Fake Victims and Domestic Terrorism

Followers of QAnon could care less about the fake victims they invented. They are about getting more and more attention – by using raped children – that are not being raped. They are intercepting the natural concern for abused children, and applying it to themselves. Mary Broadhurst suggested Alley Valkyrie did this when she went after me – in Belle’s name. Kim Haffner employs Belle and Alley to get attention that she is starved for – her whole life because her mother is having a love affair with poor punished Jesus. Having worked on the Johnson Unit for many years, she was trained, and had much experience in dealing with mentally ill people in crisis – who will do anything to get attention! In her first attack on me caught on video, Kim accuses me of using my sister’s biography to – lure in more of my victims! She claims she did not read this book that depicts my sister as a incest survivor brutalized by our mother – who dated Errol Flynn!

Kim and Krista are incredulous that someone like me – with a celebrity family – is allowed to live in a complex where many disabled people, and many ugly women, dwell. I am making them aware of their shortcomings. Christine painted beautiful women – and got a lot of attention! Kim thought we were going to be come lovers. I believe she wanted to beat me up when I ignored her after she denied passing my book around, and someone dogeared some pages. Kim used that bio to get attention – for herself! Why didn’t Kim and Krista try to help Belle and Alley by going to the authorities? Why didn’t they call Cahoots and get me some mental help – if they believed I was on the verge of hurting one of my neighbors? What about -hurting myself? My sister married an actor. I am kin to Liz Taylor and other Hollywood stars. Did THEY want me to kill myself in order to stop the fake rape of children? Trump needs to be asked on a witness stand if he believed Hollywood people are pedophiles.

Why didn’t Trump, when he was President, try to save the raped Children he had to have heard about? I am pointing out what will come out in the second impeachment of Donald Trump who is being charged with Inciting a Riot and Violence. Kim wanted to see me worked over, because she suffers from acute depression that bid her to take her life – and I aggravated her depression! This is why she tried to kill the cats that visited me. This is – THE MONSTER NEXT DOOR – that is destroying America. How many members of QAnon – do not believe children are being raped – but go along with this lie in order to get attention for their group – and own more power. This makes them a special breed of pedophile and raper of children. Did Trump use these crazy users of fake victims to start an INSURECTION? Did Trump use children?

I have lived here thirteen years and lost good friends. Kim is a psych-nurse trying to make me feel un-loved, isolated – and even hated! She wants me to move out because I did not fuck her. It had to be because she weighs 400 pounds – and I got something against obese people who love Jesus!

Nurse Ratched – Kim Hafner – YouTube

I never talk with the dude who said I need to be locked up, or Krista.

 “woke up Wednesday brimming with anticipation for the military to arrest Joe Biden and his Democratic co-conspirators, sweeping Donald Trump back into power”

Springfield Witch Hunt – YouTube

I was watching Cortez on television talking about the fear she had for her life, when my healthcare provider called and we conducted a survey. She heard how shook up I was when I answered questions about my mental health. My PTSD causes my blood sugars to rise dramatically. Cortez talked about her rape as a child. I want you to read this account of QAnon, then read the account of my famous sister being raped by her father and beaten by her mother. I told Kim Haffner there were accounts of child abuse and I did not want anyone to read Tom Snyder’s book until I went over it with her. I discovered her mother and father went to the same High School with Garth Benton. I told Sue Haffner I was going to order Christine Rosamond Benton’s biography.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Republicans for Suggesting Democrats Should Just Get Over Violent Capitol Attack | Vanity Fair

“If an armed mob broke into Ted Cruz’s house, forcing him to hide in a closet or bathroom for hours wondering if he was going to make it out alive, the odds are high to extremely high that he wouldn’t simply shrug his shoulders afterward and say to himself, Well, better get on with it. In fact there’s absolutely no doubt he’d demand the situation be investigated and the perpetrators held accountable. If it turned out his neighbors had helped instigate the home invasion and then were like, “You’re fine, Ted, don’t make a big deal about this”? Somehow we don’t see him being all, “You’re right, Bob. Water off a duck’s back. You still coming over for that cookout Sunday?” Cruz wouldn’t have that reaction because no sane person would have such a reaction, though, of course, that’s exactly what he has demanded his Democratic colleagues do following the violent attack on the Capitol caused in part by his decision to feed the rioters a pack of lies about the 2020 election. And while Cruz and company may want to simply move on, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is quite reasonably refusing to allow them to do so.”

“there is a worldwide cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who rule the world, essentially, and they control everything. They control politicians, and they control the media. They control Hollywood, and they cover up their existence, essentially. And they would have continued ruling the world, were it not for the election of President Donald Trump. Now, Donald Trump in this conspiracy theory knows all about this evil cabal’s wrongdoing. But one of the reasons that Donald Trump was elected was to put an end to them, basically. And now we would be ignorant of this behind-the-scenes battle of Donald Trump and the U.S. military—that everyone backs him and[clarification needed] the evil cabal—were it not for “Q.” And what “Q” is is basically a poster on 4chan, who later moved to 8chan, who reveals details about this secret behind-the-scenes battle, and also secrets about what the cabal is doing and also the mass sort of upcoming arrest events through these posts.[7]

QAnon – Wikipedia

WASHINGTON — Those people who believe in the QAnon mass delusion woke up Wednesday brimming with anticipation for the military to arrest Joe Biden and his Democratic co-conspirators, sweeping Donald Trump back into power. Finally, the plan was coming to fruition.

“Just think, today and tomorrow will be holidays for your children,” one wrote on the Great Awakening message board.

Are you, or is someone you know, leaving QAnon? We want to hear from you.

Some talked about being up all night because they were too excited to fall asleep. “President Trump would never quit and abandon us to a commie administration. Not gonna happen,” wrote one person. Another compared the adrenaline rush to awaiting a battlefield deployment. Then, as Biden was not arrested, but rather sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, the mood in Q circles shot from giddiness to anger, rejection, and despair.

Part of why Wednesday’s events are so psychologically devastating to Q supporters is that their identity was largely defined by their faith. They know they are the objects of scold and ridicule, sometimes from members of their own family. Even other die-hard Trump supporters will at times swoop into Q circles to mock them.

So the faithful dug in even harder. Trump supporters who accepted that Biden would be sworn in as president were dismissed as “doomers.” Some Q circles shunned doomerism, creating communities around the absolute certainty that Trump would come out on top. They frequently repeated the mantra “trust the plan.”“Still have faith, it’s all I have left. Btw… how long do we stay inside?”

Some said they will continue believing in Q because they don’t know what else to do. On the social media site Gab, one woman described how she had spent what little money she had getting ready for civil war. She said she’s been staying inside for weeks and urged her children to pack up and come to her “so we can be together for the great awakening… I was given a response of ‘your crazy’ nothing is gonna happen.” She concluded by saying she loves Trump and her country and will continue to stay hunkered down inside, just in case. “Still have faith, it’s all I have left. Btw… how long do we stay inside?”

Others directed anger at Trump for leading them on. They noted — accurately — that the former president never denounced the Q delusion or made an effort to dissuade his supporters from believing this fantastical version of reality that painted him as a mythical hero.

“Trump owes you an explanation. He never disavowed Qanon. He owes you people an apology,” wrote one message board poster. On Gab, a person asked, “Why Trump not warn his supporters that Q was bs?” Another person responded, “I guess it was a good story for reelection.”

Since Trump began baselessly contesting his election loss, a cottage industry of MAGA personalities cropped up to make bold, and utterly false, claims about how the election was stolen. They mostly did not name-drop Q specifically, but their words were eagerly swallowed up by Q followers looking for any signs of hope. In lieu of evidence, people like Trump lawyer Sidney Powell said to wait for bombshell revelations that were coming soon. People believed, and they waited.“Our own grifters fucked us.”

On Wednesday, when it became clear those bombshells were duds, they lashed out at Powell and others like Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, and lawyer and conspiracy theorist Lin Wood. “Fuck rudy, flynn, powell, lin, and everybody else that gave us false hope,” said one exasperated poster.

One person bluntly summed it up as “our own grifters fucked us.”

Though the Q belief system took a major hit Wednesday, there are strong signs it will not immediately fade away. Many people expressed the need to keep the community together to continue the fight against what they believe are the deep state, communists, and globalists that threaten the country. Several said, directly or indirectly, that they have invested so much into Q that they can’t bear to walk away.

“What would be the point of giving up right now?” wrote one person. “I’ve nothing better to do than trust the people that laid everything on the line for America.”

I have proof my sister’s biography was dogeared AFTER I handed it to Kim Haffner to read. I took pics of some pages – before I handed it to her. One page is not damaged – before she took possession. I am going to call up Sacred Heart and ask if ward nurses are trained in incestuous claims and behavior. She had to have read this page.

“Precisely how much incest was visited upon children (and grandchildren) by Vic and Rosemary Presco is not known and need not be repeated here.”

Four months ago my niece Shannon Rosamond wrote me and said she owns proof Vicki Presco and Stacey Pierrot betrayed her by conducting business under the table, and, my sister sent Pierrot photographs to be put in her ghost writers books. Mark Presco told me he read the rough draft of ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ and thus he read this page – and gave his blessing to a parasite who did not suffer what the Presco Children – and their children suffered – but had invested her money in order to make a killing off the movie about Christine. QAnon investigators take note! Oops! There are no hired Private Investigators. Why didn’t Trump spend some of the $70 billion dollars he harvested off his Cult Followers to…..GET TO THE TRUTH?

In 2002 I asked Mark Presco why he didn’t contribute to his sister’s bio. He said;

“I couldn’t think of anything nice to say about her.”

A few months later when he read my posts on family abuse, my brother said;

“Your stuff is worse then Tom Snyders, it full of psycho-babel too!”

Mark and Vicki had to have read my account of Rosemary attacking Christine and pulling out hunks of her hair. I was outside in the shed working on a painting when I heard the terrible screams. I rushed in and saw our mother with two fistful of my sister’s hair who was holding her head in sheer agony. I came at the monster who backed away from me. See my closet door was open, I shoved her inside and slammed the door. I told her;

“If you come out – I will kill you!”

The next day I quit my job at May Company and hitched to New York in January. I met Christine at the side of our home and she begged me to take her with me.

“Don’t leave me with the monster!”

A couple of months earlier when we looking for a appartment where we could live in peace. Our prospective landlady became alarmed when Christine pointed out the fact we grew up with a fireplace with bookshelves like the one we were shown. This woman fought back tears.

Thirty years ago Rosemary called me up drunk and said;

“I am the only one who can sexually please your brother!”

After Mark told me our father raped Shannon, I asked Vicki about it. She said;

“She knew better than to drink with him. The same thing happened to Christine and I when we drank with him in our twenties.”

Mark said this when I showed shock;

“Don’t be such a prude, I considered becoming a pedophile myself!”

What I have been trying to ascertain, is, did Vicki lie, and Vic only raped her when they got drunk together. I suspect my siblings found Christine’s autobiography where she talks about the family abuse – and she may have said Mark and Vicki went along with it. Shannon and I had spoken out. We had to go. Jacci Belford was going for THE MOVIE and needed to sew up the copyrights in A BOOK. I suspect Sydney Morris spoke with Mark who told him I am the family parasite who will say anything for money. That Snyder says our grandchildren are victims of incest should have alarmed the executor – who should have called the police! A outside ghost writer is reporting about REAL crimes against children, and not FAKE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN that cause many people to commit acts of violence against the United States Government. How many female members of QAnon claimed they were incested – five years ago? Is anyone in Kim Haffner’s family a victim of incest? The mother always knows.

My interview with my healthcare provider prompted her to ask;

“Do you fear you will be evicted for reporting the abuse of neighbors?”

The question that always goes with this is;

“Do you want to harm yourself or others?”

I am going to write my Senator and Congressman and make sure this question get asked;

“If non-victims of incest can be persuaded to do harm to elected officials, can real victims of incest be swayed by cult leaders – to get revenge?”

My brother is being hidden. I suspect he is alive. I threatened to turn him into the IRS – which I did. Mark Presco is a leader in the Poor White Male movement. He makes a long case that HE IS THE VICTIM of blacks – and women – who he labels “Parasites” The QAnon Cult claims the Incest Ring are Communist Parasites. The Kim Haffner Cult called me a “parasite”.

Because I defended my sixteen year old sister from a criminal act of violence, at seventeen I was rendered – HOMELESS! Being chronically homeless was a real struggle. Belle Burch asked me in a e-mail to write her about my homelessness – days after I met with her at the Wandering Goat and asked her to be my co-author. She declined and offered to edit my autobiography – for a fee. Idiot! I wanted her to write about my mother because it is very hard for me to do this. I wanted her to help me salvage the name ROSREMARY ROSAMOMD – as my beautiful muse! This offer is still good. Why?

John Presco

Blogger: User Profile: Mark Presco

“I am a white man who has grown weary of the guilt trip laid on us by women and people of color. Indeed, I have grown intolerant. To many my intolerance makes me a bigot, my bigotry a sexist and racist. So be it. I hate no one because of their race or gender. I wish everyone health, wealth and happiness. However, I reject the white man’s burden. It is not our responsibility to provide the world with economic parity to white men. They have the responsibility to make their parts of the world as desirable as we have made ours, and to provide their children with the same quality of life we provide ours. We must take back our culture. The future of the world, our countries and our cultures cannot be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.”

My Very Violent Mother | Rosamond Press

“If Rosemary had direct knowledge of Vic’s behavior (incest), she never made that public, though it could have contributed to the fury she later loosed on Vic, along with a deepening need to control men, if only for the moment. And it must have added to the jealousy, and near constant anger that Rosemary expressed towards Christine. As the young girl grew ever more beautiful and vulnerable, Rosemary became her chief tormentor. More than once, while visiting the Presco home, Lillian found Rosemary beating Christine with her fists, or pulling her hair out by the handful, and she was forced to drag her sister away from the child.”

Lillian Molnar lived in the San Fernando Valley. The Presco’s lived in Oakland. Thus, there were no un-expected drop-ins. Rosemary knew when her sister was due for a visit, and would be on her best behavior. To be caught more than once, committing a felony, is very unlikely. The reason my mother was beating on Christine, was she came home early, and caught her daughter in bed with Larry Sidel, the boy next door, and my future brother-in-law….will testify in a court of law to this fact – that became evil fiction thanks to the law firm of Robert Brevoort Buck. Why didn’t Lillian take Christine home with her, or, call the police?

Removing Rosamond’s Mother – Rosemary | Rosamond Press

Suspect in Killing of 2 Florida F.B.I. Agents Is Identified (msn.com)

Officials identified the suspect as David L. Huber, 55, who was under investigation in a case involving violent crimes against children. He died, apparently by suicide, after barricading himself in the apartment.

The shooting broke out before dawn on Tuesday when a group of F.B.I. agents was executing a search warrant at Mr. Huber’s apartment in Sunrise, Fla., northwest of Fort Lauderdale. The shooting killed Special Agents Daniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberger and injured three other agents, one of whom was still in a hospital on Wednesday.

The Water Terrace apartments, the sprawling Sunrise complex where the shooting took place, was still teeming with law enforcement officers on Wednesday. On hand were members of the F.B.I.; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies; and Sunrise police officers. A mobile police command unit was parked at the main entrance. A phalanx of reporters across the street awaited news.a person posing for the camera: Special Agents Daniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberger were killed.© F.B.I. Special Agents Daniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberger were killed.

“In the five years we are in this place, nothing has ever happened,” Jorge Castillo, 76, said of the time he had lived in the complex. “To have somebody here the way this person was makes it very difficult, because you don’t know who your neighbor is.”

The shooting, which rivaled the worst in F.B.I. history, returned the spotlight to the global scourge of online sex abuse — and to the dangers that law enforcement officers face when doing their frequent work of showing up at the doors of people under investigation to conduct searches or arrest them.

Debbie Garner, the commander of the child exploitation and computer crimes unit in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, said her unit executed more in-person search warrants last year — about two a week — than any other unit in the bureau, a reflection of how pervasive online child exploitation cases have become.

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