Living On Santa Monica Beach

ocean2 ocean3 oceanpoceanp13 oceanp14 oceanp15 oceanp17 oceanp19When I came back to California after living in Greenwhich Village for eight months, I got a job at May Company and moved into a studio at the back of a house on Ocean Park Blvd. The year was 1964. I was seventeen. I bought a hawk, and drove the 1958 For Fairlane my uncle Vinnie gave me. I explored Venice that was a mile down the beach but do not recall if I went into the Gas Light.

The house I lived in is the second from the end of the street. My Fairlane was dark and light green like the one on the lower left. This was the life. My boss was going to make me the manager of four art supply stores. Then my ex-girlfriend showed up and bid me to come back to the Bay Area because there was something wonderful going on. She hung with the Beats in Venice when she was sixteen.

Jon Presco

I just talked to Joanne in Prague Oklahoma where Meher Baba had a car accident. She told me 200 Baba Lovers from all around the world came to Prague for a Baba Accident Festival. Twenty minutes away, my grandfather had a auto accident in Saint Louis Oklahoma – in a Chevrolet. Did Baba and Royal listen to the same tunes on the car radio? It is said Baba became a big fan of Jim Reeves while crossing America. I would have liked to been in the car with God, at 3:00 AM, the glow of the car radio sweetly singing out brief moral and love tribulations. Country Western Music is huge in India.

Here are videos of the Fairlane Ford that belonged to Marijee and was shipped to India. I used to own one, my first car.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    When I questioned Rena if she wanted to be a model, and this is the reason she drove fro, Nebraska to parade around in her bikini on the beach too, she got upset, and answered; “No. I don’t like what modeling has done to my sisters.”

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