Celebrity Pool Party – A Play

Celebrity Pool Party – A Play


Vincent Rosamond Rice

Copyright 2021

It was Bryan MacLean who suggested to James Bond they have a pool party at his house, and invite Elizabeth and Richard Burton, the actors James aced out of the home they wanted. The year is 1968. There is an uprising in Czechoslovakia. Leonid Brezhnev has amassed tanks on the border. When not giving instructions to his hired help, Bond is on a conference call to M16 in Britain. They want to know who is coming for a dip. Here are the guests that showed up that fateful day.

James Bond, Talitha and J. Paul Getty Jr. Ryan O’Neal, Andy Warhol and Edith, Lana Clark and Phil Spector, Liza Minelli and Barbara Streisand. Bryan and Arthur Lee, Peter Fonda and Steve McQueen, John and Irena the Acid Messiah of Height Ashbury, and his muse, the embodiment of Mary Magdalene. LIFE just did a layout on The Prophets of San Francisco, and many people in Europe were dare saying John looked like Jesus. The Hollywood Crowd were withholding their verdict. There was talk of The End of The World. The Cold War was about to turn – HOT!

James, anticipating Bryan was going to ask if his band, Love, could play at the party, hired his old friend, Christopher Lee, to play the baby grand by the pool and sing some British show tunes. Bond loathed Rock and Roll! When he came dressed as Dracula, the party went south, especially when Richard Burton and Lee started reciting George Bernard Shaw. Liza and Barbara tried doing a happy duet, but, a dark pall came over the celebrity crowd – full of potence! Arthur Lee got behind it, and wrote a flurry of new songs. Then….The Acid Messiah went into a trance…..and began channeling.

Celebrity Pool Party may turn into a musical when this Bohemian gathering hears Soviet troops have invaded the Land of Bohemia. Ryan puts on a pair of boxing gloves as Barbara and Liza begin a duet that others join in on. Phil Specter rages about hitting them with a Wall of Sound as a orchestra rises above the infinity pool with the dazzling lights of downtown LA behind them. Then, here come the La Bo Bollywood Dancers. There is talk about imminent nuclear war. Arthur Lee steps forward with new and rousing words to Seven and Seven Is.

“This is it! Say NO to tyranny!”


“Maybe the people would be the times or between Clark and Hilldale” by Love – soundstreamsunday – a weekly infinite linear mixtape (wordpress.com)

Talitha Getty – Wikipedia

O’Neal was born in Los Angeles, California, the eldest son of actress Patricia Ruth Olga (née O’Callaghan; 1907–2003) and novelist and screenwriter Charles O’Neal.[6] His father was of Irish and English descent, while his mother was of paternal Irish and maternal Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.[6][7] His brother, Kevin, is an actor and screenwriter.[8]

O’Neal attended University High School in Los Angeles, and trained there to become a Golden Gloves boxer. During the late 1950s, his father had a job writing on a television series called Citizen Soldier, and moved the family to Munich, where O’Neal attended Munich American High School.[9]

Soviets invade Czechoslovakia – HISTORY

In 1966-1967 Los Angeles was Arthur Lee’s dark kingdom.  Brian Wilson owned the sun, Jim Morrison traveled the other side, and while the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield gave L.A. its folkie hippie face, Lee’s band Love fashioned a punk muzak masquerade that fifty years on will still not relent.  Their capstone album, 1967’s Forever Changes, is one of the handful of perfect rock records, but it is a difficult masterpiece, borne of a drug-addled band falling apart on the heels of some minor pop success (thanks to their cover of Bacharach/David’s “My Little Red Book” and the blazing protopunk of “7 and 7 Is”), as their chief admirers and competitors the Doors were surpassing them in popularity, commercially beating them at their own game.  Forever Changes is not instantly recognizable for what it is, and its easy melodic beauty — indebted to the Tijuana Brass, smooth jazz, and surf instrumentals — supports a poetry far more complex and subtle than anyone else in rock was writing at the time, save perhaps Van Morrison.

Forever Changes really began with Love’s second album, Da Capo (1966), its first side moving away from the Byrds influence so evident on their first LP (as good as that record is), towards a baroque fusion of Spanish-inflected pop jazz mixed with fierce punk aggression.  By the time they came to record Forever Changes in the summer of 1967, Lee had refined this sound to create, with the band’s other songwriter, Bryan MacLean, a seamless set of 11 songs beginning with the plaintive loneliness of “Alone Again Or” and concluding with a rumination on the album’s title in “You Set the Scene.”  Engineer and co-producer Bruce Botnick (known primarily for his work with the Doors, labelmates on Jac Holzman’s groundbreaking Elektra Records), who had produced the band’s two previous records, has been credited with motivating the band to record, and in creating the album’s sonic consistency.  The airy breeziness of the tunes and Lee’s at times affected vocal approach are often in stark contrast, and yet ultimately work with, the grim lyrical themes — mortality, war, racial division (Lee and guitarist Johnny Echols were black men in a very white rock scene), broken love — and the words are so deftly written and rendered that there is no belaboring the evident point: the Summer of Love is bullshit.  These kind of dynamics create a layered masterwork that sustains prolonged discovery.  Forever Changes is a slow grower, it reveals itself over time, but once its hooks are in it will not let go.  I think it’s interesting that while the album tanked in America it hit #24 in Great Britain in 1968, and can be seen as being influential on both British progressive and punk rock.  It’s no mistake that it was in London that Lee so successfully revived the album as a live performance in 2003, the recordings from which demonstrate the undiminished power of the songs (and, surprisingly given his rough life, Lee’s chops).

“Maybe the people would be the times or between Clark and Hilldale” opens side two of Forever Changes and contains in its three and a half minutes a snappy, bass-and-brass driven portrait of the transience of life — the comings and the goings and the intersections — surrounding the Whiskey a Go Go and the Sunset Strip, the heart of Love’s Los Angeles.  Others feel more confident in their interpretations of the song, but it makes me feel good because wrapped inside this sunny tune, where at one glorious moment in the break Lee doubles the trumpet as if he’s Tony Bennett, there is room for thought and contemplation, and even if I can’t say for certain what was going through Arthur Lee’s mind when he wrote the words, perhaps that’s what makes this and other of Love’s songs feel so universal.

Bond On Bond

Posted on August 24, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

  • Paris Hilton is getting married and she has no idea she is related to the Getty family, and Ian Fleming. Is her husband to be keen on genealogies like I am? When I saw the ad for Love, I was reminded of my movie idea where James Bond moves next door to the castle Love lived in. Right away James has a pushup with Arthur Lee. How many members of my family, and of Robert Brevoort Buck law firm, did the Scottish Jig thinking I had really blown my top – gone completely Coo-Coo? If a Ad Agency had handled the probate of Christine Rosamond Benton, all members of my family would be rolling in doe, even though my Neo-Nazi brother has lived his whole life making sure I am a failure. There’s your Villain – right there! Get him!

I belong to several Bond facebook groups and have read the members wanting a retro-Bond. I heard. I wrote LA Bond that takes place in 1969 after Jame’s wife is assassinated. Bond is approached by a Ad Agency that handles men’s colognes, and his first lay-out gets allot of attention. Elizabeth Taylor takes note, and wants James in her new ad. Carrie Fisher is all over James. The most beautiful young woman in the world is discovered on the boardwalk in Venice, and she appears in a Bond ad. The famous artist, Rosamond, asks James to be her first male model – her male muse! Everything is taking off for Agent 007. He gets a movie offer. But then, he crosses paths with…..The Spoiler…..this San Francisco Bohemian Artist and friend of Andy and Edith Sedgwick that made a name for himself exposing Phonies.

“I’m not a phonie! Who does this fooken bloke think he is?”

John Presco

Paris Hilton says her wedding will be a 3-day affair with 10 outfit changes (yahoo.com)

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (film) – Wikipedia

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds – YouTube

LA Bond – Live And Let Live

Posted on June 28, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press



John Presco

It is rumored 007 influenced Arthur Lee to write two songs for Love’s ‘Forever Changes’.

At 12:42 P.M. James Bond was out by the pool throwing tomahawks at a log, when Arthur Lee stuck his head out the window, and shouted;

“Knock it off! Some people are trying to sleep!”

,Bond looked up and saw a angry, disheveled black man.

“Look chap! I’m a firm believer in ‘live and let live’, but it’s past noon. Normal people have long been up and about.”

“Well, I’m not normal people. I’m a rock musician. and I work till 2:00 A.M. and then party and jam with my my – mates – afterwards. You’re from England. Do me a favor. Can you throw your tomohawk in the evening. I don’t get out of bed till around four!”

James went over and pulled his weapons out of the block.

“You got it. Now, go catch some more shut-eye!”

By the way….what’s your name?”

“Bond….James Bond. What’s your’s?”

“Lee….Arthur Lee!”

Arthur Lee, a founder of the group Love, lay in bed trying to fall back asleep. He assessed if he was justified in yelling at the new neighbor. Would he cause trouble. He ended up composing a song that he wanted on the new album. ‘Live and Let Live’ was about the British Invasion, and, the people who were already here. The base in this song is played by Carol Kaye who would go on a date with James, who ended up on the wrong side of the Hell’s Angels who befriended Michael MacLure, whose nose he bloodied at the Whisky A Go Go.

Love – Live And Let Live – YouTube

At the party, Lee worked on another song about Bond, he recognizing him as another Alpha Male who moved in on Carol like a big dog. This member of Spector’s ‘Wrecking Crew’ had deflected many smooth moves from the smoothest men in the business were she was known as the best bass player – ever!

“I see that we are the adults in the room. You appear to be alert and into getting to the point. Let’s spend the night together.”

When I discovered Carol played the base in The Daily Planet I knew I had found the genius behind the Forever Changes album, that I want in LA Bond – if it becomes a movie.

Love – The Daily Planet – YouTube

Carol Kaye – Wikipedia

Yes I’ve seen you sitting on the couch
I recognize your artillery
I have seen you many times before
Once when I was an Indian
And I was on my land

Why can’t you understand

On this day George Harrison circulated a memo at Apple to tell staff that he had invited a group of Hells Angels from California to stay at 3 Savile Row.

Hells Angels will be in London within the next week, on the way to straighten out Czechoslovakia. There will be twelve in number complete with black leather jackets and motor cycles. They will undoubtedly arrive at Apple and I have heard they may try to make full use of Apple’s facilities. They may look as though they are going to do you in but are very straight and do good things, so don’t fear them or up-tight them. Try to assist them without neglecting your Apple business and without letting them take control of Savile Row.

James Bond In La La Land?

Posted on July 13, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press


The home where Elizabeth Taylor lived in the 1950s with then-husband Michael Wilding has hit the market in Beverly Hills. 

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury has confirmed the new listing — the first time in 21 years the property has been up for sale — at 1375 Beverly Estates Dr. for $15.9 million. According to the real estate broker, the couple purchased the 2.01 acre property as their private L.A. retreat in 1954, shortly after it was built in 1953. According to reports, Taylor and Wilding made the decision to buy the property after scaling a fence to check out the grounds. Taylor and Wilding married in 1952 and divorced in 1957.

What if no film company buys my Victoria Bond idea? Well, I got a back up. Just in case folks think I am fixating on Lara Roozemond, even stalking her, I am willing to let her go for The Almighty Dollar. Consider this My Giant Cop-out!

James Bond In La La Land

A Movie Script


John (Jon) Gregory Presco

Shortly after the death of his beloved wife, Teresa Bond, James has a total mental breakdown. He is sent to see a crack team of psychiatrist who tell him it is time to retire. They suggest he move to Los Angeles California, where he can blend in. Having won a small fortune playing cards in Monaco, he asks The Team Real Estate Agents, if they know of a house. They tell him a house designed by George McLean has just come on the market. There is another buyer who made an offer, but, it could be made to look like they lost a bidding war.

“Who is getting bumped?”

“Oh, just a has-been Hollywood couple whose latest movie was a big flop. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burton.”

“What about the neighbors? I don’t want to be disturbed. I’m not in the best of shape.”

“Let’s see. There’s Joe Spine on your right, and a rock band called ‘Love’ on your left. Joe is a right-wing T.V. talk personality, your typical American asshole.”

“What about noise?”

“L.A. is a noisy place. There’s an acid rock band every square mile.”

“Maybe I could jam with them. I play a mean Scottish flute.”

“You got one more neighbor, Mr. Natural, who lives illegally in a treehouse up the canyon. He’s harmless. He’ll actually give you money if you let him graze on your lawn.”

“What about women. Do they got pretty women in L.A.?”

“James. You act like you never heard of Los Angeles a place famous for beautiful women. You will have a pool. There will be pool parties, and, just women who like to hang.”

“O.K. Sounds like my cup of tea! Let’s close the deal. Are you sure the Burtons won’t be upset?”

Phone rings.

“Hello Liz. I was wondering when you would get wind of this. I’ll ask him.”

“What the fook. They know who I am?”

“Calm down James. They just know you aced them out. You see, there is this Hollywood Network thing. They want you over for dinner to let you know there are no had feelings. If you refuse, they will make sure things go badly for you in THEIR town.”

“What the fook? I thought I was ordered to stay out of trouble, and relax! My pappy always said “Sometimes when you aren’t looking for trouble, trouble is looking for you!”

Let me pre-warn my movie goers. I plan to shoot the greatest Acid Trip – ever! If I go before this is done – there goes the sixties!  Cary Grant took LSD. He would have made a great James Bond. I don’t want to give it away, but, James has his martini spiked with LSD. Who did it?

Mr. Natural – Joe Spine – Liz – a Getty – Love

After his major freak-out James takes up bowling and joins a team that turns out to be Korean Vets who are suffering from PTSD. They are a bad bunch. A bond is made. They conclude bowling isn’t cutting it. James suggests they go over to the dark side and form a motorcycle club. They chose one bike. Here are your choices…….

Elizabeth grew up with an understanding and appreciation for fine art. Her father, Francis Taylor, was an art dealer with a gallery located at 35 Old Bond Street in London. He learned the business under the tutelage of his uncle, Howard Young. After relocating with his family to sunny California during the war, Francis opened an art gallery at the Château Elysée, but quickly relocated it to the more impressive Beverly Hills Hotel. It was at that location that such celebrities as Howard Duff, Vincent Price, James Mason, Alan Ladd, Hedda Hopper, and Greta Garbo could be found selecting art for their own collections. Francis Taylor was also a trendsetter; responsible for the popularity of Augustus John in the United States. Francis, who had a keen eye, asked John if he could buy some of the paintings John had discarded. John felt they weren’t good enough to sell, and gave them to Francis free of charge. They were sold back at the art gallery in the States, where Augustus John paintings would be sold exclusively for many years. Francis would soon find an art connoisseur in his daughter, Elizabeth, who would amass one of the great private collections of Impressionist art in America.

Posted on July 13, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

What I have been putting together here is an Art Dynasty of people who share the same DNA, and are ‘Of The Art Blood’. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, artists, Christine Rosamond and Garth Benton, along with the Fleming family, are in the same tree. Did I leave out the Getty family? How about the Rothschilds?

What really irks folks, is – I am dirt poor! Who do I think I am? Jesus had no money – and he founded a world religion! Now – I am mad! Whatever……..I am the Touchstone! The next two Bond movies – BELONG TO ME!

John Presco



LOS ANGELES – The Getty and the Rothschild Foundation today announced the creation of the Getty Rothschild Fellowship, which will support innovative scholarship in the history of art, collecting, and conservation, using the collection and resources of both institutions. The fellowship offers art historians, museum professionals, or conservators the opportunity to research and study at both the Getty in Los Angeles and Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, England. The inaugural fellow is Dr. David Saunders, a foremost expert in the area of conservation science who will work on museum and gallery lighting during the fellowship.
“The Getty and the Rothschild Foundation hold similar values regarding the understanding and conservation of visual art around the world, and it is only appropriate that we would work together to support individuals who demonstrate these values through their research,” says Jim Cuno, president and CEO of the J. Paul Getty Trust. “We are pleased to award the inaugural Getty Rothschild Fellowship to Dr. Saunders, whose work in museum lighting has been of long-standing interest to the Getty Conservation Institute and the Getty Museum.”



Valentine Fleming 

Newport-on-Tay, Fife, Scotland
Death:May 20, 1917 (35)
Picardy, France
Immediate Family:Son of Robert Fleming and Sarah Kate Fleming
Husband of Evelyn Beatrice Saint Croix Rose and a Fleming
Father of Peter FlemingIan FlemingMichael Valentine Paul Fleming and Major Richard Evelyn Fleming
Brother of Philip Fleming and Dorothy Hermon-Hodge (Fleming)
Added by:James Borthwick on May 26, 2007
Managed by:Tina and Michael Lawrence Rhodes



The firm of Robert Fleming & Co., known as Flemings, was founded in Dundee, Scotland in 1873 by Robert Fleming, a successful manufacturer of jute fabrics used for sandbags in the American Civil War. The firm was originally formed as a series of investment trusts, pooling money from Scottish investors into overseas ventures, and later moved into merchant banking. In 1909 the firm moved its headquarters to London.https://www.youtube.com/embed/oo8AV6_GvH8?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en&autohide=2&wmode=transparent


One of the most prestigious galleries of Scottish art, with a renowned private collection of Glasgow Boys and Scottish Colourists, is to close.

The Fleming Collection gallery in Mayfair, London, is to shut next year, and the Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation, which runs it, is to pursue a new “museum without walls” strategy.

The collection comprises over 600 oils and watercolours from 1770 to the present day.

After the sale of the Fleming’s merchant bank in 2000, the Foundation was established by members of the Fleming family with the aim of “furthering the understanding and fame of Scottish art outside Scotland through exhibitions, education and publishing.”

James Knox, director of the Foundation, said: “From now on our collection will support and initiate exhibitions to expand the audience for Scottish art in the UK and overseas.

“Indeed, this process of cultural diplomacy has already begun with our loan of key paintings and contribution of art-historical advice to the first ever survey of Scottish art to be staged in France [at the Musee du chateau des ducs de Wurtenberg, Montbeliard].

Rory Fleming, chairman of the Foundation, said: “This is a great moment in the history of the Foundation, which will build on our track record of raising the profile and influence of Scottish art and creativity.”

The Fleming Collection dates back to 1968 when Flemings, the former merchant bank, moved into new offices in London.

As a celebration of the Scottish origins of the bank, founded by Robert Fleming in Dundee, the Board began to acquire works by Scottish artists.

The collection includes works dating from the 18th century, including paintings by Allan Ramsay and Henry Raeburn.

It also includes two seminal images of the Highland Clearances: Thomas Faed’s The Last of The Clan and John Watson Nicol’s Lochaber No More.

It also owns works by the Glasgow Boys, Scottish Colourists as well as later twentieth century masters, such as Anne Redpath and John Bellany.

When the bank was sold to J.P Morgan in 2000, the collection was purchased by members of the family and vested in the Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation.

The Wyfold name was added to the name to commemorate the life of the last Lord Wyfold, a grandson of Robert Fleming


Cleopatra Rosemond Bond of 35 Bond Street

Posted on May 25, 2018by Royal Rosamond Press


Richard Burton was Ian Fleming’s first choice to play James Bond. Richard married my kin, Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, whose father ran an art gallery at 35 Bond Street, that was named after Jame’s fictional ancestor. Roger Moor was in a movie with this famous married couple, separately. There is the term ‘Hollywood Royalty’ that is now applicable to Meghan Markle, who was granted a coat of arms. The Bond name is a real name in the Peerage. The sons of Princess Diana ‘England’s Rose’ are assuming real roles in worldly affairs, and thus the time of them being merely figureheads, is coming to an end. What I suggest, is, that James Bond movies and book, can play a big role in making this world a better place to live.




I awoke this morning from a dream. I was James Bond (somewhat) and I was writing myself a check. It was for an emergency, just incase I got hurt and suffered from memory loss. It would pay for my hospital bill, a hotel room, and dinner at a fine restruant. Is $10,000 enough? How about $50,000? Is the sky the limit?

I did not want to get rid of the idea for a Female Bond. Who would be my model? Who would understand? Who would get behind my cause? Who would not give me all this grief? Then, she came to me. My Savior. My kindred………Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor!

I got up and looked at Richard Burton who is in my family tree. Ian Fleming wanted him to be the first James Bond. I then looked at the paintings and drawings of Augustus John, that Francis Taylor and Liz owned.  John had a daughter, Amaryllis, who was the mother of Ian Flaming. Elizabeth Taylor’s father had a art gallery at 35 Old Bond Street that was named after Sir Thomas Bond that is the ancestor of James Bond. Liz and Richard are in the Getty family tree, and we are kin to Talkitha Getty.

Caspar John is in my rosy family tree. He was a Sea Lord, and half-brother of Poppet Pol (John) There is no doubt that Rena’s late husband, Commander Sir Ian Easton, and John, knew each other. Tabitha Getty is Caspar’s second-niece. She was a Bohemian fashion model, and step-mother of John Paul, who was abducted. John is the subject of a movie and television series titled ‘Trust’. Why are these knighted men marrying beautiful American women? May I dare wonder?

Rena was the muse of my late, Christine Rosamond, and I. This is the love story of our time. The children born at the end of the World War were given a special mission. Rena and I were destined to meet – and part – so our spirits can rescue Britain from her enemies. Britannia rules the waves! Like Phoenix Birds…………..We will rise from the ashes?

Sotheby’s is located at 35 Bond Street. Is it on the same building that Francis Taylor had his art gallery? Did Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor ever go into this gallery? Today, there is a statue of Sekhmet above the door. She is The Guardian. She is the Daughter of God Ra!

On this day, May 25, 2018 at 9:00 A.M. PST…….Cleopatra Rosemond Bond…..is born! She will be called ‘Cleo Bond’. Cleopatra ‘Rose of the World’.

I bury Victoria Bond, and dismiss Lara Roozemond as the model of my Bond Woman. However, she might be my model for Cleo’s arch rival.

I FOUND a incredible connection that already existed. It lie there, dead, waiting for The Heir to come along – and resurrect the Rose-Bond Lineage. I am a immortal! I am in the cat-bird-seat. I have been given a blank check – from beyond the grave! There is a great battle brewing on the horizon! I am with ‘The Champions’! When I get my first royalty check, I’m moving to Bond Street. I want to open a Art Gallery on Bond Street, called –

‘The John Gallery’

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Copyright 2018

Artist Augustus John auction by Elizabeth Taylor. See Tamara Cohen story.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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