For Our Eyes Only

For Our Eyes Only


John Presco

Copyright 2019

I hereby change the name of my novel ‘The Royal Janitor’ to ‘For Our Eyes Only’. This title falls under my Copyright. There exist no other words in this combination on the Internet.

When I began my Bond novel two years ago, I googled what modern day spying is about. I got an answer – Team Work! I chose a woman to be my Bond. Then, I gave her a Team Mate! How wonderful! In the last five years teams of women have beetrying to destroy me in every way. With the finding of the abuse Counceilman George Poling suffered at the hands of these women, and the fake abuse report about ‘Chayne of Eugene’ alas I am free of these Women Abusers.

Thanks to my excellent Detective Work – I have power over them! This is what espionage is all about. It is not running around shooting the bad guys. James Bond was not Robocop. He was more than a Ladies Man. He was a modern day human being that had successfully escaped the Victorian Age. It ended in a scene at the Casino Royal. Like my grandfather, James Bond – is a Gambler! He is not just a man who likes to gamble now and then. He owns a bloated libido. So does Belle Burch who I see as Mata Hari. I just googled this famous spy and found a video – with Gamelan music! This is…….

‘Beauty Becomes The Beast of Babylon’

My mother worked in Naval Intelligence and spied on Russian radio up in Seattle. She made porno movies for the Mob to support her four children. My father was a Loan Shark. His father lived in a house boat with a – man! He gambled in the Barbary Coast where one could pick up a male prostitute, or, go see a show with Dancing Lesbians. Spies from both sides met in Sin Cities all over the world. They did not meet in Churches, because the Preachers were working the same side of the street. Without sinners and sex feinds, they would be out of business.

Victor Hugo says………..”Don’t destroy Beautiful Esmerelda’. Belle lives the life of a pauper, who asks for an old bookshelf so she can store her vegetables seeds. She lives in Scowtown, East of the Whiteaker, on the McKenzie.

“Who will buy my seeds?”

I am thinking about authoring a Vintage Bond who has a room above the Hippodrome right next to the naked lady on a crescent moon.  His dark gree shade does not keep out all the pulsing red lightbulbs. Here, he waits for his finks, men and women who have had illicit sex with all the City Swells – and Ladies, who were gay curious. Men from all over the world made their way to the Barbary Coat. No need for a spy to go to them. Men, and women, who are up to no good, like to have a place to go brag, a place where they believe there exist honor amongst fellow sinners……..

“For your ears only!”

Getting off work, James heads for his favorited card room. All is well, until a group of Japanese men come through the door.

Below are my notes.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Fed up with crime, corruption and Murder, Inc. in Alameda County during the
1940-50′s, the California State Attorney General had to come to Oakland to try
to shut down the mob’s operations. The Attorney General’s office indicted and
proceeded to prosecute some of Oakland’s mob figures. Under D.A. Coakley, the La
Costa Nosta just didn’t exist in the county. Just imagine of all people that
could have showed up in Oakland to defend the mob, it was the who’s who of Mafia

Next year, Daniel Craig will make his final appearance as 007 in the yet-untitled 25th James Bond film directed by Danny Boyle. While there have been a number of rumors about who will pick up the role, former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan has endorsed Tom Hardy to be the next 007.

“I think Tom Hardy could be a good Bond. I’d be happy to see him do it. You need an actor who can put a bit of wiggle into it—that’s what makes Bond,” he told the The Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine.

While it’s not clear what he means by “put a bit of wiggle into it” (perhaps that Hardy has a nice butt?), Brosnan has always been a fan of Craig as Bond.

‘The Royal Janitor’


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Sabrina Victoria Eastman could not get to Osborne House fast enough. When she got behind the wheel of her 1961 Jaguar she named ‘Grey Cloud’ the young women who picked her up at the airport tried not to show that she had been warned. She was two shades a pale grey when they arrived at the palace built for Victoria and Albert. She tried to keep up on unsteady legs. The blood was returning to her hands now that she unloosened her grip. As they made their way into the basement she realized she had an experience better than sex. She was a virgin. All her blood veins were alive with an energy she did not know existed. She felt adventurous, and nauseous. She knew she would never be the same.

At the stainless steel door, Sabrina stopped, pointed up, and asked;

“What does that say?”

It says……….”I can tell that you are quite left-leaning.”

“Why is it there?” Sabrina asked.

“To remind us to never underestimate anyone. And, never think for a second a whacked-out poet-artist and Bohemian type, is not a true patriot.” 

The Janitor

For two years I have been contemplating a treatment for a movie based upon my experiences with my muse, Rena Easton. After she sent me her infamous letter, my plan was to complete my book ‘Capturing Beauty’ and give her and her husband much of the proceeds. Rena tells me her husband has sustained injuries that might end his career as a rancher. Rena also has been injured, and works as a janitor. She tells me how exhausted she is, and, she is getting old. I saved her when she was seventeen, and want to save her again. My connection to Ian Flemming, and her marriage to British Commodore, Sir Ian Easton, is a shoe-in for a Bondish-like flick. But even more inspired to me, is Ben Affleck is about to sign to do a sequel to ‘The Accontant’ .

The Janitor is about a young woman named Sabrina, who goes to live with her beautiful sister in Washington D.C. who modeled before some of the wealthiest and most powerful women in the world. Monica was approached by the CIA, and became a spy. When Monica got work for Sabrina, and when she walked the runway, she was recruited by a British spy, a member of MX13. Some very wealthy Lords of Parliament were being blackmailed. They were being compromised. Some of them appear to have been murdered. The one thing they had in common, was their grandmothers had been American Citizens. Several maids, or cleaning women were suspects. The thing they had i common, was they danced for the Royal Ballet. They had been trained by a Russian master named Pauline. Some of these cleaning ladies were marrying Russian oil tycoons.

Capturing The Beautiful Bond Woman

The character for James Bond is based upon two people, Baron von Thyssen, and Robin Ian Evelyn Stuart Le Prince La-Lanne Mirrlees, who was the Rouge Serpent. Teresa Bond is also based on two women who were fashion models. Bond saves Nina Dyer, who committed suicide in real life. The Baron seduced her when she was 17. She owned a 1962 Jaguar E-Type and two black panthers. This Jaguar was lost – and now found!


I almost included a picture of Grey Cloud in the post where Victoria Theresa Bond enters the office of the head of the College of Arms. I wondered why I had her eyes closed. Today, they are fully open, for she is Sleeping Beauty who Grimm names ‘Rosamond;. This is truly extraordinary! Am I channeling Nina? Has she been contacting me from – beyond? That I employed my fashion model muse, Lara Roozemond, to go deeper into the Labyrinth, tells me there is some hidden truth to be discovered. What if Nina was the Baron’s mistress, and she became pregnant? Ian Flemming has Tracy’s child dying. What if Nina was murdered – while she was pregnant? Barron von Thyssen had married royal women, included a Habsburg, who would not want a pretender to any throne, especially if she converted to Islam.

The Baron’s son directed Dedales ‘The Labyrinth’. There are art dealers and family founded museums. There is a bond with a Onassis. These are the people who would build a very Royal Ark. Consider our President and all the beautiful women he has captured. I have found perhaps the wealthiest family in the world to go with the Mellons and Gettys. I know Ian Fleming was aware of this family. Was he spying on them?

I titled Lara Roozemond a ‘Pre-Raphaelite Poet’   because I want her to try for grant from the Mellon Foundation. I am certain we are related – now! I am tailor-fitting a Bond Woman around Lara. The world wants to see a woman champion these beauty pageant contestants that Russia is using to overcome the world. Trump has emulated what the rich and powerful have been doing with Beauty for thousands of years.

I intuitively snipped this unflattering image of Lara. I wanted to capture Audrey Hepburn in the mirror. There is a witch in all women. This is why I love them nearly to death!

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?”

I want my female Bond to be half mad, for what was done to her.  Note the pic of Lara and her lover in the lower right-hand corner. I love this shot! This is her inner black panthers taking control. (add smile) You can not write good poetry – unless you are mad!

Rena Easton was seventeen when we met. Her three sister’s were fashion models. One was the mistress of Robert Vesco, who founded a colony. At the time I did not know I was kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and thus the Getty’s, Augustus John, and Ian Flemming. Did Nina see this – from on high?

The other possibility, is, Tracy Bond – was saved – and she born a baby girl! Enter…..


I will place the Rouge Dragon cote of arms on the side of the Jaguar. You have witness Intuitive, or Psychic Writing. I was a Psychic Artist when young. I did not know what I would paint. I just touched my brush to my empty canvas, and, the Movie began.

I assure you, I am not a master of the black arts, or, a Satanic worshipper. I was born with an unlimited imagination, and this why most who have known me hang weights and grappling hooks upon my creative soul. Ouch!

I leave all those who have doubted me – in our dust! For….now I can see who is in that photograph. Tis Ian and Nina……who own all the time in the world, for, they are immortals, now. Needless to say, I own Fleming’s permission to continue his still pen.  They made a promise, that their love for one another………..would never die!

P.S. I have made a spectacular discovery! I contacted Interpol in order to get the Habsburg painting returned to Austria. Six months ago I contacted a member of the Habsburg family and told them about this painting. I posted about resurrecting and establishing the Habsburg Dynasty in America – but it already exists – via the model Fiona Campbell-Walker! The Royal Fleet has led me there! My ship has come in! Is this why Ian Easton married Rena? Were any of her sisters married to any other Admirals of the Royal Navy? Just when I thought Rena was – out of the picture!

Now I see why Victoria Bond wanted to go to La Rosey! They are all there – the Royal Children of the Ark. Liz Taylor sent her children there, as did the Aga Khan. Victoria is more than the Rouge Dragon. She figured out what Count Robin and Ian Flemming figured out, that there were rush orders for Coats of Arms, that are family trees for those who know how to read them! You have to prove your bloodline to own one. The race is on. The funeral of Otto Von Habsburg, the father of Pan Europa, is a practice parade to the Ark. These Coats of Arms, are……..CODED TICKETS!

I left the Rosemondt coat of arms on Lara’s poetry page.

Le Royale Rouge Dragon

The Royal Janitor


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Jean-Baptiste Rougemont rarely worked late, and never at this hour. As the father clock rang midnight in the hall outside his office at the College of Arms, Jean raised his bushy white eyebrows when he saw, and now heard the ornate brass doorknob being turned.

Holding his breath, he saw the profile of the most beautiful young woman he had ever beheld in this stuffy old place, and, he could just make out the words she was muttering.

“All winter long……”

Looking up she let out a yelp, like a young fox caught in a trap in the winter snow. Jean gasped when he saw how pale and blue her eyes were, that tried to dart back into the hall after beholding this old wizard of a man, whose eyes were just as pale, just as blue that they startled the college janitor, who came to dust the book cases, and run a wax over the oaken library table.

“Wait! Come here!” Jean commanded, which he did not mean to do, but, he wanted to make sure she obeyed, because, she might be a mirage, or something of this nature, and once the door is shut, the twine is severed, and she is gone forever.

What is your name? Open your eyes!”

“I have no name. I don’t want you to see my eyes!” the creature replied.

“Why won’t your tell me? Please. Look at me. I won’t hurt you!”

“I was raised by wolves, with pale blue eyes. They taught me to keep my eyes lowered in the presence of the alpha wolf. And you are the alpha wolf of this place. Are you not?”

“I suspose so. I am the head of the College of Arms. My name is……”

“I know your name. I dust your desk six day a week. I know your grandchild is going to La Rosey, and, he is all you have in the world.”

“Please. Just your name, and I will leave your to your work. I was just about to leave!”

The wolfen child came to stand next to Jean, and held out her arm. On her forearm was a crest containing a red dragon. Jean’s mouth fell open, and before he could speak, she opened her eyes, and her angelic mouth;

“I am the Rouge Dragon!”

“Oh my God! Lift back your hair. I want to see your ears!” Jean commanded once more, he struggling to catch his breath.

“Do you want to see if I have wolf ears?” she asked with a musical quality in her voice. She was being whimsical.

“No! I would……….!” Jean stammered.

“I know who you think I am, but I am not he. My name is Victoria, Theresa, Bond, the granddaughter of Teresa Bond, the wife of James………….Bond. And, now you know!”

“But, how can this be?”

“God loves a story my mother used to say, and………

“If anyone asks, you were raised by wolves!”

“Oh my! You are not supposed to exist. Why are your revealing yourself?

“I want to go to La Rosey. I want to be an artist. I want to be – refined, like my grandmother. She went to La Rosey. She drove a sports car, a Jaguar. I want to own a Jaguar. My dusting days have come to an end.

I have never read a Ian Flemming novel. My God……It’s all here! I have been led down the path of the Rouge Dragon for twenty years. I just posted on the coat of arms of the Quinotar and the city of the Franks.  I watched parts of this Bond movie, and it is a stinker. How do you do a movie on coats of arms – back in 1969? After Dan Brown, it’s a piece of cake!

Bond sees the love of his life trying to drown herself in the sea! What? What! She has a child, but it dies. This child was sired by another man, but, I changed the plot! I resurrected the Bond bloodline!

The name Hilary Bray was that of an old-Etonian with whom Fleming worked at the stock broking firm Rowe & Pitman,[16] whilst Sable Basilisk was based on “Rouge Dragon” in the College of Arms. Rouge Dragon was the title of heraldic researcher Robin de la Lanne-Mirrlees who asked Fleming not to use the title in the book; in a play on words, Fleming used Mirrlees’s address, a flat in Basil Street, and combined it with a dragon-like creature, a basilisk, to come up with the name.[17] Mirrlees had Spanish antecedents, generally born without earlobes and Fleming used this physical attribute for Blofeld.[16] Mirrlees also discovered that the line of the Bonds of Peckham bears the family motto “The World is Not Enough”, which Fleming appropriated for Bond’s own family.[12]

Christmont and Kristan Ann Ware

My first Bond woman was a sculptor who falls asleep with a chisel and hammer in her hand and sees her dream fleet, I planeed to combine the ships of Caspart and Easton the next day, but, kept putting it off.

“I posted this Bond blog yesterday morning. Around three I went shopping and did some composing. I tend to walk around stores in a trance. About nine last night I found Candida. I am blown away. The opening of my book finds Serena on a couch in the basement of Osborne House, fast asleep with a chisel and hammer in her hand. She is covered in marble dust. She is having her dream……………….
“I just found The Muse for my Bond, who will be a woman, who believes she is the embodiment of Camille Claudel, who like Gwen John, was Rodin’s lover. She refused to be his loyal disciple, and for being true to oneself, was shut away in a asylum. When I went to visit Rena in 1970, she took me to the art studios and unraveled a life-size clay statue her new lover was doing of – himself!
“Why isn’t he using you as a model?”

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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