Why Wasn’t Garth Called To Looting Scene?

Gallery Employees: left to right: Jacci Belford and Stacey Pierrot

Why didn’t the “gallery employees” call Garth Benton, and have him come over to the house he used to live in, and stop the alleged looting? He had much at stake, because his eight year old daughter was one of the Heirs. If things are taken from the estate, Drew Benton does not get those things. She was eight years old when her mother drowned. Did she first learn of the looting of the house she lived in from Tom Snyder’s book – published in 2001 – when she was fifteen? When did she learn her father had her half-sister arrested for stealing from the estate? Surely this would affect their relationship. Did my niece, Shannon Sidle, take part in the looting with members of her family? Why didn’t Garth mention this looting to the police when he had Shannon taken from her mother’s home in handcuffs.

Vicki Presco, and Jacci Belford, dropped out as Chritine Benton’s named executor, and nominated Garth to serve. He would be responsible for all contents of the estate. Garth would be obligated to make a police report and see if the stolen items could be recovered. Jacci Belford is one of the “gallery employees” she the general manager for many years. Did she encourage Vicki to make a report? If not, was Ms. Belford afraid a report would cause more chaos and animosity, and thus the un-named family members would not approve of selling her the entire estate?

Belford called me a month after the funeral and said she made an offer to purchase the entire estate and pay off the creditors. Her best friend in high school, Stacey Pierrot, is responsible for the allegation made in the book she hired a ghost writer to author. Did Tom Snyder wonder about needing more evidence a crime was committed? Whose information is he relying on? Is Tom afraid to ask other members of my family about THE CRIME incase they don’t want to contribute to his biography of a world famous artist? Was there a CONSPIRACY to conceal GRAND THEFT? Would innocent family members conceal facts in order to spare guilty members? Did any innocent family member have trouble keeping quiet, and thus, were persuaded not to report…..A CRIME?

Did family members “and others” CONSPIRE to steal from the home that Christine and Garth Benton occupied? If so, when did they CONSPIRE? Was it just a spur of the moment urge that unfolded before the eyes of Gallery Employees, Stacey Pierrot and Jacci Belford? Would you like to read, or hear, the testimony of these two concerned Citizens – in my book or a court of law? A crime is a crime! Oh sure, it is not a case of MURDER, but, was any art stolen?

Jacci Belford….Stacy Pierrot….I call upon you to make a video recording exonerating me from any wrong doing for the sake of the miracle of my daughter coming into my life. It’s time to name the other family members. Did my brother, Mark Presco, steal items from the estate? Was it Mark? If you two were wanting to own EVERYTHING, wouldn’t you want the stolen items recovered? I told my sixteen year old daughter, and her mother, to stay away from my family because crimes were being committed. They did not believe me, and disappeared from my life for two years in 2001 before Snyder’s book came out. Was Shamus Dundon involved in the looting? To not tell the truth can be construed as a CONSPIRACY to conceal facts about a major crime. Why didn’t these family members, and their looting friends, elect someone to ransack Christine’s home – while we are at the funeral? This way they did not have to fear being arrested – while committing a felony. Why didn’t you call Mark Presco and see if he could “staunch the flow”? Mark and Garth were the elders. At any time, did you urge Garth Benton to tell his attorney, Robin Beare, about what you saw?

For my readers at home…What would be the most valuable item in Christine’s house?

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Conspiracy (criminal) – Wikipedia

This is from ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ by Tom Snyder, a ghost writer hired by Stacey Pierrot, who was sold my family’s art legacy by executor, Sydney Morris. 

“Before the service, Vicki had taken the trouble to go through Christine’s bedroom, putting her jewelry and intimate belongings out of sight. As matters turned out, it did little good, for the funeral was not long over before family members and others were ravaging Christine’s house, taking whatever could be carted away. The artist’s closet, a veritable mother lode – took the worst beating. World-class spender that Christine had been, much of the clothing had never been worn. So whatever still bore price tags was hauled off to be exchanged for money. Jewelry disappeared, as well as other personal belongings. Gallery employees and close friends of the family, along with Vicki, were doing their best to staunch the flow – the estate had not yet been inventoried – but to no avail.”

Mark Presco, John Presco, Shamus Dundon, and Michael Harkins, were inside Christine Rosamond Benton’s home after the funeral. Because my friend Michael was a Private Investigator, he did not allow pics of him, thus, I use a image of Peter Sellers from one of his movies. He is disguised as a famous artist. Which one? 

Anyone of these men could have stopped The Looters, especially Michael who sparred with Chinese martial artists in Downtown Oakland. Were any these males – LOOTERS? Ex-gallery manager, Michael McCurdy, lived next door. He read his poem at the funeral. He is a big guy. He and his wife were in Christine’s AA group. Why wasn’t he called to – THE SCENE? Why didn’t someone – call the police?

were doing their best“? What did their best entail? Were they wagging their fingers in the faces of the looters – and scolding them? Was there any touching going on during this…..GRAND THEFT? I would threaten to call the police – or take out my cellphone and take a video! But, we didn’t have cellphones back in 94. How about 911? What if I am a Looter?

The key phrase in this one……Why?

“the estate had not yet been inventoried”

Of course the estate had not been inventoried. The famous Rosamond was being incinerated while all THE ALLEGED LOOTING was going on. It sounds like whoever ended up with all the art knew there was stock missing – or going to be missing?

My Dark Replacement | Rosamond Press

In criminal law, a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime at some time in the future.[1] Criminal law in some countries or for some conspiracies may require that at least one overt act be undertaken in furtherance of that agreement, to constitute an offense. There is no limit on the number participating in the conspiracy and, in most countries, no requirement that any steps have been taken to put the plan into effect (compare attempts which require proximity to the full offense). For the purposes of concurrence, the actus reus is a continuing one and parties may join the plot later and incur joint liability and conspiracy can be charged where the co-conspirators have been acquitted or cannot be traced. Finally, repentance by one or more parties does not affect liability (unless, in some cases, it occurs before the parties have committed overt acts) but may reduce their sentence.

Conspiracy (criminal) – Wikipedia

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