For Our Eyes Only

Bad Ass, Rena Easton…..Kicked my Oakland Ass!

Twitter tars and feathers Prince Harry for condescending UN speech against America: ‘Go home, little boy’ (

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Where Rena And I Met

I put Rena’s portrait up for viewing. It catches my attention – big time! This is how she looked when she approached me and asked;

“Can I walk with you?”


ven8 ven10 ven12 ven14 ven15

Above is a photo of the last block on Washington Street that ends where the Venice Pier begins. In the 70s, every Friday and Saturday night young men whose girlfriends were knockouts, came here for a impromptu beauty contest. I do not know if this was going on when I met Rena in July of 10970. She was hiding in the dark doorway of one of these establishments at 3:00 A.M. in the morning. Her boyfriend had driven from Grand Island Nebraska to Los Angeles. I suspect he wanted to get his lover in the movies, or, perhaps, Playboy? Rena was waiting fore someone to come along – that she could trust.

After calling the Venice Muscle Men “fags” they chased him down the boardwalk, caught up with this Cornhusker, a mile away, and put him in the hospital. Rena saw the muscle guys return, and waited, and waited for her boyfriend. She spent all her money buying cokes until the bar closed at 2:00 A.M. She saw Michael and I walk by, and, the soon to be most highest paid artist in the world, the famous……’Rosamond’.

Rena watched me stop, while my sister continued to the end of the pier with her lover. Feeling left out, I looked down on the crashing waves, and asked;

“Where are you? The love of my life?”

I was calling to my new Muse because two days earlier I met with Marilyn for an hour, and she said we were through. She was my Twin Flame, a term I only learned about six months ago. Marilyn and I are dear friends today.

Rena watched the world famous artist to be, and future sister-in-law of the ex-wife of Thomas Pynchon, coming back her way. I walked twenty feet ahead. I was Christine’s teacher. She would give me credit for her amazing success. When she came at me from the dark doorway, I gasped. I looked, and could not catch my breath. Not but an arm’s length away, is the most beautiful face I have ever seen. I had to look away, if just to compose myself.

“Can I walk with you?” this apparition asked. I wanted to speak of the obvious, tell her there and then she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. This was the TRUTH! Who could believe it? Why me?!!!

“Of course! I was expecting you?” This is what came out of me.

“What do you mean by that?” This sea creature inquired, she scouring the interior of my soul in search of any foul hidden agendas.

“I was looking down on the waves, asking where she was, the love of my life! Don’t be afraid, I am a hopeless romantic.”

“Oh! Rena said. When Christine saw the painting I did of Rena two years later, she took up art.

When Christine Rosamond Benton came up to us, I introduced her to my family.

“Christine. This is…….?”


The Arena of the Cosmic Event

renac renac1 renaa6

When Rena and I first kissed on my friend’s floor, a cosmic event occurred. We both found The Other. Cosmic Sparks, flew. The energy we created altered – much! How much?

Let us return to the place of The Kiss. It happened on Congress Avenue in Oakland California after my friend kidnapped Rena, drove down Pismo Beach with her until she demanded he return for me, he having left me standing there, watching him go crazy. He had to have her, just as Paris had to have Hellen.

So jealous was Brian of me, of us, that he locked us out of his apartment and went to stay at his mothers. Rena and I were now homeless. Brian gave us his tent and sleeping bag so we could sleep in the backyard. I went to Map Quest to look at that house again where I once lived. I had just given up my apartment there for a married couple and newborn child. I had gone to LA and considered moving there. I met Rena at the Venice Pier. I have never seen such a beautiful woman hence. Her animal magnetism was off the chart. She was a creature from another planet. The cosmic image above was posted on Facebook by my friend Persephone Rose who post a beautiful woman on her wall everyday. She thinks Rena is my Twin Soul. I concur, for we are both very isolated at this moment, if not most of our life.

Where I am going now will strain my credibility, if I own such a thing. In testing this, loss, I concluded that I am the living Historian of the John and Jessie Fremont History. Here is the history of our kiss, that led to the painting I did of Rena, that Christine beheld, and took up art. If she had done so, she would never had met the muralist, Garth Benton.

Outside the window of my ex-apartment was a small stream. On the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970, my friend James Harkins and I cleaned this creek up at my suggestion. Forty-four years later, creek was cleaned up on Earth Day. A cosmic mural was painted on a wall. There are Native American maidens. Here is the movie Avatar. Rena and I did this when we spent our first night in the tent.

After she devoured me with her kiss, we agreed we did not want to fornicate in a backyard. We left our underwear on as we explored each other’s bodies, taking in our energy. Rena had the most beautiful back in the world. My hand sent sparks of energy into the core of her as it sailed about her beautiful contours. I put our blankets half outside the tent so we could see the stars. I talked to her about the new places I have seen. I looked down into her soul as I stroked her face. We achieved spiritual mastery over the flesh, and merged with an energy that bathed us in the perfection of the better design. We were one with The Creative Truth.

Born April 7th. here was the Daughter of Spring, the primal fire of creation. We fell asleep looking at the stars, in each other’s arms. This was the Cosmic Earth Day. when Libra Man and Aries Woman master the polar opposite, come together, and create a new awareness. We could hear the faint language of Courtland Creek that to my horror was covered over with concrete. The larger redwood in the backyard, is gone. The house was denuded, by a monster, who scrubbed all the magic away. Why? He knew. A part of him, knew, and hated The Magic. This house will live forever in my book.

Here are the words Persephone put with the image of the Cosmic Earth Woman.

Jon Presco


I am awake today, for the first time
My vision has changed

My eyes now see the Universal Possibilities
In every person, in every event
There are no limits, no restrictions
No boundaries…

Every spectrum of Our colors are envisioned without judgment
We can become anything, do anything,
Our needs answered

My heart now feels the Universal Love
In every person, in every event
There are no limits, no restrictions
No boundaries….

Every hurt forgiven,

Earth Day 1970

The first Earth Day family had participants and celebrants in two thousand colleges and universities, roughly ten thousand primary and secondary schools, and hundreds of communities across the United States. More importantly, it “brought 20 million Americans out into the spring sunshine for peaceful demonstrations in favor of environmental reform.”[6] It now is observed in 192 countries, and coordinated by the nonprofit Earth Day Network, chaired by the first Earth Day 1970 organizer Denis Hayes, according to whom Earth Day is now “the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people every year.”[7] Environmental groups have sought to make Earth Day into a day of action which changes human behavior and provokes policy changes.[8]

In 2011, local artist Kristi Holohan and a group of youth volunteers created a mural in the Courland cul-de-sac on the Brookdale side of the park. Images of a Native American in a canoe, a giant dragonfly, a tortoise, and a K Line train illustrate the history of the creek. Across from the mural, a series of wooden signs give information about the wildlife that do or have lived in the creek.

Part of the East Creek Watershed, Courtland Creek was once a tributary of the larger East Creek that ran from the Oakland Hills down to the San Leandro Bay before the Oakland Coliseum was built. Large portions of the creek run underground, but here, a short distance away from the traffic and crime that plague nearby High Street, a shady walking path runs alongside a two block stretch of water. Groves of giant eucalyptus trees stretch up into the sky providing shade over fruiting blackberry bushes on the peaceful though littered stroll.

Unfortunately, both the cheerful mural and the park have fallen victim to urban blight

Every April on Earth Day, and every September on Creek to Bay Day, volunteers come out to clean up the park in addition to the regular citizens who report illegal dumping and graffiti during their walks through the park.

In spite of community efforts, garbage and abandoned furniture are continually left in front of the mural and the park, and the Fairfax end which features a basketball court and picnic table is marred by tall, overgrown weeds, graffiti can be seen on the mural, on the nature walk signs, and on at least one tree.

crossth congress5 congress14 congress15

Courtland Creek clean-up is a top priority for the Melrose High Hopes Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council Beat 27X, which, along with Friends of Courtland Creek, District 4 Council, Department of Public Works and Oakland Public Art supported the initial installation of the mural.

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which day events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network,[1] and celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.[2]

Rosamond Press

For Our Eyes Only


John Presco

Copyright 2019

I hereby change the name of my novel ‘The Royal Janitor’ to ‘For Our Eyes Only’. This title falls under my Copyright. There exist no other words in this combination on the Internet.

When I began my Bond novel two years ago, I googled what modern day spying is about. I got an answer – Team Work! I chose a woman to be my Bond. Then, I gave her a Team Mate! How wonderful! In the last five years teams of women have beetrying to destroy me in every way. With the finding of the abuse Counceilman George Poling suffered at the hands of these women, and the fake abuse report about ‘Chayne of Eugene’ alas I am free of these Women Abusers.

Thanks to my excellent Detective Work – I have power over them! This is what espionage is all…

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