I am calling for a OCCUPY of all Russian assets due to Putin threatening the world with nuclear weapons.

One could accuse me of OCCUPYING the Republican Party. If true, then I OCCUPY the Russian branch of my People’s Party.

John Presco

Occupy Eugene Got It All Wrong!

Posted on June 25, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

Several years ago I declared myself the President of OCCUPY on Vickie Nelson’s facebook. Someone said they do not have leaders. I asked if there was a rule against having a leader. The answer was “no”. I will have episodes abut OCCUPY in my series ‘Presidential Prophet’.

Above is a photo of me at the second Eugene OCCUPY meeting, dressed as Uncle Samaclaus. I am telling people the conservatives are trying to take away the social safety net, and other giveaway programs, therefore it is TIME to push these programs – real hard – because the People want to hurt the Wall Street Rich. Instead, they went with a alternative charity program for the homeless. I pleaded with them not to do this, because MY PLAN would have the government take care of them – along with others! I watched our support dissolve overnight! Empowering a couple thousand homeless people – who do not pay taxes – is not empowering taxpayers whose money – IS CHARITY. Only a handful of moron wanted to look like GIVERS! Disaster! The public were treated to bad videos of Alley Valkyrie high on LSD and meth!

John Presco

Rosamond Press

Occupy Eugene got it all wrong – but this is a good thing! Now WE know exactly what not to do!

When I went to that Occupy Eugene meeting dressed like Santa Claus, I came baring a gift – THE PERFECT PLACE TO OCCUPY! But, the Group Grope was not ready for that. We were in the I GOT FEELINGS TOO stage, which as usual was Highly Specialized. I suspected the core group had already picked the perfet spot weeks ago, but, kept it a secret unless someone try to talk them out of it – in a selfish manner!

“I’ll be back!” I said at the mic. “When you’re ready to put your finger on the map!”

The Occupy Eugene folks are the latest vitims of the Eugene Curse, being, WE NEVER GET IT RIGHT!. This is because the core committee people think they know it all, and pretend…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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