Finding Beauty

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When Belle and I met at the Wandering Goat, for some reason she is lecturing on the importance of one’s genealogy. I am amazed! She will not let me get a word in edgewise so I can tell her I am doing an astounding genealogy of my family, that tragically my daughter, Heather, could care less about. This has put me in a real crisis, for who will I leave the thousands of hours of research to? When Belle called me back after we met in Ken Kesey Square, I told her I was going to make her my Heir to my long study. Why Belle Burch?

On March 24, 2014, I made the following videos about the Sleeping Dream, and the Floral Fairmont Vision of George Miller, the brother of the Bohemian Pre-Raphaelite Poet of Oakland, where I was born. I go on a mystical journey into the Eugene Hills, and there I arrive at the center of Labyrinth, the very end and clue of the Rouge Thread. I knew then, as I stood there, I would soon find her, Sleeping Beauty.  Here is one definition of FAIR:

fair adjective (BEAUTIFUL)

old use or literary (of a woman) beautiful: a fair maiden

Fair Rosamond means ‘Beautiful Rosamond’. Grimm names the Sleeping Beauty Princess, Rosamond. In this first video I am standing in front of Ken Kesey’s cottage that he lived in when he went to the University of Oregon.  I was trying to get some people to help me save these cottages so they could be used for Homeless Veterans. I shared this on Kitty Piercy’s Facebook. Two people stood me up at a meeting. When I went to the First Friday Artwalk on April 4th. I was hoping to meet a helper. No sooner was I in Ken Kesey Square, I spotted her. When she told me her name was Belle, I could hardly speak. I was – amazed! She said;

“It means ‘Beautiful’ in French.”


Jon Presco






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