents and ancestors called ‘Pitri-rin’. These are debts on one’s life but they are not labelled a liability as one might think. This is a way by which the scriptures instil an awareness of one’s duties and responsibilities which one tends to overlook during one’s mundane life.

The debt called ‘Pitri-rin’ towards one’s parents and ancestors must be paid by an individual during his/her life. The strong belief is that our life, our existence including our family name and our legacy is a gift give to us by our parents and our forefathers. What parents do for their children when they raise them – giving them an education, feeding them, providing them all possible comforts in life – our grandparents have done the same duties for the parents which then made parents to be able to provide to children. Therefore, we are indebted to our grandparents who are to their parents and so on.

The Oak of Meher Mont

Posted on December 10, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

I posted this in 2009.

“When I awoke yesterday morning, my Angel bid me restore the Shekinah. The day before I had read a theory put forth by Fridrich von Suhtscheck that the story of Parzival is based upon the Song of the Pearl, or, the Hymn of the Pearl, or, the Hymn of Judas Thomas who was born of royal Parthian parents. For the reason Meher Baba was born of a Parthian father, I looked at Sulphur Mountain above Ventura as the new home of the Shekinah, or, the Rosa Mystica.

There is a rose garden atop Sulpher Mountain. Those who wish to connect with the Shekinah on Santa Rosa can see the Channel Islands from Meher (Mithra) Baba’s retreat. Anyone who seeks the light of God and the Rosa Mystica are forbidden to set foot on Santa Rosa Island until the end of the world.”


Jai Baba!
Update #7 from Sam Ervin
Yesterday, Dec. 8, Buzz and Ginger, Manager/Caretakers, were again at Meher Mount. They learned a lot more about the aftermath of the fire, and the news is troubling and leaves us with considerable uncertainty. I’ll combine the latest news with much of the report from update #6 to give a more complete picture of what we have learned. The “Thomas Fire”, named after St. Thomas Aquinas College because it started near there, has been raging across Ventura County since Monday, Dec. 4, and is still not nearly contained, having burned more than 100,000 acres. It has been driven by winds up to 80 MPH and extremely low humidity. In its first few days it burned the entire area, rural and wilderness, between the towns of Ojai, Santa Paula and Ventura, including all of Sulphur Mountain, where Meher Mount is located. Fire fighters played a role in saving some structures, as did effective weed and fire hazard abatement, as Buzz and Ginger did at

Rosamond Press

I had a psychic hit that there was trouble coming. Add to this posts on facebook I read where Trump supporters declared they will fight to the death, one did not need to be – that much of a Seer! Why then didn’t any of our spendy Intelligence agencies SEE what was coming? How about foreign spies? Do Russia and Israel keep a close score which way the wind is blowing in our Un-United States? How about black leaders and journalists? Did they sound a warning – that went unheeded. AFTA was being blamed – before hand! Did the FBI get fooled by this right-wing smokescreen? I don’t like the Capitol Insurrection Hearing, so far, because THE MAIN TARGET of these white militias – is black people.

Stuttmeister ‘The Wonder Man’ | Rosamond Press

February is Black History Month. In July of last year I founded the Black Turners and…

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