Royal Janitor with Royal Fleet

On March 17th. I began my novel ‘The Royal Janitor’. The next day I visualized the second chapter. I have Sabrina on a couch having her vivid dream. A fleet of aircraft carriers are forming a battle line off the coast of England. I was going to gather the carriers that Caspar John, and Ian Easton, commanded, and post them on this blog. Then I realized I was having a prophetic vision.

Three days ago I discovered Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, had a collection of Augustus John’s paintings. It’s on. Be on your guard. Do your duty! Repel the enemy.

I can assure you God is on our side! Putin has no prophet. I will do holy battle with any holy man he’s got – live on CNN!

Bring out your best son of a bitch!

I see myself as the real Gandalf, the Wizard of War, standing on the prow of an aircraft carrier, waving on another wave of Jetti Warriors off the deck – and at the enemy!

“Bring me back the white beards of their fake wizards!”

Marvel comics should make me their new Super Hero.

Jon ‘The Seer’

Sabrina Victoria Eastman could not get to Osborne House fast enough. When she got behind the wheel of her 1961 Jaguar she named ‘Grey Cloud’ the young women who picked her up at the airport tried not to show that she had been warned. She was two shades a pale grey when they arrived at the palace built for Victoria and Albert. She tried to keep up on unsteady legs. The blood was returning to her hands now that she unloosened her grip. As they made their way into the basement she realized she had an experience better than sex. She was a virgin. All her blood veins were alive with an energy she did not know existed. She felt adventurous, and nauseous. She knew she would never be the same.

At the stainless steel door, Sabrina stopped, pointed up, and asked;

“What does that say?”

It says……….”I can tell that you are quite left-leaning.”

“Why is it there?” Sabrina asked.

“To remind us to never underestimate anyone. And, never think for a second a whacked-out poet-artist and Bohemian type, is not a true patriot.”

President Donald Trump warned on Wednesday that US missiles were coming to strike Syria, despite Russia’s threats to shoot down incoming US missiles and even the platforms that fire them.

The US has struck Syria before, using cruise missiles from two US Navy guided-missile destroyers in the Mediterranean. But experts now say the US would have to go bigger to make an impact on Syria’s forces under Russian protection.

With no aircraft carriers currently in the region, a heavy Russian naval presence and advanced missile defenses, and only 2,000 or so US troops on the ground in Syria, the US could seem outnumbered or outgunned.

In reality, the US has massive airpower in the region that far overpowers anything else nearby.

With the presence of the US Air Force in Qatar, Jordan, and Turkey, as well as forces on the ground, the US has a multitude of options for carrying out a strike in Syria.

Take a look at the US’s firepower in the region.

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    I have found God. God is a Ocean of Truth. His Truth, is under attack. Away all ships!

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