The Glory That Was Garthland





garthland666Jessie and John Fremont appear to have named their son, Frank Preston Fremont after Francis “Frank” Preston Blair whose daughter, Elizabeth Blair, was very close to Mary Todd. Elizabeth married a cousin of General Lee. The Todd family were prominent in Kentucky where the Preston family reigned. Mary Todd was a Scarlet. Mary and Sarah McDowell, the mother of Jessie Benton, have grandfathers named Samuel McDowell. Whether they are related, needs to investigated, because Jessie and Mary are mirror images of each other, and were Flowers of the South. How they came to wed two abolitionist candidates for the Republican Party – connected to the Blair family – needs to scrutinized, because the Fremonts had a falling out with the Blair family that led to their ruin.

I suspect Mary Todd saw the Fremonts as usurpers, and when Jessie made her anti-Slavery views public record, the Southern Bells who are close kin, turned their back on her. Did they do the same to Mary Todd? I suspect not because Abe was for a slow ending of slavery and the deportation of blacks to their own country he would help found. Lincoln was into nation building for blacks. Were all those Kentucky Colonels behind Lincoln’s secret plan, thanks to Mary’s kindred?

When Fremont emancipated the slaves of Missouri I am sure the Preston family went ballistic and came to Mary Todd for solace. The idea these Belles would be surrounded by freed blacks, must have been revolting. Surely they talked amongst themselves. Surely Abe overheard their conversations, and shuttered. Jessie and her husband were drummed out of the South – and the North. Their power in the West was stripped from them. But Lincoln;s hand was forced. The Radical Republicans, and the foreign Forty-Eighters, could muster votes.

My kindred erected a monument to James McDowell whose family fled Ireland to America. The McDowell family are of the Clan McDougal. They appear to be Peckerwoods, redheads, Irish-Scotts. The captain of the ship they were on tried to starve the McDowells to death in order to get their money. Like the Rosamond family, the McDowells fought at the battle of Boyne. They backed William of Orange.

I think I will wear the McDowell Clan Tartan at the coming Scottish games. I am a tireless supporter of the Fremonts and their lost history.

Above are the ruins of Garthland, ancestral home of the McDowells. There is a O’Hara clan that mentions Scarlet O’Hara in the fiction ‘Gone With The Wind’. Jessie and her mother were the real Scarlet. Was Garth Benton named after Garthland. I will try to get a fund going to save Garthland.

Above is a portrait of Elizabeth Graham of Airth, Wife of William MacDowall of Castle Semple and Garthland by William Mosman.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

This Monument
is erected to their grandparents, James and Sarah McDowell, by the surviving children of Susan P. Taylor, Elizabeth Benton, and James McDowell, in the year 1855.

Ephriam McDowell was descended from Somerled (or Somervil), Lord of the Isles, then from his son Dougall who founded the Clan of Dougall or MacDougal, one of the eldest of the fifty-two Highland Clans proper. In the coat of arms of the McDougals or McDowells ins quartered the lymphiad or ancient four-eared galley found in the armorial bearings of the clans of the western part of Scotland.

Ephriam’s family fled from Scotland to Ireland and settled near Londonberry. Ephriam was born in 1672 in Londonberry County. He was only sixteen years of age when on December 9, 1688, McDonell of Antrim approached the walls of Londonberry. Ephriam went to the defense of the heroic town and assisted in closing the gates against the intruders. He also fought against the forces of James II at Boyne River.

Ephraim’s father (Abraham McDowal [1648]) left Scotland with his father, Joseph “the Calvinist” and with his family during the period of the English Civil Wars (abt. 1650). The name Mc Dowell is a modification of the Gaelic: Mac Dhu ghall, or MacDougal, meaning son or descendant of the dark stranger or Dane. The name was given over ten centuries ago to Norse settlers in Galloway, Scotland and the descendants of a son of Prince Fergus and Princess Elizabeth de Galloway, daughter of King Henry I of England.

Ephraim McDowell was one of the apprentice boys who shut the gates to Londonderry at the siege of Londonderry at the age of 16, and later fought at the Battle of Boyne River, in 1690. His brother, John, supposedly died during the Siege, but may have been confused with brother Charles, of which little is known, other than the fact that the three brothers were present at the Siege of Londonderry in 1689

Sadly the historic house is now but a shell of its former self. Today it lies derelict, abandoned and boarded-up in woodlands now overgrown and neglected. Yet still the old mansion clings tenaciously to its proud history. Even in the midst of its devastation it is not difficult to imagine Garthland in all its architectural and horticultural glory.

Known originally as Garpel House then Barr House before becoming Garthland House, the regal residence was acquired by the Macdowall family who came initially from Garthland in Wigtownshire and were descended from the Lords of Galloway. During the mid-1930s, Henry Macdowall sold it to the Mill Hill Foreign Missionary Society that was founded. Garthland House was renamed St Jospeh’s College by the Society and, during its heyday, around 30 young men were students there.

Elizabeth Graham of Airth, Wife of William MacDowall of Castle Semple and Garthland
by William Mosman

Oil on canvas, 76.5 x 65 cm
Collection: The National Trust for Scotland

Where: Winston, Oregon – Riverbend Park
– Take Interstate 5 to Exit 119 continue through Winston
to 243 SE Thompson Ave.
Click for a map

When: August 16th, 2013 – Free Concert 7:00pm – 8:00pm
August 17th – 18th, 2013 – Gates open 9:00 am
Events until 6:00pm, music & Ceilidh continue past 9pm on Saturday

“At last it was discovered by Col. Clinton that it was intentionally caused by the Captain, to starve out the passengers and lessen their number by death or otherwise, and thus possess himself of their money, of which there was considerable on board. The captain was seized, put in irons by the passengers, and the command given to the mate, who brought the ship in, in a few days.”

The accompanying ship John of Dublin presumably continued its voyage and arrived at the port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1729. Possibly on board the John of Dublin were possibly additional members of the McDowell family, as well as, related Campbells, Irvines, Mitchells, McElroys family members.

Members of the McDowell Family (18 total) on board the George and Anne:
Group 1: The James McDowell Family
James McDowell (survivor)
Margery McDowell (wife of James) (died at sea)
Matthew McDowell (survivor)
Patrick McDowell (died at sea)
Margaret McDowell (died at sea)
Margery McDowell (daughter of James) (died at sea)
George McDowell (died at sea)
Sarah McDowell (died at sea)

Group 2: The Andrew McDowell Family
Andrew McDowell, (Jr.) (survivor) (he later married Martha Giverans of Westchester Co., NY)
Elinor McDowell (survivor) (wife of Andrew who died a few years later)
James McDowell (survivor)
Mary McDowell (died at sea)
William McDowell (died at sea)
Jean McDowell (died at sea)
Sarah McDowell (died at sea)
Margaret McDowell (died at sea)
Boy McDowell (brother of Andrew) (died at sea)

Group 3: John McDowell (died at sea, along with traveling companion Thomas Cowin)

The name MacDowall is a name connected with the ancient history of The Rhins and the Machars, Wigtownshire, Galloway, a district in the south west of Scotland which took its name from the Gall-Gaidhel settlers of the seventh and eighth centuries.
The area was settled by the Scoti or Irish Gaels during the invasions of the fourth century (Scotus was the Roman word for Irishman) pushing the native Picts further East. The area was then settled by Norwegian Vikings in the seventh century who merged with the Irish Gaelic Clans. Many legends exist in Galloway including the legend that Dovall of Galloway killed Nothatus the Tyrant in 230 BC. It is also said that the Royal House of Galloway resisted the Romans. In 1065 Echmarcach mac Ragnaill died on pilgrimage to Rome and his death was noted by anIrish chronicler who described him as rex ina renn, king of the Rhinns, assumed to mean the Rhinns of Galloway (which had still been the “Saxon shore” in 913) and his kingdom included the Machars of Wigtownshire. Between 1036 and 1052, Echmacarch was twice ruler of Dublin and for a time the Isle of Man was part of his kingdom.

Clan Macdowall is a Scottish clan. The clan claims to descend from the senior descendants in the male line of the princely house of Fergus, first of the ancient Kings of the Kingdom of Galloway.

13th Century, Garthland Castle [edit]
Garthland Castle was located near Garthland Mains, Stoneykirk, Rhins of Galloway, Wigtownshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.[7] The castle was possibly built in AD1211, as a datestone bearing that date has been discovered within the Garthland Mains estate. The castle was seat of the family of M’Dowall of Garthland.
In AD1295 Sir Dougal MacDougall (see above, possibly a son of Thomas of the Kingdom of Galloway ) had a Charter from his 1st cousin, King John Balliol, King of Galloway, Lord of Galloway, John de Balliol, son of Dervorgilla, confirming the Barony of Garochloyne (Garthland) (possibly included the present area of Stranraer ) with Lougan (Logan) and Elrig in the Rhins of Galloway, Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire. Balliol, King of Galloway had granted lands in Garthland to ‘Dougal’, a descendant of King Somerled and Fergus MacDoual, Balliol’s own relation. These two men both appear on the Ragman Rolls of Scottish nobles who swore fealty to King Edward I of England. Dougals’s grandson Fergus, third of Garthland was sheriff depute for Kirkcudbright during the reign of King David II of Scotland (reigned AD1329-1371).

Elizabeth Preston McDowell Benton
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Jul. 8, 1794
Rockbridge County
Virginia, USA
Sep. 10, 1854
District Of Columbia, USA

Family links:
Thomas Hart Benton (1782 – 1858)

Elizabeth Preston Benton Jones (1822 – 1895)*
Jessie Benton Fremont (1824 – 1902)*
Jessie Benton Fremont (1824 – 1902)*

*Calculated relationship

Bellefontaine Cemetery
Saint Louis
St. Louis City
Missouri, USA

Ephraim McDowell lived in Augusta County until his death, having accumulated an estate which was regarded as very large in those days. He was esteemed by all for his intelligence, usefulness and probity, wielding a singular and beneficent influence among the intrepid and independent spirits by whom he was surrounded, and retaining the possession of all his faculties to the last. He is buried in an enclosed cemetery between Lexington and Staunton, Virginia. The children of Governor James McDowell, together with the children of his sisters, Mrs. Taylor and Nrs. Benton, erected there a monument to their grandfather Colonel James McDowell. Ephraim McDowell’s name appears upon the monument, as will be seen in the following copy of the inscriptions upon said monument which is cut out of the dark marble common in Rockbridge County.

North Face.
Near this spot repose the remains of Ephraim McDowell, the first of his name in America, who died about 1780; John McDowell, his son, who was killed by the Indians in 1742; (December 25th) James McDowell, his son, born 1739, died 1772, and Elizabeth his wife, who died about 1810; and also their daughter Elizabeth McGavock, who died 1803.

East Face.
James McDowell was born August, 1770 and died September, 1838. Distinguished by native talent of high order, a gallant and fearless spirit, a noble sense of justice, a lofty courage and an invincible power of will, he lived honorably and usefully, discharging with singular ability and fidelity, the trusts, civil and military, committed to him, and died universally regretted. His remains repose here with those of his ancestors for three generations.

West Face.
Sarah McDowell, daughter of Col. William Preston, and wife of James McDowell, was born May 23, 1768, and died July 3rd, 1841. Born in the stormy period of our national history, her character, moulded by the spirit and developed by the struggle of the times, was eminently truthful, patriotic and elevated; Yet to those traits she added the gentler qualities of the tender and devoted woman and the sincere christian.

The Clan MacDowall, like their Clan MacDougall neighbours and allies, supported the Clan Comyn who were once the most powerful clan in Scotland and rivals to the Scottish throne of Robert the Bruce. Once Robert the Bruce had killed John the Red Comyn, chief of Comyns, the MacDowalls became mortal foes of the Bruces. The MacDowalls followed the MacDougalls into several battles against the Bruces until Sir Dougal was killed and dispossessed by the Bruces. The next generation of MacDowalls and MacDougalls changed sides many times but eventually became defenders of Scotland, loyal to the Bruces. Fergus III of Garthland’s grandson was Sir Fergus MacDowall, fifth Lord of Garthland Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire who led the Clan MacDowall against the English at the Battle of Humbleton Hill where he was captured in 1402. This was also known as the Battle of Homildon.

mes McDowell was born 13 October 1795, son of Colonel James McDowell and Sarah Preston. He married Susanna Smith Preston in 1818. McDowell was an unsuccessful candidate for the U.S. Senate in 1833. He served in the Virginia House of Delegates, 1831-1835 and 1837-1838, as governor of Virginia, 1842-1846, and as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1847-1851. Among McDowell’s major political concerns were internal improvements, slavery, and public education.

James McDowell was born at Cherry Grove in Rockbridge County on 11 October 1795. McDowell was the third child of Colonel James and Sarah Preston McDowell. He attended Washington College, Yale College, and was graduated at Princeton College in 1817. McDowell represented Rockbridge County in the House of Delegates from the Session of 1830-1831 to the Session of 1834-1835, and returned for the Session of 1838. McDowell supported both the gradual abolition of slavery after Nat Turner’s Insurrection and President Andrew Jackson’s proclamation against South Carolina during the Nullification Crisis. A renowned orator, McDowell was elected to a three-year term as governor of Virginia serving from 1 January 1843 to 1 January 1846. Following his governorship, McDowell was elected to the Twenty-Ninth Congress to supply the vacancy occasioned by the death of William Taylor. McDowell was reelected to the Thirtieth & Thirty-First Congresses serving until 3 March 1851. McDowell died shortly thereafter at his estate of Col Alto in Lexington, Virginia, on 24 August 1854. McDowell married Susan Preston, daughter of General Francis Preston & Sarah B. Campbell, and had nine children. McDowell County, West Virginia, was named in his honor in 1858.

Ephraim McDowell (November 11, 1771 – June 25, 1830) was an American physician. He was the first to successfully remove an ovarian tumor.

1 Biography
2 First Ovariotomy
3 Honors
4 References
5 Further reading
Biography [edit]
Ephraim McDowell was born in Rockbridge County, Virginia, the ninth child of Samuel and Mary McDowell. His father was a veteran of the French and Indian War and a colonel during the American Revolution. In 1784 Samuel McDowell was appointed land commissioner and moved his family to Danville, Kentucky. There, he presided over ten conventions that resulted in the drafting of the Kentucky Constitution.[1]
Ephraim McDowell received his early education at the classical seminary of Worley and James, then spent three years as a medical student under Dr. Alexander Humphreys in Staunton, Virginia. He attended lectures in medicine at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, from 1793 to 1794 and studied privately with John Bell. He never received a diploma, but in 1825, the University of Maryland conferred on him an honorary M.D. degree.[1]
In 1795, he returned from Scotland, settled in Danville, Kentucky and began his practice as a surgeon. In 1802, he married Sarah Shelby, daughter of Isaac Shelby, war hero and twice governor of Kentucky. They had two sons and four daughters.[1]
Dr. McDowell played a prominent role in his community. He was a founder of Trinity Episcopal Church in Danville, donating the land for its first building. He was also a founder, original corporator, and member of the primary board of trustees of Centre College in Danville. Dr. McDowell became a member of the Philadelphia Medical Society in 1817.[1]
One of his most famous patients was James K. Polk, for whom he removed a urinary stone and repaired a hernia.[2]
Dr. McDowell was the great great grandfather of General John Campbell Greenway, whose statue was placed in the National Statuary Hall Collection by the state of Arizona in 1930. He was cousin to woman’s suffrage leader Madeline McDowell Breckinridge.
In June 1830 Dr. McDowell was stricken with an acute attack of violent pain, nausea, and fever. He died on June 25, most likely a victim of appendicitis.[3] His wife died 18 years later. They were buried at “Traveller’s Rest” the homestead of Isaac Shelby south of Danville, but reinterred in 1879 near a monument dedicated to him in Danville.[1]

The Blair family is well represented in American history: Blair’s father, James Blair, was a prominent lawyer and Attorney General of Kentucky from 1797-1820. His son, Montgomery Blair, was one of Dred Scott’s attorneys in his infamous court case before the US Supreme Court. His other son, Francis “Frank” Preston Blair, Jr., was a US Congressman before the American Civil War, a Union General during and a US Senator after that conflict. F. Preston Blair’s daughter, Elizabeth Blair, was one of Mary Todd Lincoln’s closest friends, and married US Rear Admiral Samuel Phillips Lee, grandson of Tenth Amendment author Richard Henry Lee and third cousin of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.Descendants of Ephraim McDowell
Fourth Generation


38. Major John McDowell (Samuel , John , Ephraim ) was born on 8 Dec 1757 in Augusta, Rockbridge Co., Va. He died on 18 Jul 1835 in Fayette Co. KY .

John married (1) Sarah Withrow daughter of Robert William Withrow and Elizabeth Evans on 16 Aug 1788 in Augusta County, Virginia. Sarah was born about 1768 in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa . She died after 1840 in Lawrence Co., Ky.

They had the following children:

+ 60 M i William McDowell was born in 1786. He died on 4 Apr 1859.
+ 61 F ii Martha Nancy McDowell was born in 1796.
+ 62 M iii John McDowell was born in 1799. He died after 1860.

John married (2) Lucy Legrand daughter of Nash Legrand on 13 Apr 1804 in Fayette Co. KY . Lucy was born in 1759 in Fayette Co. KY . She died before 1821 in Fayette Co. KY .

They had the following children:

+ 63 M iv Joseph Nashe McDowell was born about 1805. He died on 3 Oct 1868.
+ 64 F v Elizabeth Ann McDowell.
65 M vi Charles McDowell.
66 F vii Sallie McDowell.
+ 67 F viii Lucy Nash McDowell.
68 F ix Betsy McDowell.

John married (3) Jane Lyle “Jenny” in Sep 1822 in Fayette Co., KY.

39. Col. James McDowell “Old Thunder” (Samuel , John , Ephraim ) was born on 29 Apr 1760 in Fayette Co., KY.

James married Mary Paxton Lyle.

They had the following children:

69 F i Isabelle McDowell.
70 F ii Sallie McDowell.
71 M iii Samuel McDowell.
72 F iv Juliet McDowell.
Juliet married Dr. Edward Dorsey on 15 May 1810. Edward was born in Fleminsburg, KY.
73 F v Hettie McDowell.
+ 74 M vi John Lyle McDowell.
75 M vii Eprhaim McDowell.

40. William McDowell (Samuel , John , Ephraim ) was born on 9 Mar 1762 in Rockbridge Co., Va. He died on 19 Sep 1821 in Bowling Green, KY .

William married Margaret Madison daughter of John Madison and Agatha Strother on 23 Sep 1786 in Botetourt Co, VA. Margaret was born on 30 Jun 1765 in Va. She died in 1821.

They had the following children:

76 F i Lucinda McDowell was born in 1789.
+ 77 F ii Agatha McDowell was born on 7 Apr 1798. She died in 1838.

41. Samuel McDowell “of Mercer” (Samuel , John , Ephraim ) was born on 8 Mar 1764. He died in Aug 1834 in Ky.

Samuel married (1) Susan S Kyles.

Samuel married (2) Anna Irvine daughter of Abram Irvine and Mary Dean on 30 Oct 1785 in Lincoln Co., Ky. Anna was born on 28 Nov 1763 in Va.

They had the following children:

78 F i Sarah McDowell.
+ 79 M ii William Adair McDowell was born on 21 Mar 1795. He died on 10 Dec 1853.

42. Joseph McDowell (Samuel , John , Ephraim ) was born on 13 Sep 1768. He died on 27 Jun 1856.

Joseph married Sarah Irvine. Sarah was born on 12 Mar 1773. She died on 20 Dec 1835.

They had the following children:

80 F i Anne McDowell.
81 M ii Charles McDowell.
82 F iii Sarah McDowell.
83 F iv Margaret McDowell.
84 M v Caleb McDowell.
85 F vi Magdalen McDowell.
Magdalen married Caleb Wallace.

43. Martha McDowell (Samuel , John , Ephraim ).

Martha married Abraham Buford “Abe” son of John Buford and Judith Phillippe Early. Abraham was born on 31 Jul 1749 in Bromfield Pa. Culpeper Co. VA . He died on 30 Jun 1833 in Scott Co. KY .

They had the following children:

+ 86 M i William McDowell Buford.

44. Ephraim McDowell (Samuel , John , Ephraim ) was born in Nov 1771. He died on 25 Jun 1830 in Danville, Boyle, KY . The cause of death was Appendicitis .

Ephraim married Sarah Shelby on 29 Dec 1802 in Shelby County, KY.

They had the following children:

87 F i Susan McDowell.
88 M ii L S McDowell.
89 F iii Sally Ann McDowell.
90 F iv Sarah L McDowell.
91 M v Alfred McDowell.
92 F vi Mary McDowell.

46. Magdalen McDowell (Samuel , John , Ephraim ) was born about 1756. She died in 1837.

Magdalen married Andrew Reid in 1776. Andrew was born on 13 Feb 1750/1751 in Rockbridge Co., Va.

They had the following children:

+ 93 F i Jane Reid.
+ 94 M ii Samuel McDowell Reid was born on 21 Oct 1790. He died on 15 Sep 1869.
95 F iii Margaret M Reid.

49. James McDowell (James , John , Ephraim ) was born in Rockbridge Co. VA .

James married Sarah Preston. Sarah was born on 3 May 1767 in Greenfield,VA.

They had the following children:

+ 96 F i Elizabeth McDowell was born on 8 Jul 1794.
97 M ii James McDowell was born on 11 Oct 1795.
98 F iii Susan S McDowell.

51. George McDowell (John , Ephram , Ephraim ) was born on 18 Feb 1807 in Carroll County, Kentucky. He died on 8 Dec 1866 in Montgomery County, Illinois . He was buried in Nokomis, Montgomery County, Illinois .

George married Ellender Sanders on 15 Jan 1828 in Adair County, Kentucky. Ellender was born on 22 Nov 1809 in Adair County, Kentucky. She died on 21 Jun 1867 in Carroll County, Missouri. She was buried in Card’s Grove Cemetery, Ohlman County, Illinois.

They had the following children:

+ 99 F i Nancy Elizabeth McDowell was born on 2 May 1829. She died on 8 Oct 1903.
100 F ii Margaret Ann McDowell was born on 5 Dec 1830 in Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky. She died on 17 Dec 1854 in Montgomery County, Illinois (probably). She was buried on 18 Dec 1854 in Audubon Township, Montgomery, Illinois.
Margaret married James Madison Card on 18 Oct 1852.
101 F iii Rebecca McDowell was born on 27 May 1835 in Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky. She died in 1857.
Rebecca married Elias D. Weddle on 23 Sep 1852 in Montgomery County, Illinois.
+ 102 M iv Thompson H McDowell was born on 10 May 1837.
+ 103 F v Emeline Melissa McDowell was born on 2 Jun 1853.
+ 104 M vi Benjamin Franklin McDowell was born on 12 Jun 1833. He died on 25 Nov 1915.
105 M vii John Alfred McDowell was born on 28 Apr 1841 in Hillsboro, Montgomery, Illinois. He died on 10 Aug 1921.
John married Julia Francis Whitten on 20 Feb 1866 in Montgomery County, Illinois. Julia was born in 1845.
+ 106 M viii Julius Ephraim McDowell was born on 25 Jul 1845. He died in 1920.
+ 107 F ix Mary Ellender McDowell was born on 29 Nov 1849.

56. Elizabeth McDowell (John , Ephram , Ephraim ) was born about 1816 in Adair, Kentucky.

Elizabeth married (1) Fielding William Boley on 7 Dec 1830 in Adair City, Adair County, Kentucky. Fielding was born in 1811 in Adair, Kentucky.

They had the following children:

+ 108 M i Samuel Franklin Boley was born about 17 Sep 1834. He died on 15 Oct 1888.
109 M ii James Vincent Boley was born in 1837 in Adair County, Kentucky.
James married (1) Unknown.
James married (2) Elizabeth Francis Robertson on 6 Jun 1860 in Carroll County, Missouri. Elizabeth was born in 1843.
110 M iii William Alexander Boley was born on 16 Nov 1839 in Hale, Carroll County, Missouri.
+ 111 M iv William Felding Boley was born on 28 Jun 1841. He died on 29 Aug 1916.
112 F v Phoebe Ann Boley was born in 1842 in Carroll County, Missouri.
113 M vi Benjamin L Boley was born in 1849 in Carroll County, Missouri.

Elizabeth married (2) John Bowen on 6 Dec 1870 in Little Compton, Caroll County, Missouri.

59. Augustus William McDowell (William Anderson , Matthew , Ephraim ) was born on 12 Dec 1820 in Morristown, Somerset, New Jersey. He died on 6 Mar 1878 in Pluckamen, Somerset, New Jersey. He was buried in New Germantown, Oldwick, New Jersey.

Augustus married Anna Mariah Osborne daughter of Enos Ayers Osborne and Abigail Davis on 3 Sep 1844 in Sucasunna Plains, Morris, New Jersey. Anna was born on 4 Jul 1821 in Bloomfield, Essex, New Jersey.

They had the following children:

114 F i Jane Kollock McDowell was born on 10 Nov 1845 in Pluckemin, Somerset, New Jersey.
115 M ii William Osborne McDowell was born on 10 Apr 1848 in Pluckemin, Somerset, New Jersey.
116 M iii Fedrick Henery McDowell was born on 9 Mar 1851 in Pluckemin, Somerset, New Jersey.
+ 117 M iv Charles Edward McDowell was born on 29 Sep 1853. He died on 30 Aug 1937.
118 F v Anna Louisa McDowell was born in Apr 1859 in New Jersey.

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