Forward With Fromond and Fremont

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All Christians who still back the treacherous Trump are not welcome in the Republican Party! GET OUT! Form your own party!

Group of Republicans and Democrats form new political party to appeal to moderates (

I saw the FUTURE! Why not put Fromondia in Delmarva and write a fictional history with the best outcome. Delmarva can be the New Home for the Moderate Liberal Atheist. The Lord of the Rings industry can find a home here. Every time a radical and crazy Christian idea and group tries to take hold in Delmarva, our Nine Magical Judges – WILL CRUSH it/them!


“Political extremism is ripping our nation apart, and the two major parties have failed to remedy the crisis,” David Jolly, Christine Todd Whitman and Andrew Yang wrote in a Washington Post op-ed published Wednesday. “Today’s outdated parties have failed by catering to the fringes. As a result, most Americans feel they aren’t represented.”

Group of Republicans and Democrats form new political party to appeal to moderates

Brian Rokus – Yesterday 3:58 PM

There’s a new political party forming. See who’s behind it

“Political extremism is ripping our nation apart, and the two major parties have failed to remedy the crisis,” David Jolly, Christine Todd Whitman and Andrew Yang wrote in a Washington Post op-ed published Wednesday. “Today’s outdated parties have failed by catering to the fringes. As a result, most Americans feel they aren’t represented.”

Jolly is a former Republican congressman from Florida, Whitman a former Republican governor of New Jersey and Yang is a former Democratic presidential and New York mayoral candidate. The three will merge their political organizations into the new party, whose launch was first reported by Reuters.

The group cites issues including guns, climate change and abortion as those that could benefit from a moderate approach. The new party will also advocate ranked-choice voting and open primaries, the end of gerrymandering, and nationwide protection for voting rights.

“Sixty-two percent of Americans now want a third party, a record high, because they can see that our leaders aren’t getting it done,” Yang told CNN’s Brianna Keilar on “New Day” on Thursday in a joint appearance with Whitman. “And when you ask about the policy goals, the fact is the majority of Americans actually agree on really even divisive issues. The most divisive issues of the day like abortion or firearms – there’s actually a commonsense coalition position on these issues and just about every other issue under the sun.”

Forward is planning a national convention next summer and will soon seek ballot access to run candidates in 2024, according to the Post op-ed.

The party said in a news release that it would launch “a national building tour this fall to hear from voters and begin laying the groundwork for expanded state-by-state party registration and ballot access, relying on the combined nationwide network of the three organizations.” It plans to gain legal recognition “in 15 states by the end of 2022, twice that number in 2023, and in almost all U.S. states by the end of 2024.”

While Forward won’t be running its own candidates in this year’s midterm elections, it will “support select candidates in November who stand up for our democracy, even if they come from outside the new party,” according to the news release.

Jolly, Whitman and Yang acknowledged the clear lack of success third parties have had in the United States previously, writing in their op-ed, “Most third parties in U.S. history failed to take off, either because they were ideologically too narrow or the population was uninterested.” But they said that “voters are calling for a new party now more than ever,” citing a Gallup poll from last year.

“Americans of all stripes – Democrats, Republicans and independents – are invited to be a part of the process, without abandoning their existing political affiliations, by joining us to discuss building an optimistic and inclusive home for the politically homeless majority,” Jolly, Whitman and Yang wrote.

Asked by Keilar on Thursday why they believe their effort to create a third party would work, Whitman said, “We’re in a different time.”

“When you have 50% of the American people saying that they are registered independent … people are sick and tired of what they’re seeing in Washington and the fact that nothing major is getting done is frustrating them. We have big problems and we want to see them resolved,” she said.

A few independent candidates have earned national attention in their races this cycle. In Utah, Evan McMullin, who ran for president in 2016 as an anti-Trump conservative, is challenging GOP Sen. Mike Lee and has the backing of the state Democratic Party. In Missouri, John Wood, a former senior investigator for the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol, is running as a “commonsense alternative” to the field of Republican and Democratic candidates for the state’s open US Senate seat. And in Oregon, former state Sen. Betsy Johnson, who left the Democratic Party last year, is a top contender in the open governor’s race.

Flight To Fromondia

Posted on January 6, 2022 by Royal Rosamond Press

I registered to vote as a Republican two weeks after President Obama won his first term. I did so in order to mend the division in our Democracy. Today, Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden – now President – warned us all that our Democracy is in grave peril. I ran for President as a – Futurian. Did I see the future – as I lived it?

I am trying to find out if they moved th statue of my kin, Senator Thomas Hart Benton, out of the Capital Rotunda where President Biden spoke to today, giving a verbal thrashing of the Ex.

Here is a video I helped make.

John Presco

Mitch McConnell says the U.S. Capitol was ‘stormed by criminals’ on Jan. 6, 2021 (

Bill to replace Thomas Hart Benton statue refers to wrong Benton (

  • Biden dismissed characterizations that his speech marking the January 6 riot anniversary was divisive.
  • “The way you have to heal, you have to recognize the extent of the wound,” he told reporters.
  • Trump said Biden “used my name today to try to further divide America.”

President Joe Biden on Thursday rejected the idea that his speech marking the one-year anniversary of the January 6 riot was divisive. 

“Does calling [Trump] out divide more than it heals?” a reporter asked Biden at the Capitol after he wrapped up his speech. “You talk so much about healing, sir, healing this country.”

“No, no, look. The way you have to heal, you have to recognize the extent of the wound. You can’t pretend. This is serious stuff,” Biden replied. “And a lot of people, understandably, want to go ‘Look, I’d just … not face it.”

“You’ve got to face it. That’s what great nations do. They face the truth. Deal with it and move on,” he added.

Biden, despite never mentioning Trump by name, sharply condemned the former president over his role in the January 6 riot in a 25-minute speech at the Capitol on Thursday morning.

“One year ago today, in this sacred place, democracy was attacked, simply attacked,” Biden said.

“For the first time in our history, a president had not just lost an election, he tried to prevent a peaceful transition of power as a violent mob reached the Capitol,” he continued. “But they failed. They failed. And on this day of remembrance, we must make sure that such an attack never, never happens again.”

The president went on to call Trump a “defeated former president,” and added: “His bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our Constitution. He can’t accept he lost.” 

Biden told reporters after his speech that he did not utter Trump’s name because he “did not want to turn it into a contemporary political battle between me and the president.”

“It’s way beyond that. It’s way beyond that,” he said.

Trump continues to lie that widespread voter fraud rigged the 2020 presidential election against him, though federal, state, and local election officials have found no such evidence. Officials have repeatedly said that the election results were fair and accurate, but Trump insists that he won the election.

Trump responded to Biden’s criticisms in a lengthy statement on Thursday, calling the president’s speech “political theater.”

“Biden, who is destroying our Nation with insane policies of open Borders, corrupt Elections, disastrous energy policies, unconstitutional mandates, and devastating school closures, used my name today to try to further divide America,” he said. This political theater is all just a distraction for the fact Biden has completely and totally failed.”

Acting President and Presidential Candidate

Posted on April 18, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

On April 18, 2019, the day after my grandson, Tyler Hunt’s birthday, I announce I am a Republican Candidate for the Office of the United States, and, I am hereby Acting President. As my followers know, I am a Futurian. I can not say if I won the 2020 Presidential election because that would not be fair to the voters. Due to the extreme crisis King Bobo, Putin, and Sarah Sanders ‘Evangelical She-thug’ have brought into the world, I was elected by the Futurian Committee to serve as acting President.

I am amused at the Time Juggling Thug Wamp, William Barr, is performing with our Justice System. The Law is not a Time Machine. However, Dark Villains have tried to use it as such in order to escape punishment. Thanks to me, King Bobo, and his Thug Wamps, have failed to alter the Mueller report. Something went wrong. It was not supposed to happen this way.  The King has no clothing!

In the next two years, I will reveal what was really going on behind the scenes. This will take – real time! Until then, enjoy your shining hour in the sun!

God save the Future America!

John Presco

Futurian Candidate for President

Most presidential candidates are entitled to receive Secret Service protection from the federal law enforcement agency that also provides security to all U.S. presidents and vice presidents and their families. Serious presidential candidates begin receiving Secret Service protection during the primary campaigns and continue to get coverage through the fall election if they become the nominee. Secret service protection for presidential candidates is provided for in federal law.

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Secret Service protection for candidates.

Cunning Christians Get Out!

Posted on December 27, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

All Christians who still back the treacherous Trump are not welcome in the Republican Party! GET OUT! Form your own party!

John David Presco

“If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism,” a member of the Red-State Secession group on Facebook posted on Tuesday, the eve of the appointed day, Jan. 6.

Beneath it, dozens of people posted comments that included photographs of the weaponry — including assault rifles — that they said they planned to bring to the rally. There were also comments referring to “occupying” the Capitol and forcing Congress to overturn the November election that Joseph R. Biden Jr. had won — and Mr. Trump had lost.

Republican Presidential Candidate

Posted on February 5, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

I predicted the demise of the Republican Party. I pointed out that the greatest crime about QAnon, is, it uses the alleged rape of children for political gain. I asked how many followers of Trump – do not believe the rape of children is true? The next day the sane world is entreated to the most vile testimony imaginable when Greene blames the free press for exploiting raped children – too. Greene admitted 911 was true, after saying it was not, and, the free press is trying to “divide us”. McCarthy accuses the Democrats of adding more fuel to the fire, and not once considers Cortez’s remark that she feared for her life, and her PTSD was activated because she was raped as a child.

QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reveals she had a ‘great call’ with Donald Trump | Daily Mail Online

According to Tom Snyder, all four Presco Children are victims of incest – and our grandchildren. Snyder says this – for profit – then walks away, he believing there is going to be a movie about the rape of children that will get him more money. Profits from the movie will not go to my two nieces, my late sister’s Heirs.

Above is a photograph of me with Springfield’s elected officials in closed session. In public session I presented my proposal to have Franklin Street renamed, Harry Lane. I know there is a fake WANTED poster put on a fake abuser site, that members of the City Council can find – if they google my name! I know I am a victim of incest and extreme abuse – including slavery! My parents invented demonic ways to torture their children they believed they owned. They took our friends from us and used them sexually. My father would call my lover in the middle of the night and put the make on her. I almost got shot confronting him. He admitted he ended up in bed with my niece because they had been drinking together – and she came on to him. She says he kicked down a door.

On February 1, 2020, I announced I am a Republican Candidate for President. When did Biden choose Harris as his running mate? I ran because I believed that I represented all the major problems in the world and in the Republican party that one writer says is going the way of the Whigg party. I championed the State Department and our relationship with Germany and England – that President Biden restored yesterday!

Today, I am imploring a top rate law firm to champion the plight of REAL ABUSED CHILDREN and bring a lawsuit against the Republican Party – FOR CHILD ABUSE. I have gone to Incest Survivor Meetings and began a self-help book in 1992 where the major theme of this book, is….THE COVER-UP DOES MOST OF THE DAMAGE!

The real handicap I have owned most of my life, is my ability to see into the future. I had a dream about the Oakland fire. I saw into the future when I announced I was a candidate on April 18, 2019. When did Biden announce he was a candidate? Look at all the incredible things that had to happen – to make my visions come true! The next day I ask if evangelicals are false prophets. I predict a two year dark age is coming.

Are Evangelicals Fake Futurians? | Rosamond Press

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Harry Lane Center For Peace | Rosamond Press

“Will we allow the media, that is just a guilty as QAnon of presenting truth and lies, to divide us?” Greene said, referring to the conspiracy theory, which posits that Democrats are tied to a global sex trafficking ring that also involves Satanism and cannibalism.

Democrats were expected to move forward later Thursday with the vote to remove her from her committee posts.

House Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern said that while Greene expressed regret over her remarks and claimed to have an epiphany that QAnon was false in 2018, many of her comments, including those endorsing violence against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, were more recent.

“I understand that Marjorie’s comments have caused deep wounds to many and as a result, I offered Majority Leader Hoyer a path to lower the temperature and address these concerns,” McCarthy said. “Instead of coming together to do that, the Democrats are choosing to raise the temperature by taking the unprecedented step to further their partisan power grab regarding the committee assignments of the other party.”

Greene regrets ‘words of the past,’ without specific apology (

Fake Victims and Domestic Terrorism | Rosamond Press

Get out of California and the Republican Party!

Posted on December 21, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

Gavin Newsom is under attack by fake evangelical rednecks who took over my families party co-founded by my kin, John Fremont. This is Destiny at work, because yesterday I declared myself a member of the Getty family and their allies. I debated about bringing Christine into this camp, and this morning I found great resolve. In having a after conversation with my therapist (Barbara) I made a note to talk about the second step in AA, and this adage;

“The best way to describe a dysfunctional family, is to describe a functional one!

I brought all members of my natal family together to discuss the falling out of OUR gifted members, both very talented. One is a world famous artist. Why not both of them? I can not reveal all of my revelation because the uncreative parasites that have devided us are wanting – just the money!

Huckabee says Newsom is about to lose California. I will prove all Republican Christians who voted for Trump lost God – and the party founded by my kin!

GET OUT – BLASPHEMERS OF THE FALSE PROPHETS! You have brought ruin upon the whole world!

12 “Prophets” who Claimed that Trump Would Win the 2020 Election – YouTube

John Presco

Copyright 2020

About a third of Americans say Trump’s election was God’s will | Pew Research Center

Here Are 12 Christian Preachers Who Wrongly Predicted Trump’s Re-Election | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Gov. Mike Huckabee@GovMikeHuckabee California’s liberal elite send their kids to private school & dine out while lecturing YOU about danger of leaving your home. Governor Newsom’s shutdown holds families hostage. It’s time to go @GavinNewsom, I’m backing the recall Donate here:

“These anti-vaccine pro-Trump extremists would rather create an expensive sideshow instead of working together to distribute the vaccine and restart our economy,” Newman added.”

Recall effort against California governor an attempt to ‘destabilize the political system,’ analysts say (

  1. Mike Huckabee – Posts | Facebook

Mike Huckabee, Gavin Newsom exchange fire on Kim Davis (


— California Gov. Gavin Newsom has had a rough year. The next one might be even tougher as a recall effort appears to be gaining momentum, fueled partly by outrage over the first-term Democrat dining with friends at an opulent restaurant while telling state residents to spurn social gatherings and stay home.

The Nation of Fromond

Posted on August 2, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

Did you take in your Golden Bee Lesson, so you wont’s have to die stupid?

New Nation of Fromond

Posted on November 13, 2016by Royal Rosamond Press


The New Nation of Fromond will be born the day after Trump is inaugurated. I suggest we have a massive celebration in San Francisco celebrating the transfer of all America’s Creative Spirit over the The People of Fromond. Frodomond is a alternative spelling. Let us create a collective legacy that will be passed down for generations to come. The Counter Culture may not have suitable Heirs.

The Fromondese will be as Green as can be. More details are coming. Study the plans for Cascadia. John Fremont founded the West. I have read his French surname is derived from Fromond. He was the first Presidential candidate for the Republican Party he co-founded. We will take away Trumps permission to use our founding father’s name. Indeed, we will pass around a petition demanding the Trumpites leave our sacred Abolitionist Party. We will broadcast a Declaration of Emancipation across this Democratic Land, the very moment Tricky Trump places his hand on the Bible. The next day, women will march on Washington. We will reform the Jessie Scouts and make sure centers that cater to the needs of women are a safe place.

I implore you take me seriously. I am a wealth of Historic Permission, that will trump the vile permission you have already heard spewing forth from the Trumpster.

Jon Presco

Designer of Fromond

Copyright 2016

Tens of thousands of people say they are participating in a “Women’s March on Washington” the day after President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated.

The event, which is publicized on Facebook and scheduled for January 21, has garnered national attention and is titled the “Women’s March on Washington.” Previously, it was called the “Million Women March on D.C.”

The 2019 #Calexit Independence Referendum

In the Spring of 2019, Californians will go to the polls in a historic vote to decide by referendum if California should exit the Union, a #Calexit vote.

You will have this historic opportunity because the Yes California Independence Campaign will qualify a citizen’s initiative for the 2018 ballot that if passed would call for a special election for Californians to vote for or against the independence of California from the United States.

Shiloh Brings The Shroud

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