Belmont A Capitol of German Culture

I have been considering moving to Belmont California. My ancestors founded this city. This would be a perfect place to launch my candidacy for President of the United States – and Messiah!

I noticed that the images of Betsy Johnson’s folks timber company looked like the pics of the California Barrel Company.


The California Barrel Company – Lives!

0674, 5/17/05, 2:30 PM, 8C, 6784×4902 (423+3151), 100%, humbolt, 1/80 s, R49.7, G29.0, B61.2


I just found this in the parallel business world. William Broderick, the husband of Alice Stuttmeister, was the Vice President (a Director) of the California Barrel Company that was located in the Dogpatch, south of San Francisco, and Arcate in Humbolt County where the photograph of Melba and her grandfather is taken. The photo says it is her father, but, it is her grandfather, William Oltman Stuttmeister. I know this because according the Daryl Bulkley, William was very tall, and William Broderick, was short. That is how I remember him.

Rosamond Press

I posted much history about my German Ancestors on the Facebook of the Belmont Historical Society, and got no response after three days. I then posted on the Marin Cadettes and the Black Panthers. I suggested a Militia be formed around Vice President Kamala Harris, who was born in Oakland where Jack London grew up. My reasoning was, that from the Janke family of Belmont sprang MY FAMOUS FAMILY HISTORY including our marriage into the Benton-Fremont family, and the Getty-Fleming family.

John Presco

off them. They pay her rent and buy her a new car.…/meet-snitty-cynthia-karpa…/

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  • Greg PrescoI am third generation Oakland where Kamala was born. This morning I spent four hours posting my family history of Carl Janke, a Belmont Pioneer, and all my posts were taken down. There was confusion why my posts were not shown last…

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