Occupy Eugene Got It All Wrong!

Occupy Eugene got it all wrong – but this is a good thing! Now WE know exactly what not to do!

When I went to that Occupy Eugene meeting dressed like Santa Claus, I came baring a gift – THE PERFECT PLACE TO OCCUPY! But, the Group Grope was not ready for that. We were in the I GOT FEELINGS TOO stage, which as usual was Highly Specialized. I suspected the core group had already picked the perfet spot weeks ago, but, kept it a secret unless someone try to talk them out of it – in a selfish manner!

“I’ll be back!” I said at the mic. “When you’re ready to put your finger on the map!”

The Occupy Eugene folks are the latest vitims of the Eugene Curse, being, WE NEVER GET IT RIGHT!. This is because the core committee people think they know it all, and pretend to employ a democratic voice. The result is always – WE GOT TO TEAR IT DOWN OR MOVE IT!

Jon the Walloon

EUGENE, Ore. – Tom Hunnel has been selling glass jewelry at the Eugene Saturday Market since 1975.
But the Occupy Eugene tent city has taken over the same spot where he does business.
“They’re taking away my right to work,” Hunnel said. “I have a right to work in this town. I pay rent on that spot whether I like it or not.”
Hunnel said that if the cccupiers stay put, hundreds of folks who count on Saturday Market sales will be out of jobs.
“I think it’s selfish for them to not think about – 250 plus 180 is 400 or 500 people that are going to lose their jobs on Saturday because they can’t work and their space is going to be occupied,” he said.
Hunnel depends on the Saturday Market for survival.
“It pays our grocery bill and a little more,” he said. If he can’t sell jewelry, “then we don’t get to eat next week. Maybe these guys will feed us.”
Saturday Market officials declined to talk to KVAL News on camera but said the Tuesday Market will be moved across the street from its regular location.
They also said they’re meeting with Occupy Eugene to try to reach a solution that satisifes both groups.
An Occupy spokesperson predicted the protesters might be out of the way before the weekend.
“We just know that until this point, we’ll be here until Friday,” said Ken Hickman, an Occupy Eugene peacekeeper. “We don’t know quite sure where were going after that.”
The Eugene event is based on the Occupy Wall Street movement, which emphasizes collective decision making by the protesters out in the streets.
“We want to work with them, but as an occupation we have not yet reached a decision on how that’s gonna work, but we are in dialogue with the Saturday Market,” said protester John Monroe.








The closing of our Post Offices is more of Margaret Thatcher’s crusade to Privatize America so British and American Bankers can play roulette with our tax money.
Please join my yahoogroup and help make a statement and stand!
Jon Presco
Group email:
Trading Posts were vital in the formation of the United States of America. They are now being threatened with closure due to the bad poltics and ideas of the Tea Party who are going out of their way to hurt the poor and disenfranchised who are welcomed by our Lady Liberty to this Freedom Land.
I suggest the poor and disenfranchised set up Trading Posts at the Post Office near you, and began a barter system with donated supplies of which a percentage will go the keeping our Post Offices open. Surplus food can be dropped off to be distributed to the needy, or, mailed to relatives and friends in need.
Ideas and information can be exchanged that will help Americans who are suffering economical hardships. People can be hired at these Trading Posts.
Becoming visible is paramount for the survival of the down and out. “Out of sight, out of mind.” will not do. The homeless need a place to be during the day. They need a sanctuary where they can feel they are playing a role in bettering society as a whole.
What do the billionaire Koch brothers, whose moneyfueled the war against public workers in Wisconsin, have to do with postal reform? Why does the consulting firm of McKinsey & Co—in the news recently because of its controversial study on Obama’s health care plan—play a part in the Postal Service’s plans to close post offices? How have conservative think tanks contributed to the yammer to privatize the Postal Service? Where do opponents of the post office, like the Tea Party and Congressmen Darrel Issa and Dennis Ross, get their support?
You can’t tell the players without a scorecard, so we’ve prepared a “Who’s Who in the Great Postal Service Debate” to help keep track of what’s going on.
But this is not a game being played for fun. The livelihood of postal workers is threatened, and there are hundreds of small towns and neighborhoods suffering the loss of their post offices. A legacy of brick-and-mortar post offices that took two centuries to build may be dismantled in a matter of two or three years. Historic buildings that belong to the American public are being auctioned off—in the middle of a real estate slump. And humble little post offices, which cost next to nothing to maintain or lease, are being closed down to save a few dollars.
Click hereto go the Who’s Who page. The list is just a beginning. We’ll add more names as the days and weeks go by. The debate over the future of the Postal Service has been going on for years, but with thousands of postoffices potentially on the chopping block, it’s really just getting started.
The Postal Service is considering closing more than 1 in 10 of its retail outlets.
The financially-troubled agency announced Tuesday that it will study 3,653 local offices, branches and stations for possible closing. But many of those may be replaced by Village Post Offices in which postal services are offered in local stores, libraries or government offices.
Most of the offices that face review are in rural areas and have low volumes of business. As many as 3,000 post offices have only two hours of business a day even though they are open longer, said postal vice president Dean Granholm.
The following Oregon post offices are being studied for possible closure or replacement:

Trading Posts
Posted on September 30, 2011 by Royal Rosamond Press
Last month my friend Hollis, and other homeless people, were evicted from the premises of Safeway market where they sat outside. Hollis is a Veteran, and part Cherokee. He is trying to get on the tribal rolls. Two days ago he and his constant companion, Steve, were asked to move off the bus bench they sat on while listening to the baseball game. Steve and Hollis are avid sports fans, and I have had them over for dinner to watch America’s favorite pass time. I took our wayfarers to see the Ems.
Last Saturday, Hollis and I drove around for an hour looking for the place where they were having a Military Stand Down. If we could have found this out of the way place, Hollis could have been reated to many free serivces by the United States Military – our Government. Yesterday, we put our minds together, trying to come up with an idea that would make the plight of the poor and marginal people in America more visible, because there appears be a policy by some big business men, and members of big and local government, to pretend there are no little people being hurt by our poor economy and draconian cuts instigated by the Tea Party – so called patriots who first appeared at the Springfield Post Office. I went to see them, and heard how they are for the People. But, it looks like they are for big business and big bank – and doing away with the United States Post Office that gave them a Sanctuary for their new ideas!
Posts Offices can become a Stock Market for the Poor and Disenfranchised. Lady Liberty welcomes these people! What I suggest, is that Hollis and other invisible people who are in need of help, come to the Post Office, put down a blanket, and trade or sell donated objects. For every dollar the Post Traders collect, 40 % percent will be used to save our post office nationwide. Consider this a Postal Tax that is willingly given in exchange for a place The People can come to exchange information and ideas, seek, and offer employment, and collect food for poor families. We can promote mailing ‘I Care’ boxes to distant friends and relatives, stocked with bartered items, and donated surplus food. For two months I have been mailing my friend Chris in New York, used clothing I purchase at the Salvation Army.
I am going to send this idea to my Congressman, Peter DeFazio, and suggest he instigate a year round, monthly – traveling Military Stand Down at Post Offices all over Oregon. If the Republicans can spend two trillion dollars bringing the Iraqis and Afghanistisan, “God’s gift of Liberty” as George Bush put it along with mititary medical help – then our Blessed United States Government, can bring God’s gift of Mercy to American citizens give them Sanctuary in a storm.
I am going to suggest to the Wall Street Demonstrators that they align themselves with the Trading Post Movement, and barter and trade in the park they have used as their headquarters. Elected officials are trying to pass a law that forbids these demonstrators to put their possessions on the ground in order to put an end to those who are camping. Consider the Native Americans who came to Trading Posts to barter their rares. It is said, the new comers cheated the Indians, and bought the Island of Manhattan for a string of beads. We the People can offer all Americans a Better Deal! We need to gather around the old pot belly stoves and give help to our fellow American directly. I suggest all post offices that are on the verge of closing, be turned into Trading Posts, second hand stores, that cut out the middle man, and make the least amongst us – visible!

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Several years ago I declared myself the President of OCCUPY on Vickie Nelson’s facebook. Someone said they do not have leaders. I asked if there was a rule against having a leader. The answer was “no”. I will have episodes abut OCCUPY in my series ‘Presidentail Prophet’.

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