James Bond And Getty Family

Until Donald Trump got elected, James Bond, and his creator, were dead. The attacks on me, by street thugs, Bill Cornwell and my daughter, along with an old friend, has failed to stop me from publishing and blogging.

I am going to raise James Bond and Ian Fleming from the dead. I am going to surround them by more Artists and Bohemians that I have collected in my newspaper, Royal Rosamond Press, that is an archive. That millions of evangelicals behold Trump as their messiah, along with many Zionist Jews, is a prophecy I put forth in my paper. I am one of the few theologians who understand what the Christian-right is about, and, what a real threat they are, and will continue to be.

Another old friend mocked me because I speak their holy language. He is an atheist and does not know how to fight fire and brimstone, with fire and brimstone. I have been Trolling the evangelicals for a quarter of a century. Who knows how real my Biblical Knowledge is, and how deep it goes. I will confound my enemies! I will continue to conduct cyber-warfare.

Those who professed to love me, and claimed they were my friend, would have done well by this Democracy – to harass our enemies! Instead, I get threats, and am isolated by blackmailers who never produce any demands, because they are ignorant and jealous creatures who hate Justice! And they hate me! The want me to – STOP!

The President of the United States is an Ignorant and Jealous Creature. Why? Because……he has NO LOYALTY! Without loyalty, you can not have a Best Friend. Trump has no close friends. He cheated on Melania with a Porn Star. This President, is a disgusting Disloyal Creature – that is out of control! Like a cornered BEAST it lashes out in all directions. It is rabid. One ex-head of the CIA said he is afraid this attempt to meet with the Dictator of N. Korea, will go terribly wrong. What could go wrong? Trump is DISLOYAL to himself! How can Christians worship DISLOYALTY?

I just found The Muse for my Bond, who will be a woman, who believes she is the embodiment of Camille Claudel, who like Gwen John, was Rodin’s lover. She refused to be his loyal disciple, and for being true to oneself, was shut away in a asylum. When I went to visit Rena in 1970, she took me to the art studios and unraveled a life-size clay statue her new lover was doing of – himself!

“Why isn’t he using you as a model?”

Damaged, Rena has built a Word Shield, made of floating poetry. I wanted to shuffle her story in with Christine’s to reveal Model&Muse. In the basement of Osborne House, Sabrina Victoria Weston, has a sculpture studio, where she leaves her body when she picks up her hammer and chisel. No one but her can enter this room. The sound of her hidden genius echoes through the building. I have changed Eastman to Weston. SVW.

With the marriage of Christine Rosamond Benton into the Benton family, the Getty family tree now includee Jessie and John Fremont who were the patrons of Gutzon Borglum who carved Mount Rushmore. And this is where our story begins. After erecting a statue of himself outside the temple grounds in Jerusalem, Czar Von Rumpster, wants Mount Rushmore, overhauled, in order to squeeze his image – in the middle.

“How dare they try to sideline me, turn me into some kind of freak show!”

Instead of being a sexy cocksman, bedding babes of the 1960s, Weston astral-travels to the studios of women artists of the past, and, watches them work.

I will appear as Jon Ambrose, Sabrina’s Merlin, her Biblical Scholar and Seer, whom she hates to consult for reasons that will be explore through THE BOOKS I will author.

Sabrina calls Jon her Phantom, her Artful Stalker, who upon meeting for the first time, he came at her, in a trance, his mouth quaking

“Helen. You’ve come back to me!”

“Take one step closer, old fool, and I will drop you like a bag of wrinkled patatos!”


EXTRA! After blogging this I went to watch Tiger Woods, golf. Looking on my tablet, I was startled to read about Heather Nauert who I tracked with my Third Eye. How I see into the future needs to be studied by professional people, not rank wanna-bes who go after me because they think they own a special insight. Prove it!

Mark Zuckerburg is in hot water for collecting info on facebook folks. The Gideon Computer is about how Thomas Gideon harnesses the World’s Collective Guilt. He put all our nation’s phone books into his computer, and assigned GUILT CODES to all the names. He knew everyone was hiding something, some SMALL sin. If you splice these snippets of sin together, then you have STRANDS OF DNA SIN. All you got to do is tug on these strands, and, the person – caves! You got him/her, because they are protecting themselves, and their HIDDEN SIN! America is a shame-based society. This is why the New Evangelicals are so dangerous, because they FORGIVE ALL SINS AND SINNERS. Their voters are offered a SANCTUARY and SIN SHEILD. Trump is their SIN MAN. Putin’s Trolls got wise to this TRICK – that I identified in this blog. Who reads this blog.

From December 1, 2017

“I talked to a woman at the State Department. She never heard the BDS. Trump is dismantling our Diplomatic Core. Tomorrow, I will restore the True Knight Templars, and take on these hateful frauds carrying a cross and some cheeky cote of arms!

It was Heather Ann Nauert who I spoke to about Ian Easton’s Diplomatic mission. Would Rena have become a Fox – Fox?

Jon Presco ‘The Prophet’


My distractors will point out Heather’s good looks, and rising skirt, as the reason her star is ascending. But, is it possible she did contact the British Defence Staff, and, she is their woman on the inside, she the Beauty that can calm the Raging Beast?

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Copyright 2018



In Mark 13:14 (and similarly in Matthew 24:15) Jesus is reported as saying:

“When you see ‘the abomination that causes desolation’ standing where it does not belong—let the reader understand—then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains”

A leading theory is that this refers to the Roman standards being placed in the ruins of the Temple after Titus destroys Jerusalem in 70 AD.

But there is evidence that Caligula wanted to place a statue of himself in the Temple thirty years earlier. He sent Petronius to Syria to lead an army into Judea to force the Jews to accept this statue. The Jews were getting ready to resist this imposition. Luckily Caligula died in 41 AD before this order was carried out.




Lawmakers in the United States and Britain are calling on Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg to explain how the names, preferences and other information from tens of millions of users ended up in the hands of a data analysis firm connected with President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

WASHINGTON (AP) — When the ax fell on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, his spokeswoman was half a world away, a distance he and his inner circle preferred and enforced.

Now, it’s Tillerson who’s on his way out after his unceremonious firing by President Donald Trump, and Heather Nauert whose star is ascendant.

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and Nauert are among the few women in the Trump administration with high-profile voices on foreign policy. Only three State Department officials — all men — now outrank Nauert, a former Fox News anchor who declined comment for this story.

Nauert’s meteoric rise comes even though just a week ago she seemed not long for the job. Then Tillerson lost his.

She was denied the kind of close access to the boss that all recent successful State Department press secretaries enjoyed. So Nauert tried to defend Trump’s top diplomat and explain his activities to reporters from around the world without being able to travel on any of Tillerson’s international trips or attend most of his Washington meetings.

Frustrated at being sidelined, Nauert almost quit several times. She had been telling associates she was ready to move on.

The moment that Trump canned Tillerson by tweet, Nauert was in a Hamas-built tunnel on the border near the Gaza Strip, on a tour organized by the Israeli military to show U.S. officials the smuggling routes used by militants. Caught by surprise by the move back in Washington, Nauert cut the tour short and returned to Jerusalem to deal with the crisis. Soon, Trump also fired the undersecretary of state who publicly defended Tillerson.

The president named Nauert to that suddenly vacant position, near the top of the hierarchy of American diplomacy.

Nauert told associates she was taken aback and recommended a colleague for the job. But when White House officials told her they wanted her, she accepted.

The new role gives Nauert responsibilities far beyond the regular news conferences she held in the briefing room. She is overseeing the public diplomacy in Washington and all of the roughly 275 overseas U.S. embassies, consulates and other posts. She is in charge of the Global Engagement Center that fights extremist messaging from the Islamic State group and others. She can take a seat, if she wants, on the Broadcasting Board of Governors that steers government broadcast networks such as Voice of America.

The senator added that he does not like the back and forth between people outside and inside of the intelligence agencies, noting institutions like the FBI and CIA are made up of people working hard every day. “I would hate to demoralize the workforce and more importantly, I would hate to discourage new people from coming into that, so I just don’t like the whole tone,” he added.

Although there are ways to hold the agencies accountable, Rubio said, he cautioned against “smearing everybody in them with a broad stroke.”

The senator is a member of the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence and said it was “potentially” possible that the committee should call McCabe back in for another appearance.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) urged President Donald Trump and his lawyer on Sunday to stop flailing at special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and to let the probe continue unimpeded.

“When you are innocent … act like it,” Gowdy said on “Fox News Sunday“ when asked about Trump’s repeated Twitter attacks on Mueller, whose probe has become increasingly perilous to the president and his inner circle. “If you’ve done nothing wrong, you should want the investigation to be as fulsome and thorough as possible.”

Donald Trump swept into the White House on a promise to run the government like a business and stock his administration with titans of industry.

The partnership hasn’t worked out.

Just over a year into Trump’s presidency, those titans are leaving, driven out by a chief executive who doesn’t want to hear no, doesn’t trust anyone but himself and can’t stand to share the spotlight, even with those he once hailed as “the best people” on earth for these jobs.

Trump humiliated Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the former chief executive of oil industry giant ExxonMobil whom he once described as “the embodiment of the American dream,” firing him by tweet. He repeatedly rejected the advice of National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, driving the former president of Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs nuts with his stubborn insistence on tariffs and hastening Cohn’s exit.

And he went ice cold on Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, reportedly telling the Wall Street legend that his understanding of trade was “terrible,” as West Wing aides leaked stories about Ross dozing off in meetings. Remember those CEO councils Trump initially set up to get advice from America’s top executives? They shut down in August.

Doctors tried to convince the family that she need not be in the institution, but still they kept her there.[35]

In 1914, to be safe from advancing German troops, the patients at Ville-Évrard were at first relocated to Enghien. On 7 September 1914 Camille was transferred with a number of other women, to the Montdevergues Asylum, at Montfavet, six kilometres from Avignon. Her certificate of admittance to Montdevergues was signed on 22 September 1914; it reported that she suffered “from a systematic persecution delirium mostly based upon false interpretations and imagination”



Shakountala, 1905, is described by Angelo Caranfa as expressing Claudel’s desire to reach the sacred, the fruit of her lifelong search of her artistic identity, free from Rodin’s constraints. Caranfa suggests that her impressions of Rodin’s deceptions and exploitation of Claudel, who could not become obedient as he wanted her to be, and the society’s exploitation of women, were not false. Thus Sakountala could be called a clear expression of her solitary existence, the inner search, the journey within.[14]

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