The Allied Knights of America and Kurdistan

Rosamond Press

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After a lengthy exchange on Facebook with The Masked Rose of Paris about forming an Alliance in order to destroy ISIS, I went to bed and had a dream. In this dream my old friend Keith appeared as a young man. We have not heard from him in six years. He was living in Thailand and told Chris he was going into Cambodia. I suspect he ran into a armed group and was killed. We, and our friends, were/are peace loving hippies. There is a time and purpose for everything under heaven.

In this dream Keith told me he had become an artist like myself. I was amazed when he began to draw a large mural on the wall. In the foreground he rendered all our beautiful friends we shared when we were young. Then, he began to violently draw these clouds in the background. I gasped, it was a nuclear cloud. Keith had sent…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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