Belmont Historian Destroys Black History

These posts were taken down from the Belmont Historic Society by one or more alleged volunteers. Cynthia Karpa McCarthy takes all the blame in order to get me to rage at her via personal e-mail, and, or, she wants to be THEIR champion so she can write a new book employing my family who founded Belmont, and were German Turnverein. They read these posts- and winced! I was their worst nightmare – alas come home to roost. I believe Cynthia came across my blog, Royal Rosamond Press, in her studies. THEY conspired on how to take care of me – and remove my posts. No one extended his/her welcoming hand to a senior – who owns the same DNA Carl Janke & Sons own! My Rosamond Ancestors were Patriots in South Carolina, and ARE the Good ol Boys! They would not dream of treating anyone like a Carpetbagger – today! I now rename Belmont….BELABAMA!

The Rosamond American Authors | Rosamond Press

The Philosopher Detective | Rosamond Press

Rename Franklin Street – Harry Lane | Rosamond Press

Black History ended yesterday. The New Dawn of the Turnverein – began yesterday when The Golden Chump declared himself The Divine Healer of the Treacherous Republican Party co-founded by my kin, John Fremont, Jessie Benton, and the Forty-Eighters, of which my Stuttmeister Ancestors belonged, and the Janke family. William Janke founded a Turnverein Hall on Bush Street in San Francisco. There was a Turnverein in Redwood City. I will be sending this outrage to the German Consulate. Are they aware that John Fremont was the first to emancipate black slaves -while surrounded by a foreign bodyguard, some of them German Socialists – who put Lincoln in the White House?

Frémont Emancipation – Wikipedia

Here are some of my posts that were removed removed.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Kennedy Brothers at Defremery Park

Posted on February 25, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

My friend Ed Howard posted on seeing a film about the Black Panthers. I have been posting on the Belmont Historical Society.  We chatted about applying for a grant from the Buck Foundation yesterday after I told him I talked to three people in charge of honoring the last wishes of Berle Buck – who is still keen on maintaining her good reputation – in the tradition of Estate Planning. Robert Buck set up the foundation with his law expertise. I am repairing the devastating attack on the legacy of my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, who is a great asset to the City of Belmont. They want this creative history to boost their plans for downtown, and any arts projects. I told them about the Benton artists.

Belmont Historical Society, Belmont, CA | Facebook

John Presco

Rosamond Press

On June 1, 1968, I was driving my 1949 Ford down Adeline when I saw a crowd in Defremery Park. I saw a white man on truck talking to a crowd of black people. Up front were about twenty Black Panthers shouting and pumping their fists. I had pulled over, and now got out of my car and walked to the edge of the crowd. I could not believe I was hearing the voice of Robert Kennedy. In doing research on this speech I discovered John F. Kennedy spoke here on November 2, 1960. I am sure Bobby was making a statement, that he intends to walk in his brothers footsteps which is tragic for Bobby was murdered on June 5th. I had seen John drive through Oakland on his way up Telegraph. There was a light around his head. His younger brother had that same light. 

Jackie Jensen – Wikipedia

Jackie Jensen And William Stuttmeister | Rosamond Press

La California | Rosamond Press

Christine Rosamond – Wikipedia

Meet Snitty Cynthia Karpa McCarthy | Rosamond Press

Sedwick and Elizabeth Freeman | Rosamond Press

Edith Sedgewick Kin To Henry Brevoort | Rosamond Press

Sharon-Hesketh Family of Piedmont | Rosamond Press

Black Turnverein

Posted on July 17, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Yesterday, I admitted I have gotten out of shape due to COVID-19. Today I founded the Black Turnverein Channel that hopefully will be broadcast across America. Many black athletes will not be taking the field in our Nation’s colleges. I moved to Springfield fourteen years ago and bonded with some of the black Oregon Ducks. For awhile there was a group of blacks who met near the playground to do exercise. I joined them. I was seventy years – young!

With the coming of Black Live’s Matter, the whole world is looking at major issues that can, and will change the course of world history. It was traditional for Turnverein Clubs to hold debates of all kinds. These German immigrants go involved in our Democracy and served in the Union Army and helped defeat the Confederate Conspiracy – which is still alive! With my discovery my kin, John Fremont, formed the Radical Democracy Party in order to get Abraham Lincoln to drop out of the rice, opens up a huge field of topics in regards to how thoroughly black slaves were oppressed in the United States.

I would like to see the Black Panthers found a Black Turnverein in Oakland California. There is talk about armed Black Militias.  My kin, Carl Janke, founded a Turnverein in Belmont and San Francisco where a armed Vigilante Committee may have been preparing to fight the Confederacy – as well as maintaining Law and Order. These issue are up! This history has returned.

I am for seeing armed black groups –  if they take advantage of the Turnverein history. I would love to see the Black Panthers marching down Broadway and parading at Merritt College – after the coronavirus is no longer a threat. Being of sound body and mind was the motive of the Turnverein that admitted Jews who went on of the create Muscular Judaism, and, founded the New Israel. Are we to see Jews doing the goosestep in Los Angeles where live the largest Jewish population outside Israel? I have roots in Reformed Judaism.

I highly suggest BLM contact Ursula Von Der Leyen who went to Stanford. Tell her you want to set up a cultural exchange with Germany.  Blacks should learn German. English is the language of the slave masters. I would start classical music clubs and learn the goose step that many nations south of the Trump Wall have adopted. I would recognize Cuba, who were taught to goose step by the Russians – who learned it from my Prussian kin. The Germans were for the cultural advancement of the black slaves – they were determined to set free! Germany did take part in the slave trade and there is reparation conversation about the genocide of Africans. Perhaps Germans will donate violins and other instrument to black students – who may not go back to school. The Black Turnverein channel can teach children to play and speak German. Why Trump and the Republicans snub Germany, is to say:

“The enemy of my enemy – is my friend!”

Fremont’s Foreign Fighters

Posted on February 26, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

Viva La Bama!

Rosamond Press


The Fremont family spent much time in Europe. I believe Elizabeth Fremont burned the reason why. John and Jessie had a bodyguard made up of foreigners. They feared a foreign invasion, and Lincoln was aware of this;

“President knew we were on the eve of England, France and Spain recognizing the South: they were anxious for a pretext to do so; England on account of her cotton interests, and France because the Emperor dislikes us.”

Above is a photo of Germans reenacting Civil War battles. This is because 200,000 Germans fought in this bloody war. Many of them were Turners. My Prussian and German ancestors were Turners in the Bay Area and had to know what role they would play before my kindred in South Carolina went to war with the Union.

I suspect Carl Janke was part of an effort to make California a colony of the German Unification, if…

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