Katherine Wilson CENSORED Me

There is good evidence the hippies invented the internet. Therefor, hippie orientated groups should be TWICE as open to viewpoints, and never engage in IDLE CENSORSHIP, or, engage in hidden agendas aimed at creating a Inner Vortex. Real hippies can take the heat! Have you ever been tear-gassed, or clubbed to the ground? How about not being picked as an extra? Darn! What a bitch!

What I was going to ask Kathy to help me with, is, the Tolkien Franchise I own in regards to Joaquin Miller, William Morris, and Amazon. The Miller brothers were born near Coburg. Joaquin was the editor of Eugene’s first newspaper, and George married into the Register Guard family. Joaquin bought land in the Oakland Hills above my Stuttmeister kin. He founded a Bohemian Poet Scene. Joaquin is the desk clerk at the Oaks Motel.  Sometimes when some genius has a good idea, he/she is cast out, and, the ideas, stolen. Amazon is stumped on how to market their series, which means they do not have a target audience to aim their storyline – at! The original hippies loved Tolkien – who hated them. I own several solutions – that I will not be giving away for free! I need an agent. E-mail me:

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018




On Wednesday, a federal judge ruled that President Donald Trump’s practice of blocking his critics on Twitter violates the First Amendment. The practice is unconstitutional, Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald wrote in her 75-page decision, because the @realdonaldtrump Twitter account is a public forum operated by the government, meaning viewpoint discrimination is strictly prohibited.

While the case has drawn attention for its ties to the Tweeter-in-chief, legal scholars say it has far-reaching implications, protecting all Americans’ rights to communicate with elected leaders and government entities online.


My big complaint is this……..I will die without seeing a GOOD hippie movie! The only movie that comes close to being good, is, ‘Sudden Impact’ but, it is a anti-hippie flick. My old hippie friend, Paul Drake plays Mick, the bad guy. Paul took up acting at the suggestion of my ex-wife who was married to Thomas Pynchon, and then, David Seidler, who won an academy award for ‘The Kings Speech’.

Above is a pic of me standing in front of my studio in the Whit. Across the street lived the Pasternaks – of Hollywood! We were saving the Whitaker in 1988. My aunt and mother dated Errol Flynn. Above this image is a pic of me taken by my good friend, Peter Shapiro, of the Loading Zone. We original hippies did not agree to start an alternative movie industry back in 1965.

“Make way for the Big Money Moguls!”

My ex did a portrait of David Seidler. I was the rotten apple of the bunch. My claim to fame, was, I could drink any Oaklander under the table. I was a AAA Drinker. In theory, I could drink any fake drunk in ‘Animal House’ under the table – and then go after the crew! Paul said he based Mick on me. I intimidated people in Oakland bars. I had guns pulled on me. My friend got shot. He remembers a smoke ring coming at him. Wilson thinks she own the franchise on the Wild West. And what does she do? Uses the wrong guy to put a notch on her gun, the dude with a newspaper that promises to protect the Bohemians!

Here’s my scathing review of Pynchon’s ‘Inherit Vice’. It’s over the top. I overkilled it. The producer would have done well to have me – on the set – in every fucking way! Many insults were delivered! Since Tom is a utter recluse, it was Director’s Choice.

“What do you mean you didn’t hang with the California hippies? What’s the Cornell Crew?

Sue Lyon was my brother’s wife’s best friend. Burton had a thing for Lolita on the set. Liz was pissed. Richard Farina may have sat in on Navakov’s class. Mary Ann did Mimi’s portrait. She lived in Oakland with Tom. What about this movie ‘Oakland Tommy’?


When Pynchon dies he will go to the Oaks Motel because he lived next to our bar, and down the street from BEAF. Millions want a Pynchon hit, and we get a pic of Wilson with Belushi – again! I know some organic Eugene gardening goddess hated my All Man Kosher Jack-off Dog. It hit her in her G-Spot. It was a great lure, lady. You went for it like a big mouthed bass. It was made – just for you, bitch! How many of Katherine’s followers knew where the Angels hung out before they bought a clubhouse? This is why we true Bohemians lost the franchise to Trump. What does the Hillary Dog look like?

While the tie-dyed crowd are watching the animals having a food-fight, Katherine has pointed out another Renegade in her midst.

There’s no turning back, now. I will make the best damn hippie movie ever made – and it will be authentic. No tribal pawing and seeking of non-existent approval! I will make the wildest, and most sober hippie movie – ever! Get the hell out of my way!

Above me is Erin Sullivan, who is a archetype. I would love to see a movie about her. She is a real hippie goddess that I admire, so! I am not fit to unlace her sandals. What is written on her t-shirt?

I believe Katherine Wilson is trying to force my hippie history to go through her Hollywood Channels, if you want to be somebody, and be remembered in the Vortex. I am reminded of the movie Zardoz. To censor me is the worst case of feathering ones coo-coo nest I have ever experienced. I got my own movie ideas. What is she saying behind my back? In your face!


If you really want to know who the authentic trailblazers, are, look at the very bottom. because that’s where we are moved to as the pretenders climb on our backs – to the top! Bluto and McMurphy – are not founders. Kathy’s Clowns did not invent being naughty and coo-coo. They do not own the franchise!

My mother was a porno star for the Mafia. My grandfather was a famous gambler in the Barbary Cost. My great grandfather lived on Height Street. When Big Bones and my mother got arrested, they moved her to LA, where they ran orgies at the Beverly Hills Hotel. When I moved Ken, Philip, and Tom into the Oaks Motel, I knew what I was doing. You got to pick up the key to your room at the  Key Hotel. Jack Ruby stayed here. The Hollywood Clowns sensed I was making a door – to shut them out! They got a sixth sense about this.






Katherine Wilson removed all my posts on her facebook, and did not allow me to post for the following reason;

“Why are you posting your unrelated articles on my friends posts? They didn’t like it!

Katherine had something to do with the making of two movies ‘Animal House’ and ‘One Flew Over the Coo-Coo Nest’. What are these two movies about? Coo-Coo Rebels who make SQUARES upset because they can’t follow directions.  Some square got upset with some of my posts and went slinking up to Nurse Ratched in order to get things back to normal.

“That crazy man upsets me. Can you do some group-shaming on him?”

What little sneaks and snitches. I asked Katherine for their names so I can invite them to discuss their priggish sissy-fit on this blog – in the open! Let them say why they found my posts not “related”. I will give their posts even more exposure!  They can submit an essay! But, this is not what this is about. This is another fake hippie clique, doing a closed circle-jerk. There’s only so many roles. It’s – an audition! Join the Air Guard, moron!


Katherine’s friends are ‘Movie People’ even ‘Hollywood People’. Katherine did a perfect Hollywood Nurse Rathed on me. I was smuging up her glass, he mirror, as she primps before her ‘”friends”. This is Oregon. We don’t like Hollywood People coming up here and putting on airs, thinking they are better than us. You know the drill. So, Murphy takes the social rejects out on a fishing boat. And, what about that logging family that sticks together and overcomes many ordeals, such as, someone not being topical. Are we looking at Hollywood Tribalism here in Oregon? What we got here is a tribe of Hollywood Morons!

“Look Ma – I’m a zit!”

The embarrassing truth is, I turned off Kathy’s documentary about the making of Animal House. It was painful to watch. Everyone was extremely nervous. Must have been all dem Hollywood folks – looking down on them! I hung in there for forty minutes. I tried pacing, and doing some dishes. It was an Un-cool experience!

“Fuck this! I don’t need this!”


I knew one of the Kesites would get upset with my moving Ken to Oakland, and saying;

“I win!”

I think it was Zane’s wife, who demanded my head on a silver platter. What a zit! Zane and Zit! This is why swing voters went for Trump! The Friends never get enough exposure. They have been sucking on the same bicentennial sucker, and fighting over Homer’s week old sandwich stuck down in the sofa. My offending blog pointed out that the bookcase in the Kesey mural belongs to Ken Babbs. This is a State Secret that these wild and Crazy Pranksters want to take to the grave, where they will know peace and quiet! The circle of friends keeps getting smaller. Are we looking at…………Oregon Royalty?

The movie that Oregon should make is about an old senior dude, who takes on Alley Valkyrie and her Wiccan Nation, after refusing to be bullied and CENSORED – after threats were made by this She-Shit to destroy my reputation. I suspect one of the Alley Gang finked me out to Wilson. Hollywood is overflowing with real sexual abusers who employ the Closed Knit Casting Couch on outsiders trying to get into the business. Zane and his wife were too scared of SLEEPS and OCCUPY to save Ken Kesey Square. So, I did it all alone! What a bunch of freaky cowards! My movie will – expose you all!

Stephanie Kesey threatened to ban me from her facebook because I was too “mundane”. She said I was not on topic in my search for the lost muralist that my friend Nancy told me about. I found her. She is a founder of the Hog Farm, and good friend of Wavy Gravy.


I was dropping hints about Oakland because the biggest blockbuster takes place there. The director of ‘Fruitvale Station’ made ‘Black Panther’. Kathy&Friends are making…..

‘Old Dingleberrytown’

I know Katherine’s friends. I was close with Kenny Reed and his wife, and read my poems with Izzy, who was in Animal House. Here I am talking to the first girl I ever kiss, whose name is on some Yogurt. We grew up in Oakland and lived together in a famous SF Commune. We had so much fun. We did wild and crazy things. When our garage bands got into making money, we made them play in Golden Gate Park – for free!

STOP fucking with me! STOP fucking with my newspaper! I’m wearing the t-shirt Kenny gave me for Christmas. His wife’s gospel choir tried to censor me.

“Why do you hate me cuz?’

Trump has declared holy war on the Free Press, and five days ago suggested his evangelical base made up of “real Americans” do something. Newspaper people are getting death threats, while it fucking Reunion Time……………….again!

Screw you………..Katherine Wilson! And the crowd you run with! Here is my first girlfriend. Her sister knew the Black Radicals in France, and the Black Panthers. Marilyn is married to Kenny Reed. Do you know Rick Cobian? He did a Hollywood number on me, and when I blogged on his Rat Race, my last blog crashed. I suspect his tribe was behind that one. I have talked to THE FBI. I am ready for the next Hollywood Invasion! I came up with an idea for a Obama celebration, and got no credit. I did a lot of work on this film, that Cobian fucked all the hell. He milked me for ideas. He told me he was going to be bigger than Disney. He worked on a Hollywood set, and kept saying this;

“Keep you friends close, and your enemies even closer!”

Cobian was exploiting a poltical victory. He was raising his family up from the ghetto – not! I’m the one that’s got the movie here – the real Hippie Story! I’m going t title it ‘The Season of the Witch’………………….”Beatniks out to make it rich!”. My sister’s painting is on the wall. There are two movie scripts out about her, one written by our kin, Carrie Fisher. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is my kin. I have thirty years sobriety and he puts my idea in a bar. This is a real Rat Fink!


The most wild and crazy thing anyone did in Eugene, was my drive-by of the Mimm’s House where Eric Richardson of the NAACP had his office. I was pissed because he, Kenny, Marilyn, and Greg Black formed a production company and aced me out. I did all the videos of the Inspirational Gospel Choir, until the did the Hult. They hit the BIG TIME, and, were out to make some money. I was a volunteer – and out of there!

I label this my movie. I WARN against Dumb Black vs. White Duality, which is going to bring the Liberal-left – DOWN! Sure, enough – I was right! Trump got elected two years later. They call Trump ‘The Messiah’ while Katherine is having her high Hollywood tea. The video below is pure prophecy! Play them at the same time! How do I do it? Did I take too much LSD? I think Trump is a LSD addict. This is why there is no blood test.

What would John Belushi have said if I did a shout-out of Animal House?

“Get a job, Hippie!”

Yep! I’m that crazy-ass radical hippie dude, the Real McCoy. The U.S. Government and Justice Department spent a trillion dollars trying to shut me up! I did my job! Now, they bring in THE MESSIAH to shut me up. I’m the only man alive that can out talk that fake.

I want to wrestle Trump while wearing a Devil outfit. I was going to ask Katherine to film our matches. A real Hollywood producer is out to MAKE MONEY! I’m going to sell Kathy’s Clown Crowd to the highest bidder. Movie goers want to see the She Demons that took over Ken Kesey Square chasing this old newspaper man through the downtown, instead of Tribalism giving each other reassuring strokes.

“Don’t worry yourself silly, old timer, you’re in like Flint!”



“I’m going to make this very simple for you. I don’t know if you know who I am, but I sure as hell know who you are, and when you fuck with my friends, you fuck with me. Stop writing about Belle or I am going to make your life very difficult. I mean it. If I see one more word about her on your blog, your FB, or anywhere else, I will make sure that you experience all the fear and discomfort that she is experiencing right now. And no, this isn’t a physical threat, so don’t try to play victim. Frankly, I encourage you to contact EPD, as they already know all about you. I will not do anything illegal, but mark my word you will regret it if you write one more word about her. I will make sure that the entire community knows exactly how much of a sick fuck you are. Your picture, your name, and “samples” of your writing will be posted on every bulletin board in town. There will not be a single person in the Eugene/Springfield area who won’t know that you’re a sick stalker who won’t leave a stalker who won’t leave a young girl alone. Cut it out. Now. This is your first, last, and only warning.”

I think this is one blog of the blogs The Children of the Corn didn’t like. Ben’s wife got to read both of these blogs to my friend before he died two weeks ago.  I mentioned to Katherine about making a movie about Radio London. She is not very good. My little devil flick is full of tension and drama. Anybody can work with the Devil – if they know how!

For five years Ben Toney and I took on the evangelical-right on facebook. We warned everyone they were on the rise, and on the attack. Ben died a co-prophet! I thought I was united with his replacement. I got that one wrong.






Documentary crew returns to recount ‘Animal House’ filming

Posted: Wednesday, Feb 13th, 2013 By Jon Stinnett The Cottage Grove Sentinel

photo by Jon Stinnett James “Izzy” Whetstine, left, and drummer Kenny Reed take a break from filming a documentary on the making of ‘Animal House’ Friday. Whetstine played a janitor responsible for dealing with a dead horse in the movie.

Many longtime Cottage Grove residents can recall a raucous parade that occurred downtown on Main Street in 1978. Today, scenes from that day live on as the zany finale to the highest-grossing comedy film of all time, Warner Bros.’ Animal House, and last week, a documentary film crew returned to the scene of the action to recount the part Cottage Grove played in film history. The documentary, “Animal House of Blues,” started as a project for a group of students at the University of Oregon, according to its creator, Katherine Wilson. “The class covered films of interest from the 1970s,” she said. “But after the class ended, my students told me that they needed to be interns and get some experience, that they wanted to make a movie.” Wilson said her students wanted to help her complete “Animal House of Blues,” a project she’d sought to finish herself for over a decade. “I’d been trying for 10 years, and it was going to cost me $100,000,” she said. “But we got to work, and the kids had everything I didn’t. We shot a short film in five weeks, and the students graduated with honors. Then they started telling me that they wanted to make the whole thing (the entire film.)” Wilson knew she couldn’t afford the licensing f

Jon Presco









Stephanie Kesey – Art Dictator

Stephanie Kesey married Zane Kesey, the son of Ken Kesey. I didn’t know Steph was a artist until after she “blocked” (unfriended me on facebook) after I failed to heed HER ORDER, that came too late, because, I already made me some fine connections, one of them to my friend, Stefan Eins, whose work has hung in MOMA. Stefan made graffiti art a true art form. The Creamery mural was seen as graffiti that the locals wanted – gone! There was a marijuana plant growing in a milk can at the end of the rainbow. The artist was a member of the Hog Farm, and is a supporter of Winnarainbow, as is the Bill Graham foundation.


STOP trying to connect such mundane coincidences.”

“trying is not the right word, unless Steph suggests her job is to thwart any and all connections folks try to make to her late step-father, because, she is a co-owner of key-z productions where many mundane objects and connections are made – THEN ASSIGNED A PRICE TAG! Before we go any FURTHER, I am copyrighting the image of Ken’s jumpsuit he wore while talking to a Hell’s Angel. (see above)


“I have asked you repeatedly to stop with your posts. If you insist on continuiing I will block you.”

“No you did not. You ONCE asked me to stop making connections. I am an artist. This is what we do. My family constitutes a artistic dynasty. If you block me, I will blog on your censorship. STOP taking yourself so seriously, which your father-in-law, and the pranksters, considered a sin.”

Here’s a connection that I make – outside the ward – and thus it is not subject to censorhip! Stephanie – and nurse Ratched!



Why are you posting your unrelated articles on my friend’s posts? They didn’t like it!”


The Turners

The Turner Bohemians joined the Union Army, and beat the South. https://rosamondpress.com/2014/11/26/the-turns/



Video showcases Oregon’s role in the iconic 1978 comedy

COURTESY: KATHERINE WILSON - The members of the Delta Tau Chi fraternity in the movie 'Animal House,' which itself is the subject of a new documentary, 'Animal House of Blues 33 1/3,' by Katherine Wilson. The film's relationship to Oregon is explored in the new documentary. That's the late John Belushi in the middle, fourth from left.

COURTESY: KATHERINE WILSON – The members of the Delta Tau Chi fraternity in the movie ‘Animal House,’ which itself is the subject of a new documentary, ‘Animal House of Blues 33 1/3,’ by Katherine Wilson. The film’s relationship to Oregon is explored in the new documentary. That’s the late John Belushi in the middle, fourth from left.

They were both “depressives,” and shy enough that they gravitated toward one another.“We could be quiet together, and not have to be ‘on,’” says Eugene resident Katherine Wilson. “We both loved music, and he would go hang in the record store I was part of, in the listening room, with headsets.”

Wilson is talking about the late John Belushi, one of the original cast members of “Saturday Night Live,” whom she met when he came to Eugene in the autumn of 1977 to film “Animal House.” Released the next year, the low-budget flick became a monster hit, making back its original budget dozens of times over since then.

Prior to the filming of “Animal House,” Wilson, an actress, writer and producer, was already a veteran of the movie industry, having served as a liaison between the Oregon governor’s office and the producers of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest,” among other achievements. She was hired to serve as location scout and local talent recruiter for “Animal House,” a National Lampoon flick filled with ribald humor considered politically incorrect by some folks today but still ranked among America’s best comedy films ever.

The movie was filmed mostly in Eugene, around and on the University of Oregon campus, with additional scenes shot in Dexter and Cottage Grove. The film employed a bevy of local talent, from 27 speaking roles to myriad extras to crew members, Wilson says.

“All this was because ‘Animal House’ had a ‘B-drive-in-movie’ budget, and they couldn’t really afford to bring the crew up from L.A. like they typically did on films before that, like ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,’” Wilson says. “So they were more willing to give us a chance.”

COURTESY: KATHERINE WILSON - Katherine Wilson, right foreground, is seen here working on the set of the 'Animal House' parade scene in Cottage Grove. You can learn about Wilson's documentary on the 'Animal House of Blues 33 1/3' page on Facebook.

COURTESY: KATHERINE WILSON – Katherine Wilson, right foreground, is seen here working on the set of the ‘Animal House’ parade scene in Cottage Grove. You can learn about Wilson’s documentary on the ‘Animal House of Blues 33 1/3’ page on Facebook.

The chance the filmmakers took on Oregon is documented in “Animal House of Blues,” a 2012 video that won Best Documentary Feature by a Pacific Northwest Filmmaker at the Eugene International Film Festival that year. Wilson and others recently updated the movie with new footage, retitled it “Animal House of Blues 33 1/3” and celebrated the revised version with a toga-themed party at the Exchange Ballroom in Portland Oct. 30.Narrated by James “Izzy” Whetstine, who played the chainsaw-wielding janitor in “Animal House,” the 2016 version of “Blues” has also won an award, garnering “Best Bang for the Buck” honors in the “Remake” category at the Eugene film festival this year.

You can learn more about the revised, updated version at www.facebook.com/ahob33.3edition/.

Along with local acts The Hauer Things and The Mean Reds, on hand to perform at the Oct. 30 party was DeWayne Jessie, an African-American actor who portrayed singer Otis Day in the movie, and who sang “Shout” with Portland rockers The Cry. Also at the party: Portland’s most famous garage rockers The Kingsmen, whose rendition of “Louie, Louie” was memorably and drunkenly sung by Belushi and his fellow fraternity characters in the film.

“House of Blues” features The Cry’s members interviewing Jessie, who actually legally changed his name to Otis Day after the movie’s release. Taking on his film role moniker and performing around the world with The Knights (who then included a young Robert Cray in the movie), Day has spent decades performing “Shout” and “Shama Lama Ding Dong,” among other danceable tunes. His interviews in “Animal House of Blues” prove to be among the movie’s most riveting, as he recounts how a voice told him to take the part in the movie just when he had decided not to.

“I swear to God a voice came into my head and said, ‘Take it! Take it!’” Jessie/Day says in the documentary, which shows him moved to tears by how becoming Otis Day changed his life.

COURTESY: KATHERINE WILSON - The DeathMobile took out the viewer stands in the 1978 film 'Animal House.' The scene was shot in Cottage Grove; most of 'Animal House' was shot in Eugene at the University of Oregon.

COURTESY: KATHERINE WILSON – The DeathMobile took out the viewer stands in the 1978 film ‘Animal House.’ The scene was shot in Cottage Grove; most of ‘Animal House’ was shot in Eugene at the University of Oregon.

The documentary also ties together several threads of history, from the involvement of Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters alumni in the making of “Animal House” to the creation of the Blues Brothers, a musical act by Belushi and the harmonica-playing Dan Aykroyd that evolved into John Landis’ 1980 film of the same name.“Animal House of Blues” delves deeply into how Belushi got to know Oregon singer-harmonica player Curtis Salgado, whom he met one night after Salgado had played with The Crayhawks, a combined group of the Nighthawks and the Robert Cray Band.

Salgado and keyboardist D.K. Stewart — who also performed at the Oct. 30 bash — both note in the film that they played most Saturday nights, so they were not as familiar with Belushi as most TV viewers.

Salgado says Belushi told him Aykroyd played harmonica — “Oh great,” Salgado says in the video. “What the world needs, another harmonica player” — but that Belushi won him over when he mentioned he was excited Ray Charles was going to perform on “SNL.”

The two men wound up bonding over music, and eventually Belushi sat in with Salgado as well as pianist Stewart. The video includes a recording of Belushi’s performance of “Hey Bartender” at the Eugene Hotel as well as Salgado recounting how he coached Belushi to find his own voice, one more authentic than the Joe Cocker parody Belushi affected at first.

“He wasn’t a very good singer,” Salgado recalls. “But he was charismatic.”

Belushi’s and Aykroyd’s first album, “Briefcase Full of Blues,” was dedicated to Salgado, who also got another tip of the hat when they dubbed Cab Calloway’s Catholic orphanage janitor character in their movie “Curtis.” Meanwhile, “House of Blues” also recounts how Stewart’s souped-up Galaxy Ford car may have inspired the famed ex-police-car-turned-Bluesmobile in the “Blues Brothers” movie as well.

Wilson, DeWayne Jessie/Otis Day, The Cry and possibly The Kingsmen hope to take the “33 1/3” video on the road sometime next year, and also to participate in Eugene’s and Cottage Grove’s plans for a 40th anniversary celebration of “Animal House” in 2018.

“We hope to have a wang dang doodle of a time,” Wilson says, noting organizers hope to plan the world’s largest toga party in celebration.

While not the only factor, Wilson says the movie played a crucial role in putting Oregon in Hollywood’s sights.

“During the filming of ‘Animal House,’ the director and producers couldn’t believe how easygoing and nice we were, or how good we were at our jobs, which was mostly creative problem solving, or how sophisticated we were about things like music and literature,” she says. “After that, Oregon had a reputation of helping a great deal in making a blockbuster out of a B-movie budget.”

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