Erdogan Takes Fighters Hostage

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As ISIS is poised to take over Kobane and slaughter the Kurds, Erdogan ‘The Snake’ insists our Commander in Chief invade Syria and remove Assad from power, before his tanks will move in and prevent ISIS from raping, beheading, and taking women as sex-slaves. This Turkish Terrorist allowed his allies to take Kobane, his tanks sitting there letting them do it.

Seeing the airstrikes have not stopped the War Criminals, but only hurt them, Erdogan uses ISIS as a bargaining chip, a means to draw my Nation deeper into a war in the Levant. The Snake wants our troops on the ground, so he can keep his troops safe and warm inside Turkey that has not killed any enemies of the United States in the last ten years, nor any members of ISIS.  They have let foreign fighters in to Syria to join ISIS, and have funded this group and others as Biden…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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