Captain Rosemond Wilding U.S. Navy

China's President Xi Jinping waves as he disembarks off his aircraft upon arrival at Moscow's Vnukovo airport on March 20, 2023.

China’s President Xi Jinping waves as he disembarks off his aircraft upon arrival at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport on March 20, 2023.

A view shows a car of a motorcade transporting members of the Chinese delegation, including President Xi Jinping, upon their arrival in Moscow, Russia, March 20, 2023.

A view shows a car of a motorcade transporting members of the Chinese delegation, including President Xi Jinping, upon their arrival in Moscow, Russia, March 20, 2023.

China's President Xi Jinping, accompanied by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, walks past guards during a welcoming ceremony at Moscow's Vnukovo airport on March 20, 2023.

China’s President Xi Jinping, accompanied by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, walks past guards during a welcoming ceremony at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport on March 20, 2023.

On cue, former Vice President, Mike Pence, granted the Real President of the United States – A FULL PARDON OF ALL HIS SINS! Pence compared what happened on Jan.6th. to the riots and violence of 2020 that resulted when black men were killed-murdered. Pence called for all those who engaged in violent demonstration – BE ARRESTED AND TRIED – if Donald Trump is to be arrested an tried. None of these protestors held the highest office in this Democracy, and were ‘The Commander in Chief”.

Pence and other Republicans IGNORE the truth, the Commander In Chief ACCUSED the Democrats of stealing the election – and thus mere Republican Voters must march to the Capital – AND FIGHT! Donald Trump told ALL Republicans, and ALL Democrats – VOTING DID NOT WORK ANYMORE! Voting was invented in order to keep people from fighting. According to the Devious Propaganda, it is mere Democrat Voters – WHO OWN THE RIGHT TO DEMONSTRATE – because the former Commander In Chief LIED, and was trying to STEAL THE ELECTION. This is not a not “a two-tier justice system“. This is a ongoing – INSURRECTION!

Today, China’s President Xi will stand next to Putin in Moscow. They know the whole truth about January 6th. They know Pence is full of shit! They revel as Pence drives a permanent wedge between the Democrats and Republicans – as he exonerates Trump – before he is indicted and stands trial. These two leaders DON’T have to tell their people – THE TRUTH. As of today, no Republican has to tell anyone the THE WHOLE TRUTH – even in a Court of Law. One could say the Republican Party is dead, but, once again…..I am running for President – as a Republican!

Last night I watched the truth being told about our Navy. If I become the Commander In Chief, I will do all I can to remove the tarnish – and go aboard the U.S.S. Construction and polish the brass! I will sound a Liberty Bell in concordance with the British Navy. We will be Unified! The rotted planking will be removed and repaired!

This morning I lie in bed – composing! I wondered why Elizabeth and Michael Wilding got divorced. Were they approached by M16 and the CIA, who wanted them to make Cold War Propaganda? I can’t fix everything. I will make Rosemond Wilding a Naval Captain. But, then I saw how much she resembled Good Rosemary. This meant I would have to forgive Evil Rosemary, something I was not able to do in therapy that I quit two months ago, because I could not deal with my Evil Brother. In November I started suffering from severe dry mouth and dehydration that can be brought on by stress. I discussed this with my therapist and doctor. Things did no go well. There was un-professional fiction going on.

I then thought about the cult following Trump has – that do not care how corrupt he is, and how many sins he had committed. He is seen by many as America’s Savior – MAD MAN! Pence also wants to be seen as a Savior of just Half of Americans. He feels the frustration of half the American people feel. The Democrats are having trouble with their feelings every time they see a meme that delicts Trump as Jesus! I’m pretty sure that dude helped Jesus carry his cross – after he stood trial before Pontius Pilate!

Also, some Democrats who served their country, feel Trump is acting like a coward. I did not serve. I think there are short films Navy personnel were shown about shore leave in regards to having sex with women of ill repute – and facing the music if there are consequences! They got these film in China and Russia. I bet Hitler made his men watch them. The Nazis had long lists of men good Germans shouldn’t associate with. I will google their lists of women. .

The next revelations I had, was about James Bond, that half of Americans want a Male Bond, and not a Female Bond. Then it occurred to me….if I become President, I will own credibility and be a powerful force of good – and save all the American People. I will be Bigger than James Bond. This means Rosemary would be elevated – from hell. What do we know about Trump’s mother?

When I was twelve Rosemary told us there was talk in Naval Intelligence about the U.S. and our Allies going to war with the Soviet Union – after we beat Germany and Japan. It appears – that day has come – with China thrown in! Would I have made a great military leader? I did not serve in the Armed Forces. Here is my chance.

Below is a photo with my uncle and brother. I have a cast on my hand. My girlfriend betrayed me. Marilyn slept with a twenty-four year old German Jet-setter. I hit the wall with my right hand and broke some bones when I was seventeen. M was living with Kathy who was Mayor Yortie’s ex-girl Friday. He wanted K to sleep with his political enemies – and get dirt on them. How long have I been involved?

Five days ago I sent M a post from my blog and told her she and her sister INVENTED WOKE that is the alleged No.1 Enemy of half of America. Some elected Republicans claim WOKE caused Jan 6th. How many Spy Think Tanks does China and Russia have going around the clock in order to get a handle on WOKE – that defies being defined. I say – who ever understands and defines WOKE – rules the world! Note the black doll Marilyn is holding like a Gre-Gre Doll. On our second date M took me to see the movie Black Orpheus. Put a navy uniform on me when I am seventeen. Let the Naval story of Captain John Gregory Rosamond – begin!

John Presco

Republican Candidate or President of the United States

‘Stay Out of The Sawtell’

The frustration the American people feel about what they sense is a two-tier justice system in this country, I think — I think is well founded but — I — and — I believe that people understand that if they give voice to this, if this occurs on Tuesday, that they need to do so peacefully and in a lawful manner,” he said. “That the violence that occurred on January 6, the violence that occurred in cities throughout this country in the summer of 2020 was a disgrace. The American people won’t tolerate it and those that engage in that kind of violence should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Actress Elizabeth Taylor had been married six times — twice to actor Richard Burton — when she wed future senator John Warner in 1976.

“After Richard,” Taylor would say later, “the men in my life were just there to hold the coat, to open the door. All the men after Richard were really just company.”

German propaganda photograph of a kindergarten for German infants promotes the nurturing role of women on the home front. [LCID: 87881]

German propaganda about the role of women

German propaganda photograph of a kindergarten for German infants promotes the nurturing role of women on the home front. Germany, 1941.

British Navy Shows Us How

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The future I have been seeing, has arrived. I told Mr. McNoodles two weeks ago, I was putting the chess pieces on the board. Three days ago I told him the game of Battleship was being played in real life. My psychic abilities have been very powerful. In 1987 I got a reading at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and was told my novels are being dictated to me by a powerful entity that roams the universe, and comes to the aid of planets in dire distress. Our military has seen UFOs. I will not be communicating to you from two realities – at the same time. No more straddling the fence. These Starships have taken as side……my side!

Seer Jon

John ‘The Seer’ | Rosamond Press

The Family Tree of Rosemary Rosamond

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Rosemary 1940
Rosemary 1943 Herman 2
Rosemary 1943 Herman & Dog 1

No Eulogy For Rosemary

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Rosemary died not knowing she was a cousin of Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and thus she was kin to Ian Fleming, whose character is shown his daughter just before he dies. I compared this to ‘The Last Temptation of Jesus Christ’. Bond is tempted to retire and be with child and her mother I am sure he would marry, if not for the toxic DNA, and, the truth James must be a Savior.

Rosemary was in the WAVES and was stationed in Seattle where she monitored Russian radio broadcasts.

The USS Mustin has been labeled “vile” by the heads of the People’s Liberation Army. I suggest our Leaders pass a law, stating WARSHIPS ARE PEOPLE TOO! After all, they are named after people. I just sent this message to Peter DeFazio.

“Dear Congressman: I have been reading articles about the cost of building more Navy ships, that could be seen as being immoral due to other pressing social needs. What I suggest, is for every billion dollars spent on a new ship, a hundred thousand go to solving our nations homeless problem. Both Russia and China have a homeless problem, which can be blamed on socialism. Perhaps these rival competing nations will follow suit? To view a brand new Destroyer over the tops of homeless tents on Venice Beach, is a vile contrast we Americans can rid ourselves of. Victory at Sea, begins with Victory on land. Our bragging rights will be a boon to the needy, and the citizens who despair”.

It is extremely uncanny, and, in The Twilight Zone, that the USS Hull escorted Lee’s battleships, after surviving the attack on Pearl Harbor. AND, it is a Divine Permission to learn an hour ago, that the USS Mustin was named after a famous Naval family founded by Captain Arthur Sinclair, who was a Captain of the Argus, as was my alleged great grandfather, Sir Isaac Hull, who also captained the USS Enterprise. The Argus and USS Constitution was built by Edmund Hart. The Sea Fates are on our side! China now knows this is they read this blog!

I just lost the beginning of a new chapter where Miriam Starfish Christling explains why and how she dispatched a middle-aged couple who threatened her family. Her code name is Cottinella, which is a fish that lives in the dark at the bottom of Lake Baikal. I will rewrite it. Shit happens. Starfish is an expert on ‘Personal Honor’ that gives her the infamous right to kill.

“She called me a vile little creature. And he threatened to force my father’s VW bus off a cliff!” Starfish told the Wizard, who could not take notes. His hands were frozen.

“Beware the Abyss of Cottinella!” say those is the spy and assassin game. “If she gives you the fish-eye, that’s it. You’re going to end up at the bottom of Lake Baikal.”

John Presco

Rosemary’s Right To Grieve

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On March 26, 1994, Rosemary Miles, born Rosemary R. Rosamond, lost one of her four children. For the next seventy-two hours, all matters should have been put aside, so all family members can grieve for their loss. Just because Christine Rosamond was famous, there should never be special considerations – especially by outsiders. After her daughter’s funeral, Stacey Pierrot approached my mother and I, knelt down on one knee, took the hand of the woman who gave me birth, and said;

“Don’t let the dream die!”

Seven years later, Stacey Pierrot approved of the ghost writer she hired, writing this.

“Garth had chosen not bring Drew to an open casket funeral and had been taking good share of heat for his decision. In a way, it as if Christine had seen it coming – that being together, for whatever purpose, was simply not something the Presco were able to do.”

Stacey went to high school with Jacci Belford and thus was filled in on the conflicts Christine was having with her mother – that are not unique! Rosemary was not a perfect mother, but, she had a right to be treated with dignity and respect at her daughter’s funeral. To deliberately deceive a GRIEVING MOTHER in order to MAKE MONEY from the death of her daughter – is as evil as it gets! No way can you excuse THIS EVIL by saying a mother deserved it.

My mother stayed the night in Christine’s home after the funeral. She did not take part in any looting – or see any looting. No members of her family, no child of hers, stole from her daughter’s estate – because the looting scene – IS A EVIL LIE – and I can prove it. Did Stacey’s father have concern about the veracity of this false statement? What is truly diabolical Pierrot took posthumously took away a grieving mothers bragging rights that I believe she believed Pierrot, and others assured her she would own. Her is the Cruelest Theft of all that any mother and any daughter would detest, as should all the Mothers of the World.

ln my Recovery book Rosemary will get professional attention because I am going to seek the expert input of psychologists.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Rosamond Publishing – About the Artist

If Christine’s parents had embraced her talent, there might be existing works from her childhood, but this was not to be. Fearing that Christine would steal her brother’s spotlight as the family artist, Christine’s mother, Rosemary, forbade Christine to draw at home. The only time she could express herself was at school or in her closet, by flashlight, when everyone else was asleep. Though we don’t have images to prove it, Christine’s kindergarten teacher has said that, by age five, Christine was already drawing with adult skill. She can remember Christine’s pictures of animals having near perfect detail and perspective.”

Rosemary and Lillian Were Not Looters | Rosamond Press

Why Wasn’t Garth Called To Looting Scene? | Rosamond Press

“Before the service, Vicki had taken the trouble to go through Christine’s bedroom, putting her jewelry and intimate belongings out of sight. As matters turned out, it did little good, for the funeral was not long over before family members and others were ravaging Christine’s house, taking whatever could be carted away. The artist’s closet, a veritable mother lode – took the worst beating. World-class spender that Christine had been, much of the clothing had never been worn. So whatever still bore price tags was hauled off to be exchanged for money. Jewelry disappeared, as well as other personal belongings. Gallery employees and close friends of the family, along with Vicki, were doing their best to staunch the flow – the estate had not yet been inventoried – but to no avail.”

My Minor Daughter Was Deceived | Rosamond Press

The Black Liberation Navy

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On this day, June Ninteenth 2021, I John Presco, a grandson of German Turnverien and Forty-eighters, suggested to the Vice President, and President, the founding of The Black Liberation Navy, that was seeded by my foundation of The Marin Shipmates.

The Marin Shipmates | Rosamond Press

Rosamond’s Theme Funeral

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On our way home from the funeral, Michael broke the long silence by saying this;
“Gee, I’ve never been to a theme funeral before “Don’t let the dream die!”

We both began to crack up because I had this theme too, from Stacey Pierrot when she was down on her knees holding my mother’s hand. Michael heard Pierrot say this to several people in the Rosamond gallery as my PI followed her the PR Lady. He too saw her giving members of the inner circle Rosamond prints down in the basement. PR Pierrot held out a vase of Rosamond’s spendy paint brushes, and said;

“Pick one!”

I went for the juiciest, fattest, and costliest one, a sable that cost over a hundred dollars. I was now guilty of stealing from the estate. Only my adult niece and Heir would go to jail, she accused of the same thing.

I then went up to Raphael, my beautiful childhood friend, and Christine’s best friend. Raphael had a crush on me since she was fifteen. Christine forbade her to see me.

“Close your eyes. I’m going to paint you!”

Raphael wore a beautiful smile as I moved the sable brush over her high cheek bones, and then over her lips. This was the only glimpse of sanity that day.

I suspect the Angry Millionaire was at that secret business meeting disguised as a fund raiser for funeral costs. I suspect Rosemary and Raphael were there. How else could she learn who he was. I regret not asking his name. Did Sande Greene help make funeral arrangements? I suspect the caterers put the food on hold, Rosamond’s Sober Birthday, now a ghoulish business freak show that I link to Frank H. Buck who swindled Oregon Homesteaders out of the land the Government wanted them to have.

“Hello funeral goers! My name is Stacey, the future ‘Caretaker’ of your creative family legacy, Because Dead Christine was the Eternal Artist known as Rosamond, things will not happen in a traditional manner. Right off the bat, Garth and Drew Benton are not in attendance, because the outcome of the divorce is being restructured. In theory, Drew get’s everything, but, because she is a minor, everything will be sold to me and Jacci Belford, who were handed a secret document that is the Divine Plan that came to Rosamond in a dream. She passed on a vision on how her Big Art Business can be saved.

Now, I am not to be confused with an Undertaker, for in theory, Rosamond is not dead. She lives on in me and Jacci, who she loved dearly. This is why she taught us everything she knows. This is why the outcome will be different then when she was alive, when she paid us shit wages, if at all. Gone are the days when we took orders from one crazy-ass drunken woman who made it impossible for us to make money FOR HER. The powers on high, have given US a second chance – TO GET IT RIGHT! With Rosamond out of the way – HOW CAN WE FAIL?

If you open up your bag of Free Stuff you will find a scroll. Undo the black ribbon, and read our GUARANTEE!

“Me and Jacci love you all, as much as we loved Rosamond. Here is a list of Rosamond prints you can purchase this very day. You can prove to the World of Art what great business people we are by buying two Rosamond images. We have a book, a movie, and a HBO series in the works. HOW CAN WE FAIL! Love us! Love Rosamond!”

Now, let’s get to that yummY Pre-Death food that the caters put on ice for us! DONT’ LET THE DREAM DIE! I can’t hear you!”


Who in the fuck is Faulkner? What happened to her attempt to get it right? Did Alan Pierrot learn from his daughter that my seventeen year old daughter had put me out of her life, and thus the threat of a rival biography, was over? Did he do that little dance Hitler did as he watched his Nazis march into France?

Mark Presco is proving the BIG WINNER because Von Trump likes the cut of Mark’s jib. Let’s have a little theme music as Nazi-Mark takes us – the rest of the way! Trump is restructuring the White House Theme around Mark, who secretly backed Pierrot who may have shoveled money to him under the table. I am going to do some Nazi Posters depicting Mark&Stacey standing on a hill watching the sunset, their hand on a Nazi flag. Pierrot’s hair is in pigtails.

Jon Presco

We liked the same music, went to the same dances and had a good time together. I played on the football team so many of my good friends were black. One of my best friends was black. I was very optimistic about the future, even contemplating us all melding into brown people.

I supported the civil rights movement because I knew there were still pockets of institutionalized racism in the country. I believed we were finally going to make the words of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution ring true for all Americans.

Almost immediately after civil rights were firmly established in this country, I begin to observe black people segregate themselves. The most important thing in the black community began to be perceived of as appropriately black. To this end black people have created their own music, their own dress, even their own language, in short, their own culture. This culture is not only intended to be different from the white culture, it is anti-white. To my mind it has become the most racist culture in this country. The worst insult one member of this culture can pay another is to accuse them of acting white. Within this culture constant charges and counter charges as to whether your skin is too light or too dark. Skin color is everything to this culture.

The worst of all is the concept of affirmative action which sprang from the civil rights movement. This is nothing more than reverse discrimination. Black people threw the concept of a color blind society right out window. They want us to notice their skin color and they demand privileged treatment because of it. This was the first nail in the coffin of race relations for me.

Ever since the civil rights movement black people have systematically demonstrated their total incompatibility with white culture. As stated above, white culture requires individual responsibility, not just in creating your own wealth but in all other aspects. Black people’s concept of affirmative action has given them such a sense of entitlement that they are holding white people responsible for providing them economic parity to white people. They actually believe that the economic inequity between our races is proof of white racism and white oppression. This is a totally false premise.

Black people don’t have their fair share of the pie almost entirely because they don’t create their fair share of the pie. All my life I have listened to black people demand that they be given their fair share and precious little about their responsibility to create their fair share. This is the kind of tribal mentality described previously.

Black people hold white people responsible for giving them jobs, but it’s not their responsibility to stay in school and get an education or otherwise develop a marketable skill. The black dropout rate has been upwards of 50% all my life, and it’s not clear how much of an effort the ones who remain in school make.

Oprah has determined that they are not worth her time and money. She would rather educate Africans.

“… I became so frustrated with visiting inner-city schools that I just stopped going. The sense that you need to learn just isn’t there. …”

Just who the hell is she holding responsible for educating black children, white people? What can white people do when these children rationalize their behavior by claiming that educating themselves is “acting white” and they are not going to do it?

And yet white people are being held responsible for providing economic parity to black people; and if we don’t give them jobs then we must give them welfare, subsidized housing, food stamps, health care, and so much more that I have come to believe that black people consume far more in social welfare programs than the pay in taxes. There needs to be an accounting and I would like to be proven wrong.”

Thanks for sharing, Mark. Oh, you are not done? Allow me to retort before you rant on.

Rosemary Rosamond Rides Again

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Rosemary 1935 Margaret Manchester (left), Barbara Meeks(cntr
Rosemary 1939 & __ on Horseback
Rosemary 1939 & Friend
Rosemary 1939 on Horseback 1

A year ago I sent the video ‘Rosemary Rides and Shoots’ to the Ventura Museum. In this home movie that was shot by one of the grandsons of Henry Lewis, we see my late mother riding and shooting with the Lewis boys whose father owned the lima bean fields in Carpenetria and Camarillo.

Rosemary told her children she almost married the young man who is seen diving from a platform. We have forgotten his name. The dream that we could have grown up on a ranch riding horse, stayed with us, and was carried over to the dreams I applied to Rena Easton, my Muse. In her letter, Rena says her husband has a small ranch and farm in Montana.

On his 109 acre farm in Carpenteria, Henry Lewis planted the beans and raised the first crop of the species ever grown in the United States.

The ranch is almost 10,000 acres in size and was one of the last remaining Mexican land grants. Adolfo Camarillo had a love of fiestas, horses, rodeos and barbecues. Adolfo kept a stable of a dozen pure white horses of Arabian and Morgan descent. His horses often participated in parades in California.

I will be sending Royal Rosamond’s letters and books to the Ventura Museum along with the information I gather in my coming trip to Montana, where my grandfather was born. Rosamond wrote several stories that took place in Montana ‘No Bull Fight’ and ‘The Legend of the Rhyming Miner’.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

Santa Barbara County Biographies


Submitted by Peggy Hooper

This file is part of the California Genealogy & History Archives

HENRY LEWIS, one of the early pioneers in the Carpenteria Valley, was born near
Manassas Junction, Virginia, in 1830. His father was a farmer, and Henry followed
a like occupation, although a part of his boyhood was passed in a store in Washington,
District of Columbia. Mr. Lewis was married at the age of twenty years to Miss Chat-
tin, of Virginia, and he then bought a farm and began what has proven his life work.

He sold out all interests and came to California in 1857. The next year he went into
the mines in Tuolumne County, and after six months’ experience he came out “with
rheumatism and little else,” which has remained with him through life. In December, 1858,
he moved to Half Moon Bay, and there farmed for three years. In the spring of
1862 he come to Carpenteria Valley, purchased eighty-eight acres of land and pitched
his tent near where his house now stands. He bought this property from the city of
Santa Barbara at $1.25 per acre, the land being wild and uncultivated and covered with
brush and live-oak trees. He drove down from Half Moon Bay, looking along for a desirable
situation, and the Carpenteria Valley was the first location which seemed practicable. He
immediately began cutting and clearing, and now has one of the most complete ranch
properties in the place. The only white people then in the valley were Colonel Rus-
sell Heath and Mr. Lowrie. As rapidly as land was cleared he began the cultivation of
Lima beans, corn and barley. In 1864 they had a very dry year, no crops maturing and
horses and cattle dying for want of sustenance. Mr. Lewis has since added twenty acres to
his ranch, which now numbers 110 acres, ninety acres of which he plants to Lima beans,
with an average crop of 2,000 pounds to the acre. The thirty-five-aere field in front of
his residence has produced an annual crop of beans since 1865, and yearly becomes more

Mr. Lewis lost his first wife in February, 1863, and in 1879 he was married to Mrs.
Bebecca Mullin, of Carpenteria. He has seven children by his first wife and three by
his second, all living. His handsome two-story residence, fine barns and suitable out-
buildings all go to show the thrifty and successful fanner, and his well kept ranch is
significant of the prosperity which has attended Mr. Lewis.

History of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Ventura Counties, California – by
C.M. Gidney, Benjamin Brooks, Edwin M. Sheridan, Vol I, II. -Lewis Publ. Co.,
Chicago, 1917.

Rosemary was in the Waves, and left this world in 1997. Her four children are Mark, John, Christine, and Vicki. Rosemary’s movie can not be used for commercial purpouses without my permission. Historians, feel free to use this movie that is a window into a world, and a valley, that is no more. This is………….the last of the West.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

Mark 1950 Tex Ritter

Camarillo State Mental Hospital, also known as Camarillo State Hospital, was a psychiatric hospital for both developmentally disabled and mentally ill patients in Camarillo, California. The hospital closed in 1997. The site has been redeveloped as the California State University, Channel Islands. The university has retained the distinctive Mission Revival Style architecture, and the bell tower in the South quad has been adopted as the symbol of the university.

[edit] History
In 1932, the State of California purchased 1,760 acres (7.1 km2) of the Lewis ranch, located three miles south of the city of Camarillo, and established the Camarillo State Mental Hospital. Camarillo State Hospital was in use from 1936 to 1997. During the 1950s and 1960s, especially, the hospital was at the forefront of treating illnesses previously thought to be untreatable, for instance, developing drug and therapy procedures for schizophrenia. Programs initiated at Camarillo helped patients formerly relegated to institutions to leave the hospital and move to less restrictive group homes or become (at least nearly) independent. The hospital continued to be a leader in the research of drugs and therapies in subsequent years. They also had one of the first units of any hospital to deal with autism.


Here is what I know about the origin and species of lima beans grown along the California coast and formerly in Mar Vista.

The lima bean, phaseolus limensis, is a member of the pulse family, leguminosae. Both the small ‘baby lima’ and the larger thick ‘potatoe’ type are of tropical origin. Although grown in warmer areas throughout the United States, commercial production is generally confined to the coast of California.

Lima beans take peculiar climatic and soil conditions. They con not tolerate frost. The optimum growing temperature range is from 60 to 77 degrees. The plant is nourished by dew, fog and moisture from the sea. Lima beans are planted in May, as they need no rain. Rain only makes weeds and work for the gardener. The plant gathers its sustenance from the atmosphere in the way of nitrates. No fertilizer is ever required.

According to Gidney, Brook and Sheridan in The History of Santa Barbara, San Louis Obispo and Ventura Counties California, (published in 1917), in 1868, Henry Lewis planted the first lima beans ever put in the soil of the United States. At that time a vessel happened to be anchored at Santa Barbara after a recent voyage from Lima, Peru. A friend of Henry Lewis became acquainted with one of the sailors, from whom he procured some beans being used on the table of the boat. The beans are indigenous to the country around Lima, and that geographical source has given this bean its special name.

On his 109 acre farm in Carpenteria, Henry Lewis planted the beans and raised the first crop of the species ever grown in the United States. He preserved and improved his seed from year to year. For many years his crop of limas was regarded as the finest on the market. As of 1917, the highest grade of lima bean was known as the ‘Lewis bean’.

A legacy of the Lewis family is Lewis Road in Camarillo. In the l930’s, lima beans were King of the crops of Southern California. Mar Vista was known for being in the lima bean belt of the nation.

Lima Bean Recipes

Adolfo Camarillo, (October 28, 1864 – December 10, 1958) was a prominent land owner, horse breeder, rancher, and philanthropist in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Ventura County area of California, U.S.A. Adolfo, along with his brother Juan, Jr., owned much of what would later become the town known by their family name, Camarillo.[1] Adolfo also donated the land for Adolfo Camarillo High School.[2] The horse breed Camarillo White Horse was named for Camarillo. He began breeding them in 1921 and the line continues today. In addition because of Adolfo’s philanthropy in 1950, Pope Pius XII named Adolfo a Knight of St. Gregory the Great.[3]

[edit] Biography
Adolfo was born to Juan Camarillo (1812–1880) and Martina Camarillo (1826–1898) He had four sisters and one brother.[1]When Juan Camarillo died in 1880, One of the last remaining Mexican Land Grants, Rancho Calleguas, was purchased from the Ruiz family in 1875,and was later willed to his wife. Upon Juan’s death, Adolfo took over operations of the family ranch at age 16. His brother Juan was more interested in religion.

The ranch is almost 10,000 acres in size and was one of the last remaining Mexican land grants.[4] In 1865 Adolfo graduated from International Business College at (Woodbury University). After that he took over full-time management of the ranch at age 21. In 1888 Adolfo married Isabella Menchaca (1861–1936). Adolfo and Isabel raised seven children. Frank, Isabel, Minerva, Rosa, Carmen, Ave Marie, and Martina.[4]Upon the death of Martina Camarillo, she bequeathed Rancho Calleguas to her sons, Adolfo and Juan, Jr.[1]This would later go on to become Camarillo Ranch and later the city of Camarillo. Adolfo would go on to run the Camarillo Ranch; until his death in 1958. The Ranch would grow from a mostly cattle operation to both cattle and crops. Adolfo focused mainly in developing crops and became a leading innovator bringing in lima beans, plus barley, corn, alfalfa, walnuts, and citrus.[4]

Adolfo Camarillo had a love of fiestas, horses, rodeos and barbecues. Adolfo kept a stable of a dozen pure white horses of Arabian and Morgan descent. His horses often participated in parades in California. Adolfo died of pneumonia December 10, 1958, and is interred in the family crypt beneath St. Mary Magdalen Church in Camarillo, alongside his parents, his wife, sisters and brothers.[5]
[edit] Camarillo’s White Horses

The Camarillo White Horseis a relatively modern breed known for its pure white color. This legendary breed dates back to 1921, when Adolfo Camarillo purchased 9-year-old Sultan from Miller and Lux cattle ranch at the California State Fair in Sacramento.[6] Sultan, over the next few years, won many stock championships throughout California. Adolfo would go on to breed Sultan to Morgan maresat the Camarillo Ranch. This would go on for the next 65 years as the family privately owned and bred the Camarillo White Horses. Since the 1930s these horses have become famous by being featured up and down the California coast at various parades and events. Once a year Adolfo would ride one of his white Arabians in the Fiesta of Santa Barbara while dressed up in a colorful Spanish costume.[citation needed]The Camarillo White Horses were privately owned and bred by the Camarillo family until the death of Adolfo Camarillo’s daughter Carmen, in 1987.[3]
Many people of note have ridden on Camarillo White Horses including Governor Ronald Reagan, president Harding, 1946 Nobel Peace Prize recipient John Mott, as well as movie stars Leo Carrillo and Steven Ford(son of President Gerald Ford).[3]
As of 2010 there are only 20 Camarillo White Horses.Three stallions, five mares, three geldings, two young colts, and 7 white foals.[7]

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