The Oak of Meher Mont

In 2009 I had a powerful vision of Neda. I put my neck out. Here is my prophecy!

Iranian protesters attacked police stations late into the night on Monday, news agency and social media reports said, as security forces struggled to contain the boldest challenge to the clerical leadership since unrest in 2009.

Videos on social media showed an intense clash in the central town of Qahderijan between security forces and protesters who were trying to occupy a police station, which was partially set ablaze. There were unconfirmed reports of several casualties among demonstrators.

In the western city of Kermanshah, protesters set fire to a traffic police post, but no one was hurt in the incident, Mehr news agency said.

Demonstrations continued for a fifth day. Some 13 people were reported killed on Sunday in the worst wave of unrest since crowds took to the streets in 2009 to condemn the re-election of then-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

304The Eternal Voice of the Angel of Freedom
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Jon Presco
Jun 23, 2009

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The Eternal Voice of the Angel of Freedom
Mr Panahi said that Neda’s last words before she slipped into unconsciousness were: “I’m burning! I’m burning!”
She was reportedly passionate about traveling and had gone with friends to Dubai, Turkey and Thailand. The young Iranian was also an accomplished singer who was taking piano lessons, according to Panahi.
When I first beheld the video of Neda, I saw in her eyes she was in trouble on a plane we will all no some day, when we die. I know, because I died in 1967, and my life war restored by a presence it has taken me forty two years to identify, and, my description grows fainter as I move away from that moment – that is before me.
Neda, means `Voice’. People who own near-death experiences describe being in a burning place, being in hell. But, it is just the door that burns away and purifies the core of our soul so it can be free of mundane duality and illusion and enter the Kingdom of Heaven where all ideas of ownership and boundaries fade away, all our icons we collected in our quest to own The Truth, leaving us before The One who created the All of All, and He is you, and You are the…..I Am.
It took me half the day yesterday to help Neda pass through the fire. When one dies in such a unexpected unjust manner, the soul wants to cling to the mundane existence , demanding an explanation, demanding Justice! Justice has no role in the Kingdom of Heaven, and is not even the Door of Fire. Love of the Truth – above all things, is the threshold. Keep focused on this, and you will be carried across on the Wings of Angels. And you will sing in the presence of God like a Nightingale.
I believe I have Neda’s parents permission to carry the Voice of Neda to the sanctuary I created for the Shekinah on Santa Rosa Island – because she loved to travel!
Welcome to America!
Here, on her mountain top she can see Meher Baba on his mountain top across the channel. And he will sign to her, compose poems for her, and she will be the song and the sound of `The Angel of Freedom.
We should stay out of the politics in Iran for what is going on, and what is occurring, is a great change in the Iconography of Iran, that has been formulating for thousand of years, and is on the verge of breaking out of the dreadful duality that religious schism tend to create.
It took me seven years to dig out and recover the history of the Rosamond family, that had all but disapeared, been consumed in the fire of Iconoclasm. Above is the oldest surviving painting in Holland, due to the destruction of the Protestant smashers of Catholic Icons. It shows four generations of the Rover family being led before the Virgin Mary by Saint George. The Rovers and the Rosemont’s intermarried. The X shape on their shields is the cog of windmills. We owned windmills. We harnessed the wind.
Iconoclasm, Greek for “image-breaking”, is the deliberate destruction within a culture of the culture’s own religious icons and other symbols or monuments, usually for religious or political motives. It is a frequent component of major domestic political or religious changes. It is thus generally distinguished from the destruction by one culture of the images of another,
In my search for who I AM I found the Icon of Icons on the banner that Death carries as he marches forever forward. It is the Rosa Mystica, also called the Rosa Mundi, the Rose of the World.
When I went to the Salvation Army to find something green as to make a banner with, the only thing that was green besides the scarf with roses, was a sexy negligee. This would not have been inappropriate, for this is the Lipstick Revolution, where Arab men must change, must no longer subscribe to the shame-base – so called religious men – heap upon the opposite sex, because it is more then human nature that the female sex of all species, be alluring! May all women born into a shame-based poisoned pedagogy, be free of the veil of hell man maketh for the woman he claims he loves, and when they pass from the Earth, may you behold a field of divine green, and in the field, a thousand roses – just for you! You are loved!
I put on my amour, raise the Banner of Love, and ride forth.upon a pale horse.
Make straight paths for me, for I am the herald of the great Day of Atonement, when we all shall know our Lord-Creator!
P.S. A half hours ago I realized Bob Dylan’s song The Time are Changing’ is an Exodus song, inspired by Moses (Moso) crossing the Rouge Sea! Consider the Hand of God and the Passover. Is this the song that Neda sings to her people from atop the Rosy Mount?
The Prophet

Rosamond Press

I posted this in 2009.

“When I awoke yesterday morning, my Angel bid me restore the Shekinah. The day before I had read a theory put forth by Fridrich von Suhtscheck that the story of Parzival is based upon the Song of the Pearl, or, the Hymn of the Pearl, or, the Hymn of Judas Thomas who was born of royal Parthian parents. For the reason Meher Baba was born of a Parthian father, I looked at Sulphur Mountain above Ventura as the new home of the Shekinah, or, the Rosa Mystica.

There is a rose garden atop Sulpher Mountain. Those who wish to connect with the Shekinah on Santa Rosa can see the Channel Islands from Meher (Mithra) Baba’s retreat. Anyone who seeks the light of God and the Rosa Mystica are forbidden to set foot on Santa Rosa Island until the end of the world.”


Jai Baba!

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