My Scowtown Woman

My Scowtown Woman


John Presco

Copyright 2019


Beauty had her beast

Robbin rubbed Lady Marion

just the right way

When I feel the need

to get it on

I go down to the river

and play bare footsy

with my Scowtown babe.

In this town

I can use a little pity

Yeah, baby

you know true love

can be like that


She lives in an old shack

kept afloat by old tires

and a couple of pontoons

I aint talking about Rose City

You’ll find my slummy baby

bobbing in the water

just east of Whitaker

on the McKenzie

Yeah you will.


She’s hiding away

behind a little sand bar

her barge tied to some trees

so the cops don’t see her

No they cant

She does just what she want

to do

My Scowtown Woman

beckons to me

and my heart goes pity-pat

I roll up my blue-jeans

and come across

True lust can be like that


In one hand I got a bottle of rum

in the other

a bundle of wood

She’s got a little stove

that prefers

real hard wood

the harder the better

Yeah she do

my Scowtown Woman

like her wood

to burn all night

cockle-doodle do


She’s got Coca-Cola

tied to a rope in the chilly water

Best bring some heavy duty double A’s

for her old portable Philco

if you want her good loven

to last through the night.

Oh Lord that woman likes her

Perry Como

You better know she do


She’s the Captain of my soul

the darling of our garden

of heavenly delights

She’s the queen of

Scowtown Funky

the inventor of Wade and Roll

My! My! She’s so slummy

my Scowtown yummy

on the McKenzie

past the Whit

down river

from the Peter Defazio Bridge


If you don’t like Mr. Como

there’s other places

you can go

I got my primitive passions

what you got

I don’t know



About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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