Bring Me Barbel

Above is a photograph of  Sarah Higgins. We talked on the phone about the organization that Admiral Easton commanded. She never heard of the College of Defence Studies and said she would get back to me.

Here is a drama that Barbel helped assemble, or, compose.

I was surprised there was no greeting or response to my announcement I am kin to Ian Fleming. Why didn’t anyone ask me to provide proof? What I suspect, is, one of Barbel’s toadies went running to the Supreme Dictator and Censor, because they knew he would see me as threat to – HIS DOMAIN!

What Barbel had to know, was Tennyson’s poem was being discussed in the M16 group, and his. Why didn’t he direct me there, so I would be on topic? The only answer, is, he CONSPIRED with others on the best way to get me out of Boss Man Barbel’s  Little World. I am determined to flush Barbel out, know his real name, and launch several complaints. He is one of these four blokes. Consider this to be a part of Boston Glove Mission, to push back on those who see the Press as THIER ENEMY. Barbel knew I was a blogger. He knew I had my own soap box.

How many real spooks monitor this blog? Sarah’s Commander in Chief just took the Top Secret Clearance away from many people, some, who may know of Churchill’s pet project.

Barbel s a great name for a Bond Villain! BAR-BEL = RABBLE

The first thing I did WRONG was point out was Yulia Rose was my muse. There was a vivacious remark by a fellow poster, that I thought – somewhat rude. Perhaps Barbel was sent for to – fix this trouble – because it looked like his domain was down for awhile.

John Presco


a disorderly crowd; a mob.
“he was met by a rabble of noisy, angry youths”
synonyms: mob, crowd, throng, gang, swarm, horde, pack, mass, group

“a rabble of noisy youths”
  • derogatory
    ordinary people, especially when regarded as socially inferior or uncouth.
    noun: the rabble
    synonyms: common people, masses, populace, multitude, rank and file, commonality, plebeians, proletariat, peasantry, lower classes; More

I just tried to send this e-mail to and was asked to correct the address.

I was a member of Absolutely Bond for one day, then got banned by Barbel who titles himself the “Chief of Staff”. He said this was the “warning” he gave me. This is not a warning. It is an opinion as far as I was concerned, from some fellow member of the group. There were other titles. I had been informing fellow posters that I am kin to Ian Fleming via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and Aileen Getty. I told my peers I am authoring a Bond book titled ‘Victoria Bond’. I informed Glidrose of this. Here is my educated response. It is a poetry lesson. In Skyfall, part of a Tennyson poem is quoted. Poems are turned into songs. It is not common knowledge Liz, and all the actors in OUR family tree, are kin to Ian Fleming. sometimes people TAKE your info and use it for their purposes – after they censor you. I own a registered newspaper. Royal Rosamond Presco. I take these things very seriously. I am not going away. I demand an explanation!
John Presco

Presco. While this is interesting, and all, it’s getting off topic.”

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Absolutely James Bond » Forum message

Forum message

You are banned from this forum. The administrator or moderator that banned you left the following message:

You were warned

Please direct any inquiries to the forum administrator at

Absolutely James Bond » Forum message

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