Turkey’s Proxy War

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When president Erdogan signed his name to a document making Turkey a member of the coalition, he had no intention of putting his army in harms way. What he was doing was expanding his Proxy War, tricking Americans into becoming the allies of ISIS against Assad. Everything Vice President Joseph Biden said about Erdogan, is true!

What this tricky devil and his henchman do not understand, is, that when U.S. Jets started bombing ISIS, Turkey and its army became partners with every Wounded Warrior in my Democracy who shed their blood fighting butchers of women and children. and gassers of Kurds. These Wounded Warriors have opinions and feeling that are far more valuable then the Dark Delcaration that oozed from the evil eyes of Yasin Aktay, when he showed his nation’s hand by saying;

“There is no tragedy in Kobane as cried out by the terrorist PKK [Kurdistan Workers’ Party]”, he said…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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