Trump’s Oppostion Party – The Press

If THE PRESS did not exist, we would be treated to speeches from Putin coming from the Oval Office. What is there left to say, except, Sarah Sanders will give sermons – by invitation only.

John Presco

President Trump on Thursday lashed out at the press, deriding it as the “opposition party” and “very bad” for the country, as scores of news outlets penned editorials denouncing the president’s attacks on journalists.

Trump’s use of the term “opposition party” echoes a label for the media frequentlydeployed by his former chief strategist, Stephen Bannon.

The president’s latest jab at the press comes on the same day that hundreds of news outlets joined together in a coordinated effort to publish editorial pieces calling on Trump to reconsider his rhetoric toward the media, particularly his use of the term “enemy of the people.”

“To label the press ‘the enemy of the people’ is as un-American as it is dangerous to the civic compact we have shared for more than two centuries,” the Boston Globe wrote in its editorial.

More than 300 organizations have pledged to join the effort, The Associated Press reported, which originated earlier this month with the Boston Globe’s deputy managing editor of its editorial page.

The New York Times, a common target for Trump’s insults of the press, wrote in its editorial that while it’s fair to critique the news media for its coverage, attacking reporters is dangerous.

“Insisting that truths you don’t like are ‘fake news’ is dangerous to the lifeblood of democracy. And calling journalists the ‘enemy of the people’ is dangerous, period,” its editorial board wrote.

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