Stephanie Kesey – Art Dictator

Stephanie Kesey married Zane Kesey, the son of Ken Kesey. I didn’t know Steph was a artist until after she “blocked” (unfriended me on facebook) after I failed to heed HER ORDER, that came too late, because, I already made me some fine connections, one of them to my friend, Stefan Eins, whose work has hung in MOMA. Stefan made graffiti art a true art form. The Creamery mural was seen as graffiti that the locals wanted – gone! There was a marijuana plant growing in a milk can at the end of the rainbow. The artist was a member of the Hog Farm, and is a supporter of Winnarainbow, as is the Bill Graham foundation.

STOP trying to connect such mundane coincidences.”

“trying is not the right word, unless Steph suggests her job is to thwart any and all connections folks try to make to her late step-father, because, she is a co-owner of key-z productions where many mundane objects and connections are made – THEN ASSIGNED A PRICE TAG! Before we go any FURTHER, I am copyrighting the image of Ken’s jumpsuit he wore while talking to a Hell’s Angel. (see above)

“I have asked you repeatedly to stop with your posts. If you insist on continuiing I will block you.”

“No you did not. You ONCE asked me to stop making connections. I am an artist. This is what we do. My family constitutes a artistic dynasty. If you block me, I will blog on your censorship. STOP taking yourself so seriously, which your father-in-law, and the pranksters, considered a sin.”

Here’s a connection that I make – outside the ward – and thus it is not subject to censorhip! Stephanie – and nurse Ratched!

Ken was also against crass commercialism. Is it possible Steph saw a money-maker in my FREE sharing? You will see a facebook link you can follow. I can no longer get to The After Glow! Stephanies DEMAND goes against everything the founder of Facebook, wanted. This goes for Wikipedia. Making connections, no matter how mundane, is what invites a billion people, many of them nobodies, to participate.

What Stephanie is afraid of, is I am giving my connections away – FOR FREE! That’s what being a Real Hippie was/is all about. I have made over 5,000 posts on this blog. My main interest is saving the history of the Bohemians and their lifestyle. If folks on facebook come to believe Key-Z is the only source, the only way to Get A Touch of Ken, then they are going to feel obligated to buy a memento from Stephanie. Facebook does not charge membership.

Some claim the Internet was invented by hippies. It appears Key-Z wants in on that free action. Having been on the bus, what I noticed, was, a Glowing Magical Core was created in the Emerald Valley after Ken died, and, if you were not within in it, you were in a urinal with an old cigarette butt. Have the real Pranksters complained?

Now that I know Stephanie is a FUNDED ARTIST, who puts her artwork on public display, and is selling said work, I do not have to BE CAREFUL and do what KK KULT tells me to do – OR ELSE! Also, being a writer and the owner of a newspaper registered in Lane County, I am also protected by Freedom of the Press. I will give a review of  Steph’s art, keeping in mind she is an Enemy of Free Expression. Unless your are doing a one man show, artists have to share space with other artists. Stephanie is the only artist I ever met, who goes after the competition, so, she remains the ONLY CHOICE! Remarkable!

Stephanie didn’t even know about the Creamery mural. She wasn’t even born when it was sandblasted away. She ignores my video of Nancy and I talking about it – and launches into her FINAL ATTACK. What is she afraid of, me STARting my own trinket shop? This is the RESTORER of the bus. She solicits funds. I own the copyright on the mural image. I will start a fundraiser to get Erin Sullivan’s contribution restored. Erin is a famous astrologer, a person who studies the STARS!

The only sign Stephanie follows, is THE DOLLAR SIGN! Are those stars in her eyes, or…..?

Below is a pic of a Faux Uncle Sam getting all excited about a mundane license plate, while I am at OCCUPY meeting trying to get us to take over the Post Office. How much does Key-Z contribute to the homeless? Erin was a founding member of the Hog Farm and good friend of Wavy Gravy. They were there at Woodstock, feeding the people – for free!

To invite folks to come share your opinions, for free, then, change your mind for some reason, is odd. I wish I had made Stephanie an offer, being, I would buy a pin for $17.95, if I could just make three more connections! Just three!

Stephanie may be our Ivanka Trump. The Kesey family has reigned long enough. Time to move on. Time for all the Kesey Family businesses to show us their tax returns. Make them public – NOW! They bailed on the Eugene Celebration three years ago. They have outlived their welcome.

I compare my friendship with Stephanie with the movie ‘Motel Hell’.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

President: Royal Rosamond Press ‘A newspaper for the Arts’.

Wavy Gravy founded and co-founded several organizations, including Camp Winnarainbow, the Seva Foundation and the Hog Farm, an activist commune. He was also the official clown of the Grateful Dead[2] and has two radio shows on Sirius Satellite Radio‘s Jam On station.[3]

Kesey Enterprises is a privately held company in Eugene, OR and is a Unknown business.

Categorized under Nonclassified Establishments. Our records show it was established in 1992 and incorporated in Oregon. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of less than $500,000 and employs a staff of approximately 1 to 4.

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The family of writer Ken Kesey is reviving plans to restore his original psychedelic bus in time for the 50th anniversary of its passengers’ LSD-laced trip across America.

Stephanie Kesey said Friday she has created a foundation to raise money for the restoration as a tribute to her late father-in-law.

“It’s the private Ken Kesey I’m saying thank you to, but in a very public way,” she said from her home in Pleasant Hill, a short way from the Willamette Valley farm where Ken Kesey settled after the bus trip.

Steph received GAP 2016 funding for her untitled book about the last year of her father’s life when he spiraled into a bipolar mania followed by a deep depression. This book is about the fun and horrific times that year; it is about their friendship. For Steph, writing this story clearly is a huge challenge for her, as there is a perverse impossibility to the compulsive capturing and reconstructing of memories inside the pages of a memoir: no matter how much she writes she will never take away the pain that so ravenously devoured him. Nor will she get her dad back. But by fearlessly examining, she will make something beautiful out of it.

“Stephanie Kesey STOP trying to connect such mundane coincidences.

“They are stars as in the flag. The Pranksters also wore a lot of red and white stripes and red, white and blue”.

Does anyone know about the stars Ken is wearing in his encounter with the Hell’s Angels?

Image may contain: 1 person

Image may contain: one or more people

Stephanie, I know better. I associate the stars with Merlin and the circle of stars with the Knights of the Round Table.

Image may contain: one or more people, cloud, sky, hat, outdoor and nature

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Greg Presco replied to his own comment.
Apr 20, 2017 2:53pm

Nancy Hamren Van Brasch
I went to junior high with Nancy.…/26/nancy-hamren-van-brasch/

Greg Presco replied to his own comment.

Transit of Venus to be streamed live to world
Stonehenge and the Transit of Venus.…/Transit-of-Venus-to-be-streamed-li…

Greg Presco replied to his own comment.

Nancy Hamren
I ran into my childhood friend Nancy. We lived in a commune in SF.

Greg Presco replied to his own comment.

Chuck Speaks of Mural

Greg Presco replied to his own comment.

Ken was into wiping the slate clean.

Greg Presco replied to his own comment.

I am going to put together a piece for Stefan’s other dimensions show. Here is the cosmic sandblaster wiping out the stars in the mural. He is wearing a white jumpsuit like the one Ken is wearing when he confronts the Hell’s Angels.

Greg Presco replied to Peter Clark’s comment.

Erin did everything outside the rainbow, and is rendering her point of view in her transit of Venus. Note the stars dancing on the rainbow.

Greg Presco replied to Peter Clark’s comment.

Heavens Above: Archetypes of the Mythic 1960’s
I know there is a dilemma about keeping Ken alive, or giving new life to his – mission? Let it be!…/archetypal-psycho…/67-sixties

Greg Presco replied to Peter Clark’s comment.

Erin was a member of the Hog Farm, and knew the authors that sued Dan Brown. ““Boy, could I tell you about Dan Brown . . . I am published by Penguin/Tarcher . . . I was the editor for Arkana Contemporary Astrology, Penguin UK . . . . And, he ripped off my authors and friends, Michael Baigent and Rich Leigh who are the authors of Holy Grail, etc. Rich Leigh who are the authors of Holy Grail, etc. W… See More

Greg Presco liked Peter Clark’s comment.

Always makes me smile !

Greg Presco commented on his own post.

Venus – Dual Goddess: The Transit of Venus…/152-venus-dual-goddess-the-t…

Greg Presco commented on his own post.

Erin Sullivan: The Planets

Greg Presco commented on his own post.

Recovering The Lost Magical Mural
I found the lost Creamery mural and talked to one of the artists who is an expert on the Transit of Venus.…/recovering-the-lost-magical-mu…/

Greg Presco replied to his own comment.

Cat’s Cradle – Wikipedia
Ken is wearing red, white, and blue at Stonehenge. I 1965 Vonnegut.s The Cat’s Cradle was seen as a source for a hippie cosmology, for awhile. Ken dabbled in this. I saw a show of his prison papers at Maude Kerns. I was a member of a knights Templar yahoogroup that Dan Brown lurked in. We studied symbols.

Greg Presco replied to his own comment.

There was an element of Christianity in the mural. Kurt Vonnegut was an atheist, but, employs aspects of Christianity. I am doing a study.

Greg Presco replied to his own comment.

I was just checking after your said “They are stars as in the flag. The Pranksters also wore a lot of red and white stripes and red, white and blue.”

Greg Presco commented on his own post.

Stephanie, I know better. I associate the stars with Merlin and the circle of stars with the Knights of the Round

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