Barbel – CAPTURED!

Got him!

His name is Chas Cunningham. I was able to get back on Absolutely James Bond, and read his parting shot – when my back was turned! I saw his picture, and clicked on his “website” that took me to his band. Skunnered, who has seen its better days. Chas has brought very bad press down upon all their heads, because, they all know who they got in their midst! I assume they all belong to Ches’ domain.

My last post talked about young women liking horse movies and mentioned National Velvet “starring a British subject”. I suggested the model and actress Paris Jackson be in the next Bond movie. I gave a link to her singing a song.

Then, he came home, my drunken, red-faced father, he stuffed to the gills on good food, his gut sloshing about with gallons of beer. I think Ches wears a brown shirt cuz it doesn’t have to be washed as much as a white shirt. You can ignore the food&booze stains for a week. He used the King’s speech on me:

“Presco. It would perhaps be more seemly if you leave us.”

You got that one right! Chas is not Bond material. He sullies the Bond name and the fan club he trolls in. He and Trump are pinched from the same dark-brown turd that has been coming out of the Devils since God banished Adam and Eve.

I then went in search of Paris’ song – that she wrote! I wondered if she wrote a poem. I found a list of her favorite music. The future is in good hands. Paris is the world’s Real Bond. She represents that which is good in us all. She struggles to make us all better people as she struggles to carry the gauntlet her father gave her. Fame is fleeting. The bad press has depicted her as barely able to speak – and tell time!

It’s time for humanity to move on. The day of the scunnered man, is having it’s last gasp. Chas and Trump can go hang at the President’s golf course in Scotland and throw rocks down on the rabble with the torches and pitchforks.

John Presco

Trump also threatened to yank the clearances of a handful of individuals, including former top intelligence and law enforcement officials, as well as a current member of the Justice Department. All are critics of the president or are people whom Trump appears to believe are against him.

adjective: seemly; comparative adjective: seemlier; superlative adjective: seemliest
  1. conforming to accepted notions of propriety or good taste; decorous.
    “I felt it was not seemly to observe too closely”
    synonyms: decorous, proper, decent, becoming, fitting, suitable, appropriate, apt, apposite, in good taste, genteel, polite, the done thing, right, correct, acceptable, comme il faut

    “we expect more seemly behavior at our dinner table”

    “It’s very rare that you see someone with that kind of influence really use their platform for something so important and just her passion for change . . . On top of that, [Elizabeth] was one of the most genuine human beings of all time,” she said.

    Taylor’s “AIDS crusade,” as V.F. called it in 1992, didn’t begin until later in her career. But Paris, who is set to make her feature-film debut in next year’s Gringo, aims to get a significant jump on that work now.

    “As an activist, I find it really important to take on different sections in what is making our world so difficult to live in,” she said. “I kind of want to touch on every single [topic] as much as I can, which is why I’m starting so young, so hopefully, by the time I’m, like, 50, I’ll have touched on every single thing that I can.”

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