Stuttmeister ‘The Wonder Man’

The Swing Kids that adopted Black Jazz were radical Berliners. Yesterday I texted Marilyn Reed an ideal for a new Hult Center show. I believe her husband’s muse was looking over my shoulder.

Above is a photograph of the Victorian office building where the Upstairs Art Association was located. My ancestors tomb in Berlin has a life-size statue of Jesus overlooking my DNA. They were outstanding member of the Evangelical Church. They lived in a fine estate. The Stuttmeisters gave all this up in order to join the Revolution of Forty-Eight aimed at freeing Europe of THE SLAV SYSTEM. Slav means “slave”. When they lost their battle against the ENSLAVERS, they fled to all parts of the world.

The Stuttmeister went to Chile where there is a German settlement, and ended up in San Francisco, then Oakland after the earthquake. They gave it all up for FREEDOM! They gave up on Nationalism for a New World Freedom. I tried to get Eric Richardson and the Reeds to work with this history that compliments Abolitionists Ideals, and Black Nationalism. Eric presented Black Isolationism at the memorial, a Black Man Without a Country. My grandfathers lost their country to set all men free. They killed the Southern Traitors – like crazy!

My choice for President and Vice President, was, Eric Swalwell and Kamala Harris. I had discussions on facebook as to who would be on top. Both Americans have served as District Attorneys. I believed Impeachment Papers were coming. Republicans on FOX are dismissing these papers saying Democrats had it out for Trump – from the get! Did President Obama misuse his power to go after Candidate Trump? Did he pressure a foreign government to get dirt on a Crazy Man most Republicans did not want to be their Candidate?

I heard Eric Richardson sound a RETREAT just when victory was at hand. Why? Because it’s forbidden for Black Americans to be Nationalistic, and, Kill White Men in battle. I am hearing the most outrageous racism in modern time aimed at the idea Black Democrats are out to get the White President – just because he is white! That’s THE EVANGELICAL DEFENCE! This is why twenty million white evangelicals refuse to use their God-given minds, accept the truth, and put their Great White Leader out of the White House – on his ass. Rise up my dear Berliners!

It was ten years ago that I stood in a church with Eric, and told him my grandparents ARE GUILTLESS when it comes to black slaves and genocide against Native Americans. You should have seen his face! One Flew Over The Coo-Coo Shame Trap. I then told him my German grandfathers set black slaves free when they went into the heart of the Confederacy and destroyed Lee, and, drove the Traitors into the sea. Without my people, black people would still be slaves. Eric, ran away from me. He had his – truths!

Above are the tombstones of my people – tossed into the sea – after their bodies were dug up. William Stuttmeister saved our DNA and put our in in a crypt he paid for. These are Prussians. We were Teutonic Knights. The Religious Traitors stand on the brink of a cliff. They know the Democrats got it right. What they are counting on is the demonstration of the latent Killer Instincts of Black Democrats, to make an appearance – and white Democrats will rush to vote for The Great White Savior!

Allow me, and the Spirit of my Prussian Warriors, to come to the front, and Goose-step these Treacherous Liars – over the brink! My Prussian ancestors were not in German fighting for Hitler and the Nazis – or the Fatherland and Homeland. We were all over the world fighting for the Freedom of the World.

When I was eight I wanted to be a General and lead my men to Victory. I did not know I am kin to Robert E. Lee and Bohemian Royalty. I am liken to a Prussian General on a great white horse. I got bushy eyebrows, and am as white as can be. It is in my blood to know when to ATTACK the center of the enemy…….”Charge!”

Above is a pic of Marilyn’s nephew. His father wrote a book about Fela, and sold the rights to the producer of the Broadway Play ‘Fela’…The African.

On to Victoria! Never give up the good fight!

John Presco

EXTRA! After three hours of writing this post, I took a break and listened to four Professors of the Constitution. The Republicans question the whole proceeding, saying the Democrats were bipartisan and were not doing what our Founding Fathers intended. Many Republican lawmakers showed off their deep Southern, accent. I wish I was a Senator – from Oregon! I would have produced copies of the Confederate Constitution and passed it around. I would then have my page pace a waste can in the middle of the floor.

“Gentleman. Let us test your basketball skills. Let us crumple of the Confederated Constitution – and toss it in the basket! When we have all had our fun, I highly suggest we all sign the Ironclad Oath the founders of the Republican wrote up to have every Confederate Traitor sign. Consider if the Confederacy won. Do you think at some time in the future, a ex-Yankee from Connecticut would want to run for President of the Confederacy, and hire attorneys to get around Article 7?

Now I know why you Bubbas got elected in dem der Red States, and so do they. The evil of Neo-Confederacy infests the Southern Red States, and if you crinkled up the Seditious Document of Satan – you would not win a primary, and would not be re-elected! You are Traitors! I rest my case!

Now, if you excuse me I will be going to the Men’s room to take a shit on your evil document! You demons have had your day – once again!

(7) No person except a natural-born citizen of the Confederate; States, or a citizen thereof at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, or a citizen thereof born in the United States prior to the 20th of December, 1860, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the limits of the Confederate States, as they may exist at the time of his election.

Play videos at the same time.

The German revolutions of 1848–49 (German: Deutsche Revolution 1848/1849), the opening phase of which was also called the March Revolution (German: Märzrevolution), were initially part of the Revolutions of 1848 that broke out in many European countries. They were a series of loosely coordinated protests and rebellions in the states of the German Confederation, including the Austrian Empire. The revolutions, which stressed pan-Germanism, demonstrated popular discontent with the traditional, largely autocratic political structure of the thirty-nine independent states of the Confederation that inherited the German territory of the former Holy Roman Empire.

The middle-class elements were committed to liberal principles, while the working class sought radical improvements to their working and living conditions. As the middle class and working class components of the Revolution split, the conservative aristocracy defeated it. Liberals were forced into exile to escape political persecution, where they became known as Forty-Eighters. Many emigrated to the United States, settling from Wisconsin to Texas.–1849

Rosamond Press

William Stuttmeister DDS. was titled ‘The Wonder Man’ because he only gambled once a year, and never lost! Come Halloween Eve some of the most famous gamblers in San Francisco made their way into the magical ether of Chinatown to take on the cities most famous dentist who three days after the earthquake wrote a check to the San Francisco Mint and rode thru the rubble of the city he loved passing out 4000 pennies to the stricken and destitute people who had lost everything. They called him ‘Penny Will’. What a sight he made riding down the shattered streets at sunrise. Thousands looked for him to come riding tall in the saddle with his wide-rimmed western hat. And there he be, just visible thru the steam and smoke of the cooking fires.

Will was a real hero. He owned the Key to the City because he was one of…

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