Katherine Wilson CENSORED Me

Marilyn Reed gave me a heads up about Karhy Wilson. We met in her home back in 1995. We talked about the parasites surrounding my dead sister. M is married to Kenny Reed who was in a Wilson documentary on Animal House. The Reeds are good friends of Izzy, who was in Eugene’s  other famous movie after Coo-Coo’s Nest.

I am going to send Kathy my post on ‘Love Chicken’. On her facebook, I was having a fight with an author over the death of Tom Wolfe. I was saying with the election of Donald Trump, we old hippies and writers should not be weaving fun-time baskets on the THC ward, and go all out to save the Bohemians. I was right, or course! To be a real hippie you didn’t have to make movies or write books.

I sent M my Headless Hippie With Walker video, and she is still raving about my acting skills. A star is born! This might be the opening scene. We see the old butt of an old hippie walking hunched over to his stroller. I will do another video of me dancing the THC.


John Presco

Copyright 2019





“discovering what it was like to shoot 16mm film while hanging out with Oregon author Ken Kesey and the others in the legendary band of cross-country traveling Merry Pranksters. The book also talks about movies Wilson’s husband, Philip Krysl, has worked on, including as a driver for stars such as Charlize Theron and Jennifer Aniston, and on the movie “Twilight.” https://www.registerguard.com/entertainmentlife/20190513/from-cuckoos-nest-to-animal-house-to-stand-by-me-katherine-wilsons-memoir-reflects-on-50-years-in-movie-biz

Rosamond Press

There is good evidence the hippies invented the internet. Therefor, hippie orientated groups should be TWICE as open to viewpoints, and never engage in IDLE CENSORSHIP, or, engage in hidden agendas aimed at creating a Inner Vortex. Real hippies can take the heat! Have you ever been tear-gassed, or clubbed to the ground? How about not being picked as an extra? Darn! What a bitch!

What I was going to ask Kathy to help me with, is, the Tolkien Franchise I own in regards to Joaquin Miller, William Morris, and Amazon. The Miller brothers were born near Coburg. Joaquin was the editor of Eugene’s first newspaper, and George married into the Register Guard family. Joaquin bought land in the Oakland Hills above my Stuttmeister kin. He founded a Bohemian Poet Scene. Joaquin is the desk clerk at the Oaks Motel.  Sometimes when some genius has a good idea, he/she is…

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