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The future I have been seeing, has arrived. I told Mr. McNoodles two weeks ago, I was putting the chess pieces on the board. Three days ago I told him the game of Battleship was being played in real life. My psychic abilities have been very powerful. In 1987 I got a reading at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and was told my novels are being dictated to me by a powerful entity that roams the universe, and comes to the aid of planets in dire distress. Our military has seen UFOs. I will not be communicating to you from two realities – at the same time. No more straddling the fence. These Starships have taken as side……my side!

Seer Jon

John ‘The Seer’ | Rosamond Press

Make Harry Windsor Head Of BDS USA | Rosamond Press

Pentagon leaders testily defend efforts on racism, extremism (

US warplanes fly combat missions off foreign nation’s carrier for first time since WWII (

Britain shows Biden how to deal with Russian aggression (

The British government remains far too comfortable with the presence of Russian illicit finance on its soil. However, on Wednesday, Britain educated the Biden administration on how to deal with Russian aggression.

The lesson came via the Royal Navy’s deployment of its Type-45 air defense destroyer, the HMS Defender, within 12 nautical miles of the Crimean coast. Twelve miles marks the delineation point between international waters and sovereign waters. Since its military seizure of Crimea in 2014, Russia has asserted that the territory is Russian. Put another way, that the 12 miles of water surrounding Crimea are as Russian as the 12 miles of water off Vladimir Putin’s home city, St. Petersburg. The point of this naval deployment was to reinforce the British government’s, and international community’s, contention that Crimea is Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory. It’s a point that requires emphasis.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Top Pentagon leaders on Wednesday passionately defended the military’s approach to addressing racism and extremism, pushing back against accusations by Republican lawmakers that the effort is creating division and hurting morale.

After all, the Biden administration has shown distinct weakness in contrast to the British action. The Biden administration recently canceled a U.S. Navy deployment into the Black Sea for what one official told Politico was “a ‘myriad’ of reasons, including a desire not to provoke Moscow during a delicate time.”

You won’t hear it from many other U.S. media publications, but this appeasement reflects President Joe Biden’s recent pattern of weakness toward Putin. It’s a pattern that has encouraged the European Union’s natural impulse for similar weakness (the EU on Wednesday called for a summit with Moscow). Unfortunately, Biden’s delusion is strategic in nature. The White House appears to believe that it can forge greater stability in U.S.-Russia relations by compromising with Putin in the face of Russian escalation. This belief is utterly delusional — one might just as soon convince the average Russian to drink whiskey instead of vodka. It will consolidate rather than cool Putin’s instinct to seize the initiative. It will also bring Biden domestic political difficulties when more becomes public on just what Putin has been up to in recent years.

The British deployment allowed the HMS Defender to test its advanced Sea Viper air defense system successfully under intense, near-battle conditions. Infuriated by the Defender’s transit, Russian military and coast guard forces swarmed it with ships and aircraft, and I am told that the Defender was able to track all Russian forces at all times during its transit successfully. The Royal Navy will likely share with the U.S. Navy its radar and sonar data and its monitoring of Russian tactical decisions. The United States will be particularly interested in the data because China’s People’s Liberation Army-navy and Army-air force would likely employ air-saturation strike tactics during any South China Sea conflict.

Ultimately, today’s top line is twofold. At a specific military level, Britain has shown that it can still rule the waves against powerful adversaries. At a political level, Britain has reminded Putin that it will defend the liberal international order. And in that same vein, it has offered Biden a lesson on how to lead.

Jim Jordan’s Section 230 Bill Won’t Bring Back Donald Trump | OpinionCalifornia must pay private businesses to allow union access, Supreme Court rules

The mission, according to a statement from the UK government, was against ISIS.

Eighteen UK and U.S. F35B jets were on board the HMS Queen Elizabeth. The mission, according to the UK government, is the largest concentration of maritime and air power to depart the UK in a generation, and the vessel’s first operational deployment.

The mission was also the first operational deployment for HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Video: Fighter jets take flight as we honor the U.S. military (USA TODAY)PauseCurrent Time 0:11/Duration 3:06Loaded: 29.02%Unmute0LQCaptionsFullscreenFighter jets take flight as we honor the U.S. militaryClick to expand

“HMS Queen Elizabeth’s first missions against Daesh will be remembered as a significant moment in the 50-year lifespan of this ship,” Commodore Steve Moorhouse, commander of the United Kingdom Carrier Strike Group, said in a statement, referring to ISIS by its Arabic acronym.

Captain James Blackmore, the commander of the Carrier Air Wing, wrote in a statement that the mission was the first time a U.S. aircraft flew from a foreign carrier since the HMS Victorious in the South Pacific in 1943.

“The level of integration between Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and US Marine Corps is truly seamless, and testament to how close we’ve become since we first embarked together last October,” Blackmore added.

A U.S.-led military coalition in January killed the top ISIS leader, in what was an airstrike meant to beat back a resurging terror campaign following a double suicide bombing in Baghdad.

The leader, Jabbar Salman Ali Farhan al-Issawi, 43, known as Abu Yasser, was killed in a joint mission with U.S. and Iraqi forces.

The mission, according to a statement from the UK government, was against ISIS.

Eighteen UK and U.S. F35B jets were on board the HMS Queen Elizabeth. The mission, according to the UK government, is the largest concentration of maritime and air power to depart the UK in a generation, and the vessel’s first operational deployment.

The mission was also the first operational deployment for HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Commander Fairbanks served in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Navy Department, from 3 October 1944, until 2 January 1945, when he was transferred to duty at Headquarters, Commander in Chief, US Fleet. After a year’s service in the latter assignment he was order to the US Naval Personnel Separation Center (Officer), Washington, DC, and was released from active duty in the rank of Commander on 5 February 1946.

In addition to the Silver Star Medal and the Legion of Merit, Commander Fairbanks had the American Defense Service Medal, Fleet Clasp, with bronze “A,” (USS MISSISSIPPI); the American Area Campaign Medal; the European-African-Middle Eastern Area Campaign Medal with one bronze star (USS WICHITA); the World War II Victory Medal; and the Expert Pistol Shot Medal. He also had the Decoration and Diploma of Officer of the National Order of the Southern Cross, conferred by the Brazilian Government; the Legion of Honor (Chevalier), and the Croix de Guerre with Palm, by the Government of France; and the Distinguished Service Cross, awarded by the Government of Great Britain.

In civil life, Commander Fairbanks was an actor and writer, and had been assistant producer in the fields of motion pictures and the theater. He had been active in foreign affairs through the State Department, and, prior to entering the Navy, was assigned as the President’s envoy to certain South American countries on a diplomatic and special mission.

Fairbanks, Douglas Elton, Jr. (

Captain of The USS Enterprise

Posted on April 27, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

My grandfather, Royal Rosamond, wrote in one of his books that one of his grandfathers Captained the U.S.S. Constitution. All night long, my Sea Angel bid me to gather around me all the power others have take from me. Yesterday, I edited the wikipedia citation on Christine Rosamond Benton. I challenged the sentence saying – it was not the season for rogue waves! If you have been at sea, or, just stood at the shore, you should know there is no season for rogues waves. They can occur at anytime, and any place. According to a reader at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, I died at the edge of the sea in February of 1967. This morning, when I opened my eyes, a voice bid me to declare myself THE CAPTAIN OF THE USS. ENTERPRISE.

USS Enterprise (1799) – Wikipedia

Here is an article that repeats what I have been saying and seeing in the blog, and in my Bond book ‘The Royal Janitor’ inspired by the incredible memory of Rena Easton who I rescued by the Venice Pier in 1970.

Spy chiefs look to declassify intel after rare plea from 4-star commanders (

““We request this help to better enable the US, and by extension its allies and partners, to win without fighting, to fight now in so-called gray zones, and to supply ammunition in the ongoing war of narratives,” the commanders who oversee U.S. military forces in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, as well as special operations troops, wrote to then-acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire last January.

“Unfortunately, we continue to miss opportunities to clarify truth, counter distortions, puncture false narratives, and influence events in time to make a difference,” they added.”

President Thomas Jefferson studied the U.S. Constitution before he sent the Enterprise and USS Constitution to the Barbary Coast to wage war on the Caliph and his pirates that were taking US Merchantmen hostage – and selling them into slavery. Britain just announced “Global Britain” will be sending warships to confront the Chinese Navy. My alleged grandfather captained The Enterprise! Am I the Futurian manifestations of Jean-Luc Picard in present time?

Rick Santorum made a statement there was nothing in the Americas when white men came here. My great grandfather, Puritan leader, John Wilson, learned the native language, and with the help of John Elliot printed the first New Bible in the new world, in the language of the natives. Emperor Charles Quint sent a Holy Navy to the Americas in order to bring it into the Holy Spanish Empire, he claiming he had a edict from King Jesus to do this. He was the first to kidnap black slaves in Africa to aide his Conquistador Christian Army – that had waged war against the Protestant Queen of England.

China and its Navy is making a move on the high seas, and in South America. What I suggest is the formation of a Indigenous People Navy, and Marine Guard, stationed in Puerto Quetzal Guatemala. China has criticized the ethnic make-up of the United States in taking away our Right, and our Permission, to employ our Navy where we deem fit.

I see the building of a Atlantis in Guatemala where the Native Navy and North American Marine Guard will be stationed. This force will put an end to the gangs who are the new pirates of the New World who are waging war against women, children, and the traditional family values the Puritans found in New England. I see a United States Navy made up of the Tribal People’s of the United States who immigrated from Asia. I see a Earth Navy stationed in the North American Continent that will look to promoting, and protecting, Cosmic Justice and Freedom. I suggest the remains of Commodore Isaac Hull be exhumed so our DNA can be compared. The Barbary Coast Ghost Ships must sail again, and confront the haters of Liberty.

John ‘Cosmic Sea Lord’

“In the U.S. Space Force, we are challenged every day to find new heights. Working within the space domain, our people launch rockets, keep satellites safe and operational, and develop technology to defend our way of life on Earth through our interests in space. We protect the hopes and dreams of America and exploration, while preparing for the 22nd century. When humankind asks “What if”, the mission of Space Force is to be the answer.”

U.S. Air Force – Space Force

New Page 2 (

The veteran ship next participated in the devastating raid on the great Japanese base at Truk 29-30 April, after which she arrived Majuro 4 May 1944. There she joined Rear Admiral Willis A. Lee’s battleships for a thrust into the Marianas and the invasion of Saipan. Hull bombarded Saipan 13 June, covered minesweeping operations with gunfire, and patrolled during the initial landing 15 June.

China’s Effort to Become Latin America’s Most Important Ally | Time

In April 2020, as COVID-19 began to tear through Latin America, the leftist bloc in the Paraguayan Senate introduced a bill to open relations with Beijing–which would inevitably mean ending recognition of Taiwan. The Senators argued that the pandemic would make Chinese support–in the form of masks and ventilators, but also investment, trade and possibly a vaccine–crucial in the coming years.

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor – Wikipedia


During Charles’s reign, the Castilian territories in the Americas were considerably extended by conquistadores like Hernán Cortés and Francisco Pizarro. They conquered the large Aztec and Inca empires and incorporated them into the Empire as the Viceroyalties of New Spain and Peru between 1519 and 1542. Combined with the circumnavigation of the globe by the Magellan expedition in 1522, these successes convinced Charles of his divine mission to become the leader of Christendom, which still perceived a significant threat from Islam. The conquests also helped solidify Charles’s rule by providing the state treasury with enormous amounts of bullion. As the conquistador Bernal Díaz del Castillo observed, “We came to serve God and his Majesty, to give light to those in darkness, and also to acquire that wealth which most men covet.”[53] Charles used the Spanish feudal system as a model for labor relations in the new colonies. The local Spaniards strongly objected because it assumed the equality of Indians and Spaniards. The locals wanted complete control over labor and got it under Philip II in the 1570s.[54]

On 28 August 1518, Charles issued a charter authorizing the transportation of slaves direct from Africa to the Americas. Up until that point (since at least 1510), African slaves had usually been transported to Castile or Portugal and had then been transhipped to the Caribbean. Charles’s decision to create a direct, more economically viable Africa to America slave trade fundamentally changed the nature and scale of the transatlantic slave trade.[55]

A host of troubling actions from those two countries — including efforts to damage America’s relationships with allies and to violate other countries’ sovereignty — mean the Intelligence Community must do more to show the world what Russia and China are doing, according to the commanders.

The memo from nine regional military commanders last year implored spy agencies to give them more evidence they can make public as a way to combat “pernicious conduct.”

Only by “waging the truth in the public domain against America’s 21st century challengers” can Washington shore up support from American allies, they said. But efforts to compete in the battle of ideas, they added, are hamstrung by overly stringent secrecy practices.

“We request this help to better enable the US, and by extension its allies and partners, to win without fighting, to fight now in so-called gray zones, and to supply ammunition in the ongoing war of narratives,” the commanders who oversee U.S. military forces in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, as well as special operations troops, wrote to then-acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire last January.

“Unfortunately, we continue to miss opportunities to clarify truth, counter distortions, puncture false narratives, and influence events in time to make a difference,” they added.

The memo, which was reviewed by POLITICO and has not been made public, made waves inside the Pentagon, the Intelligence Community, and on Capitol Hill over the past year, where it has come to be known as the “36-star memo.” It wasn’t a command or an ultimatum; rather, it implored the Intelligence Community to make big changes.

The fact that it was signed by nine of the 11 four-star combatant commanders — all but one of whom are still in uniform — is nearly unheard of, said multiple government officials familiar with the memo who said it underscored an unusual level of alarm among the top brass. The top leaders for U.S. Central Command and Cyber Command did not sign.

The letter was organized by Adm. Phil Davidson, the outgoing head of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, and was also signed by Gen. Jay Raymond, who at the time was commander of U.S. Space Command but is now head of the Space Force and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Spokespeople for Davidson and Raymond declined to comment on the memo or their concerns.

The missive casts in sharp relief some of the trickiest perennial challenges for U.S. national security leaders: When do you go public with classified intelligence? And what role do secrets play in the global battle for public opinion?

“The Russians and the Chinese, in particular, have weaponized information,” said Kari Bingen, who was one of the recipients of the memo when she was undersecretary of defense for intelligence and security. “This is a significant concern that is being raised by military commanders and intelligence professionals.”

“The combatant commands are out at the edge,” she added in an interview. “Their forces are interacting with our allies and partners, and seeing what our adversaries are doing, on a daily basis. They need timely and relevant information to expose bad activity and to counter what they’re seeing.”

Bad behavior

The Russians and Chinese militaries have been increasingly aggressive. Moscow this spring amassed a large combat force along its border with Ukraine and has stepped up its incursions into North American and European airspace. It has also been the target of additional U.S. sanctions for its sustained campaign to meddle in the American electoral process and engage in cyber attacks.

Beijing has continued its military expansion into contested areas of the South China Sea, most recently a chain of islands claimed by the Philippines. It has also mounted an aggressive campaign to bully Taiwan, which it considers a breakaway province, including brazenly sending more than two dozen combat planes into its air defense zone this month.

Meanwhile, the State Department has said that Russia and China have used the coronavirus pandemic to push anti-American conspiracy theories, including that the virus was an American-made bioweapon and that U.S. troops were responsible for its rapid spread.

The memo from the generals and admirals, which was unclassified but labeled “for official use only,” insisted the status quo falls far short of what they need to counter such propaganda, which means broadcasting to the world that Russia and China are undermining global order and democratic institutions.

One area of intelligence that the military said needs to be made more public is satellite images. A former senior Pentagon intelligence official said the memo alludes to frustrations some combatant commanders have about their inability to share satellite photos with allies and partners about adversaries’ behavior.

A second former defense official also said commanders have vented privately that they’re not getting the kind of intelligence they want or they’re getting it too late, or they’re getting it overly classified so they can’t circulate it.

The admin’s plan

Last summer, a team of senior Pentagon and intelligence officials convened a series of working groups in response to the military memo and issued recommendations, according to Matt Lahr, deputy assistant DNI for Strategic Communications.

In December 2020, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence requested intelligence agencies “review their existing procedures and improve their posture to support Combatant Commands at the speed and scale they require,” Lahr said in a statement.

He added that “initial responses” were received from directors of the spy agencies in January of this year. Now, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines and David Taylor, who is performing the duties of undersecretary of defense for intelligence and security, “are reviewing the agencies’ progress and emphasize that countering malign influence remains a top priority.”

Officials outlined a series of steps in their efforts to respond to the military’s continuing concerns about losing the information war. For starters, that includes “a review of existing IC procedures to shorten timelines and create efficiencies in disclosure, downgrading, and declassification processes.” Another goal is “the publication of priority intelligence requirements that address strategic messaging and malign influence,” Lahr said.

In other words, that means ODNI is telling other U.S. intelligence agencies to increase their focus on how hostile governments try to shape global public opinion, both secretly and publicly. But the statement doesn’t indicate just how high up on the list of priorities that focus has moved.

ODNI is also in the process of creating education and training programs for intelligence officers and analysts on how to spot different forms of misinformation or disinformation by adversaries, according to the statement.

Need for speed

A number of current and former national security officials told POLITICO that the efforts now underway are moving too slowly.

Rep. Ruben Gallego, who chairs the House Armed Services Committee’s Subcommittee on Intelligence and Special Operations, briefly mentioned the memo in a hearing last month. He told POLITICO that the change its authors called for has yet to materialize.

“I think there’s meaningful movement,” he said of the 15 months since the memo was delivered. “I can’t say that it’s been a change yet, because this is still evolving.”

Gallego said America is most effective at countering enemy propaganda where U.S. military forces are in combat, because there is a greater urgency to share intelligence to debunk conspiracy theories or try to sway the civilian population.

But when competing against adversaries in murkier circumstances that lie somewhere between peace and all-out war, as it is with Russia, Gallego said the U.S. struggles.

“There is no winning definitive victories, but you can definitely lose,” he said.

That concern is shared by Republicans and Democrats alike. The top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, told POLITICO that four-star commanders “need more tools that empower them” as they wage a “war of information.”

“Our inability to speak publicly about the real threats coming from China and Russia means many Americans don’t truly know everything we’re up against,” Inhofe said in a statement. “It makes it easier to argue to cut the defense budget when we can’t have an honest discussion about these threats.”

“I know this frustrates many of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle — and we need to get better at fighting in this space,” he added. “Our adversaries like to operate in the shadows, and the best way to combat them is to call out their lies.”

This battle of ideas is viewed as only widening. In a new threat assessment published this month, the DNI highlighted the aggressive campaigns by both Russia and China to shape global public opinion.

“Beijing has been intensifying efforts to shape the political environment in the United States to promote its policy preferences, mold public discourse, pressure political figures whom Beijing believes oppose its interests, and muffle criticism of China on such issues as religious freedom and the suppression of democracy in Hong Kong,” it said.

Russia, meanwhile, “presents one of the most serious intelligence threats to the United States, using its intelligence services and influence tools to try to divide Western alliances, preserve its influence in the post-Soviet area, and increase its sway around the world, while undermining US global standing, sowing discord inside the United States, and influencing US voters and decisionmaking.”

CNN commentator Rick Santorum, a onetime Republican senator from Pennsylvania and 2008 presidential candidate, is facing calls for his firing after seemingly erasing Native Americans from American history during a speech to a conservative student group last week.

Santorum argued that countries like Italy, Greece, China and Turkey evolved over time but claimed that Europeans seeking religious freedom built America from scratch — even though estimates suggest there were already millions of indigenous Americans living in what is now the United States before the arrival of European settlers.

“They came here, mostly from Europe, and they set up a country that was based on Judeo-Christian principles,” Santorum said in a speech to the Young America’s Foundation’s Standing Up for Faith & Freedom conference, first flagged by Media Matters. “That’s what our founding documents are based upon. It’s in our DNA.”

“We came here and created a blank slate. We birthed a nation from nothing,” he continued. “I mean, there was nothing here. I mean, yes, we have Native Americans but candidly there isn’t much Native American culture in American culture. It was born of the people who came here pursuing religious liberty to practice their faith, to live as they ought to live, and have the freedom to do so.”

  • After his remarks were widely circulated on social media, Santorum said in a statement to Salon that “I had no intention of minimizing or in any way devaluing Native American culture.”

Rick Santorum makes ignorant claim there was “nothing” in America until white settlers arrived (

Russia says U.S., NATO actions in Europe increase military threat: Ifax (

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday that actions by the United States and the transalantic NATO alliance in Europe were contributing to an increased military threat, the Interfax news agency reported.

Spy chiefs look to declassify intel after rare plea from 4-star commanders (

America’s top spies say they are looking for ways to declassify and release more intelligence about adversaries’ bad behavior, after a group of four-star military commanders sent a rare and urgent plea asking for help in the information war against Russia and China.

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